£40 Danger High Voltage Bonus!!! BIG WIN???


Back to normality on Sunday!!

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  1. Haha lovly hit lad??

  2. Boooom lovely hit wow ?? nice one m8 ,,have you decided on buyins yet on poker m8

    • Ahhh ok lets see how it goes suppose the more buying the bigger the prize :):):)

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 10, 2018 at 12:30 pm

      There wasn’t an option for just 1 so its 2 possible rebuys, but last time there was only 10mins before late registration was over so seems a bit pointless! Wish you could create a more specific game as the options are very limited!

    • Yea sounds good mate i would do just 1 buy in back only as people would keep buying in till they win the pot looking foward to it again

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 10, 2018 at 12:21 pm

      Hey mate I think I’m going to keep it the same but have an option to rebuy

  3. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel March 10, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Didn’t see the stream, I hope you didn’t lose it all on roulette afterwards!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 10, 2018 at 12:21 pm

      No mate withdrew shortly after, although there was a roulette session just before which was a lucky one

  4. Watching this was so much cooler knowing I had a chance winning 10% nice one lad

    I was a grand off ?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

      Looked forward to seen the bonus with the bonus of potentially winning with you was cool !

      Look forward to the game Sunday ??

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 10, 2018 at 12:22 pm

      Cheers mate, yeh I like the idea of these, I think more spontaneous ones during a stream will happen now we can do it properly with the site.

  5. I had £7789 and was gutted when it came up just short

  6. Congrats mate I had 7327.40 🙁

    • It’s really generous offering the chance of 10% anyway Paul….I will admit to some swearing at the result though lol.

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel March 10, 2018 at 12:23 pm

      oh man, maybe next time we can include some runner prizes as seems pretty harsh to be so close with so many entries

  7. This game is pretty fair I must say. Get in lad

  8. Can you imagine 4th reel,on 3rd spin,like + 150x min :))))

  9. Finnaly one big Bonus paid . Nice one mate

  10. I had £7390..?

  11. Its money

  12. The video is not playing?

  13. I thought you were looking at about 70k. Unlucky !!!

  14. can’t believe it man! thank you so much! 12 pound off hahaha

  15. Congrats , watched it live was a nice hit

  16. Been watching your videos lately , new sub. Awesome to watch , but are these sites legit? Nothing but bad reviews.

  17. Nice one paul, get in there

  18. great hit buddy, believe it or not i wanted high voltage not gates but chose gates because it was your gut decision ! love it aha great hit

  19. Well done Paul happy for you X

  20. Well played Rolla

  21. Amazing hit after the deliberation of gates vs hv ha! Those Kings on first spin almost guaranteed a decent payout!. The % givaway is a great idea to ur website subs as well. Helps keep Hackz on his toes durin a stream ha!?

  22. danger being such a popular slot, and having huge potential i have never seen it actually truely pay out yet, unless i have missed it. has anyone seen a 40k + win on this?

  23. nice win Paul <3

  24. How much did you pay for the bonus ??

  25. That tease after……….Nice bonus anyway! :))

  26. Reply
    Mark 'firefly 'Miller March 10, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    Nice hit buddy, nice to see you get something other than bells and skulls as wilds.

  27. Was getting goosebumps after that first spin! Great win, one day youll 1000x one of these big stakes

  28. Sounded like you needed that win Paul lad. Enjoy it and spend well ?

  29. Very nice hit paul

  30. Mr smug face

  31. My Man!

  32. I was way off! Glad I was….you would have been pissed when you had to write out the measly 228.00 check to me.

  33. so close for retrigered and this is 20k+ 100%

  34. Great Win Paul! …I hope you got a Huge Chunk of that in a Cash out 🙂

  35. Thx Paul, atleast something good happen today, got so piss drunk after we lost against Man U today, went to a cinema in Banngkok and fell asleepStaff woke me up and i walk out to grab a tuk tuk.. not at hotell with a few beers and will watch your other new streamfuck Man U

  36. Just done 471 spins on danger with no bonus then bustone nice 70x base game hit but that was allthe game has been absolute pish in 2018

    • Another 300 spins today with no bonus

    • I’ll probably still give it a bash but just good to know it’s been pish for other people other than streamers I guess. Ultimately they will be down on the game as well but just good to get a few bonuses

    • pabs211 same here I play DHV pretty much every time I deposit and fancy a bash, I am yet to have a decent bonus or base game win that I see people get on YouTube. Given it a hell of a go over the last few months but best I have had is 50x & 100x won on the bonus. Must be unlucky as I’ll give it at least 250 spins each time but go bust and never get to play any others. Time to leave this one alone for me as last night I counted 23 teases in 350 spins I really didn’t think that could be possible so just shows how shit it can be. Teasing fuck.

  37. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette March 10, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    This is how the big boys roll

  38. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette March 10, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    I’d appreciate 10% 😉

  39. Reply
    Manuel Chaves Nogales March 10, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Great win.

    Today I’ve won 2k at roulette with 100 euros but I couldn’t control myself and I’ve lost almost everything after with the roulette again.

    Roulette is devil. Gambling is wasting money.


  40. i’ve self excluded from all of my online casino for 3 months
    please play my favorite slot called mystic dreams the next time you are streaming

  41. Is there anyway to send photos to you? I got 2490x on DHV bonus

  42. Nice 1 mate, winners all round

  43. nice congrats mangreetz from good old Germany :-)))

  44. Wow 7000 pound off 40 pound spins

  45. Just watched another DHV vid on YouTube from a channel called dazza g, it’s absolutely hilarious the anger coming out so fucking funny! Check it out for a good laugh it’s called My danger high voltage attempt, no bonus! ?

  46. You on tonight Paul….gtfit


  48. Ok….about what time ? 8.30pm ?

  49. good news ! I win ! The young padawan joins the jedi

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