£250 to ????


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ذمہ دار ترقی – جوا انتہائی لت ہے اور سنگین مالی مسائل پیدا کر سکتا ہے, آپ جوا کرتے تو براہ مہربانی یاد رکھیں, صرف آپ کو کھو دیتے ہیں اور حد مقرر کر سکتے ہیں کیا جوا! جوا وجہ سے ان کے گھر کے کناروں پر پیسے لیکن صرف تفریح ​​کے طور پر بنانے کے لئے اور جوئے بازی ہمیشہ آخر میں جیت جائے گا یاد کرنے کا ایک طریقہ کے طور پر نہیں دیکھا جانا چاہیئے! جوا پھر آپ کے لئے ایک مسئلہ بن گیا ہے تو آپ Gamcare ساتھ بات کر سکتے ہیں: یا گیمبل آگاہ رہیں: www.begambleaware.org/

GAMSTOP – بھی اب رواں ہے اور آپ کو آپ کے آن لائن جوئے کی سرگرمیوں کو محدود کرنے کی جگہ میں کنٹرولز ڈال کی اجازت دیتا ہے. آپ جوئے ویب سائٹس استعمال کرنے سے روکا جائے گا اور برطانیہ میں لائسنس یافتہ کمپنیوں کی طرف سے چلانے کے اطلاقات, اپنی مرضی کی مدت کے لئے. ? 18+ صرف


خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 3
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WildTornado کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

WildTornado کیسینو

WildTornado جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ WildTornado جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 7.9
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 0
سے موازنہ کریں
ولا قسمت کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

ولا قسمت کیسینو

ولا قسمت جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ ولا قسمت جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 6.5
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 1
سے موازنہ کریں
SpinSon کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

SpinSon کیسینو

SpinSon جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ SpinSon جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 8.5
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 2
سے موازنہ کریں
EUSLOT کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

EUSLOT کیسینو

EUSLOT جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ EUSLOT جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 7.3
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 0
سے موازنہ کریں
BoaBoa کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

BoaBoa کیسینو

BoaBoa جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ BoaBoa جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 8.4
خواہش کی فہرست میں شامل کر دیا گیاخواہش کی فہرست سے ہٹا دیا گیا 0
سے موازنہ کریں
ویگاس ہیرو کیسینو
8 مہینے پہلے

ویگاس ہیرو کیسینو

ویگاس ہیرو جوا جائزہ پیش کرتا ہے - کی مجموعی درجہ بندی کا جائزہ لینے کے ساتھ ویگاس ہیرو جوا جائزہ کے آن لائن جوئے بازی کے اڈوں کی پیشکش 4.4



165 تبصرے
  1. Just catching up on last nights action and this flashes up. Will watch it later but hopefully you smashed it!

  2. Fucking mint pal,boooom rocknrolla

  3. Great result Paul! Get some bonuses lined up for us tonight bro. All the best.

  4. do a bonus hunt collect bonuses then open them 🙂

  5. Netent is just too laggy

  6. Go on Paul !!! you make it look so easy

  7. Your a beast Paul 🙂

  8. Amazing win paul !! gg!! jihaaaaaaaaa

  9. Very NICE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  10. BONUS HUNT !!! Its so amazing and entertaining to watch bonuses u hunted on stream and wish for the BIG.

  11. Very nice win! Is this a recent win (آج) or is this old material? If this is recent you can make a huge balance with it tomorrow 🙂

  12. mate your going more and more degen!! made up for you with that win, but dont become another stat that has lost everything as one day you will have a hammering coming!! great little vid tho

  13. What a little session! !!! Hahaha. GTF IT

  14. حیرت انگیز….nothing else to sayplay bigwin biggerTitanium balls

  15. £1000 in ONE minute 😀 you are the best! first minute 😀 😀

  16. Why dident you do this last night Rolla, well done nice one.

  17. how the f do you do it… 500 quid deposit… 11,5k bonus balance hahaha what a hit.. GTFI!!!

  18. betting as much in one bet as i earn in 5 months O.O, but thats why i watch you 😀

  19. u are freeking awesome ! سے 250 کرنے 11500 .. so good gambler.. ahh if i get the luck like u?always loosing in roulete

  20. well done mate

  21. hi paul can you send me some on pokerstars.. 19engin03 my accound 😉

  22. When was that from?? کیا ایک ہٹ

  23. If I transfer you £250 can you do same for me halves of course

  24. fukin get in there. Love the vids mate

  25. Lucky as fuck mate good to see you back to your winning ways bud (radstockben)

  26. amazing after lost last ninth??

  27. Shame you can’t bring the roulette luck to streams lol nice hit buddy

  28. get in paul. about time my lad

  29. wow ..amazing.. gg paul??

