HEADS UP POKER FOR €75,000!!!!


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You can watch the full final table with a lot of top people in chat here

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736 评论
  1. Good luck

  2. Excuse me what the fuck?

  3. Gg man well played!!! When u next streaming ?

  4. You legend!!!!!!

  5. Well done mate

  6. I saw this live was so amazing mate mega congratulations mate was amazing bluff with 6 high and brilliant to see you win mate. So happy for you mate

  7. Looka you! Fuck the slots

  8. Seen you won from Royals vid. Mega congrats. Now enjoy it ?

  9. lets gooooo buddy much love

  10. switch to poker totally that was amazing!!!

  11. Well done ?? Paul Jux ?

  12. Your a legend mate

  13. I was more concerned with that white fleck on your cap

  14. Has someone hit you in the right eye Paul? Well done on your win!!

  15. Paul is that a black eye ?

  16. Well done de laddddddd ?

  17. Fair play paul, well done mate, really chuffed for you!!???

  18. Congrats Paul! Peace & love & a big fuck off ron zacappa!!

  19. Well done Paul really happy for you, well deserved.

  20. Congrats Paul

  21. Where’s the shiner from lol wp

  22. Fuck slots ?

  23. 哇. Well done. Buzzing for u x

  24. Wow big well done mate

  25. Congratulations Paul fuck how awesome ? I

  26. Well as a poker player I have seen your poker videos you have uploaded in the past and the streams I doubted you massively but after watching that plus hearing about it I take my hat off to you paul you played exceptionally well there. The key hand with 6 high was the dream bluff wpwpwpwp ❤️


  28. goodjob Brother !

  29. Get in Paul, thanx for the upload x

  30. Get the fudge in there!

  31. great win great to watch what happened to your eye

  32. Gettt in there Paul excellent you deserve it bro

  33. Get the fudge in there 75g’s

  34. Nice one mate, fuck the slots.

  35. What a legend! ??

  36. Dang man! Wp Wp. Thanks for the upload

  37. Absolutely phenomenal mate! Congratulations!! So so happy for you. Well done, Get the mother fudge In there bud ??

  38. Congratulations mate !!

  39. Well done Paul! Still can’t get over your surname haha

  40. My man!! Get in Paul what a bluff ??

  41. Well done mate amazing turning that round looked bad at the start! What’s with the black eye??

  42. Get the fudge in there Paul!! You look like you haven’t slept for a week mate, what a result

  43. Wow get in there paul mate

  44. Nice win dude ! ?? big Concrats ?

  45. Well done!! Who gave you the shiner?

  46. awesome Paul well done. over the moon for you.

  47. Good mate another win ????

  48. the 6-5 epic play paul , you floated him on the turn then steamrolllled him , well played

  49. Not a fish anymore, haters will hate!

  50. Well done mate! Don’t spunk it all on roulette now ? ggs!

  51. Nice one rolla

  52. Good man paul well done ?????

  53. Get the fuck in there nice one Paul

  54. who give you the black eye paul

  55. Great jobshame about the eye

  56. GET IN! Much Love

  57. LIKE….A….BOSS. Superb effort, all things considered. A pleasure to watch. Well done bud

  58. Boooommmm.
    T bar all day long.

  59. I had no idea what was happening but great work mate ! What happened to your face though ?

  60. When a dream come true 3:) congratulations man gl^hf greetings from Montenegro!

  61. Class mate!!!!!! Get the fuck in there my son. Can’t believe it, and you played so well…….u didn’t get the run of the cards the first half.

    Well played man

  62. £40 spins on danger ?

  63. Paul looks so hard with his poker face ??..congrats Paul

  64. Yes Paul well done bro….

  65. For jux sake

  66. The charlatan is always the pioneerThe quack of yesterday is the professor of tomorrow. …Well done pal epic ?

  67. Well done Paul Top Man that move in on the 6 high was claaaaassssssballs of steel

  68. Congrats Paul!! Great play!

  69. 好东西 ! Get The Fuck In There.

