£39 to BOOMTOWN!!!!!


BIG balance for tonight? Will be streaming around 8.30/9pm

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295 Yorumlar
  1. First but I honestly couldn’t give a fuck that I’m first

  2. Playing with your own money for once, and quite clearly magnets in force for some advertising ??

    • jambobra don’t get me wrong I’m sure some do. But if you’re a licensed casino and you’re caught cheating. Everyone loses their job. Owner ends up in jail. Companies do go bust trying to be casinos but most are a success.

    • +Gambit Slots there are a number of US casinos that have reported losses over the last two quarters so it doesn’t seem far fetched that even a shared gaming platform operating on a island out of view of the public couldn’t/ wouldn’t pull this off

    • Darren Mccay even if you magnetise it, your throw a ball at a weak magnet and see if you could make it land. Casinos would not risk their license for the sake of a few roulette spins, they make money on slots card games you name it. It’s just not worth their time to consider cheating.

    • Darrenthat’s bullshitthe ball can’t be magnetised to be only a North pole.
      Every magnet has 2 poles.

  3. when you going back on slots rolla

  4. Get in!!!!!!! Well done mate looking forward to some ronza moments tonight

  5. Spoiler alert he gets to £39.75

  6. hey my bro how you doing ?
    hope you and you family
    are good ? enjoy sunshine

  7. Woo Woo great win mate 🙂

  8. You lucky swine! Fairplay!

  9. cevap
    soSAMuk İngiltere'deki yuva kanalı Temmuz 26, 2018 en 4:50 Öğleden Sonra

    Where have you been!!!

    • He still posts twitch videos, Youtube has been suspending/deleting channels that don’t used approved links, for any type of video.

    • Rafapaz who’s dedicated? I enjoy a gamble. Do it once or twice a month maybe. If I win I upload them, what’s the problem with that? As for education you’re having a laugh ain’t you? Billionaires gamble and they’re smarter than me or you. Enjoy judging people all your life you sad man.

    • Gambit Slots Gambling is great for amusement, but anybody who is streaming / dedicating channels on it mr. ‘Gambit Slots’ is most probably poorly educated*, addicted and will eventually end up broke
      *multiplier on this aspect for people who dedicate themselves to slots lol

    • Rafapaz yeah sure. More like you went broke from gambling so now you’re hating on everyone who don’t need to work ?the guys balling mate let’s be serious. Easy over 100k in the bank.

    • Rafapaz Obviously not! Anyone would think he is spinning a million pound!???
      You talk like he is on state benefits?

  10. Notifications are set to on. Get the fudge in there

  11. Great hit Paul. What time stream tonight, will be tuning in!! Get the fuck in there!!

  12. Lovely jubbly !

  13. Well done mateGet in there!

  14. Dude, you should try make a lightning roulette vid sometime, I know it’s auto spin wheel but I’ve had some hits recently!

  15. Thought it was going to be a £39 to zero video..nice

  16. Gettt the flying fudge in there

  17. Güzel, love when it smaller starts pay big. it makes winning feel so much more special. see you around 8.30?

  18. Holy shit! Get in there, thats how its done! Got a feeling they will be reviewing your VIP cashback next month now..! Ha ??

  19. That’s what I like to see ??

  20. Mate I get a twinge in my undies when I see your vids. Is twitch fucked it won’t let me get on it recently? Can I watch your stream on the community site?

  21. I had 50 ücretsiz spin 21 casino on Monday ended up cashing out £1300! Had a 1000x win on magic mirror £1 stake I was well chuffed, always nice to get free money!
    Nice win paul.

  22. Looking forward to later, I tried to watch the last stream but had to give up because of buffering issues!
    Anyone else have problems with Twitch?

  23. that hostess look like her kids are very disappointed of her.

