£2,900 vs Roulette!!!! When ZERO is due…..its DUE??!!!!!


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The way I bet but the reality of gamblers fallacy!

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305 Yorumlar
  1. fucking gutted for you mate! roulette can be harsh sometimes!

  2. dude :(((((((

  3. lol fucking addiction

  4. cevap
    Layla the Boxer Dog Ekim 4, 2016 en 6:12 pm

    and again…..

  5. 🙁

  6. Ouch that was painful to watch mate, get some beer thrown down neck to numb the pain.

  7. My addiction made me bet loads tonight on blackjack and roulette and slots!!

  8. what happens when it turns into addiction!!

    • I had tons of 2g-8g hits on rhino but i was purely playing rhino for over a year, everytime though was small deposits most of the time less that £50 getting wins building up stakes etc even with that 8grand loss i was roughly up must of been well over 5k and i remember the the casino group which includes pink casino bet uk all that group of casinos banned me from there entire network due to the amount of winnings from rhino lol, they would not give me an explanation of why they banned me but it was obvious because I was winning

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 4:36 pm

      yeh agree with you on that one! fucking rhino haha has never done anything for me either! £20 a spin could have been a record hit but can also clean you out like it did, feel sick for you but glad you can reflect on it as your past and look to help others! there is a generation coming through that have no idea on the dangers!

    • Oh and to add that one thing i noticed in your videos you are extremely good/lucky in recuperating losses on roulette then heading back to slots seeking a big one, stick to that plan rather than trying to get the big hit on roulette I think you got more chances to get a big one on the slots with decent sized bets.

    • Yeah not trying to put a downer on you or nothing, it’s just I have done this so so so many times, small deposits trying to go big get up to a few thousand then lose the lot lol, it can create a vicious cycle because you get used to these big amounts/bets and anything less seems meaningless , I used to chase a lot which made it worse and got trapped, for me its best not to gamble at all cause I am a greedy fuck when it comes to gambling. The rhino did it for me got an 8grand win on it then started doing £20 a spin and lost it all that was the last straw for me haha fucking rhino. Cool as long as you keeping in your limits and comfortable with it that’s cool just don’t drift away from that. Better luck next time pal enjoy your vids appreciate the honesty in them all, not a lot of people show both sides to it.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:15 pm

      Appreciated! Rest assured its in control (to an extent) and has been years since the last day I did my balls in! 5 months ago I thought I was dabbling to deep and took two months off from youtube/gambling the lot, so I will just do that again if I feel the control is slipping

  9. Love watching your videos but it must be gut wrenching when this happens I’ve been in this scenario so many times. You can’t tell someone what to do with their money but you know you’d always be better off not playing these :/. All the best tho mate

  10. The sickest. We’ve all been there though, dude!

  11. i thought it was going to be a mega big win on 0 !!! not end up with 0!!

  12. that’s a nasty habbit you got there man! ouch

  13. Ouch unlucky mate have a break for a few weeks and start again at the lowerish level

  14. Aww Rocknrolla these sick bets make my heart race when I’m watching I don’t like to see you lose so much cash? Automatic roulette is so dangerous! x

    • Stop playing. The edge is always with the house so you won’t win you may have periods of winning but mathematically if the payout % olduğu 97% you will always lose long term.

    • legit my ass.. I been playing for a whole year and i am yet to make any profit over $200 on these things.. It’s all rigged obviously in their favour like you lose 80% of the time. Every time i enter the thing i know i am most likely going to lose and that’s not how gambling works, casino always has an edge but not an edge that keeps you losing 8 dışında 10 times you go on it…. I don’t play with 2 grand like him to be able to spin 100 times but i enter with $50 and i have a few spins i know if i win 1 spin that’s going to be it….

    • I know it is but it’s dangerous. I’m not a fan of the automatic roulette it will be predetermined.

  15. acımasız….good vids

  16. I just lost £20 on roulette was vexed I watched this and dude I have no words I really can’t imagine that so sick I’m same tho I can’t stop when losing I know it isn’t same losing £20 but to me feels the same to me I’m sure ◀️number 1 tight arse lol

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:11 pm

      its all relative! I have a friend that once lost £5 to me on a bet and he couldnt stand losing so much he punched me ha!!

