Sports Bets for Saturday #2


I'm no pro sports gambler, just having a bit of fun and hoping for a small win this week!

The videos/streams are for entertainment purposes only. Коцкање је врло заразна и може да изазове озбиљне финансијске проблеме, имајте на уму ако не коцкам, само се коцкају шта можете приуштити да изгубите и поставити границе! If gambling has become an issue for you then you can speak with Gamcare here ➡️

? 18+ само, Gamble responsibly ➡️


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ВилдТорнадо Казино
7 месеци пре

ВилдТорнадо Казино

ВилдТорнадо Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у ВилдТорнадо Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 7.9
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Вилла Фортуна Казино
Вилла Фортуна Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда на Вила Фортуна Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 6.5
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СпинСон Казино
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СпинСон Казино

СпинСон Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у СпинСон Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 8.5
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ЕУСЛОТ Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у ЕУСЛОТ Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 7.3
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БоаБоа Казино
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БоаБоа Казино

БоаБоа казино нуди Ревиев - Онлине цасино понуда у БоаБоа Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 8.4
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Вегас херој Казино
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Вегас херој Казино

Вегас Фулл Цасино Обзор нуди - Онлине цасино понуда на-Вегас Херо Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 4.4



210 Коментари
  1. Haven’t touched for a bet in a while!!!

  2. I’d never ever trust arsenal ! Especially with how they’ve been playing recently

  3. Dont bet on arsenal mate. Moral is poor at the min. Defo go for tottenham and man u to win both teams to score

  4. Man U, цхелсеа, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal

  5. Leister at home to watford are a decent price

  6. DONT YOU SUPPORT CHELSEA? A Chelsea fan backing Arsenal? Sod that! Come on Palace!

  7. Leister to win and stoke and West Ham game to draw

  8. Friday night acca
    DerbyCharleroi (Белгија)FC OSS (Holland)Sittard (Holland)
    10/1 is seriously over priced!!

  9. sheff wed v cardiff(draw) aston villa (победити) wolves (победити)notts county(победити) ГЛ

  10. Hey Paul.. I’m from the USA and play roulette, слота, and bet NFL football. Just curious, what is your gambling budget for table games, слота, and sports betsI am a compulsive gambler and still in my mid 20s trying to figure out the best budget and breakdown of funds possible. In the USA online gambling isn’t allowed but the site i sports bet on has slots and table games.. I’ll win my sports bets and wind up winning big or losing it all in casino. I could do wonders if the site didn’t allow gambling and jsut betting. Any budget tips or tricks? Saw your comment about feeling no hope on slots and I agree and also disagree. You know what you can win on roulette or sports bet.. when that 100x-1000x rolls in on a slot it’s magical! Thanks and cheers. Great as always, love the channel

  11. As a Crystal Palace fan I hope you lose!

  12. Its all good and well with skintboy toastie serving up winning bets when he had to sell the pot that he pisses in for a bleached flour loaf and 2 tins of Lidl beans. The rest of the cheap loaf gets toasted, so its toast all the way for THE TOASTIE. #SKINTBOY. Big head no bread??????. Love you man.

  13. Villa, West Ham, Leicester. Is my treble for the weekend only staked £20 but pays £113

  14. Stipe Micoc to beat Ngannu 7/4 absolute banker

  15. 100% wouldn’t be betting on Arsenal at the momentbe like pissing in the wind i think, unless they get a bit of form going. My 5* tip this week is HULL to beat SUNDERLAND away which you can get 6/4 generally. I do also fancy A Villa v Barnsley +1. Barnsley seem to be playing well and with a goal start against Villa i think this is tremendous value….. #VALUETOWN

  16. Scunthorpe,wigan,Blackburn,Luton,oxford utd all to win ?

  17. West Ham Everton arsenal win treble!

    Slow and steady wins the race

  18. Chelsea and seville to win mate get an early one in £50 gets £210

  19. arsenal palace and posh oldham both over 2.5 match goals double

  20. Wycombe-win 11/10QPR-win 15/8Rochdale v southend BTTS 5/6That’s my £10 treble & tip!!Best of luck paul

  21. Derby v Bristol City btts
    Berlin v Dortmund btts
    Porto to score over 2 ciljevi
    4/1 treble Friday night boom

  22. Forest Green at home to Cambridge, you can get 2/1, they’ve just signed a really good striker and Cambridge are poor away from home

  23. Stoke, West ham, aston villa, preston, charlton, scunthorpe. UP THE BETS

  24. Accrington, Luton and Shrewsbury all to win @7/1. Worth £50 of my money

  25. Arsenal Everton and Sevilla there 17/10

  26. Arsenal are looking VERY AVERAGE they should win but its arsenal Chelsea v brighton are 8/13 could be worth a swap

  27. Aston villa , Фулам , wolves all to win treble

  28. 50 to get 150 come on now PaulStick it on a underdog ?