  24. I said, nice one bruvvaaaaaaa

  25. Wat u live on to night mate

  26. Congratulations my g.

  27. That was COOL nice one Rolla

  28. What poker website would you recomend pal. Ive tried sky poker but it just seem to bog standard

  29. Love that well done ma man

  30. £3175 = 45 minutes on stream before re deposit …. XD

  31. Never fail to suprise! Great hits! See you tonight ??

  32. Well where have u been ??

  33. Why no more YouTube streams?

  34. My wife hates me coming first

  35. Fudge me fudger ???

  36. Get the FUDGE in!!! ?

  37. Did you notice that the Doughnut game has robbed your slogan by the way?? “Get the FUDGE in

  38. Loverly , congrats maybe Secrets of Christmas tonight lol

  39. What kind of fukin sorcery is this

  40. Güzel,but I bet you pissed it all away on shit rum and max bet on danger ha ha or is that just me with whores chucked in as well ???

  41. So glad you are back. I quit gambling only about a month ago but you and other amazing guys give me the highs and lows.

  42. Ya a fucka lol?

  43. Cracking hit mate good to see you back ??

  44. So are you back now mate????

  45. this gambling are shit Paul do the show for the addictive pay more and more loss

  46. GTFI thanks. See you on stream

  47. What time you streaming?

  48. What a result
    I wish I could do that every time

  49. Paul. That was amazing. any roulette player such as myself know 39 to 3gs is not easy. good hit.

  50. yeye stream toninth??

  51. O ne lan

  52. You definitely have horseshoes up your was. Most people would walk after turning 39 için 1000.00. I’d even run if I get to 200.00. Especially if it’s roulette lol

    • Colin Sushiboy problem is most chase previous loses back month or year. For the 3k is just not enough when you lost 13k for example 2 month ago. You continue to make more because is a must and you are on roll lucky streak n that’s when you lose it

  53. rockenrolla Can we talk in private?

  54. Never happens to me

  55. Oh thank god good to see a video rolla I’ve had to put up with S + S showing how many jackpots you can get and how much fobt’s are paying out ATM ?? that’s what boredom does 4 u
    I mean does anyone believe his shit ?? sorry about that fan clubphew ?

  56. Harika video! Can you do a bonus hunt? Me and my friend bet on the result, it would make my night lol


  58. WTFfff….

  59. Howbro….how????

  60. Simply! Simply! Lovely!!

  61. Why play at Allah Casino?

  62. Get in there Paul! Hope you had some good time “kapalı”, i’m looking forward to tonight. Won’t be able to join you after a few hours, but hopefully you will still be going by then!

  63. that my friend is jedi roulette

  64. Nice one Paul we need you back everyone gone and it’s been a while

  65. Nice one Paul good to see you again mate.

  66. cevap
    19 must be due Fudge me it’s 4 Temmuz 26, 2018 en 5:54 Öğleden Sonra

    Get the fudge in ther bro hope you well bro take it steady & stay well minded Paul bro
    Pinching for life


  68. ?❤️❤️??❤️❤️? Superb Sir, So Nice Of You ?❤️❤️??❤️❤️?

  69. Now if you lose the 3k you actually lost only 39 dollars (which I guess were complimentary)

  70. nice win paul missing the streams keep the winning going

  71. Cash out all the gold!!

  72. WOW!!!! Lucky day mate! See u tonight !!

  73. vay, it’s great, boss
    I have a question any predict software can beat roulette, what do u think?

  74. I think you are the best on roulette good luck for tonight!!!!

  75. Fuck me rockandrolla being sensible;;; ? like me in the bedroom it won’t last long?

  76. Someone tell me is bandit still going on YouTube

  77. Well done bud, thought you got greedy, but I was wrong, keep up the gambling

  78. Welcome back, Rolla (;

  79. thanks for letting us know the livestream rocknrolla

  80. Awesome win mate get in

  81. Woooww great ?

  82. whaw only you Paul kann hawe sUCH A LUCK AMEIZING

  83. ??????????

  84. Roll on tonight Incoming!!!

  85. Come back Paul ! Great to see you’re going well.

  86. what ıs the fırst song name ???

  87. I feel bad for Hypaguy loses thousands every stream then rolla get £3k cash out from £39?! Rolla tell hypa to quit he clearly not got the luck for gambling.

