INSANE £11,000 JACKPOT!!!! on Bust the Bank!!!!


WOW just WOW this will never happen again! İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler!!

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160 Yorumlar
  1. Oii paul lad well in

  2. cevap
    Gustautas Mačiukas Ocak 6, 2018 en 12:14 pm

    When’s the next stream?

  3. Definitely demo mode Paul nice try 😉 ahah gg mate!

  4. Epic. Slots finally paying out for you

  5. Huge win well done paul m8 you smashed it

  6. And then he blows the fucking lot on 10 minutes of roulette

    Seen it happen so many times on Paul’s streams now I’ve lost count.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 6, 2018 en 9:49 pm

      Recorded on the imac incase something happened, which is why the quality and sound is poor, I have the video in full size showing url etc if needed but then the video would have been even poorer, here’s a screen shot of the game account the end withdrawal

    • he wins more money that some people work for in a year and then loses it in no time at all. if we see the cash out and proof in the bank then all is well, but like everything else that proof is not to be seen.
      why did paul record in this way? full screen ? is it to hide something? we will never know.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 6, 2018 en 12:22 pm

      Haha close, I ended up cashing out 8k

  7. Gg matey!.get fudge in!!

  8. Oi oi!!! When was this??

  9. İçeri gir, that’s insane !!!

  10. DEMO

  11. Very sexy!

  12. sweet win

  13. Fake streamer. Sahte para. Demo mode. Owns the casino. Owns the slots. Special button active to get bonuses.

    Now that’s out of the way. What an awesome hit. Back to back. Amazing hits. Getting close to high stakes 1000x

  14. Well done Paul nice hits there bud ???

  15. You fudger

  16. cevap
    Chris's Slot Channel Ocak 6, 2018 en 12:59 pm

    VAY!!! Get the fudge in there dude.. Huge congrats, (“,)

  17. vay …just wow ..

  18. balance for next stream heheh he ?

  19. Awesome pal

  20. Holy shit epic win mate!! GTFIT!

  21. Nice I got 2 thank yous for ya 1 is thanks for all ya quality vids and streams no 2 is thanks for not spoiling the vids with awesome biggest win in utube as the title cos half the excitement is not knowing what’s gonna happen Gl in future pal

  22. Ne bir hit!! Very Nice!!

  23. Fudge me new favourite slot. YouTube record??

  24. Proper buzzing with massive hit , shame you will just lose it all because you have no value of money anymore #fact

  25. Fudge me what a win well deserved !!!!

  26. happy days paul;)

  27. şaşırtıcı!!

  28. Good win!! Compensates your last 2 deposits☺

  29. It’s a Cadbury!

  30. Brilliant win mate, lots of negative comments for Some reason, maybe they haven’t seen you lose stacks of cash, well done mate 🙂

  31. Very nice Hit! Did you wager it and cashed out?

  32. BINK !!!!! …….So close to 1000x lol nice hit mate

  33. omg! Insane. Grats Paul

  34. Something I noticed about the big wins on this game. They always come in with the Burglars twice. The rest of the time this game pays shit all. I love it but it fucking sucks.

  35. One of the amazing gamblers out there. Salud

  36. Your coughs like mine and U don’t even smoke I’ve been ill since New York x

  37. Maybe can stop moaning now

  38. im gonna say massive win because your so lucky at slots 😉 haha hope it was a good one

  39. cevap
    Thewildmanarchieduncan Ocak 6, 2018 en 3:04 pm


  40. More followers more problems check what Thomas Parker below says what an absolute weirdo couldn’t believe me eyes good luck rolla keep on getting them melons out for the lads good man ??

  41. Looks fake

  42. mega luck

  43. Don’t like,then don’t watch ?

  44. Love the haters, Paul has on more than 1 occasion shown he is for real. I have found his streams have helped me cut my own gambling. I think the haters need to unsubscribe then pull their bottom lips over their heads and swallow

    • so he wins all these big mega wins !!!! i dont belive this

    • I have i just haev family members who suffer and know so many people whats the country goign to be like in 5 yıl !! all the kids in news etc

    • Also watch his reality video

    • There’s a lot of ways to treat a disease, this helps me so I say again lip head swallow

    • haters? what about all the people who suffer from gambling, Paul says he hates FOBTS which is gambling so he must hate himself. gambling is a disease no middle ground the quicker you realise that the better

  45. cevap
    andrew phillips slot wins Ocak 6, 2018 en 3:55 pm

    Insane mate congrats and on your DHV hit!!!