  70. Get the fudge in there

  71. 回复
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel 十一月 26, 2018 在 10:07 下午


  72. 6 high. … Savagewell done pal

  73. Yes yes Paul, congratulations

  74. 哇! Massive congrats pal! ??? some very nice plays there

  75. Gtfit Paul great winBut did you enjoy it or was that your poker face ?!!! )))

  76. Well done bro reminds me of the time I smash ya lol @rocknrolla

  77. well done mate! you are already a fudging living legend!!!

  78. Yeap switch to poker mate,, you clearly have talent 🙂

  79. Wow wow well done Bro

  80. Well done mate. Get the fudge in there!

  81. Well done mate

  82. Unibet Champion

  83. that’s awesome Paul!!!nice one buddy

  84. Yes son well done

  85. You played well paul, get in lad, great win ?

  86. Boyo fucking smashed it

  87. Amazing Paul well-done mate, you should do this full time your definitely a natural. Go on holiday take some time off and enjoy your winnings.
    I guess the 3 thumbs down, are just jealous as fuck. Lol ?

  88. Well mother fudging done Paul!!!! Well deserved!

  89. Well done mate lovely little win

  90. Rolla you fkn star mate, 恭喜, played awesome buddy, always said your aggression is massive strength and u showed why in this hu battle. That 65 flop float and shove turn was pure sickness, loved it mate!! enjoy the 75K..wooo hooo

  91. Fucking well in !!

  92. Awesome Paul, just awesome! One question did you know you had already won the comp when he showed Jack 8?

  93. Nice black eye ..get streaming you mong ..

  94. Well done Paul ?

  95. 回复
    soSAMuk的英国插槽通道 十一月 26, 2018 在 10:17 下午

    Are they pronouncing your surname correctly?

  96. Because a real rockn rolla ✌????

  97. nice ,amazing battle

  98. Wow fair play Paul, bet you enjoyed Dublin bud

  99. ?Well done Paul fortune favours the brave

  100. Fantastic mate, 做得好.

  101. Congrats, Man You deserve it

  102. 哇! I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. After watching hours and hours of you NOT enjoying online slots. ( Tell the truth dude? )
    Good luck in your poker venture. I wish you all the best. I personally believe that you have the right temperament to be a serious contender in the game. Congratulations on a great win

  103. Well done Paul get the fudge in there. 5 和 6 of nothing and you got him on the bluff that was the game changer, F-cking nice one. Brilliant.

  104. That was shit hot to watch there ?

  105. What legand you deserve every bit of this ???

  106. Why u have a black eye lol

  107. 回复
    yamontoawinnerslotschannel channel 十一月 26, 2018 在 10:25 下午

    Class bro congrats

  108. Paul this was immense and well deserved. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if everyone at a highly skilled table has read the literature and knows the exact math , a Maverick can come along and implement a play along the lines of how you played that 6 high, and blow the bloody doors off.

    You deserved that. For what TGC has seen you do for charity , for you declaring you weren’t in it solely for the money but chiefly for being a ruddy nice chap.

  109. my man nice job do u have black eyes want happen?

  110. 哇, awesome get the fudge in there, big congrats Paul.

  111. Well done!! Hope we see you in the World Series main event at some point!

  112. Yes mate!!!! Loving this

  113. GET THE FUDGE IN THERE!!!! been here from the start and love everything you do!!!! Get in!!!!

  114. This made me smile congrats Paul big ups!!

  115. amazing win! big congrats! more poker content please❤️❤️❤️

  116. 好东西, 保罗. Bravo.

