£150 to ?? on ROULETTE!!!!

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  1. yessss

  2. Legend tells: rockenrolla responds to early viewers 🙂 Keep it up bro

  3. Oh man you remind me of me about 6 years ago. Had real luck outs all the time but eventually the luck ran out. Do yourself a favour and take the money and run. Its gonna end in tears mate.

  4. She could send a glass eye to sleep

  5. Amazing, I wish i could turn 150 into 4k 🙂

  6. Get in there son

  7. She pronounced it rock n rollex lol

  8. jesus man you win so much, and you must be loaded too you always bet so much haha, good job 🙂

  9. Dealers a bit of alright

  10. fucking have it well done

  11. sick well done, go take a nice 5* holiday with that

  12. Well done 🙂 cash out

  13. Ha ha get the phoooook in there. Go buy a new flat cap now mate LOL.

  14. fuckin hell beautiful run there bud

  15. Great vid mate , you make roulette look easy , maybe you should try a £150 to £3,000 everyday of the week challenge 🙂

  16. lucky as Fuck

  17. Bravo mate !!!! Dont forget the girl Fay that was spinning the ball is from Greece hahahah!!!!
    My gongrats !!!!!

  18. my heart was pumping watching that

  19. Amazing win . I won £3001 from £120 two months ago which I’m still quite impressed with . I still haven’t gambled online for the last month which is also quite impressive for me lol . Good luck with your next live stream

  20. really happy for you mate 😀 keep it up!

  21. Withdraw withdraw please..!

  22. Hahaha that was quality!

  23. outstanding run Paul, haaaaave it!!! Ron zacappa moment right there! bdevx89 on twitch

  24. how much will go back on gambling

  25. Very obviously works for the company.

  26. Wow lol lol felt every spin with you Paul. Needed that!

  27. Smashed it mate can’t wait for the next stream

  28. fucking cracking, well played

  29. is it simple enough to cash out on the site

  30. If only It could be done like that Every time! lol. nice to see you win gor a change ?

  31. Paul has balls from the falls!!! Get in!

  32. Lol wow well done lucky fuck ???

  33. Nice mate! insane .lol

  34. that was filllthyyyy rollaaa, good job

  35. Jesssssuuuussss what a fanfuckintastic last few minutes mate! That should be able to buy you a Harry’s by the pier lol..

  36. nice i cant win a thing

  37. When the audio went I was happy that woman just wouldn’t shut up haha

  38. Unbelievable fella!

  39. my Best Roulette Session was from 25$ up to 2400$ on bwin. lost it all the next night T_T

  40. fucking get in there mate!! great to see a roulette win, seems like its been an age!

  41. Love watching you Paul, so wish i had your balls!!!! LOL, nice one on cashing out though! xxxxxx

  42. Pulled it out of the fire ? fair play

  43. I bet ur channels guna blow to 100,000 subs in 2 years easy, keep up the amazing vids, best roulette vids on utube, grate personality

  44. wd fella as long as your happy all is well

  45. Reply
    Badazzbear1 Twitch Streamer Tháng Mười 10, 2016 at 12:40 am

    well done mate. always was nice to hear you say youve learnt your lesson on withdrawing. that is huge profit and im glad you stopped eventually . 🙂

  46. how come this guy always wins. he must be promoting for the sites he uses.

  47. Nice win dude good to see u cashed out before u get carried away. Easily done few spins and u cud have blown it all.

  48. да круто! поздравляю!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  49. 150 to 4k awesome bud, keep that bitch on mute

  50. good one mate your the winner when your withdrawing

  51. What a beaut of a vid

  52. Reply
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel Tháng Mười 10, 2016 at 9:58 am

    Nice one lad that’s a hell of a decent run again, can you post me some luck for my video today? Thanks!

  53. I love this series, well played Rolla!

  54. fair play to you …..i have been there and its nice when it connects ….good luck and hope to see the next battle .

  55. fucking get in there mate nice 1

  56. What a roller coaster ride. Amazing! Thanks for the upload.

  57. congrats m8, wish i had the half of fuck u have 🙂

  58. Nice video but the casino will have the last laugh

  59. Everytime you hit. How are you this lucky.

  60. song name?

  61. what is the name of the song you played! the drop when you hit #3 was a beaut!!!!

  62. Being a YouTuber they will process your withdrawal. But if it was us turning 150 to 4k??

  63. Your audio didnt mess up, who are you fooling lol

  64. Top guy?

  65. Hy bro u have email i want contact you please

  66. Get in, most ppl I see on hear there voices are annoying but ur videos are not annoying u did make me laugh when u said the worse thing someone keep on when chatting shut when ye lose lol, too bloody right ????

  67. How do i access the free spins on 21casino @rocknroll

  68. i jumped when you hit that 3 lucky mofo

  69. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN Tháng 11 19, 2016 at 1:31 buổi chiều

    Wow good man just don’t make it a habbit m8 good on ya though

  70. Balls of steel jheeez!! my little 20 deposit looks like pennies compared to this lol he who dares wins!!

  71. What’s that tune called mate? Good tune

  72. nice run

  73. yo man is this like a Kind of an strategy with that specific numbers u bet on or do you like pick about ~18random numbers and bet random on them? xD

  74. Nice run buddy.
    Music from minute 10 or so pretty annoying though.

  75. Well this is a nice run mate!

  76. Now it is 15.000 on roulette ?

  77. 03:53 looks like she’s controlling the ball

  78. Because you bet on the red and black in the same spin you are stupid. Explain please if you have any reason.

  79. hi rocknrolla im mark from australia its been great to watch channel i love roulete myself enjoy you winning so thnx mate.

    • hey rock thnx for reply always nice when people let you know so thnx mate keep doing your vids enjoy so much.regards mark from oz.

  80. unluckythanks for the vid

  81. When you got the zero at 11:15 the ball jumped backwards.
    That is strange.

  82. fucking have it …..

  83. wtf is this dealer waffling on about

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