  46. paul just sucked all the air out the room lmfao

  47. Wants and gets the fucking lot. great win, güzel Bir Paul.

  48. i had the samen bonus a few months ago, Both top 2 robbers accross on 1.20 i believe and it paid around 1350€. nice one

  49. This is not fake it’s about time he had some luck well done mate.

  50. Getta fudge in there

  51. cevap
    The Spinner Takes It All Ocak 6, 2018 en 4:25 pm

    Bu 100% genuine. You can see his £14k balance at the end. He just needs to meet the wagering as he’s only 30% through it so far.

  52. Awesome hit mate. Love to see you win. When are you next streaming? Tomorrow?

  53. Lot of negativity around these comments when Paul has a big win, just be happy for him, it’s his money on the line!!! Jealously kills slowly, keep smiling.

    • I don’t understand how he can keep streaming without going insane seeing all the stupid things these people come up with. I’m not a streamer, and i’m still losing all hope in humanity when i read twitch chats and youtube comments. These people are on the same level as flat earthers and chemtrail nutjobs. He is a much better person than i am, because i would lose it after a very short time.

  54. Check my channel if you wish to discuss gambling or addiction will be doing live streams for help and advice. Rocknrolla great video mate shows what usually happens I salute you sir very honest as always hope all is well mate

    • Go onto other channel hun and maybe you’ll see what Chris is saying, some channel I can’t see a single losing one! A few weeks ago rocknroll Paul posted a £18,000 lose on roulette and a £4,000 one oh and showed his account history where he was £25,000 down, it hardly made me want to deposit hun x

    • all i see when people gamble is lose lose lose 100 lose 100 lose never really winner all the time

    • joanne henry he does promote it mate yes but he also highlights the huge losses on mini videos and clips he doesn’t just highlight big wins like NickSlots etc that’s why I respect Paul and he doesn’t try to entice people to gamble by doing cash giveaways

    • Wrong wrogn wrong millions die from gambling and paul promotes it

  55. Well done it was about fucking time nice hit !

  56. thumb nail ruined it 🙁

  57. Wow finally one of them big bet bonuses paid you nice!! Well done mate

  58. FakeNews

  59. Güzel kazan, well deserved ?

  60. nothing to say except GTFIT congrats paul

  61. cevap
    King of the court Ocak 6, 2018 en 7:34 pm

    Now you must stream every night , for next 10 günler , after win like this 🙂

  62. Quailty mate good luck to ya

  63. Two fingers to the casino 🙂

  64. Nice hit!!!

  65. What a fucking surprise again….

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel it’s better off in your pocket than them drug dealing casinosjust hate with a passion all gambling vendors nowit should be banned

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 6, 2018 en 10:47 pm

      What would you like to see on this channel?

  66. cevap
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel Ocak 6, 2018 en 11:35 pm

    A fail, a fantastic win and an average win! Amazing video. I hope you use this amazing win for something other than gambling lol

    • your butt kissing to the elite compared to u drivel shite channel sam is embarrassing sad man with zero slot knowledge chasing every single channel with high subs to gain subs with cringe comments. every one is saying it. Fact

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 8, 2018 en 4:02 pm

      Chunk went to the missus, rest are my gambling tokens ha

  67. Fuck me sideways what a video ?????

  68. That’s disgusting. Some hit

  69. cevap
    The Sperm That Won Ocak 7, 2018 en 2:05 ben

    Get the fudge in

  70. Güzel 1 ?

  71. Happy days ??????

  72. he didnt win a thing if u watch the end of the video it clearly says current balance 0 and bonus balance 14,001,34

    • Andrew Taylor clearly you don’t know fuck all about deposits with a bonus you have the wager x amount of the bonus money and once that’s done you have withdraw

  73. I never get tired of watching Paul’s and Bandit’s contributions
    well done m8

  74. Bang on Paul, nice little win. Love and Peace

  75. Sweet. Seen so many shit bonuses on stream from this game it was well due to go nuts, congrats on the bink!

  76. @15.17 Bonus Balance £14,001.34. Assuming this casino has a X30 wagering, he would have to wager £420,000 before cashing out. FAKE AND CRAZY!!!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel noticed you were doing £15 stakes. I take it this is allowed? I’ve noticed that most sites offering deposit match bonuses state that the max stake allowed is £5

    • Fruity Slots I agree. ill informed idiots who haven’t got a clue!

    • cevap
      Meyveli Yuvaları Ocak 8, 2018 en 10:10 pm

      Admire you for responding to some of these comments like this! what a hit pal!