  117. I’m a boss at poker, but then lose it all on the way out of the casino lolWalked in with $200 got up to around 1.8k – 2/4 表, walked out with $0 trying to double up on roulette.. 哈哈

  118. Fucking brilliant mate played like a total boss major respect from me all the best mate

  119. Well done mate

  120. Hackz, you made sure to clip the 100 pound note commentlol

  121. What a bluff! Nice win

  122. u deserve it.so nice.i deink a ahot on u.cheers rocks

  123. Get In!!!!!!! Great stuff Paul.

  124. Get in there Paul lovely game you played there was great to see and even better than that you won mate. Nice Trophy and hear what you are saying the money is ideal but the Trophy speaks volumes-Well done 🙂

  125. Lend me a grand please ????

  126. 回复
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette 十一月 26, 2018 在 10:37 下午

    Fudging awesome Paul, big congratulations mate 🙂 :)…… BIG BUCKS

  127. Enjoy really glad you won was dieing to fast forward to see but didn’t! well done matee

  128. Congrats Paul Great job mate.

  129. What’s wrong with the eye? Have a fight?

  130. the cards where so not in your favour, and yet you bullied him lol

  131. Well done Paul nice win mate

  132. Get the fudge in their

  133. some sick play mate!

  134. Because the real Rocknrolla takes the f$@king lot!

  135. Get in dear. Really Happy for u mate

  136. GG Paul! love to see some poker content! big congrats! 🙂

  137. Well done paul

  138. Fantastic Paul you deserve it.

  139. It will all end in disaster for you Paul, sooner or later, one way or another….

  140. Well done brother played very nice and smooth just gud poker he had no where 2 go at the end the other chap was running into a brick wall.
    #granite poker at its best.
    Give up the slots and go proper on the poker Paul.

  141. Well done your a good poker player Paul well happy for yah all the best mate

  142. Well done paulrolling on and on .

  143. Excellent poker Paul well done mate

  144. You always gotta duck when sparring with the mrs u know she hits hard lol

  145. Well done mate! Congrats on the win!

  146. Well done Paul! Smashed it

  147. That 6 high bluff was amazing Paul, I could see the emotion of that pot on your face when you counted the chips after, well done fella.

  148. 在那里得到了他妈的

  149. Fcuk me.welldone Paul.awesome.well pleased 4 u

  150. Watching this i feel proud ? feel like I know you, even though I don’t, just from watching your streams for years. Good to see you playing for the big bucks. Fuck the fobties

  151. Soft fucking 16

  152. That bluff!!! Class mate big well done could see the determination on your face!

  153. Nice one mate, great comeback, you kept your cool.

  154. That was amazing, 恭喜!!

  155. Tekkers Paul! Grats

  156. Amazing rock. Bet you never slept a wink. Kept clenching your fist saying “f***in yessss” all night.

  157. Congratulations mate.???

  158. Is time for high stake roulette paul

  159. Awesome congratulations man

  160. Get the fudge in there ???

  161. Well done, mate! Get in!

  162. Well played Paul. Some great decision making. The 6 high bluff was the turning point

  163. we need poker vlogs Paul!

  164. 在那里得到保罗!!!!

  165. Brilliant play mate well done I love seeing you play poker your so unpredictable and hard for people to read cause your play is smart and reckless well done

  166. Great to see that big smile and buzz in your face Paul, 恭喜!

  167. Awesome man! Massive congrats. Huge balls on the 6 5 lol

  168. That was well good to watch. Congrats Paul. 好东西. GTFIT. ??

  169. I’m impressed. I thought you were a bit of a lucky player in the past but now I see I was wrong, you are a sick player. Get the fudge in there!

  170. Hahahaha fair play

  171. Poker Pro Paul. Congrats mate

  172. Liked it when the commentators said, opponent couldn’t overcome the aggressive nature of rocknroller , think Julien got scared by the shiner

  173. Epic, well done mate!

  174. Congratulations Paul, deserve it buddy

  175. Big congrats Paul. Top lad! 99.9% of the video done until we got a small smile out of you lol.

  176. So chuffed for you paul mate big congratulations !! Hope 1 day you go pro. If you do il be tuning in on the TV mate with me bargain bucket and me ronza with diet coke !!!
    Get the fudge in !!!