    • DaveyJ yeah, clearly less luck, but Paul might be trying twice triple times more then eventually this happens you don’t know. Example his huge hit on danger it was not out of nowhere I mean it was due because of huge amount put on that slot no?

  88. Back in the game Paul!!??

  89. He’s the only person I’ve ever seen who can do this hardly anyone else could do it,

    • You’re joking aren’t you , been trying for years to do that lost tens of thousands and got more bottle than the next man , but just never happens, been trying to hit 3 6 9 just won’t cone in ,

    • Been there, done it. Seen many do the same. It can only happen if you take the chance and dont bottle it.
      Clearly the individuals you play with lack the courage to push because if they did at some point it would land.

  90. Confirmed Muslim playing in Arabic table?

  91. Bro I got bigger balance than you lol ?

  92. I did the same type thing, max spins losing it all but 38$ then turning that to 19k. Only cashed out 2k though, degen gambling.

  93. The Dream! Running Hot .Boooom Mr Rocknrolla

  94. And THAT’S how you turn nothing into something. Superb! Recently turned a £50 bonus into a 2k withdrawal meself. Must be something in the water. Congrats Paul.

  95. Was that pounds or rupee’s?

  96. Arabic Roulette ?

  97. what FUCKING language is she speaking. lol… well done Paul, my man, best wishes Tommy

  98. fuck yes paul, gtfi <3

  99. Honestly is there a fucking tampon shortage in the uk? Why are so many negative twatters about? Heat?


  101. Some tosser called @quick cash is trying to take your crown but he never can.

  102. From 39 için 3175 seemed to be easy job. Good profit but considering your recent losses it’s nothingHow about turning these 3175 into 250 000? I wish you make it, but very much doubt it’s possible

  103. Nice win man , but Arabic roulette what the fuck is that about ??

  104. Whats the intro beat ???

  105. 40 pound
    is it dole day ?

  106. 39pounds? Crack sales really that low now a days?

  107. 2 jackpot numbers fuckin sexy shit that

  108. Hard habit to kick. I can tell you now eventually you’ll have 0p net worth. 2018 final year of bets

    • Gambit Slots SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU MUG.

    • Chris Kell I didn’t mean it exactly like that though. Like pretty sure his full time job is playing poker. Just meant he can afford to lose as all. I wouldn’t recommend chasing losses on any game though.

    • Gambit Slots it’s not as easy asif you lose on slots you can make it back on poker”, that’s degenerate speech and chasing losses. He obviously can afford to do this but there’s no doubt he’s losing in the long run.

    • slots meet gym he’s legit been doing it for over 10 years as well but I’m sure 2018 is the year ye

    • slots meet gym you’re comparing yourself to him? The guy doesn’t work. He makes a living off gambling. If he has a bad week or month on slots he’ll make up for it on poker. He probably does go OTT sometimes but all the big bets he does is normally off stream. He won 25k off danger high voltage a month ago, be a lot of streams to lose that. Not everyone loses everything mate.

  109. I went from 30 to 18k once then lost it all next day of course

  110. Wow the amount of hate in the comments is unbelievable !! Most likely coming from folk that live off benefits & scadge off others trying to bring someone down with a nasty comment ! Only to make themselves feel better ??‍♂️??

    • yuvalar&SneaksHyperfuse I think it’s people who have lost everything gambling. Now they’re just sad and want everyone to be broke. It’s probably then reporting videos ?broke ass niggas

  111. Dont gamble guys you will lose your soul and enjoyment in life

  112. I guess the ball isn’t rigged at all. LOL

  113. Rock what are you doing on thin site?

  114. Gentinf never for the win….now tempted ?

  115. Nice one Paul glad to see you back streaming again hope you have the same luck on the slots. Congrats mate!!

  116. Anyone know what happened to the bandits slot channel?

  117. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence will accept that this can be done from time to time and I’ve done it myself I do not know rocknrolla I only watch his streams and he shows wins as well as the inevitable losses.. I have read some idiotic comments in my time but some on here proclaiming this guy is in cahoots with a casino to instigate wins to lure new fish is patheticRocknrolla shows the true reality of gambling and I commend himMay he continue

    • The way I see it, is it possible that some streamers are fake and show manipulated gambling to make people think they’ll win? Yeah sure. I think it’s healthy to have some skepticism about anything.

