2k vs Live Roulette at Betway EPIC session!!


So after ten days they have told me that it wasn't a software error that caused the delay in my balance updating but that is was something on my side like poor internet connection. I am still going to go through their ADR and see what they say! This was originally a £300 deposit and from other videos you know I got this upto 2k. I am pretty gutted with this one as I would have hit zero and obviously rebet but then I would have walked! And those last two numbers just added more salt into the wound. This happened at the same time as I was doing the subscriber video and I think that saved me from chasing! So in total £300 down on this site but this should have been a big win video and then who knows what I could have got it up to, sick!!!

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42 Yorumlar
  1. did u end up gettin tht money mate the other week wen the bet didn’t confirm?

  2. Fuckin awful tht not updatin shud update your credit instantly…… fuckin wankers

  3. jesus mate that looks rigged to fuck and that zero miss was horrible thats exactly what happens when i play every fucking time i know exactly how you feel. feels likes it rigged no matter what you do.

  4. Had the pleasure of playing poker with you last night, thought it was you but wasn’t sure. Hope you ended the night on a high?

    • +Rocknrolla’s Poker, Slots and Casino Channel No I missed that one, I’d had a few too many shots earlier so was trying to keep it together. Yes you had a bit of bad luck and that final table was tough. I was happy to get out with a nice profit. I loved those bullets holding out for me on the other table. Hope to see you up there again, although I don’t go myself very often.

  5. funds low and then hit the numbers. feel your pain but go steady!

  6. that’s just wrong dude!!! can you do a rainbow riches?? good vid apu

  7. That zero spin was so sick. And the last two spins also. Gutted

  8. I feel for you on that zero mate, almost like they knew……

  9. Have you mentioned this to the rep on casinomeister? They risk losing there accredited status if they act like rogues and theres also a PAB service for free where the casino have to justify and explain there actions. Alot of the time they pay up as they dont need the aggro. Personally I wouldn’t play here if you payed me as Iv heard too many similar storys. Goodluck

  10. I hate to say it m8 but it looks like it they be correct in saying it could be down to ur connection etc. Everything was so laggy even the dealer wheel each spin. Do u have decent Internet aye? Even if u do you should do a speed test on it to make sur ur getting what ur paying for, use ookla to test ur speed. Hope by screen recording these for us all that it hasn’t caused u to lose out big bucks? Like one of the other guys has said I’d still take it further as they defo won’t want the aggro.

  11. Dude I feel your pain, big time on that 0. I had a session today, in which I entered the immersive roulette and it had been all odd numbers apart from once. So were already talking about 9 odds so far. I decided to bet £30 on red and I won (again another odd here). Okay great start. Then I thought it’s going to be even and 19 -36, I lost both. So I thought it’s following a trend of odd numbers. why not keep following it and just in that moment it went even and 19 -36 (very cruel). So I did know whether it was going to be odd or even. I decided to do 1-18 veya 19-36 and black or red. I bet 13 more times and it was even throughout and what I bet on I lost. So total 10 Odds and 13 Evens and I lost consecutively to all of them. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

    Also I was playing live Blackjack and I run against this mishap. Dealer has 7, I have 8 and I’m patiently waiting for the pop up saying HIT or STAND and it doesn’t even give me that decision and automatically stands right in front of me and moves to the next player. The online casino screwed me and have the audacity to say this to me, “Our software is working fine and you had 10 seconds to make decision.WITH NO POP BOX TO MAKE A DECISION. RIgging it cranked up, on the highest level and the support you get it absolute atrocious and they love screwing people over. I got so far 59 videos of them scewing me personally over and I’m collected more for the gaming commission because the stuff they do, is like getting away with murder.

  12. Here’s my strategy , If I see the prime numbers haven’t hit in 7+ spins then I go ahead and bet on them. Var 11 prime numbers on the roulette table. That’s 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31 and I also cover the 0. They are bound to hit.

  13. What do you do to be able to afford to bet like this ?

  14. That’s absolutely terrible fucking joke I stopped using betray for this exact reason

  15. I can’t believe that your balance didn’t update before the next spin. Even made me feel sick..

  16. evil that zero spin fuckers

  17. şanssız!

  18. that should be a void spin HER HANDS ON THE WHEEL..NO NO NO@ 4.52… 5.13

  19. wow!!! that was the most horrible session I’ve ever witnessedI felt ur pain bro, wasn’t even my money n I felt sick. assholes should of cleared ur money before that green spin!!!! n the last 2 spins..changing patternit was almost like it was rigged!!! better luck next time mate.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Mayıs ayı 4, 2016 en 11:02 pm

      +Russell Cook argh man this is the worst for me to watch!! losing video’s are entertaining but the way I lost was brutal, this should have been a 3-4k win video!!

  20. That’s is sick!! Complain to the site and show them the video

  21. your a fucking loser

    • Go crawl back into your hole Piercing you fucking retard..

    • +PIERClNG Not really. Would gladly rather lose £2k occasionally than earning pennies on garbage.

    • better than losing 2k on this shit site like this dummy

    • +PIERClNG Making small sums of money by making the world a shittier place with nonsense and stolen content isn’t really what I’m looking for in a job. There can be good money in prostitution as well, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who likes money would want to work the street.

    • Güzel 2 subscribers king Edward, i wish i had the job of replying to peoples comments on youtube videos but i’m sure you don’t like making money

  22. i will never ever bet on this site. thnks for the videos.

  23. Holy shit! That bad beat on 0……you handled it well mate. I would have gone absolutely spare. That would have been you up to £4000. Unbelievable.

  24. looks like it is a few mins behind ,so they know when to fuck up a big bet

  25. omg play poker on pokerstars mate, so bad.

  26. Fucking Betway are a set of cunts. Didn’t update and let you repeat the beat and then Zero comes in and fucks you for over 2 büyük. These set of cunts closed my sports account the other day, I’m only a small £5/£10 a bet punter but one of their ‘senior traderslooked at my account and closed it without giving me any good reason. Betway, what a fucking rotten and toxic company Paul!!

  27. Bad play

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