  177. BOOM Congrates

  178. Get the fuck in buddy British number 1 Hi rolling mother fucker lol

  179. Get the fudge in there Paul very well played buddy happy for ya ??

  180. Mate you really are a great poker player well done paul

  181. Oh wow! Huge congrats mate! Love it!

  182. 做得好保罗, love the streams you deserve that, you must be buzzing, much love, aka jakw

  183. i din t know you play poker nice win man

  184. Running hot! That trophy is epic. Wp mate

  185. well in there Paul. Great play, congrats on the Win.

  186. Amazing Paul. Enjoyed watching that. Epic video. You know I always follow man.

    So pleased for you and loved the acting of counting out the chips and all etc

    You got my Irish money ????

  187. Ha ha, that worked out well for you, congratulations mate! Get a nice cabinet to show off that trophy lmfao

  188. Mate I don’t know why u wasting time with slots when u can win the world poker tour ???

  189. Fairplay that was amazing what a win congrats mate ?

  190. nice to see you in action..great win..

  191. GG the rocknrolla won the fugeing lot

  192. you are amazing mate

  193. Wow my man Congratulations
    Yes Yes Good Man
    Good Luck All The Best

  194. I predicted you to be a poker legend once, now you’re on your way lad! I always had the feeling Poker suits you much much better than smashing your mouse on fudging slots mate. More Paulker action incoming in 2019? 😉 I kiiiiindaaa miss the streams tho, but seeing your success in Poker makes me happy every time! 🙂 GTFIT

  195. felicidades

  196. I am happy brooo!

  197. You’ve never been a fish mate, online is just rigged as fuck with bots and shit I’ve always said it. You’ve just proved your poker skills in a real life format which is the only.place you should ever play. Massive congratulations on the win well deserved and about time.

  198. huge congrat 2 u been well deserved?????

  199. Bluff king, fucking epic player!!! Very happy for you

  200. Fair play Paul, anyone who criticises that performance is ridiculous because it was as close to perfect poker as I’ve seen in a long time!!!! Love your humbleness!!! Respect brother

  201. TonyG would be proud. A lot of heart and commitment to the game!

  202. Nice win pal ??

  203. 保罗… Been subbed for years and this is probably my favorite video. Slots are awesome and your balls are the size of grapefruit on the slots…. BUT this was skill and mental domination. Amazing man, 恭喜!!


  205. Coolio. How much is that in pounds?

  206. Congratulations. I could not be happier for you. The casino always wins but bet against the man and you always stand a chance.

  207. Well fudgin played!!!

  208. Get in!!!! Well done Paul

  209. Much love from Hungary! You are now THE Gambler of Europe! Best style and attitude by far! ?

  210. its about time you make some money for the streams hahahah, congrats mate LEGENDDDDDD ROLLLLAAAAAAAAA

  211. Congrats Pual.

  212. Congrats great win ????

  213. Brilliant Paul well played and congratulations!!!

  214. Congratzzz m8 nicesssss

  215. Jackpot!!! Well played

  216. Nice one ☝️

  217. 保罗, best suited at poker than casino, every man one day needs to make his own luck!, that’s twice now I’ve seen you turn the odds around! 做得好!!!

  218. Get in there paul! So happy for you!

  219. 回复
    Vauxal Astra 1998 1.2 liter V6 十一月 26, 2018 在 11:56 下午



  221. Well done mate. Happy for you!

  222. Fucking unreal mate, what a guy always bring great content to the community and you full deserve it mate. So happy for you. Congrats mate!

  223. Congratulations Paul. Someone like you deserve this and more. First of many ???

  224. ?Get the fudge In there mate BOOM ?BOOM? BOOM? Legend ???