      But if you want to come out and publicly declare these guys are fraudsters, scammers or whatever them you better have some pretty solid evidence to back up your claim. Because that’s a pretty serious allegation to make against someone.

      I had an argument the other day with a guy about this. He had absolutely no proof other than that he had reached his conclusion bylogic and inferenceand therefore he was right and it’s definitely all a big colluded scam. What an absolute tool he was ?

    • trebs7878 yes i understand and accept your points raised

    • it seems the majority on here disagree with you.

      Completely agree that with roulette a 1 içinde 36 chance can happen but as soon as you become a affiliate no matter how sincere you may be that honesty will always be placed in doubt.

      No matter how much bonus money and big wins for playing for a long time etc a streamer gets it will always be second doubted because the affiliates goal is to lure others in to lose to profit them and the casino. I’m hardly being Stephen Hawkins here and certainly not trying to insult your intelligence just giving my opinion to some of the negative comments.

    • Gambit Slots iam far from being a creep I do not know the guy and rarely watch streamers but was annoyed at the comment that the £39 stream was not real or perhaps staged to allure people inThat was my pointHow does that make me creepyif you want to watch fake streamers look elsewhere because rocknrolla is genuine.. Some of the other heavily affiliated streamers are so obviously fake and should be banned

    • + no idea where all the cancer has come from lately. Like they stop streaming and the creeps come out I don’t get it.

  118. Nice one bro ??

  119. Haaahaa fukin lovely tha lad nice 2 see you on here

  120. Did you see the way the ball jumps about….soooo obvious it’s a magnet…..totally convinced me to never use this siteever…..you should watch it at 50% speedtotal crock of shit….thanks for promoting them…..won’t ever go to genting……

  121. Get a life.clearly it cant be rigged as all games are monatered by gaming comission

    • Shaun Pye and the gaming commission has no incentive other than fairness for all hahaha. I’m sure with the profits casinos make they keep a handful of regulators well fed.

  122. Why would he lie he has no need to .go moan at someone whocares lol

  123. God help him.how he puts up with your moronic coments hav e you nothin g better to do .or are just one of these sad old men who have to moan all time lol


  125. Are you just jealous he can afforrd to relooad as many times as he wants its his cash good luck to him

  126. cevap
    Badazzbear1 Twitch Streamer Temmuz 27, 2018 en 1:59 ben

    Lolol gtfit bro

  127. Ah finally, new video

  128. Magnets magnets lets all blame magnets u complete morons

  129. This Bitch talking English ?

  130. Arabic roulette hahahaha. Best lobby

  131. Only you can do this rock!!!

  132. What is the stream adress ?

  133. BoooOoOSsssHhhH NIIIICE!!!

  134. Get the feck in there and that’s how it’s done

  135. Get in Paul, hope you An family are all good x

  136. One the most amazing plays i have seen from you! Well done mate! P.s. : Also one the first times i have ever heard your voice while playing. Pretty cool. You are always so silent. Which is good i guess! Big support from The Netherlands right here!

  137. More videos please

  138. Ah yes feeding the dream of every gambler. there would be a lot of attempts to replicate this now by them, which is good showing what could be done with just 50£ and not encouraging for depositing hundreds of hundreds etc. But this is rare, we must acknowledge that. I myself will try more roullete since losing on bj can’t be continued.

    • +Gambit Slots he may have more winning spins than losing but he could still be down money wise over the 1000 spin

    • Lucas Vegen like wind knocking down trees kills like 3 people every year. Shit just happens mate. Better yet buy a roulette wheel and have a go with it.