  29. цхелсеа – Man utdAston Villa

  30. Started with £30 win on fobt last night, put £30 on Galatasary & rEAL МАДРИД, paid £65.
    TONIGHT- £65 derby & draw and Marseille pays roughly £140.
    Trying to bet smart. If that’s even a thing. GL people

  31. Leeds 6/5, Hull 11/8, Wigan 4/7 and Accrington 5/4 all to win.

  32. Can u try a bet I do every sat it’s 5 home teams to win £20 league one and league two only I think there the easiest to predict there always a upset in premier/championship like Bournemouth beating arsenal ??

  33. Add Oxford United to win at home to struggling bury to make it a treble!! £50 pays £346 on Betfair fella!

  34. Одговорити
    Mini slots rd Top tipster competition channel јануар 19, 2018 у 3:29 после подне

    Villa. Fulham Middlesbrough Brentford wolves easy money

  35. get your money on the super rams tonight lol

  36. Wycombe
    Oxford United

    Pays around 40/1

  37. You are playing it the wrong way. Im telling u again. Play goal in both halves on 3 или 4 шибице. Doesnt matter who scores or what the result is. Odds around 4/7 и 8/10 not bad.

  38. Derby tonight combined with Oxford and Chelsea tomorrow as a treble £20 pays £132.

  39. преко 1.5 in all league 1 3 o’clock kick offs

  40. I would not waste your money on Aarron Hemmings suggestings, Chelsea to draw lol ok, save your £50, I just checked they are playing Brighton, it will be a whitewash.

  41. Accrington , luton , shrewsbury , oxford united 15/1

    Dundee , Dundee utd , partick thistle , and Aberdeen all in the Scottish cup both teams to score and those teams to win. 300/1

  42. Piss off. Your not a pro. Shot advice from this fake Christian

  43. Chelsea win, man city wiin, man u win, safe bets, add a dangerous one hull city vs sunderland draw

  44. Lincoln, Mansfield, Aldershot, Macclesfield, Brentford, Yeovil.. Boom Train Incoming 🙂

  45. Try an extra little bet on correct final score for 3 шибице , always comes out over 1000x! (Will come in for me one day)!
    This weekend I’m thinking:

    арсенал 2 – Palace 1
    Everton 2 – West Brom 0
    Burnley 1 – Man Utd 3

    £1371 to £1 on Bet365

    If you can be bothered to keep an eye on it during the games, there is usually always a good chance to cash out a good amount after 70 odd minutes if the scores are close to your bets.

    I usually use £10 to do 5 different final score variations at £2 each.

  46. Like these new sports videos, keep it up mate

  47. I agree about there not being much to fancy with the football this weekend! I have a double on the NFL…. New England v Jacksonville over 46 бодова 10/11 and Philadelphia to beat Minnesota in normal match bet (not handicap) 7/5…. Pays around 4.49 ??

  48. Borrusia dortmund, Derby, getafe and marseille all to win – 20/1

  49. sorry paul but i think leicester at home against watford at evens is a great bet. plymouth at home to wigan at 5-1 is a good outside bet.

  50. Three draws is generally around 30-40x. I generally do 3 draws from the championship on a £5 bet (returns circa. £200) but I’ve been having luck with 5 draws on trebles (£20 stake). Reduces the overall win and requires a bigger bet but more chance of a return. Међутим, this week I feel Derby (EVS), Leeds (5/4), Luton (2/5), Peterborough (23/20). £10 returns £135.

  51. Павле, if you can mate get on the American FootballNew England and Minnisota to both win (its above evens)… plus its something to watch on TV on a Sunday night…. Живели.

  52. арсенал, Stoke, west ham, games all draws as a treble, let’s see if I can make it 2 у 2 недеља!