  17. 4/7/21 back those and your a rich man. Glad I’m not the only one who can spank 3/4k in 10 on the devil’s wheel. Hard luck mate. Do you justify it by thinking your only £200 down.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:10 pm

      lol ofcourse! if I ever deposit big then I’m just looking for a small win, but when its from small beginnings almost gives me the excuse to go big!

  18. With max level reached, does than mean you had £250 on 26. 10k winner if she dropped

    • bitznfix think it’s £150 on 26 veya 0 so assume £150 on the nose is max bet £5.4k odd would be a good hit though!

  19. A true man when he wins he wins and when he loses he loses !!!… no bull shit with man

  20. paul wtf just happend m8 that was sick seen the tittle thought the 0 is coming up but seen result makes me sick ur too spoiled for big hits .GL hope u get it all back

  21. ouchthats how my luck is

  22. give it up before you lose everything. you are a decent guy but the roulette wheel doesn’t know that. it will have it all mate so pack it in!

  23. harsh mate

  24. That was sick mate , funny fucker tho with the heartbeat slow-mo , thought it was hitting with a bounce back. Good luck for next time.

  25. increible el tio lo que pierde no es nada….. yo tengo muchooo mas$$$$$$$

  26. It was only 200 notes. That 2k plus was just play money as you only deposited 200 (diyor, trying to make you feel better)..

  27. Do live roulette dude! This machines are rigged asf!!!

    • cevap
      THE SECRET OF ROULETTE Anonymous Ocak 27, 2019 en 1:49 pm

      +Error Eliminator it is not rigged it is controlled by an algorithm of over 250k numbersIf you know the formula you can beat the house watch my videos and you will se

    • live machines are rigged tooall AI controlled machine…. Croupier is a ruseeverything is measured, speed of wheels can be adjusted without detection by the naked eyeInspectors are uselessthe game is no longer fair… (P.s. look up Google Patent and you will find out how they design these outcome predetermining machines)… it’s disgusting no one in this world is regulating these RNG properly

  28. are you streaming tonight

  29. cevap
    Yuvalar ve SneaksHyperfuse Ekim 4, 2016 en 7:43 pm

    fucking hell mate

  30. cevap
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette Ekim 4, 2016 en 7:52 pm

    I’ve been there mate. I’m the worst for chasing a section or a number.. got upto 1100 on Sunday night from a 250 deposit. gunned the lot. Couldn’t sleep after. so fkd off’!!. All the best. go steady. remember the greed gets us in the end. enough is never enough.

    • +FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette

      your name is so apt.
      I gave up when i realised all the numbers from 0 için 36 added together make 666.
      they are just piss takers. that helped me leave well alone.

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 4:32 pm

      haha yeh should be streaming tonight

    • cevap
      FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:52 pm

      I enjoy watching your vids pal. are you doing one tonight or having a break?

    • cevap
      FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:50 pm

      Haha man after my own heart

  31. cevap
    рулетка лайф Ekim 4, 2016 en 7:56 pm


  32. cevap
    рулетка лайф Ekim 4, 2016 en 7:56 pm

    лайк я поставил!

  33. Paul I’m 52 yaşında , been gambling from the age 18 , I love it, it’s like a marriage , good times bad times , THE BUZZ NEVER GOE!S AWAY . Never give up something YOU love , because that’s the day , you stop being You mate . REMEMBER VAGAS FIRST NIGHT , YEA mm NOW THAT NEVER STOPED YOU . RITA

  34. Do live roulette next time take drink relax big win will come next time

  35. when you start the video withi’m just winning at the momentyou fucked yourself lol.

  36. Great video even tho its a losing 1, but that was 2900 I don’t know if your a well off guy but that’s a lot of coin to most people and you just spunked it away in 20mins lol, as I said I love your videos but you need to be careful this is what happened me I used to win big then u lose a few times and ur not worried cuz ur up still so u do bigger bets next thing ur hooked

  37. Click bait haha

  38. Sick mate, dahaki sefere iyi şanslar!

  39. fuck to go big or go home.. this is a crazy bet.. bro!