    • Lucas Vegen if your 1000% then why don’t you cover 25 numbers with £1 and do 1000 spin. I’m 1000% you’d win more than you would lose.

    • Dilyan – you can cover 6 numbers and like magic it comes in. When you cover 95% of the board like magic it misses. Constantly defies the laws of physics after 5yrs I’m 100000% confident the games rigged.

    • That’s the spirit. If you can only afford £50 a week or month it don’t matter. You’ll lose a lot but the chances are you’ll win and when you do you’ll be fuckin buzzing!

  139. Unbelievable!!!

  140. Dafuq you so damn lucky

  141. cevap
    Александр Петрик Temmuz 27, 2018 en 4:29 Öğleden Sonra


  142. 39 to 3k pounds. get the fuck in there mate

  143. cevap
    Зайчик Весенний Temmuz 27, 2018 en 7:04 Öğleden Sonra

    Classic Epic

  144. What is the song called in the intro

  145. It was always a joy to see you stream and WIN and I miss the relaxing, chill atmosphere of your streams. I hated watching you lose though. I missed out on your stream last night though.. but I hope you won buddy!

  146. absoluteley ftantastic

  147. oraya!! how do i find your live streams? can anyone direct me please? thanks.. Best of luck Paul

  148. Lol ahahahha

  149. What’s happened to the Bandit? Account shut down by YouTubeany news Paul?

  150. Great win from such a small amount

  151. about time u didn’t get raped

  152. How long for you to come back

  153. Its very good my friend ????

  154. Hi man there a horse running today 5:20 uttoxeter rockrollamanbo get on it

  155. win is impossible with virtual BlackJack.

  156. u on twitch tonight

  157. Are you on tonight mate

  158. What’s the intro song?

  159. You on twitch now?

  160. HOW?!!!!!!! If i done that it would lose first time so lucky.

  161. Congratulations man what a fantastic win ! Enjoy your money in good health ??

  162. I wish I had your luck at the tables but I just loose tons of money ?

  163. cevap
    Ξεξηρξειι3 Ηεηξειεξ Temmuz 31, 2018 en 2:33 Öğleden Sonra

    I Dont Want to sound jealous but man you Cant get luckier than that

  164. Hey I have a question, I registered on the 21casino website with ur link and got the 21 euro free bonus, I played it up to 120 Euro, but how can I withdraw it now ? Do I have to deposit something ? Thanks in advance!

  165. Excuse me for saying this, but as a roullette owner myself, this ball movement is just so manipulated, wheter its a win or loss. Just open your eyes.

  166. Bien jouer un petit 3K vite fait et bien fait

  167. The guy needs help, as the saying goes ‘only one winnerand this comment is from someone who has been there. You simply cannot beat the odds in the long run.

  168. what is that song at intro i want to find it

  169. i deposit 100€ and get 0€ he do 40€ and get over 3000€

  170. How the mighty have fallen ?

  171. Good to see you back, 1 of your videos gave me inspiration to join, Aspers Casino Online, deposited £200 and got it up to £2500 in my first session, I collected it all the deposited a further £150 and won £900, I have now self excluded myself while I’m ahead

  172. Please tell me your streaming tonightttttt

  173. Hi Paul, Great score! Do you mind if I ask how you pick your numbers? cheers mate

  174. Hi Rocknrollahaven’t watched you for ages. I’m surprised that you’re still going.
    Most people would have lost everything by now.

  175. is there a specific strategy you use Rolla to move from small stakes to higher stakes?

  176. Are u streaming tonight pal???

  177. Pretry nice score men over 3K in 3:30min yeah buddy wow

  178. 0.17-0.21 classic sniff, got her thru the shift

  179. Heard he went bust and is now on a mission to fight off the bailiffs.

  180. Wait, you won this on a casino bonus chip? What’s the play through to cash that out?

  181. When you uploading again rolla? ?

  182. Where has stop and step gone

  183. Dont gamble!!!! Its nice too See. A Friend of mine play his all life and he is gone

  184. @Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel enseñame a jugar con tus estrategias porfavor

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