  225. Well done mate scottj469 on twitch you deserve it

  226. Well done Paul you made the UK proud ????? well done mate

  227. Paul Paul Paul, I am so glad to see that, congratulation my friend you well well deserve it. Well done my friend

  228. Great win Paul mate. Cheers

  229. wow congrats mate. big well done booooom.

  230. What a legend paul! You keep going mate! Fuck the fobt!

  231. 回复
    Зайчик Весенний 十一月 27, 2018 在 12:09 上午

    Daddy win. Maze fucka win.Hi from Ukraine ??.

  232. If that’s not a ron zacapa moment, I don’t know what is. Get the fudge in

  233. Inb4 chip asks him for the loan

  234. congrats Paul! you did it! but pls do me a fav and dont put all of Zero spiel 😉

  235. Get the fucking there=get the fist in eye.

  236. Congrats you crazy motha!

  237. Get in!!! WSOP 2019 COMING ON STRONG

  238. I feel like i am watching a episode of Peaky Blinders ..Bloody well done Rocknrolla !

  239. That was wicked bud. You fucking rock

  240. 哇! Congrats, fantastic play.

  241. Well done mate congrats on the win

  242. Well done pal!

  243. GTFI Paul lad happydays mate ???

  244. Damn…. what an end!.. freaking awesome!…. 做得好, 做得好!

  245. YEAH PAUL!!!!

  246. Congratzzz my mennn. Thats wy i dont see allot of slots lately!

  247. Hats off rolla, great job!!!

  248. Get the fudge in there paul!! huge poker fan

  249. Congrats mate, been a while

  250. Well in mate. Can’t wait to see the Trophy on Stream! ?

  251. CONGRATS man!! Sick????

  252. What happened to the eye?

  253. Get the fuck in there lad! ????

  254. Go on my son , you are a legend mateps luv the black eye , here us irish look best when we have a big shiner….lol

  255. Congrats Paul, lovely play to watch. Absolutely buzzing for you mate

  256. 17 不喜欢……jealous pricks…….well played mate

  257. well deserved! well played!! 做得好!! grats!

  258. Do you have a black eye lol?

  259. now that’s a Ron Zacapa moment

  260. Excellent as always.Keep em coming.Thanks for sharing.

  261. Get in there Paul absolutely class! Fish? Best fish i’ve seen play haha boooom! Unbelievable play with that 6 high! Love watching & Playing poker great game, Well done buddy!

  262. well in Rolla son

  263. Absolutely brilliant, 做得好 ?

  264. Get the fudge in there Paul,nice,i am so happy for you,i wish you all the best mate

  265. Another one? 🙂 You and Negreanu,my heroes 🙂 Get the fuddge in! ?

  266. Nice one buddy

  267. Congratz my maaan??????

  268. 保罗 “The TruthJux. A realRocknRolla”.

  269. Well done mate great stuff

  270. This guy is doing BIG things!

  271. millionair poker player right there

  272. Holy fuk. I cant believe it. You are so inspirational

  273. Please, 保罗, do not gamble with these money 😀 get the fuuudge in there

  274. Get the ronza out!!!! Smashed it!!

  275. Takes some skill that mate. Again a brilliant watch. Keep up the good work.

  276. Paul you have the poker face to be world champion . We are very pleased for you , Your wife and family well deserved champ . €75000.00 . Rock on .
    The Blacks Family 🙂

  277. Lets fuckin go Pauly. Get the fudge in there mate

  278. Absolutely amazing brother nice bluffing with 5 和 6 thats keep ubgoing werry nice pual amazingg loved it good play mate

  279. Omg congrat Paul. Absolute awesome play. You are the beast.

  280. Get the mother loving fudge of all fudges in there. 😉 Nice one Pal. Top Lad.

  281. Nicely Done Mate.

  282. Paul congrats from one of your Aussie fans well done mate.

  283. ?✨✨✨
    From indonesia

  284. 做得好, a massive achievement. your not so much a fish….but a shark. congratulations, enjoy the cash, keep playing. get to vegas for a tourney

  285. Get the fuck in there Paul!

  286. Get the fuck in Paul

  287. Great win Paul.

  288. Break open the Ronza………. now all to roulette lol. Awesome Paul, fucking awesome gonna miss the live streams so much when u hit the circuit full time as it’s looking that way. Congrats pal ❤️❤️

  289. Live poker is so much better than rigged stars GG my man

  290. fuckin awsome man!