  40. £2800 in 7 dakika

  41. Milking the roulette? Evet, sure buddy.

  42. aww man wished it was zero for you

  43. Mate I love your videos but fuck me you got problems. check yourself before you reckyourself. True words

  44. easily an addiction. Think what you could’ve done with 2000 kâr

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:19 pm

      I dont deny I’m addicted but not compulsive! I could have easily deposited big chasing but I didnt. This is just my style of play

  45. What I most respect about u rolla is u could quite easily of blagged that u had banked it etc in the next. Idea but u show the big loss and down side of it to. You are an entertainer mate but we all care about your livelihood first and fullmost. My Mrs was due to have our baby and three weeks before I won 3000 on a single spin on starburst! Brought all the babies stuff it was amazing knowing I took from them to give to my family but the truth is I got lucky, I’ve lost big to many times. That feeling of winning is unreal everything tastes better your drinks the food your on cloud 9 man but when U lose it’s unexplainable! Two so contrasting feelings bro that draws us in the gritty realms of gambling. I have always been a go big or go home I have found nowadays slots is the way forward as it’s so easy to monitor in comparison, good luck bro much luv and good luck

    • Carl singer Barker channel 8

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:04 pm

      Hey Carl thanks for the comment. I have spent a huge chunk of my recent winnings on so much we needed, a family car being one of them! I know that if I withdraw 1k profit it will just end up on the tables so winning a big amount I know it will get properly invested, which is why quite often I go big!

    • fair point

  46. Awesome video. I enjoy seeing the bad results as much as the good onesbecause gamblers like us know the way the cookie crumbles. We all get shafted in the end unless we scoop the lottery jackpot/life-changing sum of money. I’m in so much gambling debt, I have been for years. It doesn’t stop me from chasing the dreams thoughas far away as they sometimes seem. Better luck next time. There will be a next time.

  47. place your last bets on zero

  48. sleep well don’t have nightmares on zero

  49. You ain’t gonna have a good future ahead of you in you carry on like that

  50. cevap
    Tranmere Rovers F.C Ekim 4, 2016 en 10:15 pm

    Was saying to bandit slots that I’ve stopped gambling online now and after watching that, I’m gonna make sure I don’t gamble online anytime soon !! I bet big like you, £500, £1000, £1500 spins, it’s amazing when you win big but when you lose, utter devastation!
    Huge respect to you for showing how quickly you can lose money in a matter of minutes .

  51. There goes a whole evening of streaming ?

  52. Manit was soo fucking painfull even for me sorry mate better luck next time

  53. vay….

  54. Atleast it was only £200 you lost though, I know it won’t mean much me saying that but trying to find a positive, and Paul you are 10/10 you don’t just show the big wins but the losses too and I respect you for that

  55. What can i sayalways hit 14, 17, 20, 23 . Because thats the middle. Because thats the centre of the universeu just need to bet on those numbers..

  56. guys guys chill out it ain’t a big loss he be back winning soon

  57. cevap
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel Ekim 5, 2016 en 1:00 ben

    F******ccccckkkkkkkk man, unlucky mate. It was incredible to get to that kind of balance from a £200 deposit in the first place! You’ll do it again lad, chin up 🙂

  58. Think you need to go to some GA meetings,all the best Paul.

  59. ahwellleast it was freeplay money

  60. did say before how much do you want to win love the videos but greed got you again

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Ekim 5, 2016 en 3:06 pm

      I know I was definitely close to a withdrawal here but convinced myself that as it was a £200 deposit then thats all that was on the line!