  30. Wooow from £250 deposit and £250bonus balance to £11550..that’s amazing..speechless!!

  31. great video paul well played mate 🙂 loving your videos as usual keep it up

  32. Bloody hell , you should be rich to play these stakes ?? nice little win mate.

  33. you are living on the edge

  34. Get in there rocknrolla!! Full time gambling is a must 😉

  35. 27, 13 اور 16 are tier, stop saying I’m feeling tier then not playing them!!

  36. Get the fuck in there!!

  37. Yess man! Cheers Paul!

  38. gutted missed the stream last night never got the pop up slipped my mind when are ya streaming next?

  39. asked your advice on what to play to turn 50.00 میں 150.00 for more holiday spending and quite right you told me to keep the 50.00. I took your advice till the last can kicked in and the house was quite I played Hong Kong tower on 6.00 spins for the bonus and got 400.00 off the first wheel . then played 7.50 spins on the new panda game have me bonus twice and ended up with 900.00 absolutely fucking buzzing me the Mrs and 5 kids can really enjoy our hols now. ps nice win Paul get the fudge in

  40. Woow Paul. 4800quid spin you definitly rock mate. Did you takr a ronza after it? Nice mate!! جی

  41. Great little session Paul

  42. nice run bud 🙂

  43. Mate what a fucking video get the fudge in there.. ???

  44. told u mate stick with it my son haha get in there have a shot for rolla! PARTY!

  45. Unbelievable Paul! Get the fudge in there!

  46. جواب
    MissQuantum جوا لائیو رولیٹی & بلیک جیک جولائی 18, 2017 پر 1:13 PM

    People are struggling to win £100-200 and Paul hit the *10 Straight* up with *£2550* ✨ profit and be like….”Arrrgg look at the 5 یا 23, baah it’s mooney” ………….Like ? if you think Paul should Stop doing these nonsense 2k bet on column -_-

    ویسے….Amazing up and down and nice cash out!!…..may i ask when was this recorded Paul? 😉

  47. Fekkin awesome as ever pal didn’t envisage it ending in your favour but glad it did. Oh it’s your round by the way ??

  48. i never win more than 2 hands at blackjack wtf

  49. Got to be one of the best ever???

    • جواب
      Rocknrolla کی کی جوا چینل جولائی 18, 2017 پر 2:38 PM

      Yeh was brutal but unfortunately like in this video it paid off but often like last night it won’t, its the way I gamble

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I’ve got to admit, I was shaking my head in disappointment when you didn’t take the 5k on roulette. Well done! No guts no glory.

    • جواب
      Rocknrolla کی کی جوا چینل جولائی 18, 2017 پر 2:29 PM

      Yeh its up there, but I did once have two figure cashouts and was at 34k for a session once before losing that all from 300! I did also get up to 16k from £15 once but ended up losing it all

  50. جواب
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos جولائی 18, 2017 پر 1:24 PM

    That’s insane mate congrats

  51. your a maniac but my god I loved that video well done @rockanrolla

  52. The last spin mate on the 8 my mouth was wide open watching that haha OMG Awesome win though dude get the fudge in

  53. now that is the real rocknrolla!
    cashout and repeat lol

  54. wonderful Paul.nice profit.

  55. Great win mate hope the bandit was watching when you 2 going to stream together? Would make awesome stream?

  56. wow so close at the end to 8

  57. Congrats Paul, Awesome win!..may you have many moremuch love to you an your family 🙂

  58. How come u never put ur losing vids up, do u think people r mugs?

  59. Bigger balls than King Kongs, 4 grand on 1 spin of the wheel, i take my hat off to you.

  60. Looks so easy but when I do it I do a few bets over the max terms by accident to which I didn’t even profit and I get 6k took off me! 21 casino is a joke tbh, but never the less it’s a nice win, but is easier to achieve with much bigger max bets

  61. جواب
    میں آرام گٹار سبق 2 beginners کے لئے منٹ جولائی 18, 2017 پر 2:05 PM

    Nice one Rocknrolla!!! Great to see a big win for you ?
    Said it before and I’ll say again easy the largest testicles on you tube ?

  62. Might be a silly question but see on blackjack when you have a 12 how come when the dealer gets 13 he doesn’t stand and win?

  63. What you do with the balance cash out ? Missed last night’s stream gutted

  64. Get the fuck in there

  65. My lordthose were degen bets if I have ever seen them Paul LOL! That had my heart pounding. Good win though. Scared money doesn’t make money. Big balls on that

  66. Degen @ work I love your videos mate!!!! greez from Germany

  67. Nice one paul.
    When are you streaming next mate ??

  68. proper rocknroller nice one

  69. haaha madness. 750 total deposit to that is fucking fabulosìioiii woooooooo haha nice and degen as we all love. #riskit4biscuit

  70. ایک لفظ . حیرت انگیز
    Fucking awesome, well done my man . Get the fuuucccckkkk in thereee !