  291. haha 6 highwell played sir well played. wish Gabe Kaplan was the commentator though. This is only the start of a new great adventure, GL.

  292. 回复
    NickSlots - Casino Streamer 十一月 27, 2018 在 5:21 上午

    Smashed it Paul, congrats mate!

  293. Holy shitwell done Paul! Take away money for the rest of the year!!! nice work buddy.

  294. I enjoyed watching every minute of that game. congrats Paul, you deserve it 🙂

  295. Get the fudging fudge in there Paul ?

  296. Kjkjkjkjk you da real deal paulwhat a fudging pro well done ?

  297. liked your message added at the end of the video nice touch, buzzed for you 🙂

  298. Howeverhave you ever seen Robocop original….you look the spit ov the guy that gets shot in the drug factory with that flat cap rolf….

  299. Gtfit Paul well done buddy you played that amazingly congrats

  300. Sick Paul 🙂 congratz another achievment

  301. 哇 . you just play so well that is way you are the winner

  302. Nice result

  303. Reviewing the 56 play the frenchman did not get 1 hit on a pair. You owned him cause he checked on the river. It turned out well but beware on the big tournaments with players like Dwan and Ivey will call out your bluff. Cheers mate!

  304. The best!???????

  305. Much respect dude,well played!!!

  306. Congratz! Hope you did not hit the roulette tables to cool off, as I sometimes do

  307. Congrats Rolla, wow you got the feeling mate!

  308. Thats some quality poker mate gtfit!!!! Well happy for you and great to see on here

  309. Great Job Paul !!!

  310. Myyyyyyyyyy g congratulations. Awesome. Dont forget us when you get famous.

  311. Absolutely brilliant mate well done you played well I thought. But this poker won’t work out stick to the slots ?

  312. Straight to the roulette table!!

  313. Massive congratulations to you Paul that was fudging awesome ?

  314. Well done Paul! Now go buy a shit load of gold…! 😉

  315. A big congrats Paul !!

  316. Bloody well done sir ??

  317. Get the fudge in there

  318. Now get off those -ev slots.

  319. Next stop wsop, congrats paul very well played

  320. This way I love you..what a game! what win by the legend..

  321. Fucking get in there Paul, let’s see more wins

  322. All gamblers are weird weird people. I know this because I am one of those people so when I say karma is real this video proves it. Paul you deserve every good thing that happens to you as you have always carried yourself with class and decorum. It helps you have balls the size of fudging melons! Congrats to you top guy and hopefully more to come ?

  323. Sick played bro ? nice nice ? get in there ??

  324. Well done mate. Love the 6 high hand.

  325. Brilliant mate, 做得好

  326. Well played sir. Great bluff too. Put it all on red ??

  327. I watched this heads up live on the way to work in Queensland Australia. Was railing you in the stream. Absolute legend.

  328. Your poker face, u look like someone took a shit in your kettle haha. Good win mate. Prooving good things happen to good people 🙂

  329. Paul played a great game in a very very tough field.

  330. Real happy for you Paul mate, nice one!

  331. Congratulations mate! If you ever make the big time don’t forgot the time you ripped your kitchen door of for the stream ??

  332. CONGRATS MAN!!!!! Awesome win omg! Keep going now you’re still a pro in my eyes ))

  333. nice bud get the fudge in there , smashed it mate

  334. Absolute legend. Well in mate

  335. crazy man! 恭喜!

