Record Session or Record RIP???? (Warning degen at work)


Book of Dead and me have split up….for now!!

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خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 3
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WildTornado کیسینو
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WildTornado کیسینو

WildTornado جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ WildTornado جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 7.9
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 0
سے موازنہ کریں
ولا قسمت کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

ولا قسمت کیسینو

ولا قسمت جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ ولا قسمت جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 6.5
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 1
سے موازنہ کریں
SpinSon کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

SpinSon کیسینو

SpinSon جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ SpinSon جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 8.5
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 2
سے موازنہ کریں
EUSLOT کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

EUSLOT کیسینو

EUSLOT جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ EUSLOT جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 7.3
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 0
سے موازنہ کریں
BoaBoa کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

BoaBoa کیسینو

BoaBoa جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ BoaBoa جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 8.4
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 0
سے موازنہ کریں
ویگاس ہیرو کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

ویگاس ہیرو کیسینو

ویگاس ہیرو جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ ویگاس ہیرو جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 4.4



187 تبصرے
  1. جواب
    Rocknrolla کی کی جوا چینل جولائی 5, 2017 پر 1:20 PM

    I don’t think I am going to be able to stream after all tonight or if I do it will be quite late and probably not this balance/site. Much love!!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel sounds like av never watched you asking this lol…. have you always had a decent balance to go at it with or you built it up thro the time youve been playing. Altho as we no what do we ever build up as gambler but you no what I mean

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel HEY PAUL are you streaming tonight & they should have a bandit named after you 3 get the fudge ins starts the bonus lol good luck from GEORDIE KEV ?

    • Wowiwowiwow….glad to see you made a comeback after the break… 10,- euro bet smart lad to complete the wagering

    • ript the balance???? I dont hope so THE HITMAN COULD BE REALLY MAD YOU KNOW

  2. I follow you from Turkey, inspiration for me

  3. Sick run, love your vids!

  4. Balls deep indeed! Good one Paul 😀

  5. Happy for you Paul. Great win gratz 🙂

  6. Mate if only i had your luck

  7. Get the Fudge in there!!!!

  8. Sick bastard Paul haha

  9. Amazing video mate as always haha

  10. I ain’t even watched the video yet. I’m so excited ??? WHOOOOHOOOOO

  11. may I just ask. Why do you never take insurance on blackjack?

    • جواب
      Rocknrolla کی کی جوا چینل جولائی 5, 2017 پر 2:25 PM

      Yeh I’m pretty sure in the odds offered don’t offer the right long term value so I think is widely agreed to never take insurance

  12. underpant chewing action there buddy???

  13. Oi mate on book off dead you have to click stop to stop the real to get a feature when the reel slows down bro ?

    • Charles Freeman Yes everyone knows you can stop the reel its known as a quick spin, but trust me when i tell you this it makes NO difference whether you quick spin or not, otherwise the slot would be in constant debt to every player. If you want to believe that makes a difference then who i am tell you what to do but you can ask anyone in the gaming community aswell as the engineers and makers of this slot and they will tell you EXACTLY the same. The reason you can stop spin is to make you think you have a chance to do so.

    • owen baker well when the wheels slow down you can stop it on a book if you see onei play it on my mobile and get more luck stopping the wheel when it slows down other that waiting for it 🙂 don’t know it until you try it ?✌️

    • Charles Freeman Haha you don’t actually believe that to be true do ya?

  14. Amazing video Paul loved every second

  15. 10k should be possible…کم از کم
    best wishes

  16. every bet you put on stayed apart from 12 they obviously know what numbers coming out lol FIX

  17. وہاں میں حاصل کریں!!

  18. woow well done mate..

  19. great vid but dont say your going stream then say your not had my hopes up then ha

  20. £50 kings book of dead takes some guts ????

  21. Wow what an amazing video I hope to fuck I get to see Get the Lot!!!

  22. 32x on book of dead …. hmm you deserved so much more

  23. Collect that £640 on reel king ? ? another time Jackpot mate

  24. Paul you fucking degenerate big balled beast. That was an awesome little video there mate. Can’t wait to see the stream with that balance. #1 slot channel!!!

  25. nice wins, you fudging degen

  26. Just finished watching aswell! What an awesome video and rly well played! Nice and deserved! Congrats 🙂

  27. Beautiful balance ?? be careful

  28. Can’t wait to watch you! Hope you smash the wagering! Come on Paul

  29. on viking when you get the free spins you want the ragnor spins then all viking will beat the witch

  30. paul Garatulason!!!

