PLEASE NOTEI do not recommend or represent this casino. My personal experience at this casino in terms of getting paid wasn't good and doubt it was just a one off. It took 12 days to get paid and that was with NO issues regarding KYC checks (with the majority of those days the reverse option available) so for me there are FAR better casinos out there if you are going to have a gamble!

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221 评论
  1. Yusssss! First comment

  2. PLEASE NOTEI do not recommend or represent this casino. My personal experience at this casino in terms of getting paid wasn’t good and doubt it was just a one off. It took 12 days to get paid and that was with NO issues regarding KYC checks (with the majority of those days the reverse option available) so for me there are FAR better casinos out there if you are going to have a gamble! Still got some more vids to come then hopefully back streaming in a few weeks, peace and love!

  3. Good day at work ???

  4. Dirty bastard! Well done

  5. Don corleone

  6. Geg the fudge in there!!!!! Fudge yeah!!!!

  7. Nice result ?, wild swarm mega game next lol ?

  8. Very nice personally I wouldn’t mind waiting 12 days to get paid £20k

    • Bin ouin c’est sa voir que toi le bs tu fait 20K au 12 jours lol

    • Biggest regret of my life was losing 20k I spun up from 100 on channel 5 super casino because they wouldn’t fucking process the cash out. Initially it was 5k which I was happy with but each week I’d reverse and win a bit more until I could take no more and spunked the lot away after getting under 20 and ruining a nice even figure. I only play virgin casino now because I have the money in my account a few hours after hitting withdraw. Of course I never win anymore.

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel dont most sites these days offer to lock the withdrawal ? there is no way to reverse when you lock itat least most reputable places offer this

    • Go time out 2week guarantee 20k ???

  9. Crazy vidio my senpai .. Megawin ?

  10. Class video , 做得好

  11. Enjoy the break paul we will be here when your ready to stream again

  12. 回复
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel 十一月 12, 2018 在 5:39 下午

    All from a £1 deposit as well, 疯!
    Lol Balls of steel matey!

  13. wot a god congrats buddy ??

  14. That’s 3 parts big bollocks mixed with 2 parts recklessness! Well played ?

  15. *Nice Win for once*

  16. 24300, how do you do it, nice one.

  17. Hey Paul so how much did you manage to withdraw in the end

  18. that’s enough to stream with ;p

  19. Sooooostream tonight?

  20. Well and truly due.. Congrats bro!!

  21. Get in there paul, nice win and the dealer wasnt bad either!

  22. Nice win, about time.

  23. Thought you’d blown it when you carried on after 15 盛大. Great win! When’s your big return?…

  24. Nice to see a video pop up on my notifications Paul. As alwayswatched and enjoyed ??

  25. Good video !! Absolute shit sound effects ??

  26. That’s stressful just watching and im not even gambling lol 🙂

  27. Nice work, good win🙂 Congrats ….

  28. Nice one rolla, long over due, well done mate

  29. Lovely win paul. Still waiting for the tattoed buttocks??. When its due—-ITS DUE?. Take it easy mate….

  30. Everything is perfect keep going mate ✌️✌️✌️???

  31. I thought ball had to go round min 2x wheel or void spin is that correct?

  32. Nice to see big spins =big wins. Congrats rock.

  33. Nice win! When roulette plays like that you can feel your heartbeat through your balls lol.

  34. Nice win mate well done was the wife happy and when u next doing live streems on YouTube are u bard lol ? X

  35. Paul and the bandit are BOTH back ….let the mayhem commence…….????????????

  36. Smashed it ! don’t give it all back …..

  37. Would love to watch you live someday and buy u drinks.

  38. Tremendous hits mate, 做得好 ?

  39. No idea how you manage to gamble at this level. You’re only a working class bloke (我认为), so this huge sums of money. Congrats.