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 7, 2018 en 12:46 pm

      No it doesn’t work like that, it is 35x the deposit bonus which I think was £350 so about £12,500 to wager, as you can see from that screenshot I had already wagered 30% yani 70% to go was about £8,000 left to wager

  77. cevap
    Slottenham Hotspur Ocak 7, 2018 en 1:20 pm

    14k starting balance tonight then??? 😉 well done matey

  78. Awesome hit Paul, very nice to watch!

  79. Lovely Jubbly!

  80. Why is every one or most of the people say demo it’s bonus and that bonus will be real money 1s he passes the bonus line well done paul ????

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 8, 2018 en 3:49 pm

      Cheers mate, yeh maybe this video reached a few more people that are kind of unknown to how it all works

  81. Get the Cadburys in there

  82. Go on, keep milking the camel !!!!

  83. Awesome win man

  84. Because a real Rocknrolla want’s the f__kin lot!

  85. i could never stream as the unpleasant’s of this world would grind my sole to nothing day by day week by week. Boom Town Win ‘Get In There!’

  86. Hey now! Even that last 825 surprise win at the end is astream saversize. Nice man!

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 8, 2018 en 3:46 pm

      Definitely! Gone through hundreds of spins without a feature before so 3 içinde 50 spins is the real record ha

  87. What a sick win man, thought it was over after the first. Congrats 😀

  88. Rocknrolla, get the fudge n there ???

  89. Because a real rocknroller wants to f**k and love, does it really say that in the start of your videos? Or do I need to clean my ears?

  90. Well earned considering your input!
    Nice vid mate!!

  91. Are u streaming tonight Paul???

  92. Well done

  93. You just spanked that nice one ?

  94. fucken win with demo money

  95. Faker than my wife’s last orgasm.


  96. Wether you like it or not…..You encourage people to gamble and make them think they can hit “massive” winners like you “appear” to. Granted they don’t have to watch or follow you, but you encourage people to gamble for your gain. ESP when they hit that link and you get perks.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Its not a personal attack on you. It’s on this culture as a whole. I appreciate you replying in a decent way. I still think more should be done by everyone.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 14, 2018 en 9:47 ben

      I refuse to do any tactics I know won’t work just for the sake of it, if there is something I think that would I would do it. I have gamblock, gamcare, 18+ on my streams and in the chats, so people see them throughout the stream. I’m responsible by giving people no bullshit about how it is impossible to beat the casino and won’t become a drone to anyone in my chats seeking help by simply saying stop watching and phone gamcare like all the bullshit methods bookies use full well knowing they don’t work! If someone sees a big win on my channel and wants to try and emulate it then there is nothing I can do about it but hopefully they would have also seen the losses so they know it’s all down to luck and whatever they deposit in the long run will be more than they get back

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Rubbish, you should still emphasise it verbally every time you stream. It’s about being responsible, and you are as you need to be to your subscribers and viewers. Nothing will stop a compulsive gambler but themselves. Out of the majority of “slot” streamers, you talk about it more than others. I’ll give you that. I’ve hit rick bottom, like many people.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ocak 14, 2018 en 9:20 ben

      Do you think that saying that will actually stop a compulsive gambler? Rather than the genericgamble responsibly, when fun stops stops etc I talk about what happens if you don’t, the debts, the lies and ultimately the destruction it’s can cause to those around you

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel At the very least, before you stream or do a video, talk about responsible gambling and only gamble what you can afford to lose. Sorry, just because you don’t actively say go and gamble, doesn’t mean you don’t influence them. There’s a lot of problem gamblers out there. I used to be one.

  97. we love u paul

  98. finally a big win on this gtfit

  99. Get the fudge in there ?? nice one

  100. The only reason people hate is cuz they’d wish to win the amounts of money he won yes he’s lost but clearly he’s not homeless and he doesn’t seem to be heading in that way he’s been gambling for years and yet he still has money and makes money he probably has good revenue form form where I don’t believe he relays on gambling for a living as anyone with common sense wouldn’t do that so people please stfu other people fuck money up on stupid shit like smoking drugs all sorts of bullshit at least he doesn’t harm anyone with what he does he is possibly harming his wallet form time to time but that’s his problem people just jealous as fuck cuz you all work at a shitty job making what he made in the vid in a year hahaha it’s life no need to hate

  101. Bonus balance ?
    How mutch do you have to wager Before redeem?

  102. Very nice win ?

  103. Wow what a hit. I love this game. Payed me thousands as well in the long run. Congrats man!

  104. Great win good to see, I did get the less robber on a $30 hit once and it paid just over $9000 but you got both in the same feature, aferin.
    Did you end up getting to cash any out? Being bonus credits and all?

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