MEGA HIGH STAKES Jack & the Beanstalk!!!! (部分 1)


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66 评论
  1. First comment 🙂

  2. Weekly withdraw limit!!!!!!!!!!! How much have you cashed out. Fair play though rolla

  3. What did u win the cash on in the first place mate

  4. Hurry up man I can’t fekkin wait that is some serious degenerate stakes ??

    • Quality mate I thought u was gonna take Jack right up the @r$e for everything then, can’t wait for part2.

    • 答复
      钢铁侠的赌博频道 十月 16, 2016 在 7:41 下午

      when I have a big balance and big pendings then scarily I’m not that nervous at these stakes and just going for a big hit before I have to try and build another bankroll!

  5. u bugger I wanna see the next part lol

  6. Such a tease !

  7. ffs Paul where’s part 2 how long u going make us wait in suspense 4

  8. better be lol

  9. 4 scatter curse?…. never had a big win off 4 scatters on jack…… monster stakes though that vid could easily been 50kkeep them coming paul ✌

  10. Keep um coming then buddy, love the steams and hurry up with part 2! 4 scatter symbols, never seen that before

  11. 答复
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE 十月 16, 2016 在 7:41 下午

    Nice Paul! Bring on part 2!

  12. 部分 2 OH GOD

  13. unlucky on that bonus mate could have been huge

  14. wooow! part 2

  15. Sign of a true gambler cuz when u win the 1st thing outta ur mouth iswell it could of been betterhaha

  16. You absolute tease. Release part 2 ASAP. Degenerate stakes are the one

  17. you are a fooking hero your fantastic to watch

  18. High roller livestream incoming :o?

  19. You are crazy! !!!

  20. 多德! Drop that shit lol

  21. 后来!!???? ???? I want it now!
    Actually stamping my foot!

  22. Unbelievable, cant wait for the second part 😀

  23. this is gonna be heavy!… hope it don’t mug you off again! got a feeling it isn’t if it drops bonus in again next spin

  24. come on Paul, where part 2!! 大声笑

  25. teaaaaaaseee

  26. One of the hardest games to get a bonus in my eyes and you get two in two, fucking unreal hope this is going to be a monster

  27. hurry up please mate my alarm goes of in 6 hours for work lol

  28. 答复
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette 十月 16, 2016 在 8:20 下午

    I wouldn’t exspect anything else matey. Top lad.respect the degenerate nature. A man after my own heart

  29. 部分 2 please you fucking tease ?

  30. 我觉得恶心.

  31. #bigballs

  32. fucking better!! 90p Nick will be having nightmares!

  33. Insane!!! You can win big on this if it wants too!! I’ve had £400 before on 40p stake lol so £50 a spin could potentially be thousands!!!!!

  34. 答复
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette 十月 16, 2016 在 8:40 下午

    Fucking brilliant mate

  35. legend , hope u hit a 100k why not big balls to do £50 spin u should be on fucking news m8 hhhh .gl atleast 20k win lets do it

  36. That’s fantastic mancongtrats to u

  37. Hurry up pal. 大声笑. Live stream it

  38. THAT IS FUCKING SICK PAUL YOU WHERE ALREADY ON PROFIT BEFORE THE BONUS MATE You sir are definitely my gambling youtuber <3

  39. You ****! How can you leave us hanging like this? 大声笑

  40. come on pal your killing me and the wife here haha

  41. ohh..u tease. 大声笑

  42. omg stream part 2 现在 ?

  43. Exciting video can’t wait for part 2!!! X

  44. Where’s this massive amount came from?

  45. Cant wait to get another Youtube stream lol, Anyone wanna see the best bottle flip ever my daughter aced this today haha

  46. 不错

  47. I had a raging rhino feature on £50 I was going mad,then it paid only a grand 🙁

  48. you dirty bitch lol

  49. This is why your number 1 mate

  50. wtf how does t his dude win sooo damn much money ;o are u rich or something

  51. Your balance jumps at 2:38 ???

  • 总 (0)

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