Locks Vegas came by the Backstage Office to talk about the developments and the learning lessons from his career. He has been in the game for a few years and has developed himself by thinking outside the box.

Locks Vegas is a 25 year old artist living in Delft. For about 10 years he has been developing himself musically. His musical interest started earlier. In primary school, he always listened to music with his mother. This was modern and old school at the same time. When he was sick at home, he gave fictional performances and imagined that his audience consisted of his classmates . “I then gave extra attention to the girl I liked. But she didn't even know. ” He wrote his first text at the age of 15. Writing was second nature to him because he was always creative with words. “I have always been keen on providing sarcastic answers. This gave me good punchlines. ” Writing developed further in rap with friends at school and freestyle in the auditorium. He was thinking of doing something with it but was not sold yet!

Backstage Bastards Funfact: We love the story behind his stage name. Locks Vegas was first known as ‘Locks' because of his hair. “When I was 17 I released a track that also came on funx and Juice FM. When that track came out I google myself. Then I saw that the name Locks was quite universal. ” The piece of Vegas was added because he thought of Las Vegas. Many wonders of the world can be found here. You will find the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids and the other wonders of the world. They are not real, of course, but it is a nice metaphor. The other reason is because there are no clocks in the casinos in Las Vegas. Everything is timeless there. He also wants this in my music. Las Vegas is also about betting. You can bet on me and put your money on me. ”


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