HUGE Hit or Fail £50 Fruit Warp Bonus!!!!


Fruit Warp finally paid big on a huge stake???Roulette session from March! Going a little bit crazy! ▶️Watch me live on twitch here: ▶️Subscribe to my youtube channel here:

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Svenreels คาสิโน
1 สัปดาห์ มาแล้ว

Svenreels คาสิโน

Svenbet คาสิโนมี - ข้อเสนอคาสิโนออนไลน์ของ Svenbet คาสิโนที่มีการตรวจสอบคะแนนโดยรวมของ 9.5
ที่เพิ่มเข้ามาในสิ่งที่ปรารถนาลบออกจากสิ่งที่อยากได้ 0
Evoreels คาสิโน
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Evoreels คาสิโน

Evobet คาสิโนมี - ข้อเสนอคาสิโนออนไลน์ของ Evobet คาสิโนที่มีการตรวจสอบคะแนนโดยรวมของ 9.8
ที่เพิ่มเข้ามาในสิ่งที่ปรารถนาลบออกจากสิ่งที่อยากได้ 3
WildTornado คาสิโน
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WildTornado คาสิโน

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SpinSon คาสิโน
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SpinSon คาสิโน

SpinSon คาสิโนมี - ข้อเสนอคาสิโนออนไลน์ของ SpinSon คาสิโนที่มีการตรวจสอบคะแนนโดยรวมของ 8.5
ที่เพิ่มเข้ามาในสิ่งที่ปรารถนาลบออกจากสิ่งที่อยากได้ 2
EUSLOT คาสิโน
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EUSLOT คาสิโน

EUSLOT คาสิโนมี - ข้อเสนอคาสิโนออนไลน์ของ EUSLOT คาสิโนที่มีการตรวจสอบคะแนนโดยรวมของ 7.3



113 ความคิดเห็น
  1. First comment , get the fudge in there , unlucky rocknrolla

  2. Love u give all punting a go Rolla. Diseased to the core like the rest of us

  3. ??
    Love the ending

  4. Ahhh bullshit ??

  5. ⚽️?

  6. trollyou got me again..haha

  7. You will bet on anything lol

  8. £50 stake bonus is fixed, everytime you get it its like 10x 20x such BS.

  9. Virtual dogs lol

  10. I hit. 18k win on fruit warp 50 euro bet. Check my YouTube video

  11. come back wee miss you

  12. What happened to your normal YouTube videos ?

  13. When you back pal

  14. Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the break.
    Look forward to your return!

  15. I hit 1.4k last night on casumo 😀 700 quid on captain bob and a ton 97 free spins at a a quid.

  16. What the f@%k is that?
    Computer Dog race? You have to love the Rolla! WTF.
    Its like Cocaine is getting boaring. Let’s try the Bathsalt.

  17. All my life in one video. Thanks

  18. Stay positive Paul bro, better luck next time.. the next big win isn’t far away

  19. What is the song in the start video ?

  20. More greyhounds please

  21. Holy Carambolas that was sick! I hope they virtually put that dog down after that race! ???

  22. Still on a break or streaming soon?

  23. Virtual greyhounds, whatever next 😀 Fruit Warp bummed you right off there, I’m sure they’ve turned down the payouts on that slot since it first came out!

  24. no steroids with virtual dogs

  25. Mate no offence but what the fuck are you doing backing virtual dogs? Really enjoy some of your content but that’s ridiculous and you know it. Bet you can’t sleep for an hour or two regretting that decision. Regardless gl and keep vids up mate.

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel been watching for ages and think the high stakes footage you offer is unique along with your sound character just think it was a lazy/bad decision mate.

    • ตอบ
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 27, 2018 ที่ 9:38 am

      Ha yeh was during the month where I wasn’t playing casino games offstream, so this was a loophole to that ha

  26. yesterday i deposited £420 and played danger high voltage on 20p all the way, not a single bonus and my highest win was £3.40p lol now thats serious bad luck. I hope your luck is better than mine guys

    • I deposited a tenner yesterday, played Diamond mine. Hit £320 in the base game playing 20p. Thought I would play on for a bonus…..bye bye £320 quid lol

  27. oooooooooooft

  28. every second we get from you Rolla is precious, dont get me wrong we love you win or losebut fuck me dead mate this is the shittest 2 minutes you have ever loaded I’m sincerely just heart brokenwtf???

