Best Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

The strategy for Caribbean Stud poker is actually very complicated. Fortunately, the results of studying the strategy are very easy. Because there are only two important rules you should teach yourself when playing Caribbean Stud Poker:

  • Always call with a pair, or higher.
  • Always fold if your cards are lower than the hand with which the dealer qualifies (Ace-King and higher).


Playing Ace King

A difficult decision has to be made if your hand falls between these two lines, so if you have Ace King yourself. You then have to pay attention to your three other cards, and the card that the dealer shows. A good strategy when playing Ace King is created by the Wizard of Odds. He indicates to call with Ace-King if one of the following three rules applies:

  • If the dealer's card is a two to queen, and you also have this card. (the chances are less that the dealer makes a pair)
  • If the dealer has an ace or king, and you have a queen or jack in your hand. (chances are that you still make the better hand, because the value of your three other cards is higher) If the dealer shows a card that you do not have, you have a wife with your other cards, and the card of the dealer is less than the value of your 4th highest card.

The advantage for the casino

There is an optimal strategy for Caribbean stud poker, but it is too complicated to explain. Scientific studies have even been done to determine this strategy, so it is impossible to fully discuss these articles and studies for you here. The outcome of these studies is that, for the optimal strategy, the casino advantage amounts to 2.55% (calculated on an average 2x ante bet, as approximately 50% of the time the player will raise and 50% fold) .

The jackpot

As is often the case with extra jackpot bets, this is mainly to fill the casino's cash. The advantage for the casino with a standard jackpot value is about 26.5%. As the jackpot increases further, this house advantage will decrease, but the jackpot must be very high if it is profitable for you to bet on it. If the jackpot exceeds $250,000, it becomes interesting to spend extra money on it.
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