  61. mate you really need to stop

  62. I’m not a sweet in a jar , Meaning I’m not the same as everyone els . Re. Read my comment . In our marriage gambling is a hobby Fred and I love , you don’t like my truth, your problem , we have all we need by working for it . I’ve never ever gambled the amount of heart attract sums others do . Anyone who,s skint from gambling alone ,, got to give it a rest till they next can afford it , common sense . Again I say at 52 yaşında , we all can only cut the coat , according to the cloth , meaning if you can’t afford it , then DONT FUCKEN SPEND IT . Don’t KILL the BUZZ . FRED & RITA . Now piss off because it looks to us your life is the EMPTY ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Bad luck paul shit happens.

  64. I was waiting and hoping for zero to come in. Anyway respect for you that you show when you lose. Keep the vide coming and good luck at the tables.

  65. Remember only £160 down

  66. Unlucky Rolla next time mate ?

  67. şanssız pal – got to show the losses with the wins, fair play -f*ck the fobts !!

  68. People saying well done, unlucky etc. Please get a grip. The man just done his bollocks and as all gamblers do he will say not meant to be etc. It’s denial. Show some support and beg he man to stop. Don’t encourage this, it will end in tears and all people want to see is a video with good content. Takes a brave man to show a losing video like this, for me this is a cry for help even if Paul doesn’t know it yet. Paul if I can help please reach out.

  69. cevap
    Layla the Boxer Dog Ekim 6, 2016 en 5:57 pm


  70. that was hard to watch

  71. cevap
    leesa the wart jealous of sinead Ekim 9, 2016 en 10:39 pm

    atleast u got £38 left

  72. All the casino are cheating ! and fit ! F@ckin w

  73. eww that intro

  74. Respect.

  75. Don’t gamble bro you always end up comin unstuck that’s a lot of money and it’s sickening to see it go to waste gambling is a drug you were thinking exactly like most gamblers do and these company’s know how you think and how to get you sucked iin

  76. Thats almost 6 months food for kids and family

  77. I so wanted that last spin to land on green! must of made you turn green that last spin I would of been sick lol

  78. Here mate I’m not saying you can’t afford to loose the money your gambling but 3000 grand in 8 minutes is serious take a bit of advice from someone who’s been there gambling is evil I lost everything house car girlfriend in thousands of debt and basically on the verge of suicide best thing to do is a mass ban from all

    • +Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel fair enough mate I know it’s our own faults if we loose money but I hate to see it odds are always in the Casinos favour

    • cevap
      RocknRolla en Kumar Kanal Aralık 7, 2016 en 8:38 pm

      I hear you mate and have banned myself from quite a few! Most if not all the big losses on my channel are from winnings that I have built up from small beginnings and like to go for it when I have built it up enough

  79. cevap
    Harry and Rowan's Gaming channel Aralık 13, 2016 en 3:18 ben

    Don’t keep betting where the ball is landing lol it’s random n your bet is fixed around 0!

  80. would u say after ur gambaling ur in the plus or minus and by how much mate?

  81. I can give you the method for freeTheir is a system but you have it all wrong.I don’t want a fucking penny for telling you where you are going wrong.

  82. cevap
    K L İÇİN Jor-El BABA. SÜPERMEN Aralık 28, 2016 en 9:14 pm

    Roll on 2017 clean slate pal just learn from it and Happy new year and goodluck m8

  83. idiot

  84. Addiction. You got milked m8

  85. This is the oldest, stupidest and most misunderstood conception that most gamblers cant or wont come to grips with and that is every spin has NO CONSEQUENCE ON WHAT THE NEXT SPIN WILL PRODUCE, so only an idiot would think that because one number or one section, even/odd, dozen, column has not hit in awhile that it isDUEto come in soon….OMG that is the stupidest thinking and the most costly play anyone would make and worst of all would start to bet according to this logic….I have seen a red come in 21 times in a row and watch these gamblers bet on a black coming in after the 5th spinknowingthat the black has to come in very very soon ….ha ha ha I watch as they loose all of their money then go to ATM and close out their bank acct. and watch as spin after spin loses and I shake my head watching these IDIOTS continue to throw their money at a dead horse….after thousands and thousands of $ have been lost and they have no more money to bet they watch there color finally come in and curse themselves and thinking how could this have happened????? Aman Tanrım

    • Mister Mike of course you can sort of predict which numbers are more likely after seeing some come in, it’s not gonna drop the same number 15 times is it, or the last 7 numbers ten times each, come on mate

    • if every spin is independent why doesn’t a single number come out 21 times in a row? after all EACH spin has nothing to do with the other right?

