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Best Roulette Tactics

Which Roulette Strategy can you win?

On this page we explain you in detail what a roulette strategy is and the best roulette tactic to achieve this. Playing with a good strategy is roulette tip number 1.

A roulette strategy is a proposed plan to achieve a certain goal. Playing purely for fun with random betting, or with some lucky numbers can be a strategy, but whether this strategy is also profitable …? If you want to win more and know how? Then from now on your roulette strategy is:

“Win more with roulette by using roulette tactics”

There are various roulette tactics that you can follow, reducing the long-term benefit to the casino. We have studied some of the best known tactics, tried them out and are explained on this page. We show how the tactics should be played on the basis of videos and images. If you are new to the roulette game or do not fully understand something, we recommend that you review the roulette game rules , or view the 10 honest roulette tips from Top Casino.

MartingaleVery well-known tactic, play on a 50/50 chance and double if you don't winFibonacciEach bet is the sum of the 2 before, you only have to win 1/3 of the timeLa BouchereMake a profit with your own series of numbersPivotBet on a number that falls twice in successionRed BlackNo doubling strategy and you do not need a large bankrollParoliReverse from Martingale, double if you win, not if you lose

When playing with roulette tactics, we give you a number of roulette tips that further increase your chances of winning:Roulette Tips with the tactics

  • Choose a tactic that fits your bankroll
    Some tactics require a large bankroll. If your bankroll is not that big, then you better choose a roulette tactic that does not require a large bankroll such as the red-black tactic.
  • Note the table limits
    There are roulette tables with different limits. In order for the tactics to work optimally, you can usually opt for the table with the highest table limit. If you want to minimize the chance of losing a lot, choose a lower limit.
  • Determine your starting amount
    You can start playing at € 1 or € 5. This influences how the strategy works because the table limit is reached earlier, or the limit of your bankroll.
  • Determine a maximum amount of winnings and do not deviate from this.
    The roulette strategy chosen is for achieving a goal. Make sure you have already determined your goal in advance. For example, win € 50. Mission accomplished? Then stop playing.
  • Hold on to tactics
    Sometimes the course of the game can make it tempting to deviate from your tactics. This is not wise, the tactics only work if you stick to your tactics.
  • Play European roulette
    The chances of winning at American roulette are lower, because there is an extra space for '00'. This also reduces the chances of success of the strategy.
  • Play live roulette
    Through some social contact and interaction, we have found that playing live casino is more fun. Try this out yourself.

Even nicer; Play Live Roulette!

When you reach this page, you will agree that roulette is an exciting game and everyone has some lucky numbers that he likes to play. Winning betting on lucky numbers alone is usually not the most profitable strategy! The first roulette wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century and since then the players have been trying to discover roulette tactics to win with roulette. Over time, mathematicians have devised systems that drastically reduce the casino advantage. Before we explain these tactics to you, first a few important things about roulette.

Roulette Tactics Strategy or System

Roulette Tactics? Strategy? or System?

The terms tactics, strategy and system are often used interchangeably and that is not surprising, because there is also a lot of overlap. Don't be fooled by the fact that a lot of people talk about ‘strategy' in English. You can better talk about tactics in Dutch. Why? See this pronunciation of chess trainer Rudolf Padolfini:

“A strategy is a plan and you use tactics to make that plan a success.”

Our roulette strategy is already clear; we want to beat the casino through betting patterns when playing roulette. How do we want to achieve this? With one of the roulette tactics below.

A roulette system is a certain form of tactic. A roulette system is a fixed series of bets, independent of previous outcomes. For example, if you put in alternating in: red – black – red – black, then that is a roulette system. Systems are not math-based and do not increase your chances of winning, so we will not discuss this further.

Every spin is a new chance

We explain the best known and best roulette tactics on this page, but never forget that every round brings new chances. No matter how many times the ball has already fallen on red, the following round applies again: around 50% chance of red and 50% chance of black! The strategies explained below are based more on the expected value. If you decide in advance what you will do, then you can determine the expected value of your bet. However, this expected value is not always the same as the actual value!

But to be honest, the casino or the house is basically always in favor, regardless of which roulette tactic is used. With American roulette this advantage is 5.25% per throw and with European roulette 2.75%. This advantage is because when you win, you always get paid 35: 1, while there are 37 squares at European roulette and 38 squares at American roulette.

Pay attention! Limiting factors

In principle, all roulette tactics below are profitable. However; there are two very important limiting factors, which means that – even with the correct application of these tactics – no profit may be achieved. We explain these limitations:

  1. Your bankroll
    When playing a roulette strategy, always take your bankroll into account, or how much money you have available. If you have lost a number of times in succession, the subsequent bet becomes higher. It is possible that your limit has already been reached and you can no longer place this bet, which means that you have to take your loss.
  2. The table limit
    Just like you, casinos don't like losing a lot of money. They are also aware of these strategies. Instead of banning them, casinos have set table limits. The table limits differ per casino, so it is good to pay attention to this, especially when playing a roulette strategy. If you are not lucky and you lose a number of times in a row, you may not be able to bet the higher bet of the next turn due to the table limit

Roulette Tactics


Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale Roulette Strategy

Perhaps the most famous roulette tactic. Did you know that martingale is French and means ‘rein'? Every time you lose you double your bet. If you win, you start all over again. With an unlimited bag of money and without a table limit, you can't actually lose with this tactic. The problem is that there are table limits and that nobody has an inexhaustible source of money. So there is always the chance that after 10x bets and 10x losses, your money will run out or you may no longer double from the casino.