  31. all the best RocknRollaboooom sesshall things things crossed for tonightcan’t wait

  32. Awesome video, Hope you get a record cashout. Go for a record bud. Nice to hear the excitement in your voice. not heard that for a while.

  33. some big balls man well in hope after wager you have same sort of balance you deserve it bud all the best.


  35. Loved it Rocknrolla, fuck me some balls or are you just mad lol

  36. Nice vid mate family first ?????

  37. do you always rape on the roulette? Any tips?

  38. How the hell do you convince them to let you do £1000 hands on bj and thousands on roulette with bonus money?? I’m still reeling from a time I thought I won 7k at Leo vegas after completing wagering but I couldn’t withdraw it as I’d gone over bet limits ?

  39. love the longer videos 🙂

  40. That was Super entertaining! Hope you’re able to stream tonight mate, but if not take it easy bro. ✌

  41. بہت اچھے, to many streamers seem to be loosing at moment so nice to see a good win, good luck with wagering,

  42. ہیلو پال ,you should play drive multiplayer mayhem on high stakes it can go mental

  43. جواب
    میں آرام گٹار سبق 2 beginners کے لئے منٹ جولائی 5, 2017 پر 3:26 PM

    Officially the largest testicles on you tube mate !! Awesome vid and win ?

  44. fobts بھاڑ میں جاؤ

  45. get the fuck in there mate, top stream loved it 🙂

  46. what provider is lucky lady charm and lucky rose?

  47. they robbed you, you had 125 پر 11/12 line so do the math with another 62.5€ on 12. they took it out right when u put the last 25 so messed up!!!! id never play there again if ur wondering when u got robbed watch from 14.30 کرنے 15.15

  48. Who are the 12 motherfuckers that have thumb downed this.

  49. For a second I thought it was going to be a record RIP lol. Get the fuck in there mate, cheers.

  50. gtfit!! awesome mate

  51. epic vid Paul. the balls of steel strike again, can’t wait for the stream ??

  52. Guaranteed 6k cashout, not bad ehh? Probably more likely is a minimum of 10-12k if you don’t run insanely cold, amazing hit, congratz!

  53. and the balls of steel trophy goes to paul,,
    nice one mate epic session

  54. جواب
    F.offandstopasking mequestions جولائی 5, 2017 پر 4:01 PM

    Fuck me dead; i think i had a stroke watching this. Get the tut in there Paul lad

  55. Wow what a run well done Paul you smashed it there mate can’t wait for the stream now got my fingers crossed already for a huge cash out

  56. Hey sir. Very entertaining and massive result. For someone with great respect, تم حقدار ہو. Take care.

  57. what a video mate ? king is back!

  58. I call this Legendary Paul!

  59. dude you are a sicko lol

  60. come on get the fudge in!!!! hopefully wager it all and cash out 20k!!

  61. You have totally lost the plot, your blood pressure must be through the roof, 3 grand roulette spins to £3 spins on book of Ra, divorce court for you some time soon.

  62. well done mate great win

  63. this kinda made me feel abit sick but loved it at the same time you’ve got balls of steel lmao

  64. What do you use for screenrecording?

  65. Wicked session Paul!! 21K woop woop but I think you should complain about that number 12 mess up as it didn’t pay you.

  66. Please stream tonight we all love the late night sessions!!

  67. well done indeed

  68. Tell you what Paul. That was an emotional rollercoaster! Well done! My nerves were up and down throughout! Smashed it!

  69. You were so lucky on raging rhino in lost 400 on that today in coral


  71. get in thereeee

  72. Much better than streams these highlights videos

    • Not really relevant your reply, I was just saying I can’t spend 4 hours watching a stream watching people posting inane comments on Twitch saying things likePaul what’s your favourite colour, and Paul pick the middle orb on Wish upon a jackpot”.