  71. Sick as fuck lol

  72. Wow balls of steel as always haha glad it paid off ?

  73. What’s your Twitch stream name, and how do I know when you will be streaming etc?

  74. Love the big bets it’s sickening to watch but i love it 😛 Keep up the good work Paul

  75. Boom town!!! Fair play Paul, because the real rock n rolla gets the fukin lot!!!

  76. Paul that’s just awesome!! That would change my life! Hope it changes yours!!

  77. great session, nice to see ???

  78. işte bu iyiydi

  79. awesome shit
    dont reverse it pleeeeaaase

  80. O yeah Nice one🙂 This 23 was fun, look how magnet works 🙂 9:54 ball willing land on 0, and just magically turn way to another side in air, not touch wheel 🙂 Paul you have a good magnet operation skills 🙂 HAHA Joke

    Definitely magnet as you see when ball land its stand in middle at pocket, not on one side like should be.

  81. To all them people moaning on stream last night, that’s what can happen when you go for it on roulette. You have to see when Paul is hitting bonuses on slots at £45 and getting just over £500 back its not worth it. Considering it can take £1000 just to get a bonus at that stake. So yes Roulette is risky but so are slots at high stake’s, at least with Roulette if you go on a run it can go massive and change a nice cash out to a massive cash out. Don’t change your ways Paul brilliant win on the video really enjoyed it.

  82. Does this mean there is a stream tonight?????. So the fans can share in your good fortune ?

  83. n1 paul .well deserved after last nights stream.keep it up

  84. Karma from last night 🙂

  85. Rocknrolla’s I’m always Support You

  86. You sir are a fucking genius, fair plays 2 u that u show ur loses, but £250 to over £11k, life changing money for me. I bow 2 u Paul, keep it going m8, good luck!!

  87. what a great ending. i thought it was gonna be another loss but GTMFIN!

  88. Awesome and crazy both at the same time.

  89. Paul why they give you 100% بونس,because i just get 21% سلاٹ… بونس?

  90. nice one paul ?

  91. Never really messaged you before Paul but been watching you for about a year now and me and a lad at work talk about your streams/vids all the time. Just saying keep up the good work.

    Just please don’t bite to any of theShould’ve walked at comments whenever you rip! As you know, they would never have reached that balance anyway as they tell you to walk after every win along the way to it, so it’s irrelevant.

    Everyone has their own style of playing. I personally wouldn’t play your style as I don’t have the balls, but I’d never criticise your style as it’s your money. And your style is certainly better to watch than any other!

  92. why did it turn to bonus money? @ 3:40

  93. that was epic paul!, save the balance for a proper good stream

  94. جواب
    سب سے زیادہ پراسرار جولائی 18, 2017 پر 6:08 PM

    How much would you have won if it hit 8?

  95. He who dares WINS !!! I just love to watch you play, keep it up ?

  96. You’re always lucky on Blackjack

  97. I can only be jealous watching that vid! lol .. ویسے پال کیا!

  98. EVERYBODY SHOULD REALIZE THAT LIVE ROULETTE IS NOT LIVE ROULETTE!! جی ہاں, the Guy is there throwing the ball and talking crap, but before every spin the number is already chosen. So stop whining about magnets and rigged stuff. This is just a NRG choosing numbers before every spin just like roulette on table games.

  99. get the fudge in there man! great hit rolla!

  100. y dont the mofo say rigged now why your quite type rigged, why you watching if type rigged get a life

  101. Nice win paul!! when are you streaming next m8

  102. Ya, maybe the vid wasn’t as fluid as your norm,but I enjoyed the fook outta that.I root for ya like it’s my cash. Thanks Paul.

  103. Incredible work again mate, not long until we’ll all be playing at the rocknrolla casino when you commission your own site ?

  104. Do more guys have problems with Netent?

  105. Wow what an amazing win bro !!!! I need winning steak lol ??????

  106. I swear to god I have to stop watching your videos as I will end up having heart attack one of those days seeing you betting 5k on one spin. With all my respect Paul….You seriously need to fix your head bro before is to late…… !

  107. پال, Just watched your roulette now ! Man you have some balls ! There are some streamers that just annoy me and sometimes I want them to lose. I envy your Fuckin Brass Neck ! and love to hear you say GTFIT. What do you drink btw ?

  108. fuck me lol great hit much love bud

  109. Get the Fuck in there.

  110. Gambling Addict central!!! Your going to ruin a lot of lives uploading videos like this mate. Just wish people could see the harm your causing

  111. when he wins hes likewhat good decisions”, when he losesfucking magnets!!”

  112. 10:07 the 4.8k bet the dealer says “22” red is the winning number when u win on 23.

  113. جواب
    Rocknrolla کی کی جوا چینل جولائی 18, 2017 پر 2:31 PM

    Crazy lucky!!

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