Some start betting only when they find a table in the casino where the same color has fallen 5x in succession. Only then do they bet on the opposite color. This actually does not help the strategy, because every new bet is independent of all previous ones. If one were to see in advance how likely it is that 7x would go black one after the other, the chance would be very small, namely about 0.5⁷. However, the moment you bet, there is a new situation every time, with 0.5 chance. Only betting after 5x has fallen black therefore has no effect on the outcome. Also note that when you play at the Holland Casino, you will get the bet back when the ball drops to green (0). This is not the case with online casinos!

You can also find information about playing online roulette on the roulette page of Online Holland Casino . The speed of an online roulette wheel is ideal for trying out the Martingale tactics. But even in a real casino you can try the tactics without any problems.

Fibonacci Roulette Tactics

Fibonacci Roulette Tactics

An Italian mathematician named Leonardo Pisan, also called Fibonacci, from 1170 is primarily known for the Fibonacci Series, a series of numbers that approximates natural reality; 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, 55,89,144,233,377, … Each subsequent number is the sum of the 2 previous numbers. This series can be used with roulette. We start in the front of the series and use 1 credit.

If we lose we will take the next number in the series. If we win, we drop 2 steps in the list of numbers. Because we always go 1 step forward if we lose and 2 steps backwards if we win, we only have to win 1 of 3 attempts to make a profit if we bet on a 50/50. For example on red / black or even / odd.

In the video example, we only win 3/8 times, even though we still break even. The dangerous thing about this tactic is that with a series of losses, we have to have a very large bankroll to keep playing. That is why it is always advisable to set a personal limit in advance.

La Bouchere Roulette Tactics

La Bouchere Roulette Tactics

The Bouchere tactic is often seen as very entertaining because it allows you to use your own series of numbers. It is also called ‘Split Martingale' ‘Cross-Out' or ‘Cancellation'. You start by creating a personal series of numbers, for example 2,3,1,1,3,4. You then bet on the 2 numbers at the beginning and the end of the series. In our example 2 plus 4, = 6. If you lose, add this number to the end of the list, so that the list becomes 2,3,1,1,3,4,6 and the new bet becomes 2 plus 6 = 8. If you win, you can remove the 2 outer numbers from the list. You continue like this until you have completely removed your list. This way you can achieve a profit with at least 33% chance of winning.

In the example you can see that we only had to win 5/14 is 35% of the time to make a profit. And this while the chance of winning at the table is almost 50%. The disadvantage of this tactic is again the limitation of the bankroll. In the 13th turn, we had a loss of 27 and we had to bet 15. So at that moment you had to have a bankroll of 42 credits for a small profit in the end. The risk is therefore considerable, because if your bankroll was too small, you could not have made this bet at all.


Pivot Roulette Tactics

Pivot Roulette Tactics

This strategy is based on the law of the third party. This law assumes that, in mathematical terms, turning the wheel 36 times, only 24 different numbers are dialed. Wait with bets until the same number is dialed twice at a roulette table. This does not necessarily have to be immediately after each other, but wait until a number has fallen twice. This number is now the ‘Pivot' number. The strategy is to bet on this number 36 times in succession. If the number is dialed again, you win. Otherwise … you guessed it, you lose.

The Pivot tactic is also used by people who think that there are tables that are not ‘fair'. If the same number is dialed twice, it will probably come again. Perhaps that box is slightly larger. Maybe this croupier turns in such a way that he more often comes close to that number. This way of thinking is not good at most casinos. All roulette tables must meet very strict requirements before they can be played. In online casinos it is completely nonsense since there is usually not actually played with a real table, although nowadays it is possible since the emergence of Live Casinos where you also play with a real croupier.

Red-Black Tactics

Red-Black Tactics

This simple strategy, as the name suggests, only bets on red or black. If you lose twice in a row, you increase the bet with the starting bet. If you then again lose twice in succession, you increase again with the starting bet. If you win twice in a row, you decrease the bet with the first bet.

For example, if you start with an amount of € 5 and you lose 2x, then you bet € 5 + € 5 = € 10 until you win or lose twice in a row. If you win twice, then simply bet € 5 again. If you lose 2x again, the following bets will be € 10 + € 5 = € 15.

The advantage of this tactic is that you do not have to have a huge bankroll because it is not a doubling strategy such as the Martingale strategy. It is of course also possible to bet on other 50/50 opportunities such as the even / odd bet.


Paroli Tactics

Paroli Tactics

The Paroli tactic is also called the reverse Martingale strategy. It has a more positive approach than Martingale because you do not double when you lose, but when you win. This keeps your losses limited even if it doesn't go so well, because you always double with your winnings. If you keep losing, you only lose the small starting bets.

The most important thing about this tactic is when you have to be satisfied with your profit and stop. All winnings will be canceled if you lose by doubling the next bet. Therefore, agree with yourself to stop after, for example, winning 5x and possibly start again from the beginning with the starting amount.

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