  73. Duuuude! Sunking is the best music ever!

  74. Do you have difficulting sitting down with bollocks so massive ?

  75. Top Lad get in there nice session.

  76. huge balls paying off finally 😀 grats mate

  77. I think it’s time to do a part two of the other vid you did, Gambling Vlog #1 Compulsive Gambling, from a few months back.
    You won this one, but that roulette session was horrible to watch. Serious compulsive behaviour. It was roulette that did me in, albeit with smaller wagers but I know the behaviour when I see it. You need a break, a proper break. You don’t owe anyone to keep doing this, especially yourself and your family. Enjoy the summer with the wife and kids. Get outdoors. This is a waste of more than money, it’s a waste of time. Every hour spent is an hour pissed away. Time is something you can never claw back.

  78. Cracking video mr rocknrollaaaa, edge of seat stuff mate, hopefully catch you streaming for a LARGE cashout! ????

  79. بونس کی رقم? that means you still aint got that as hard cash yet could lose it all?

  80. hey Paul, get in there lad

  81. جواب
    Κωνσταντίνος Μπογδάνης جولائی 5, 2017 پر 5:43 PM

    paul this is the first time i comment man u make my palms sweaty every time i see u playi wish u only the best much love from greece to u and your family!!!

  82. Enjoyed this mate! Wouldn’t say it’s ‘asdegen when you have no option but to wager though!

  83. You know you want to get on dead or alive at £18 spins and hit that double wild line???

  84. اچھا ایک کو پال, lovely jubbly

  85. You Sir are a Leg….End. Paul I shake watching you spin at roulette buddy. Hope you have a massive well deserved cash out. Hope the family’s good. GTF in

  86. جواب
    MissQuantum جوا لائیو رولیٹی & بلیک جیک جولائی 5, 2017 پر 6:20 PM

    Great Win Paul! 20K! Baamm!! …. but clearly the 11-12 split bet was thereyes it registered £125, but it’s their fault at Evolution software to automatically block any bet over £100, which is a split bet at 18x…..Obviously they owe you £1800!

    Like! if you think Paul should get that £1800 back! –> software error from Evolution!

  87. Nice balance don’t be getting itchy fingers & blowing it before your next stream lol

  88. Sick wagering!!!! Awesome vid and i hope you stream tonight but if not I’ll be here next time. Gl with all and happy family

  89. Hi just a question, what if u play 1k on black and 1k on red, will it help the wagering?

  90. Why did you need to put music over the roulette Paul?

  91. great video paul amazing balance looking forward to the steam mate good luck ✌?

  92. The best retarted gambling i have ever seen!!! Love you Paul, GG

  93. love watching ur videos mate, but the music is kinda annoying

  94. Have you touched the balance since the vid? Oh and stream u fucker

  95. for £1.00 can anyone tell me how many time Paul sais come on or get in there in this video alone..

  96. computer blackjack pays so much better than stupid dealers

  97. Hope to see you tonight after 9.30 at some point , get the fudge in there , 100k inbound 😀

  98. اچھا ایک کو!

  99. congratulations Paul. I think we should all chip in and get you a rocknrolla sign written wheelbarrow to put your balls in

  100. Never commented on your vids before, been a silent viewer for a few months, MASSIVE balls you have!!!

  101. title is nerdyyyy

  102. Because a real rock n rolla wants the fucking lot

  103. Great fucking video man . Much love RockanRolla. Get the fudge in !

  104. What a legend, get the fudgeeee in

  105. what a friggin hit rolla!! NICE!

  106. Thanks Paul for making my balls shrink in the first 2 mins. Haha Get the F*ck IN mate win or lose you’re a legend

  107. What’s the Dnb track from 19mjns called I’ve heard it before but forgot the name ?

  108. Lovely mate love your videos sick

  109. Great win mate

  110. 25:30 Magnet still working for the casinos, great vid mate!

  111. This was fuckin beautiful

  112. watch the flow of accounts made at this casino!!!

  113. Why the shit music half way through?

  114. You better hit McDonald’s and KFC asap!

  115. fk still watching m8 ,my scott heeps said u be degen allday i was going to tune in eairler but was playing poker,fk hope u won in the m8 ffs going to watch end if video hope u won m8 ffs gl much love degenarate lol

  116. no offence m8 but i think u might be going 2 بڑے 2 fast on massive stakes, try and chill out a bit streaming isnst ur world ,ur family is have a breather m8 gl 🙂 fking brilliant tho chill the f out now ffs lol

  117. i dont know why you always dont bet on all tiers numbers :/

  118. whats the song called at 19min?