  40. Awesome win , you now have enough money to play high stakes Secrets of Christmas

  41. Paul boyyy nice to see you win my son hail hail ✌?

  42. congratulations man
    Love u

  43. this casino and same license and night rush casino very bad for cash out working very slow I cash out 500euro and wait 7 8 day just casino +2day bank my best casino video slots for winin no for cash out very good max 1day or 2 3std money come for my bank

  44. You are like a showman on the roulette amazing to watch and balls of steel most of us watchers just not got the spuds gg and nice poker win ?

  45. 进到那里去! 好东西!

  46. i love it when u win , especially the sounds u make when the fuck get in there

  47. Snaffle the Hedgehog!!!

  48. Fair play lad. Good to see you cash

  49. amazing, you are a money maker, legend!

  50. Bet that 24k didn’t last long after that lol

  51. Wow when do you run with your winnings mate I know it’s all about the gamble but when you hit £11.000 alarm bells must of been ringing. I saw the look on her face she looked over at someone as if to say you need to see this watch it back mate .anyway Briant win rally pleased for you just don’t get me heart racing like that thought you were going to loose the lot enjoy your winnings till next video much love respect stay lucky my friend

  52. Every player must understand once you are in winning streak you should not think about money, just play as a simple game, bet bigto increase your chips! for sure, for that everyone needs to be prepared psychologically for that! this is the most difficult part I think!

  53. If you just had the sound and no picture you would swear you were playing battleships!!

  54. Make sure your family as unbelievable Xmas nice one

  55. Freaky Vegas owned by David McDowell is a shit site to play on! I’m surprised you were paid at all

    • 钢铁侠的赌博频道 5.7 is still too much of a rating for them in my opinion! The high ratings no doubt were done by people involved with the casino and its umbrella company

    • I made a post about them on casinomeister as they were rated at 8.9 above a lot of top casinos. Since that post they’ve gone down to 5.7

  56. (Said really slowly) ffffffuuuuuccccckkkk me! Classic rolla! Dude your the Robin Hood of Brighton! Keep it goin pal!

  57. How fast was your heartbeat?

  58. Im on the receiving end Paul, 21 50 k in debt, I bet exactly the same. Need someone to stake me right now

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I know what your saying mate. But feel the only way to get a bit back is to gamble more.i mean my bank is 0, can’t feed myself and can’t go anyway, I only earned £1100 a month and have gambled since I was10, I used to go Cheltenham every year win and lost thousands. Then I got hooked on roulette earlier this year and lost 12 k saving now I owe money, no way out right now mate

    • No mate win or lose will only dig yourself deeper into it! Get on gamstop and get onto what other 21 year olds are doing, fresh start mate!

  59. Wow you had me going there paul. Gtfit though ?

  60. I don’t know if I get a bonner or a heart attack when I hear that mouse click being pressed excessively

  61. Finally a good win bro

  62. I just spent 6mins looking at her tits.

  63. Nice win dude, i figured it was going to rip after that 14 20, but that 24 saved the run !

  64. Myyyy g i see you been getting some money lately. Thats good my g. Secure the bag. Congratulations.

  65. Abandoned all your fellow slots and table game followers because you cba anymore. This is the vegan in you , hideous.

  66. More dangerous than bullets

  67. 回复
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette 十一月 12, 2018 在 7:04 下午

    DONK!!!! Pinching money chap. Good lad.

  68. boosh gtfit.

  69. King of roulette ??

  70. B00m!! The main mans back! Good to see you Paul!

  71. no me canso de ver tus videos capo

  72. Красавчик, фарту и масти

  73. Happy ending again this rocks ??

  74. I wonder should I repeat that bet and see what happens! lol

  75. Get in there my man!!
    Good to see a run like this.
    Hope to see you streaming soon mate ??

  76. Nice win again bro.. yr ballzey as fuck!

  77. Отличный ком- бек поздравляю бро!

