CRAZY Casino Session!!!


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Svenreels Casino

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  2. yeah man get the fack there

  3. Just what I needed this heat is a killer ? cheers bro x

  4. I’m so cool 😉

  5. Awesome Paul!! You the man! Any beastly roulette videos lined up?… 🙂 GTFIT

  6. Fuck those fobts bro

    • Whats the deal with those FOBTs? I always hear a lot of UK players give FOBTs hate, but I don’t really understand why.

  7. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 25, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    This video was from back in March, I wasn’t planning on making a video as I was pretty tired but turned into a session!!. I am struggling to edit/upload my backdated content but really trying to make an effort into putting this first now rather than create more vids to the back log!! Will copy and paste this on any upcoming vids so if you don’t see this comment you know the vid was recent! Sorry! Also always make sure the consistency of a Mr Whippy is correct before consumption!!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel trippy from a whippy. sounds like a good t shirt

    • Hi Paul. Loved this vid. Love the way you lose a bit then bang in a win on roulette and then it’s the big bets on the slots. So exciting to watch. Was gutted for you that you didn’t hit on wonky with them £105 bets. Would have absolutely loved to have seen that. Get well soon.

    • Reply
      christopher terzza May 25, 2017 at 9:33 pm

      Tony Cahill oh I see I was a bit shocked he got ill of mr whippy seemed bizarre what few people have said it can happen Paul’s a baller in all fairness I’m sure he looses big and I’m sure he wins massive probs even it self out like well except that massive roulette loss that was naughty .. I do enjoy his streams tho hopefully he back with a balance Sunday

  8. whatz the song always Paul? Nice beat i want it in my car

  9. Reply
    cc media scratch cards May 25, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    when are streaming next ur all ways fun on camera

  10. your doing a great job with the vids from the past lad. much love mate hope your feeling better

  11. how you feeling paul?

  12. I actually had a shop with one of the whippy ice cream machines in years back. And if you don’t clean them out thoroughly every day I was told they can cause food poisoning. The mix you put in is disgusting if not cleaned out goes a horrible yellow colour. that’s what has happened I think. hope you feel better soon.(The shit on the tv is killing me)

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel definitely not cleaned properly from the previous day by the sounds of it. she has a lot to answer for??

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 25, 2017 at 6:07 pm

      We were the first to have one that day I think, she also had to throw a bit away at the beginning but the consistency was still different, never will eat one again! Sad times as I duckin loved mr whippy’s!!

  13. Little update, turns out Mr Whippy had been using seasideMARKs bathroom towel to clean the nozzle on the whippy machine ? get the fudge in there Paul! ?

  14. Missed your stream yesterday, what happened?

  15. 5K withdraw Sick

  16. those £100 spins on wonky were hard to watch, I was fucking cringing lol

  17. THIS is high rolling. great video paul and get well

  18. great session, only if wonky paid, would be EPIC

  19. Wow £105 spins!! Good video mate as usual ??

  20. £105 a spin !!!!! Mad man ? peace and love m8 hope you feel better soon

  21. come on Paul. mate Kim won 70 grand last night 700,000 kr Jesus Christ. it’s our turn tonight bro

  22. You’ll have to end every video with fuck the fobt’s and fuck mr whippy

  23. a couple of big spins. 105 pound spins…. wastes half the balance.

  24. Rock’n’Rollercoaster Ride.

  25. Good video Rolex.

  26. tune ? ?

  27. You are fucking insane mate I love it ??

  28. Was just about to say mate split 9’s against dealers 4 is almost a given for me (it’s a poor move but odds stack up)

  29. Wonky part made me feel ill ? thought you were just going to keep clicking. Glad you got it back would of been sickening if you lost it all.

  30. Wow great video, thankyou. If only Wonky had come in….. Made me get my Jameson’s​ bottle out lol…. Good luck for your next spins

  31. insane bet sizes 😀

  32. King Kong cash ftw

  33. Crazy ass mofo ?

  34. I’ve watched you live and your “build up the balance” videos. I don’t think, in all honesty that I’ve willed you to stop more than on the £105 spins! Great video and thank you.

  35. I am starting to wonder if you can eat cherries, bananas and plums without feeling the urge to throw them in the air and hope for a bigger multiplier xD

  36. Stop playing that shit game with its sticky drags u down and never pays good ..and stop playing dead or alive as well ..another shit game wich doesent pay. Never saw u win big on it !!! U`r biggest luck is on roulette stick with that for balance build. I really enjoy watching u win on it. As for the 105 wonky wabits spins i literaly could feel the “pain” it was like i was clicking the mouse. At 1 point i was like ” c`mon u fuck put 2-3 wilds in here “, but the fucking cunt didnt

  37. At least you know how to play Blackjack now. 😉

  38. nice finish you crazy Wonky 105 spinner lol

  39. “That escalated a bit quick”…….then continues to place £25 chips down! HAHA, ledge!