  53. Here is a Banker 4 x timer Stoke, West Ham, Shrewsbury, Aston Villa.

  54. Одговорити
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette јануар 19, 2018 у 5:13 после подне

    Love a sports bet pal, off to Cheltenham in March for the festival

  55. Shrewsbury, Ротердам & Mansfield to win treble 14/1 at William Hill all Saturday 3pm kick offs

  56. Одговорити
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette јануар 19, 2018 у 5:18 после подне

    Man u 2-1, man city 3-0, цхелсеа 2-0

  57. Одговорити
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette јануар 19, 2018 у 5:19 после подне

    Man u, цхелсеа, man city, arsenal, westham. 5 fold

  58. I’m going Wigan, Shrewsbury, Luton, Accrington Lincoln and Wolves.. 40/1 6 fold

  59. Looking fresh mate no late night gambling? ?

  60. How about setting up a tipster league? Chip in a bit a month, have a monthly prize and some to charity? Think it would go well

  61. Treble:
    Leeds 6/5,
    Kilmarnock 23/20,
    Scunthorpe 4/5

  62. Manchester United Jesse lingard first scorer 3-1 score cast

  63. should try Hugh Taylors tips on attheraces. he’s the rocknrolla of horse betting

  64. Preston wolves Charlton for me boys.

  65. I’ve never won a bet backing arsenal. Fuck em. I had them to beat shitty forest and they couldn’t be arsed. I backed them for the price cause out of the so called 6 big teams there the ones you get better odds for. Always need value cause backing man city at 1/8 each week when they draw or lose your fucked. Bookies dont give value away much now. I’m a massive leeds fan but the 23/20 for us to beat milwall is not value should be 6/4. I fancy derby and Bristol city to draw 0 0 tho.

  66. Francis Ngannou by KO/TKO Round 1.

    15/8 Price boost on Skybet currently. Put your house on it Paul.

  67. West Ham,Scunthorpe,Kilmarnock,Dundee . £10 acc

  68. Man City -1,Wolves,Notts County and Villarreal 4 fold ?? good luck

  69. Leicester, Blackburn, Higgins, Rory Macdonald & Miocic
    £50 @ 17/1 pays £880
    Will probably cover Ngannou if it gets that far. GL

  70. 8:15 NewcastleBreathoffreshair

  71. Last week was WBA game under 2.5. Finished 2-0.✔️

    This week going for the WASP.

    Wolves (vs forest)
    Aston Villa (vs Barnsley)
    Stoke (vs Huddersfield)
    Preston (vs blues)

    Pays approx. 7.5/1

    Good Luck all ?

  72. Everton Oxford and Preston nice little treble

  73. Leicester, west ham and Sheffield Utd 20 notes on. Predicted correct last week but forgot to put bet on! What a dick

  74. west ham,stoke draw+everton win treble

  75. Banker bet tomorrow is S Bin Suroor’s only runner (7:15 Chelmsford) “Beautiful memory@ 100/30. As well as a decent single bet, I will be including this in a £1 lucky 31:-

    Beautiful mind (100/30) 7:15 Chelmsford……..
    Bridge Builder (5/1) 4:10 Lingfield
    Crossed My Mind (11/2) 2:25 Ascot
    The Hollow Ginge (11/2) 4:15 Haydock
    Rock The Kasbah (13/2) 3:15 Ascot

    Potential Return for £31 stake £21K………….likely return based on current form…..BUGGER ALL!!!!

  76. R.I.P the farmer Trevor hat lol, how ya doing geezer when you next streaming so I can rape it looool

  77. арсенал, Man Utd, Everton, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, faith rover as an Acca – 22/1

  78. West Ham and huddlesfield double

  79. New England Patriots – 7.5 on the Andy Auntie Everyday Saver statement
    Printed: 12 јануар 2018

    Daniel Cain
    S9 5PT
    Sort code 11-73-61BIC: HLFXGB21Y62Account number 30352463IBAN: GB98HLFX11736130352463
    The information on your statement was right when it was printed.

    Please have a look at your statement. If you think that something is wrong, call us on 0345 720 3040 straightaway and we’ll check it for you.