  86. Is this real money? oO Where do you have so much money to gamble? Are you a son of Donald Trump?^^ Anyway if it´s real money pls don´t risk so much. When I play roulette in the casino (what is very rare) I play for fun and maximum 50 Euro but not more and when I have 70 Euro I will end it.

  87. to think that he now shows vids where he loses up 30K, this is nothing D:

  88. Unlucky mate but I admire you for showing your loss unlike others who just share their wins, I play fobts and they are addictive don’t even want to count my losses I always say never again but still go back for more just wish I could stop have lost over £1200 in the last 5 günler.

  89. you was 2700 pounds up. Why wasnt that enough? So greedy and that was painful to watch!!

  90. i gambel on rulete and poker and b. jack last 16 years and i never do it sober it is bad combo but honestly i dont ever wana stop / people who understand me they understand it is life u dont wana leave couse it is uncomperably better than ordinary boring life with wife and kids/ who understands words of train spoting opening scene about chosing someting else will understand me so i raise a glas for us soldiers of fortune / and for this lost money in 8 min fk it man next day u will be up and so on it goes what is important is adrenaline

  91. When zero is due it’s not due lolol

  92. If you must play, play real wheel euro and only bet on the 50:50 payout bets. You half the casinos margin if you do this. Fuck 0. People only bet it because it is green. If it was numbered 37 black nobody would give a shit. A number is neverdue”.

    • +TehLokurax Shut the fuck up you idiot. Its the martingale system, not martingala. You are just repeating what everyone else has said now you’ve been proven to not know what you are talking about. Just keep quiet. You know nothing.

    • Bill Smith casino will always win if you bet 50:50 trying like Martingala. Because they have that 2.7% with the 0

    • What does 49% içinde 50:50 mean? It makes no sense at all. Casino edge on a single 0 wheel is 2.7%. Under certain rules, betting even money bets you get half your stake back if 0 lands so it is the best odds you can get from the house. There is no strategy that will tip the odds from the house in your favour unless you can find a biased wheel and/or dealer which is virtually impossible today.

    • TehLokurax, dont gamble kid. Not until you get a grasp on the numbers. You are just the kind of person the casino loves.

    • +TehLokurax You dumb fuck. You just completely missed the point. I’ll simplify it for you. YOU HALF THE CASINOS MARGIN. Anla. Okay I’ll try again. No matter what you do, on a fair wheel the casino always has an edge unless you cheat. By betting 50:50 you reduce the casinos margin from 2.7% için 1.4%. You don’t even know what LA PARTAGE is do you? You fucking idiot. Don’t bother me again you thick piece of shit. I got better things to do with my time than explain simple shit to simpletons.

  93. Why not play live dealer this is fixed odds

  94. Morespam” .. You are playing against the “ev”, that is not wise; wake up !

  95. Your such a fool. maybe you should start giving your money to online jack legged tv preachers.

  96. this is a clear example to everyone why I quit gambling. You’ll always get caught in a trapyou either lose money, or you win it and get used to the money you win and want to win more…. until you’ve bet it all & lost it all before you know it!!

  97. The software cheats money.

  98. u should of cashed out this y its fuck up

  99. Hi there, not long ago I thought I was luckiest man on earth, had house in Chelsea London, drove bmw 7 series, use to run my own v profitable business with v healthy bank balance. Use to bet 10 büyük, on bank player nd 200 pounds on straight Numbers in roulette. Result I have lost everything got nothing left badly got addicted. I m not trying to giving u lesson or anything, just chose my path or stop gambling choice is ur bro. Best of luck


  101. When he says “0 section looks hotwell that tells me everything.

  102. Automated roulette is bullshit, don’t ever play that shit. It’s rigged

  103. ???? so funny hahahahaha nice play bro?????????