  336. Now 75 k VS roulette ??

  337. Impresionante

  338. I remember this guy when he was playing with 50£ and still makes great streams all night long..From all of us , from around the world , who were there from early beginingsGET THE FUCK IN THERE !!!

  339. Congratulations son! Awesome play, very happy for you. You can be proud of that one. Amazing achievement! ???

    • I think someone once mentioned you live in Bournemouth? I’m in Poole, not a million miles away if you can ever drag yourself away from a computer or winning prestigious poker competitions! ???

  340. Yeah, that’s right!
    Nobody FUCKS with the ROLLA!

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    • Andy Black finished 14th would have been amazing to play against him or even better to be heads up with him! But yeh to play against Patrik was a dream!

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    I hope ur sat with ur trophy in ur next vid lol ?

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  475. Let me work for you on casino streamingi need a job.. and you will have free time for this

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  477. Paul it’s Michael from the final table (finished 6th), congrats mate, really happy for you even if you took most of my chips! Hope to see some good gambling vids after that win!

  478. 回复
    Puppydoo Online Slot Challenge Channel 十一月 28, 2018 在 1:23 上午

    Well done buddy

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  485. 回复
    Andrei Si Jocurile De Noroc 十一月 28, 2018 在 7:06 上午

    What a Boss , Congrats :* love u

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    SuperSmask - Casino Streamer 十一月 28, 2018 在 9:33 上午

    Awesome stuff Paul! Well deserved win.

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  489. Congraatz to U Buddybest wishes from Germany from the Beast Hank Mc Coy 🙂 Take care and have fun with your big win.

    • Your welcomekeep on rolling and winning big pots and games round about poker. Do u visit the Kings Casino in Rozvadov??? Maybe we can meet there in the next month? Me wish U the very best Buddy. +钢铁侠的赌博频道

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  505. see the bandit recons he had a 26 k loss but no footage to show and disabled comments , maybe my relentless debunking has gotten to him and he feels ne needs to redress the issue with a reality video now that nobody is swallowing the bull about those ladder gambles which aren’t real anyway , pathetic if you want my opinion.

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  514. im a poker pro and must say: well played. some spots i would go through again like that KT hand but other than that: hats off mate.

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel As it happened it worked out pretty nicely either way. I just think that once you 3bet the flop you are reping either a made hand or a draw of some sorts. Loads of ppl will have a fd there. So once he calls i would keep barrelling so he can go into hero mode with some sort of pair. Now if you do check the turn i believe you should check/call all the way since he will try double barrelling you off a 10 there a lot. If he happened to have a fd he will check behind a lot OTT unless the fd is JX. but WAYNE: you won..grats man 🙂

    • Yeh in that spot I wasn’t quite sure how to play it, all I know is I didn’t really want him to see the river but also felt theres a very good chance I have the best hand so wanted some extra value, didn’t know any other way other than check shoving the turn

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  524. 回复
    Борислав Василев 十一月 29, 2018 在 1:30 下午

    You got some poker talent hidden in you, leave the roulette ,poker is your thing man 😉

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  541. Well done.

  542. I always said in the comments, stick to poker. You are so good at it. Good job mate . Get to fuck in there. Congrats from Trinidad man , 做得好

  543. Is this all real money Paul

  544. You lend us a tenner till Monday mate

  545. Massive congratulations mates, awesome win!

  546. Man i dont know ,but i am so happy for you ! I feel you are a good guy and you totaly deserve all the earings, greetings from greece !U da best

  547. Fkn awesome stuff that like. Well played

  548. Help! Paul I have been a big fan and follower for a very long time now and I’m in dying need of help. Maybe a free Gamban block thing if possible? I’ve lost everything my car was the last thing today! no motor to go work now my life’s a mess! Can’t ever win and chased chased and chased! What an idiot but I was sucked in! Please help it needs to stop now it’s ruining my life mate! Regards tone

    • Thanks Paul! So much! I have left a thread on the forum under Gamban help. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • 回复
      钢铁侠的赌博频道 十二月 1, 2018 在 6:50 下午

      Hey mate! If you send me a msg on the forum I can send you a free code. But also signup to gamstop as a MUST, its free and really does work in helping remove that temptation! The fact that you’ve taken action for yourself is a big positive, get these measures in place and start afresh bud!