  78. Well deserved bro next time hope u win 100K again

  79. I think that could have done with some tunes, cheers for the vid!

  80. Love seeing him win this but find it crazier how he’s made more than my yearly wage in less than 10 minutes?

  81. Boom! Nice walk mate GTFIT! 12 Days to pay up what a bunch of wankers!!

  82. Love the sound effects from you lol. Congrats man ?

  83. Amazing !

  84. had the biggest Rolla Binge on YouTube all day last Saturday on the TV while i was doing some drawingsThen stoked to see thks beauty of a video come up, cheers mate have missed ya streams

  85. 哇 – degen mode paying off ???

  86. Fantastic. Screaming “Walk, go, £10000 is plenty” well played. Glad for you buddy.

  87. well done mate. It was quite a sweat though, i was thinkin hes blowin the 20ish. 获得做傻事

  88. You have, 120ķ

  89. Nice run matey!

  90. 12 Days is just an utter piss take
    Great entertainment mate

  91. Yeah mate music ruins it, need to hear the click of the mouse and the ball as it bounces in, good win

  92. Before i watch it Paul.. I hope to god you have a big win. All the best on this gamble. Come on buddy you can do it

  93. Get the fudge in there brother. Always deserved hopefully on a winning streak now lol. Just that dealers face every time she sore your name pop up thinking bloody hell were printing money here 4 this chap lol. Get a nice decent bottle of rum and a cigar with the winnings.

  94. Well in mate! Talk about a quick profitable heater!!

  95. Get the fudge in there 5 和 24 ossom

  96. M8 I’d love to have a night out with a few beers at the casino with you ?

  97. Get the fudge in there

  98. Stopped at 20k profit.. wheres the balls?? I would of went for jackpot.. problem is they cap your max bet on a number to lodge you from hitting big on numbers.. you have a max win per spin.. if this wernt the case u probably would of bet alot more and had 100k plus in balance. These casinos are all cheating bastards im glad u made profit. Good luck in future endeavours buddy

  99. Happy for ya, well played ! 🙂

  100. 哇, unbelievably lucky run, 做得好!

  101. Congratulations Paul good win u can buy me a mobility scooter if u like lol my 1 fucked

  102. Bandit won £25k …… you lost!

  103. get right in there. ave it!!!!

  104. Your a god I would love to win this amount 1 time!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Am pretty sure he continued to play and lost it all

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel you are the best paul. Btw you rocked at live charity poker game! No homo but i fucking love you man. Get the f**k in there

    • ha with this one I even posted to their rep on casinomeister as payment was taking a ridiculous amount of time and he even confirmed the payment in the end, so was good for any future people maybe thinking I play with fake money or anything. But yeh if I did reverse would still make a good vid ha

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel even if you did. It’s your money and we will still love you 🙂

    • Not this time, I would normally say if I did

  106. Sound effects was so funny must have fallen out of the chair, heart attack material


  108. Risking £6500 for one spin.. Compulsive gambling is a hidden illness

  109. I’ve got 3 massive jacket potatoes in the oven. Once they are cooked I’ll pour cold Heinz beans over them and eat right away.

  110. bro…..your channel monitize enabled by youtube

  111. King is back

  112. Get the fudge in there nice win man

  113. Not even talking shit when 26 hit i was like okay dude put more on 0 it will come now i just feel itthan right after 26 0 came that felt so weird

  114. The real ROCKNROLLA lost the fucking lot :)))

  115. Rip to all the orphelines player ? Get In what a Streak

  116. Rolla the kingDio Cane

  117. 16k views. Wonder how many will think “wow look how easy it is to turn £3k into £24k “ Wish YouTube would ban all of these gambling promotion vids so harmful. To all like me that think these vids are harmful click the 3 dots and report to YouTube the more they get the more pressure there will be to take them off the platform

    • Yet here you are still watching the been jelous and then reporting them is sad as fuck he warns you frim the start what to expect so there is no rip off or trying to con people dont like easy kid dont watch now fuck off and moan about all the plastic in the sea or some shit you waste of space snowflake cunt