  104. Madcould be one word to describe him.
    Fucking madwould be more accurate.
    I’ve had a few losses on roulette, nothing like that though, also had a good win last year……… a really good win (enough to buy a 3yr old focus diesel AND take my wife and daughters to Las Vegas), and my winning streak started with £100 in my pocket

  105. Fuck that game

  106. Every gambler loses no Gambler ever wins in the end thats why they are rich gamblers are not

  107. Why did you cover all the numbers around zero except 21?

  108. The joys of doing your bollocks in!

  109. It’s not HIS faulthe just backed the wrong numberseasy ( and costly!) mistake to make! Bu arada, I’m opening up a bookmakers 3 doors away from your house! lol.

  110. Great video mate I really hoped it was coming for you- sick but thanks for upload.

  111. You dont remember how many rounds in a row dont came zero section?

  112. lol if your gonna gamble dont moan when you lose since table games and slots your ev is -ev ev = expected value the expected value on this game is crazy -ev so i mean rele if your playing play for fun not to chase losses since thats even more -ev

  113. And this ladies and gentleman is why you don’t play roulette where the ball is bein spin by a machine program with developers to make you lose money

  114. The commentary on this video if farking awesome ?

  115. you need 29 000 000 vievers only need wait 32 yers 168 000 1 yers 😀

  116. when I seen the title of the video I was expecting you to win

  117. Your an animal ??? your commentary sums me playing this right up ???? good luck dude

  118. That is why to spend more then 5£ once in a while is never worth online

  119. I thought I had a roulette problem until I seen this one

  120. SHIT PLAYER !!!!!!

  121. Bellend hahahaha

  122. cevap
    naveen sathyababu Ocak 4, 2018 en 1:03 ben

    Iused to work in abookies and this game betting combination of low self esteem is a real.killer seek help immediately

  123. SLUT !!

  124. cevap
    kevin patrick scott Ocak 10, 2018 en 5:28 pm

    Paul I do wish you success and hope one day that one big spin comes in for you

  125. I lost big winnings yesterday too, glad i watched your video made me feel better about myself

  126. Watched all that expecting you get a massive 0 şanssız

  127. Vival bookie street

  128. ive been there got the tshirt too

  129. Pure dikhed

  130. I wonder what the next number was lol

  131. lol great video it cracked me up lol

  132. Your a punter, they see you coming lol

  133. Oh dear that was pretty retarded

  134. Sorry mate your kidding your viewers!!! You’re playing practice for no money.

  135. I lost 3 grand online woke up the wife suffocated her with pillow and felt better in morning she’s now under my new mono blocks never felt better

  136. Tf do you do for a living

  137. Like you wouldn’t stick that 38£ on zero

  138. Unlucky there mate

  139. You never bet 400 to win 450- I see many people do this.. They bet 70 bucks and win 72.
    This is a game that YOU know in advance how much you will win if your number comes out
    Would you bet 60 bucks on a slot machine to win 72 bucks? If you are not at least doubling your betdon’t bet. …………play outside bets to double your money…………….. OR ”””””’ bet lots on money on JUST A FEW NUMBERS SO YOU WIN BIG- Example…20 bucks on 1 number pays $700. and you have 34 tries to make a profit. ( Don’t play several numbers )

  140. You really are clueless

  141. LOL

  142. Why the ball going clockwise that’s fucking with my head

  143. Çılgın

  144. How the fuck can u trust a computer generate roulette wheel.

  145. You are playing against a Gaming matrixits not an issue of: luck, skill or persistenceit pays when its designed to payirrespective of the numbers you have selected

  146. was going to have a flutter on roulette tonight and then watched this

  147. You always lose I don’t know why you bother

  148. 3:40 how slow was the ball going.. Total rip off

  149. Hahahahaha this was funny as fuck hahahaha the end had me dying “fuck the fobtys” ???

  150. loooool

  151. If your going to gamble £3k at least do it on live casino
    Although you made your 3k from this computerised game

    Maybe when you got up to 3k switch to live or just withdraw and give your brain a rest
    Do other things and slow life down

  152. Very humerous commentary. Usually a sad thing losing but fuck you made me laugh

  153. sorry for your lost but its fun to watch lol

  154. Makes me wonder how much people actually want to win. Seems like those machines/online have a habit of making people greedy. Good luck next time.