  40. What a video mate, £105 spins on wonky, fuck me, balls of steal ?? we love em mr rolla ??

  41. the music in this video is sublime I love it.

  42. man I so want a whippy now love then and loved this vid man it was epic

  43. Great video , pfff , so crazy man , so hard to stop clicking ….lol. Keep it up paul, yr a f..legend!! fuck the fobt’s

  44. WOW unbelievable video, £75 on Steam Tower didn’t pay too bad could of been worse but could of been huge. That £105 spin on Wonky was mental only you lol, just 2 wilds would of been double figures if 3 had hit could of been a YouTube record so unlucky. Like we all say you keep up doing stakes like that one day its got to hit, well done on cashing out was a really nice profit looking forward to the stream Sunday.

  45. paul you streaming tonight?

  46. awesome vid! chuffing £75 bonus on steam love the degeness. get well soon pal

  47. £105 spins like they nothing haha. So degenerate I love it

  48. Class!!! Total degenerate shizzel from youtubes finest! ?

  49. because a real rocknrolla………..haves diarhea

  50. Hey man can you do a challenge in which you deposit 100$ and you use your viever’s strategy?

  51. u r fucking insane! 105 pound for a spin! epic! u r getting more fans Paul. everybodys like to watch crazy shit.

  52. Can anyone tell me the title and
    Producer of the sick music at the beginning of the video. I love it

  53. crazy bets pure entermient!!!

  54. nice hit paul…another enjoyable vid!

  55. Slick video .fast no fucking about . Imagine 3 wilds on wonky at that stake . Bravo

  56. Class

  57. Dead or alive, and steam tower.. why oh why most boring games ever lol

  58. nice vid..paul?

  59. them 105s on wonky made me cringe

  60. It’s about time you played joker pro every time you said you were going to play it you forgot on your last stream get in there nice wins mate

  61. Brilliant session, mad spins

  62. Big balls there my ladddd

  63. Up and down like a yoyo. You nutcase ?❤️??

  64. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan May 25, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    write in to the makers of fruit warp and ask them why they dont do veg warp??. love you man. love the music. just curious, who is it by paul

  65. those 105 pound spins are the reason your gonna send yourself broke mate, you say you have control but it’s pretty obvious you’ve lost the value of the money you’re betting.

    • Not necessarily true, there are certain types of bonuses where YOU can have the small edge over the casino and not the other way around, this can be mathematically calculated,
      Let’s say you deposit 100€ and the casino gives you +100€ so you have 200€ to play with, but instead of high wagering requirements like 40x they are lowered to 10x. Now you have the edge over the casino and not the other way around, and this is what Paul’s bonuses that he gets look like. No one else gets that though.

    • Karti Loco the fact you bothered saying you’ll make money from gambling just shows how dense you are. no matter what stats or bonuses or partnerships casinos always have the higher % with addicts. the only people making money off a casino are it’s staff and the ones who go in once, taking thier one win and get out of there

    • Also don’t forget that as long as he gets those deposit bonuses with the low wagering requirements, it is statistically probable for him to win more than he loses.
      He’s not your regular guy gambling in an online casino, he gets bonuses that no one else does that make gambling profitable for him.

      Give me the same bonuses he gets with the same wagering requirements and I’d make money from gambling easily.

    • No doubt he’ll lose it all at some point in the future, at the very latest when his deals with the casinos dry up and he won’t get any more affiliate and bonus money, but his gambling addiction will still be there.
      However it’s not a single finders fee that he gets per ‘customer’, he receives a commission of that ‘customer’s losses each and every month, so he could be making money off of one guy for months / years provided that guy keeps playing (and therefore losing)

    • Karti Loco that’s like saying oh he earns to much to ever lose it all. No matter how much he makes from affiliates he’ll lose it all the casino ain’t laying him a salary their giving him a finders fee per sign up

  66. Whats the track called Rolla? Tried using track ID without joy. I know its one of your favorites

  67. Mate them online bj is snide totally fixed I reckon loose well more than you win what you think ofit better live

  68. Enough with the shitting, start streaming!

  69. mate ur a legend…… balls ter trying justify tonne spins to the casuals driving there sisters ford ka…… us degens want the fuckin lot!!!!

