Best Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy

The basic strategy is always the best blackjack strategy for blackjack. Follow the decisions of the blackjack card as indicated in the table on this page so that you minimize the casino advantage. With this blackjack tactic, instead of a game of chance, it becomes more of a game of skill. The point is that you always make the right choice. In a pure game of chance, like most casino slots, there are no choices, but in blackjack this is the case! You can take another card, pass, split and insure. The choices you make determine whether you win or lose. Of course there is always one

Blackjack card basic strategy

Probability factor, but if you fully implement the blackjack basic strategy, the casino advantage is only 0.6%, which is very low for casino games.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

The blackjack card shown on the right is the optimal strategy for the blackjack game as played in the online netent casinos. For example, the best tactic changes when the number of card games played changes. Our blackjack card is optimal for: 4 card games, doubles after a split, dealer suits a soft-17 and no giving up is allowed. It is possible that you have found a different blackjack card elsewhere on the internet, but these are not the best blackjack strategy for the version you are playing online. So use the card on the right!

There have been mathematicians who have figured out the best option to play for each combination of a player's hand and the dealer's hand. A chart was then made of all these combinations, which you can find on the right. Good to know is that you can always use this blackjack chart, even in a real casino such as Holland casino. The reason for this is that even with the perfect execution of the basic strategy in the chart, the casino still has a very small advantage.

Download here the image for the blackjack basic strategy.

Explanation blackjack card

blackjack-card-strategyFollowing the map for the basic blackjack strategy of is not that difficult. At the top of the columns is the card that the dealer has. This can of course be a 2 to ace. Your hand is in the rows to the left. At the top left you see ‘hard'. Hard means that there is no ace in the cards. An ace can have the value 1 or 11. Without bait, this means that the value is already fixed. Under all possible ‘hard' hands are the ‘soft' hands and you will understand that this means that there is an ace in your cards. At the bottom you will see the options if you have a couple.

If you got your hand and see the dealer's card, you can read what to do in the card. For example, if you have an Ace and a 4, this is a soft 5. The dealer has an 8, which means that you read an ‘H' before Hit, which means taking a card.

When should you split?

If you look at the map you will see that it is not the case that you always have to split with a pair! You always split eight and you always fit ten, but otherwise the choice of what to do differs depending on the card the dealer shows. With splitting and the fact that you can double after that you can often make nice winnings, so it is very important that you play these hands correctly!

Take insurance with blackjack

Insurance is practically never beneficial to the player. This only increases the advantage for the casino.

Counting cards in blackjack

If you want to be able to count cards in blackjack, we will tell you a bit about it, keep in mind that the casinos do not allow professional card counting, should they find out, and you will get a casino ban. But if you want to give it a try without applying it professionally, it's not really a problem. Of course at your own risk. If you are new to online blackjack, you can get an explanation of the game with our blackjack rules. You can also play blackjack for free on our website!

Maybe the casino game from movies like '21' or Rainman in which blackjack players make a profit by counting cards. In the past, many teams of players for card counting have been expelled from the casino because it is not allowed. Nowadays it is almost no longer possible due to the measures that the casinos have taken to counter card counting. For example, casinos now play with eight card games at a time and dealers place a shot somewhere halfway down the deck. This drastically reduces the benefit of card counting. Nevertheless, there is still a small advantage to be gained for the observant player. This advantage increases as fewer card games are used. Counting cards in blackjack is as follows.

Counting blackjack cards

counting cards in blackjack

Each card visible to the player is a piece of information about the rest of the cards to come. We will use this information when we can make a choice. We give each card a value of -1, 0 or 1. The table below shows which cards get which value. As soon as we get a high positive or high negative value when counting the cards, we know that in the remaining part of the cards, there are many cards with the value 10-11 or many cards with the value 2-6, respectively. With this information, we can determine, for example, whether we will double or insure. We will provide a number of possible ways to use this information. Remember again; with a high negative value, the chance of a low card is high. And with a high positive value, the chance of a card with the value 10 or 11 is high. Note that the difference in chances is very small, so don't be blinded by the fact that there has been no picture for a long time and you think; ‘there must be a picture now'

Possible adjustments by counting cards;

  • Always double when there are more high cards left (high plus value)
  • Do not take any risks and only apply to values ​​12-16 if the dealer shows a card 2-6 and there are more high cards left (high plus value)
  • Take a little more risk if there are more low cards left (high minus value) and the dealer shows a 9 or 10
  • Use insurance if there are extremely many high cards left (very high plus value)
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