  155. Watching this…..All I can do is shake my head…. Do you actually think that the casino is not rigged? It’s pressure sensitive and knows where you bets are placed. You should have taken a break and came back another time. It’s all about discipline. Believe me, I learned the hard way. “SOMETHING IS BETTER THEN NOTHING”…. slow down, get up, walk away for a while….it will still be there when you get back.

  156. What a bell end

  157. damnshit! i was hoping you were going to win

  158. All online casinos are rigged.

  159. I’ve just lost my wage again I basically work for nothing bills paid late & shit. When you said slut & I’ll see it as a free spin is exactly what I do. It’s super super sick I’m sick & tired. That made me laugh tho or I’d cry

  160. cevap
    1000 SUBS AND I WILL BOIL WATER Mayıs ayı 16, 2018 en 12:26 pm

    This gives me anxiety just watching it . Rather watch someone else lose there money than me lose mine though

  161. Hahahahahahah i think this is very fun why are u betting if u dont know what you’re doing u bet like dumbass 0% chance of making profit goodjob losing everything man

  162. When it’s getting you this bad, it’s really time to call it a day. I can feel your agony

  163. You are playing a computer! Let’s you win initially and then slowly bleeds you dry. These programmes have input from physcologists which make tge ball stop next door so you think oh god so close and you carry on betting! Fixed as fuck!

  164. 800 içinde 1 bet man you got a problem

  165. The real weapon of mass destruction

  166. If you believe that a number is ‘due’, then you are necessarily going to have to believe that the wheel and the ball can remember how many spins there have been since they last turned up that number. You are going to need more than good luck to be happy believing that!
    Never put down on the table more money than you can easily afford as the price of the _entertainment,_ and that way you may well be happy.

  167. Only one winner sorry paul

  168. Gambling and shagging will lead you to begging in no time.

  169. cevap
    The Best MMA Fighters Overviews Haziran 13, 2018 en 7:56 pm


  170. That sinking horrible desperate feeling

  171. How do you know when zero is due??

  172. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah NICE WIN MAN

  173. I can smell the stench of desperation

  174. Your making a gambling problem man

  175. cevap
    Mikel roberts Beckett Temmuz 7, 2018 en 1:40 pm

    u sir are a stupid fool, I would have listened to my conscience and like you thought too but didnt act on it, I would have withdrawed £2000 and gambled the rest and turned the computer off if I lost the rest, As soon as you said but im winning I knew the computer wants you to think that therefore expect a lot of numbers you had not picked to be chosen atleast in the next 5-7 timea

  176. cevap
    Mikel roberts Beckett Temmuz 7, 2018 en 1:41 pm

    thankyou for uploading I couldnt stop laughing everytime i looked at your balance going down get high and stick to weed

  177. It’s a digital roulette, computer knows your numbers , what’s is it programmed to do , random or loose , people rob in many ways.

  178. Sorry I couldn’t help but laugh on the last spin ?? rotten luck mate

  179. Funniest thing I seen in a while ? “degenerate idiot

  180. Dude you don’t know how to play. keep on guessing the same damn numbers isn’t gonna increase your chances. there’s always a pattern and you ain’t getting your mind around it

  181. cevap
    The Stock Market Investor Temmuz 29, 2018 en 4:25 pm

    Typical gambleryou even said you should withdraw after being £2,500 UP on a £200 depositbut you allowed your mind to take over because you’ve been doingnothin g But winningand you ended up with fuck all lol

  182. Should deposit again zero is defo due

  183. you got a zero with a 1 stuck onto it

  184. give me this money for i invest to you.