  29. Hahahahaha the dog ending was quality ?

  30. Sucks man but we know the rules when we stand on the Edge

  31. That’s the worst bet I have ever seen…. £500 on a virtualyou got issues man

  32. Come on England #freetommy

  33. Oi rockandroller why no videos I mean like wtf

  34. Probs bet his left testicle if he thought it could win

  35. Virtual dog race? ? Better give 500£ to an homeless instead

  36. A lot of people obviously don’t understand what a Gambling addiction is. I am stating this from experience, Gambling is something that make’s you feel good when you are playing. It grips you, it reels you in. It’s like smoking or drinking, you can’t just wake up one day and say that’s it I am not Gambling no more, it doesn’t work like that I wish it did and so do million’s of other’s. When you start Gambling money on the day you don’t think I am going to lose loads of money today you always feel like you are going to win. Gambling becomes a part of your life, not to have it in your life is hard. Reason is you miss the thrill, the Buzz, you miss what it feels like to win big money. If I could give advice because I myself have been terrible with Gambling lost loads of money and it was ruining me, be addicted to something else. Going to the Gym, buying and selling online, take up a hobbie etc. People think Gambler’s are crazy how can they lose that sort of money, well it’s easy when you Gamble and lose you chase your losses which then can cost you all your money. At the time of chasing your losses you don’t think I better stop I am losing too much money it doesn’t work like that. After losing big money you feel like someone as died, your head is spinning you want to cry and just sleep and go to bed it’s awful. Also you have to pick yourself up to get on with normal life and be around other’s. People need to lay off of Paul, this channel is the only channel on YouTube that show’s the real life Gambling how it really is. This Channel by no way could ever encourage people to want to Gamble, if anything this Channel would turn off anyone who would want to start up Gambling. So to criticise him in the comment’s means you people have no clue about a Gambling problem. Paul could just not load up his losses and show you all winning Video’s and lie to you all how easy and great Gambling is but he doesn’t. To be honest with how big he bets and the amount of big bonuses he get’s he is by a million miles one of the most unluckiest Gamblers I have ever witnessed. I don’t comment on streamers anymore I just watch in the background but I will give an opinion when I see someone getting rubbish in the comments and he doesn’t deserve it. Go and watch other channels that get massive wins all the time with play money, encouraging people to sign up all other their streams, playing on very low stakes so the stream lasts because they are only interested in sign ups and don’t like spending their own money. If you want to see how bad Gambling is in real life then watch this channel. If you want to watch make believe channels that show Gambling as profitable and fun then don’t watch this channel as this channel isn’t fake.

  37. ตอบ
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel June 25, 2018 ที่ 6:31 น

    Lol i honestly thought the 4 dog was going to fly in! Ahhhhh bullllshitttttt sums it up for us! Bloody Hulks Bollocks….. they never hit potential!

  38. You’ve got big carambolas pal. Nick slots is a turd

  39. 4 Dog was called Invincible so highly unlikely it would ever lose ?
    Mate if you’re willing to bet £500 on a virtual dog race you should really be backing horses on the flat right now just pick the best Favs for the day & play with the stakes .. you just love the fast action a bit too much to ever be profitable! GL

  40. You forgot to shout I’ve been shafted

  41. Sick man but please don’t go down the virtual roots I’ve had mates who’ve been thousands up on a night, withdrew, reverses and spent it on virtual they shouldn’t even exist.

  42. Go on 4 hahaha fucking virtual dogs haha you silly boy

  43. Lol the end?

  44. I found a fiver in an old coat today. Ahhhhhhh greggs for lunch #baller

  45. could their be anything more rigged than virtual racing

  46. You are a fantastic guy. I just prey gambling doesn’t beat you like it did me. Your fans luv you but please look after yourself 1st

  47. Bet the virtual horses and always bet on the 9-1 shot.

  48. My opinion on all the gambling it is all rigged computer games like fruit machine style games pay when they have took alot and when there ready roulette controlled by a magnet in the ball romote controlled alot of the spin are very unnatural looking the only reason rocknrolla gets some good wins is because he is a good free advertising and fellow gamblers with think they can win like rolla and bet big then get cleaned the fuck out but now everyone know how the world really works corruption and vested interests

  49. Anyone any idea where lebowski and fruity slot are? Not on YT

  50. Love that ending! Couldn’t help but laugh mate! ??? such a fucked degen way of gambling

  51. Greyhounds online is brutal ?

  52. 500 notes on a virtual fn crazy

  53. What’s the song at the start ?

  54. ตอบ
    Dick Slots - Casino Pusher June 26, 2018 ที่ 11:19 น

    U wanna be mates? Luv u

  55. Lol what a degenerate!!! See you at the gambling rehabilitation clinic, dude.

  56. £500 on virtual dogs = lost the plot.

  57. Try aussie greyhound racing, 8 dogs and lots of winners with shitty odds.

  58. Haha xd the dogs course in the end lol

  59. To bet like this regularly you must have access to huge funds
    The average working Joe has maybe £500 a month spare ?
    You’ve just done 3 months worth in 2 bets
    What a load of bullshit this is

  60. You sound like epic slayers from division

  61. Just lost 54 seconds of my life…..

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