    Date Description Type In (£) Out (£) Balance (£)
    12 Jan 18 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    09 Jan 18 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 200.00 15003.55
    05 Jan 18 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15203.55
    29 дец 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    28 дец 17 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 100.00 15003.55
    22 дец 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    15 дец 17 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 100.00 15003.55
    15 дец 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    13 дец 17 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 100.00 15003.55
    08 дец 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    01 дец 17 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 100.00 15003.55
    01 дец 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    24 Nov 17 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 100.00 15003.55
    24 Nov 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    17 Nov 17 D CAIN 110686 01460678 TFR 200.00 15003.55
    17 Nov 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15203.55
    10 Nov 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15103.55
    03 Nov 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 15003.55
    27 Oct 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 14903.55
    20 Oct 17 D CAIN SAVE SO 100.00 14803.55
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  80. New England Patriots -7.5 хендикеп

  81. Forget about English football it is to hard to win!!!win lose or draw American football win or lose no draw

  82. you are taking arsenal to win?? лол

  83. Villa , Фулам , Luton easiest in Form Treble (3.25) Arsenal bit dodgy against Palace , same with Wolves against Forest , maybe add them + Chelsea for a 6 x Fold paying just over 10/1

  84. арсенал, Aberdeen & west ham to win, Leicester v Watford & Norwich v Shef UTD both teams to score, Celtic to win -3 . О томе 20/1

  85. Villa are a banker at 4/7, Forest Green vs Cambridge Utd under 2.5 у 8/11 is also a banker. Cambridge games have been under 2.5 у 11 од последњег 5 and they’ve scored the fewest goals in the WHOLE of league 2. Last 2 games have been 0-0 also so a bit of value there also at 17/2.

  86. West Ham, Leicester, Fulham all to win

  87. leicester bolton and northampton draw treble

  88. Newcastle (of which im a fan) will get destroyed tomorrow Paul. Could be a cricket score

  89. Dartford, Accrington, Oxford as a treble

  90. Burnley and Huddersfield to WIN !!!

  91. Burnley-United = United
    Leicester-Watford = Leicester
    Everton-Wba = Everton
    Atletico Madrid-Girona fc = Atletico
    Bologna-Benevento = Bologna

    Stake: 300
    Odds: 14.22
    Potential Payout: 4266.40

  92. Ливерпул , Leicester , цхелсеа , Tottenham to all Win

  93. Villa,Leicester,Everton,Preston all win

  94. цхелсеа -1 @ 13/8 man city -2 @ 10/11 Oxford @ 21/20 Treble with £50 stake ruturns £513.36 GL Everyone

  95. Definitely wouldn’t do arsenal maybe a draw or a win for Crystal Palace who seem to be in form a bit

  96. Manchester United are going to go on a massive run from now till March mark my words

  97. Манчестер Јунајтед 5 wins in a row if they Sanchez the squad will be buzzing thinking they have a chance off league which they don’t but in there heads they have

  98. good channel my tip is for ufc francis nganou to win and volkan oezdimir to win oezdimir is 23/ 10 and francis only 1/2 but do as a double bumps up the odds just try a lil ten pound double or small stakes im puttin 200 on cos i follow it plus i do belive at the top level its pretty much rigged if (when) it comes in i will explain why i picked it

  99. good luck,Павле ;)…sevilla,den haag,hoffenheim winners

  100. Portsmouth, Blackpool, notts county and Preston

  101. Backing Arsenal is dodgy the way things are there atm.

  102. Arnautovic (West Ham) tosun ( everton) Vardy (Leicester ) benteke ( palace) all to score anytime . Heard it here first

  103. Leeds, Strasbourg, chelsea, united all to win

  104. I watched bandits video also and joined both bets together lol.
    арсенал – draw
    West hamdraw
    Oxford – победити
    Peterborough – победити
    Wycombe – победити
    Accrington – победити
    Everton – победити
    Good luck all

  105. арсенал, Leicester , west ham all to win

  106. Palace win, btts on Leicester and West ham games and over 2.5 at City in the late kick off ?

  107. You not do any accas mate? You should make a Twitter it’s a lot easier to talk about bets and stuff on there

  108. Fulham wolves Blackburn Scunthorpe to win

  109. Italy seria B all games btts

  110. Everton
    Man Utd
    у. Madrid
    Rb Leipzigbtts

    £10 on @ 108.44/1 изгледи
    Returns £1094.40

    Plus 40% Euro bonus with bet365
    £1531.60 full return ?

  111. Don’t have anything massive today but in the 12.25 Navan/ Riders On The Storm should at least be in the first three so at 6/1, rates a solid e/w.