  185. Das System, das einen Tag 300-500 Euro bringt (best-roulette org)

  186. This man is addicted you can tell from his voice. He’s gonna have some major problems later in life with gambling

  187. hahahahah ready to withdraw :O hahahahahahahaha gutted

  188. Cryptocurrency investments are going to increase, because people are recognizing the trend and ignoring the noise.

  189. It’s obviously rigged! Just don’t waste your money anymore.

  190. Hahahhahzhz

  191. NetEnt Live Roulette HD? Wtf where is that shit live

  192. When zero is due on a shitty wheel

  193. it happens it’s easily done roulette is easy to lose a lot of money on

  194. This is not playing this called suicide

  195. How is this live casino roulette???

  196. It’s very nice to see the other side of gambling, because this is what it’s like to win and lose. To much promotion of people winning as if it happens all the time, this is far more the reality.

    • +Whidarte Joel Thanks for that (and it did take a while to translate) but though you invented the game, gambling in England has become endemic and that is the point of the exercise.

    • Vous devriez lire : “Les points faibles de la Roulette”. Whidarte J.
      De nombreuses méthodes pour contrer les écarts de la roulette et des martingales inédites..

  197. Hahahahaha nick slots is actual good content ? your shit

  198. Im a fan of you because u play roulette the same way i do and lose the same way i do hehehe zero sector <3

  199. We just want a little more

  200. this fucking casino

  201. cevap
    Kristopher Kristopher Kasım 2, 2018 en 6:15 pm

    Started watching your videos in last 3 ay. Played roulette for over 10 years and I have to say, aferin!!! First off this video shows what ever roulette player goes through, if its a $10.00 bankroll or even $1000. You got to stick it out and keep rolling. Great job. Got to say the 11,3,0 are your favorites, and when it hitsit hits. Canada says HILegaly too :p

  202. these are rigged you wont win

  203. You very very stupid !! ( 2900£ )

  204. We’ve all done it. Sick.

  205. cevap
    Rulet Logaritma Kazandı Kasım 12, 2018 en 2:21 pm

    Your vids are funny as well. Dude you have to place what the roulette is playing. How about playing the neighbours from 21 ve 29??

  206. Greedy fucker 2700 profit from 200 . .

  207. Need more colour swearing

  208. Confirmed my experience, fuck em right off my friend!

  209. Shit as it is least this guy puts up his video when he loses as well as winning , , all other tits on these types of videos only post when their winning .

  210. LMFAO

  211. Bet on soccer like man city, utd, pool etc, much better odds as an accumulation, i did pool, milan and napoli recently for over 2.5 hedefleri, all came in, won 509 Euro

  212. Why do people play these machines it’s so fixed my head hurts watching this it’s fucking awful

  213. £2000 to zero…..aferin. Find something else to do because its not this

  214. You win 360 sonra 450 and start swearing…… You tool.

  215. Hahaha. Was a funny watch thou. İyi şanslar

  216. Gambling is more worse then smack crack brown white gear etc

    Don’t let the devil get you by your sack lad it will ruin you n your family

  217. Hahahaha

  218. cevap
    THE SECRET OF ROULETTE Anonymous Ocak 27, 2019 en 1:46 pm

    Haha nice final

  219. What a dickhead

  220. Mate I no what that is like

  221. cevap
    If You Need Roulette Software & Earn Money?Mail me Şubat 6, 2019 en 6:45 pm

    f You Need Roulette Software & Earn Money?Mail me

  222. i really thought you was gonna hit that 0

  223. you wont win a farthing on FOBTS and I will give you an
    example seen bets on single numbers for
    example bets placed on number 36 ….7 times consecutively after the bet was switched for
    example number 20 bet placed guess what
    number came in number 36 this proves
    these machines rigged April 2019 will be coming soon and it will be £2.00 per bet the bookmaker has only destroyed his
    self by his greed and not fair game play
    they are nothing more than vampires and just exploit people in other words

  224. Hahaha you fucking retard. Couldn’t leave and lost 2 grand pathetic ass bitch

  225. Hahahahahahahah this guy makes me laugh so much

  226. Just Bounce back

  227. withdraw 2k and lose the rest..

  228. My fav streamer! Love ya Paul!

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