  119. What’s the tune ??

  120. what a fucking journey balls deep bollocks that was paul

  121. great win top man boooooooòooommmmmmmm

  122. ragnarok is not the red symbol, its a free spins feature like extra chests starting wild

  123. I lost 250k over 5 years with exactly the same tactics, especially roulette, and I no longer see my kids. Please Paul stop your channel. It’s hurtful and a misrepresentation.of reality. God bless you for doing so..

    • He won’t stop he’s being paid to do this….

    • Ok Paul. You are a nice guy. We will finish with the inevitability of doom guys. I wish you all the best in your gambling career mate. Hope you hit an ultra progressive and move on.

    • جواب
      Rocknrolla کی کی جوا چینل جولائی 6, 2017 پر 9:31 PM

      But gambling isn’t going anywhere its growing, so what is the answer/ideal scenario to ban all gambling because that will never happen, so if it is going to be out there it should be done in the right and with the right protection for the players! With my channel you will get the real side of gambling and can only find me by looking for gambling material as I don’t advertise or push my channel onto anyone. Gambling is advertised and sponsors most of the major football clubs all pushing gambling onto people who didnt ask for it and have no idea about what it can do to you! I raised over 20k for a charity thats close to me risking only the casinos money and I know for a fact the people that money will help it that it was in no way in bad taste

    • Any images of gambling are bad for 95% of the population. Particularly at the stakes you are visualising. Gambling for charity was particularly distasteful ..

  124. get the fudge in there

  125. hi man my favorite number is 4/6/20/17/11/8/26/28/29 good number I’m roulette guy too

  126. جواب
    جوناتھن اسکاٹ جولائی 7, 2017 پر 4:12 PM

    Get the fudge in there lad

  127. cant wait for the rest of this to be a vid and have an epic cashout

  128. omg have I missed this new epic stream ? way I c it dude you should b banking at least 10 K ) not gonna call u a muppet if you don’t I love a gamble but your past anything I could ever dream of

  129. you better see some one you have a very bad gambling problem you do win but put most back in. you should play with a limit then stop. if i on £6000 i would take all the money and buy some thing or go a Holiday.

  130. Song:
    State of MindSun King

  131. You just wanted some badass music for your roulette session

  132. جواب
    1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 فروری 9, 2018 پر 9:09 PM

    I’m so happy when you win something

  133. get your money back it was in bets warent closed yet wtf!!

  134. Damm what a run!! You crazy ?

  135. I can tell u that u are addicted to roulette Paul

  136. i get nervous watching….its fun watching someone put a months wages on a roullette spin though. ) nice one man

  137. 14:47 look his winning bet magically dissapeared. I dont want to jump to conclusions but it looks rigged

  138. The heights this man has hit, even if he never wins again, he’s touched heights most will never hit, I’ve been gambling 33 years with more or less the same courage and got nowhere near this ,everyone’s luck is different, no question

  139. Sort ya life out your fuked total waster need help mate BIG TIME just volatile as fuk it’s disturbing watching you your all over the place don’t no wen to stop ✋

  140. Hey great streams mate loads of fun! However your a fucking terrible roulette player lol! Your never suppose to 1) split numbers because you loose profit 2)your never suppose to make a bet that doesn’t pay profit. Half the time if you hit your number it’s doesn’t even cover your bets let alone make profit. Your just getting high on dopamine off in lala-land scattering chips. All the best mate.

  141. Is this real money?

  142. How can this balance be part of wagering, what casino will allow 40 quid spins in wagering, something very fishy and title is completely misleading! Not Degen if it ain’t your money, may as well be play money!

  143. Best way to do your wager in is cover every number on the roulette high stake as you can. each spin is a huge bet but you lose minimul. The huge spins drag your wager down very quickly and you can cash out with a few quid. Each spin you lose one stake.
    Say you have to wager £2500 and and you have £5000 and roullette contributes 80% wagering کے. you choose £20 stake per number on roullette for example, each spin costs £740. یا 80% which is £592. You lost £20 but your wager is down 1/5. Do again 4 اوقات. You spent £100 but your wager is gone and you leave with £4900.00. we rinsed loads of free bet wins like this. Some sites may try and be funny. We got out all though.


  145. You ever get money from that 12 being covered?

  146. If you wanna win money on slots. Go play Jurassic Park. Thank me later.

  147. I like sluts aswell.

  148. Love your videos Paul!your like me but with money ? great to see mega stakes instead of tiny ones and great to see someone that likes to gamble!!

  149. Insanity workout

  150. Love the music

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