    • Hopefully those people know the score, watched the intro saying win or lose I’ll always be down or have watched my losing videos

  118. Got to love the Tier then zero section. My favourite bet. Had many moster wins betting this strategy but of course even more losses. 尼斯胜保罗. 仍然 , waiting so long for a payout is total BS. Goes to show alot of the online casinos will sweat over big cashout’s and can take them time to balance the accounts, they aren’t always as rich as what people think and of course the longer they make you wait the more chance you will reverse withdrawal. This function in my opinion should be banned by UKGC approved casinos.

  119. 尼斯命中! Go on, have a stream this week 🙂

  120. Nicely done, I still think you should have had at least 4 neighbours to each side of zero at least. I knew that 19 was gonna come in for some reason ha ha

  121. 回复
    Зайчик Весенний 十一月 13, 2018 在 9:27 下午

    King ♔ Poker and ♔ King rullete.

  122. Love your roulette videos man I watched it all this was intense haha what you spending the money on? Book a holiday you deserve it haha

  123. Closed all of my casino accounts today after losing $800 在 2 hours at 19 years old. Probaly over $2000 down in total. Best to catch the addiction early, than to be $100K in debt in 5 years.

  124. Well im investing in stock market and for those who said that this is stupid.. you will find even crazier, reckless, bigger bet in the stock marketwhen there is money.. there will always be craziness

  125. Great plays mate , I like the way you kept repeating the bet even though your bankroll was coming down very risky but rewarding if you hit so congratulations on big win you deserve it well played

  126. Oh my oh my lol happy happy we all know that changed off camera the same night or next day lol.. heck this is probably from ages ago don’t be fooled kids

  127. Thanks for the ACTION, love from India. Regarding the late payment, reminds me of nicky (Joe pesci) in the film casino sayingfuckers, they take it, but don’t wanna pay it”. Ironic from a guy who is playing on credit (with no intention of paying back if lostLol). The blackjack scene.

  128. Well done

  129. Is there a way i can message you directly please

  130. Cheeky enough to ask for another video matey ?

  131. Dont encourage him you fiends your making a man ruin his life you need to stop this mate one day you will lose everything maybe your familly aswell your subs aint going to help you just grow up mate and sort your life out before you loose everything on chasing tier and number

  132. Upload more long videos plz

  133. Omfg nice win ! 21k in 6min ahahahha good job dud

  134. Paul it’s been 2 天 – are you forgetting about your followers ? Can we see some more off stream action pleaseeeee!

  135. Beautiful win paul from the OG himself

  136. I’ve got a challenge for ya Rolla. Don’t gamble for 3 weeks and keep the money

  137. When you back Paul?

  138. not saying you always win but youre luckier than the average gambler , that there is no doubt , how do I know this? been playing roulette and gambling over 30 years and still have not had what you would call a lucky run on roulette always get wiped and have gambled at these stakes, won at blackjack but never roulette.

  139. Someone that is betting at 888 casino someone have reviews about their experience?

  140. Why didn’t you say get the fudge in? ☹️☹️

  141. I wanted to give her my black ten

  142. Again same scam designdon’t playthe wheel is a machinethe croupier is a ruseoutcomes are predetermine by rng and manipulation of the speed of the wheellook up google for the patent of such roulette design.. Authorities are donkeys and will never be able to detect the scambut information is publicly availablethese games are NO LONGER FAIR casino gamesforget about it

  143. Hei rocknrolla, i always greedy playin roullete, would u pls teach me how to control my bankroll.. Please

  144. 回复
    Baccino永远是第一位 一月 15, 2019 在 7:11 下午

    U f likely

  145. Good job but you don’t think when you play. Be careful. You can loose all you have playing like that

  146. محظوظ

  147. Best Casino BWIN ❤❤

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