  70. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse May 25, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    ill tell u what paul !! youre the only streamer on youtube that makes me nervous and gives me good excitement at the same time !!! those big juicy stakes and big roulette spins !!! BEST GAMBLING CHANNEL BY FAR !!! be proud of what youve achieved however watch what youre doing as gambling can lead into a dark hole,i prey every night you can hit your 100k….but soon as you hit that youll want the £1million dolla !!! itll never ever stop till youre fully broke trust me pal……lots of good high 5s LF x

  71. Reply
    Tech Media [MGTOW] May 25, 2017 at 11:19 pm


  72. £105 all the way FUCK MR.WHIPPY

  73. if you deposit 400 and take the 400 bonus, whats the wager requirements to cashout? thsnks

  74. “Thank you very much, but we do have unfinished business, with this fucking thing” ???. Pmsl

  75. What song is this

  76. Great video again Paul! The 105£ spins on wonkey had me sweating! Imagine getting 3-4 wilds with that holy crap

  77. 8/8 like always cheers for the pleasure

  78. thought i was rocknrolla earlier got the balance to 2k then spunked it trying to go for the 10k FML it hurt that’s the deposit for car gone 🙁

  79. Can you please list the tracks

  80. stop clicking! stop clicking! story of our lives,lol … nice vid,cheers 🙂

  81. hi paul hypalinx was playing roulette tonight on immersive roulette and someone won half a million quid it was madness.

  82. The hype that i get from wonky session was priceless buddy ! Thank you ! The real rock and rollax wants the fucking lot !

  83. Where do you find these epic songs mate?

  84. A real rollercoaster that one matey. Those £105 spins were a hard watch, but only because I know the gamble and I knew exactly what you were thinking at the time. Ive never wanted to see wilds so bad, even when I used to gamble. To be fair it was a great exit at 3k, Id never have managed that one. Love the videos and streams, both quality entertainment and occasional reminders to all the fraternity how easy it is to chase 🙂 Keep winning mate

  85. One day mate, you will hit retirement money!! u da man, i dnt know how u felt but i was struggling to breathe on them £105 spins, hard to stop.

  86. That steamtower 75quid bonus tho! Could have been…
    I love the way how you play even its risky as fuuuuck
    Keep these video’s coming! I love them!

  87. Joined 21 casino couple weeks ago deposit a couple hundred every week and not had a single withdrawel got 2x-4x on all bonuses I have got lol dunno how ya do it but that casino is crap had more of sky Vegas and that’s the worst haha

  88. When is next stream? Little bonus Friday night stream would be the best

  89. What white noise fucking remix is this

  90. Reply
    Kallum Titchmarsh May 26, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    anything on tonight matey?

  91. Fuck the FOBT’s and Fuck Mr Whippy lol

  92. i always tend to do the same I’ll be winning lets say 200 so ill start doing bigger bets and sometimes it pays but other times I’ll end up losing it all in true degen fashion.

  93. Paul you might not see this but I want you to know I love your streams. I watch on YouTube through my Xbox so rarely comment. Just want to say you’ve suppressed my gambling addiction through watching your streams. You might think your just waiting on your next (big hit) which is fuckin due by the way. But you help more people than you know. Keep it up.

    Yours sincerely

    All the skint gambling addicts ?

  94. yo Paul have you seen jimbocasino win on dead or alive £7.20 bet. £40000 win 2 wildlines for 7 spins crazy man

  95. Reply
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN May 28, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Hi paul ill be deleting your channel as im done with all gambling nice to meet you keep up the charity and keep safe. maybe one day we will cross paths but for now my friend keepsafe and goodbye

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 28, 2017 at 11:04 am

      All the best mate, your doing the right thing and really hope you do beat it! You can always message me or Andy margett if you want to chat about anything! If your going to still be on YouTube subscribe to his channel and other like minded channels

  96. Are you steaming tonight paul?

  97. What time’s the surprise Sunday stream starting Paul?

  98. Are we streaming tonight paul? I need a dose of modern day hero in my life!!??

  99. Reply
    Slottenham Hotspur May 28, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    we rocking and rolling tonight good sir?

  100. For god sake don’t leave us paul! All we got left is fucking “stopnstep” possibly the slowest retard in the game

  101. love you pauley lad!!! more of this tonight! Get in therrrre. Can’t wait! Got a couple cold beer and ribs in the oven for tonight!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Sunday’s are meant for cold beer and good food to end the week proper ! I get so excited for your streams, love the entertainment ! Good luck !!!

    • Reply
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel May 28, 2017 at 6:54 pm

      oh man that sounds so good!! I’m on detox 🙁

  102. anything tonight Paul mate?

  103. What Music is this ?

  104. 105 spins 😀 i cant leave :D:D: hahah

  105. haha them 105 pound spins on wonky tho

  106. when you coming back rocky we are all missing you !

  107. That was exiting to watch. Thank you sir!

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