  549. Get the fudge in there! Congrats Paul! Well played

  550. well done mate , thought I was watching the WSOP !!!

  551. full house shotgun ?

  552. congratulazioni…… sei spettacolare in tutto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  553. With all due respect. Why using your time gambling with those silly BS Casino games? You have shown that you got the brain and guts to play poker.
    I dont want to give a useless advice but it seems you are talented enough to play as pro and would be able to gain a steady income over the long term.
    I am pro in another area. We use to say: Who wins is right. Try to think about it.

    Wishing you all the best and enjoy your winnings. Cheers.

  554. Well done mate you’re going to the top son 🙂

  555. Well done paul

  556. Very cool ! Mr rocknrolla

  557. Well done my man!!!! Now….lets play some roulette…..XD

  558. Fukking nooob turney

  559. top win the french man bottled it you got to him big time.

  560. Well done Paul


  562. How much was the buy-in for something like this and do you automatically get a seat at a bigger table and buy in to that one? Or do you just get a seat because you won this one sorry I’m just not sure how these work. congratulations mate

  563. Good to see you doing what you said you wanted to do! Best of luck brother.

  564. Well played Paul great game great win

  565. that 5,6 suited play was sick sick, gr8 job mate

  566. 做得好, balls of steel !!

  567. Brilliant poker play

  568. You don’t become Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris becomes youLMAO

  569. Well played rolla

  570. Yes Paul go on my man get the fuck in there

  571. Good arrows paul !!! X

  572. Okay now it makes sense with the degen slots and roulette lol millionaires can play like that for laughs n giggles! Ahah when the average try it they go homeless ?

  573. You have to concentrate on poker and get rid of the fucking slots mate:)

  574. Yes Paul what a guy all about that poker face very well played mate ????

  575. paul has the balls of a grand national winner well done

  576. you must have done soe studying ive seen you play vs letsgiveitaspin and friends and you where making no sense at all you seem way more calm and actually thinking about hands instead of bluffing to bluf without tought behind it

    • Its amazing with poker that you can reach a level where you think you know the game and thats it. Then the more you play, watch, analyse hands, the more you realise you only knew the very basics fundamentals of poker, if that! Very much enjoying to continue to learn and good to get comments like this one mate, which hopefully shows I’m improving.

  577. You are fucking unreal . They should make a film about you . You lucky fudger

  578. Just saw this, you did great !
    Really enjoyable to watch you kick some ass 🙂

  579. All an elaborate hoax ? Well played Paul get in buddy!!!

  580. sensational Paul

  581. Only just got to watch this. That fudge is well and truly in there!!!

  582. Deamn !!! I love this man : )))))))))

  583. It was nice when Paul aka Rocknrolla went all in* great bluff.

  584. Well done Paul that got to be a forgot your favour drink

  585. You deserve dat fucking fudge

  586. Congratulations and well played ?

  587. Quality mate couldn’t have went to a nicer bloke

  588. Well done mate

  589. And bet he’s gambled the lot already back already ?

  590. Sick as fuck mate. Fair play

  591. Such a sick score man . Zero to hero job

  592. fuk i got goosebumps! congrats man fuck the slots

  593. buon 2019 rocknrolla forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  594. boy did you need that drink at the end..nice man delighted

  595. love you paul xx

  596. 回复
    Dylan the Fragmentationer - JonesDylan874 二月 1, 2019 在 5:23 上午

    FANTASTIC JOB, ROCKNROLLAAAAAAA! Get in there and everything else!

  597. buy in €500?


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