  112. Chelsea win
    Arsenal Win
    Everton Win
    Leicester win

  113. Одговорити
    РоцкнРолла коцка Канал јануар 20, 2018 у 11:42 сам

    So these are my final bets for today!

  114. FOOTY (match betting) (Odds pay 11.71/1)
    Премијер лига 15:00 – West Ham
    Championship 15:00 – Preston
    League One 15:00 – Wigan
    League Two 15:00 – Yeovil

  115. Today’s selections Saturday 20th January 2018

    HORSES Each way
    14:10 NavanSwingbridge (4/1)
    14:25 AscotAir Horse One (11/1)
    15:15 HaydockRock The Kasbah (5/1)
    15:30 MeydanTafaakhor (13/2)

  116. risky 6 team acca small bet big pay out
    arsenal crystal palace draw, man utd halftime/full time, city Newcastle draw, wolves, Wigan, Luton

  117. Leicester, Sunderland and Blackburn for me today 11/1 treble.

    Horse wise only having 1 bet and thats on THE NEW ONE

  118. Accrington Leicester Oxford 50£ treble ?

  119. Oxford and Lincoln let me down on a 9 team acca to win, i had:


    Was 273/1 on a £10 bet meh!!!

  120. why not just bet 50p, if its for fun? you do 5k roulette spinsfor the buzz?

  121. My bet Saturday was Charlton Peterborough and Everton. I was gonna chuck villa in but dident it wouldent have mattered anyway as Everton did me drawing against West brom I did cash out for £20 thou. £50 stake

  122. Hey Paul. Bet on HSV to win in Leipzig this weekend !!!!

  123. Paul here are some of my multipliers for todays games and this weekends:
    1. 3500:1 odds on this puppy
    Arsenal @1.50
    Liverpool FC @1.34
    FC Porto @1.25
    Pittsburgh Penguins @1.57
    Winner (incl. overtime and penalties)
    Columbus Blue Jackets @1.78
    Winner (incl. overtime and penalties)
    Anaheim Ducks @2.25
    Winner (incl. overtime and penalties)
    Nashville Predators @1.58
    Winner (incl. overtime and penalties)
    Vegas Golden Knights @1.92
    Winner (incl. overtime and penalties)
    Southampton FC @1.73
    Chelsea FC @1.27
    Manchester United @3.20
    Manchester City @1.15
    Sporting CP @1.31
    FC Barcelona @1.26
    Olympique Marseille @1.27
    Manchester City @1.29
    Manchester United @1.16
    Paris Saint-Germain @1.18
    Arsenal @1.31
    Inter Milan @1.27
    Real Madrid @1.18
    Juventus Turin @1.24

    2. 450:1 odds on this puppy.
    Arsenal @1.50
    Liverpool FC @1.34
    FC Porto @1.25
    Chelsea FC @1.27
    Manchester United @3.20
    Manchester City @1.15
    Sporting CP @1.31
    FC Barcelona @1.26
    Olympique Marseille @1.27
    Real Sociedad @1.49
    Manchester City @1.29
    Manchester United @1.16
    Paris Saint-Germain @1.18
    Arsenal @1.31
    Real Madrid @1.18
    Inter Milan @1.27
    Juventus Turin @1.24
    FC Barcelona @1.33
    Liverpool FC @1.99

    3. 100:1 odds on this one
    Tianjin Quanjian @1.04
    Kashiwa Reysol @1.31
    Suwon Samsung @1.10
    Shanghai SIPG @1.05
    FC Poltava @1.21
    Zobahan @1.06
    Al Ain @1.23
    Bengaluru FC @1.22
    FC Nordsjalland @1.30
    AC Omonia Nicosia @1.33
    AC Sparta Praha U21 @1.39
    RB Salzburg @1.08
    Slough Town FC @1.30
    Celtic FC @1.22
    Crystal Palace @2.60
    Arsenal @1.50
    Liverpool FC @1.34
    Paris Saint-Germain @1.16
    FC Porto @1.25

    4. 350:1 odds on this.
    Tianjin Quanjian @1.04
    Suwon Samsung @1.10
    Shanghai SIPG @1.05
    FC Poltava @1.21
    Zobahan @1.06
    Al Ain @1.23
    Bengaluru FC @1.22
    FC Nordsjalland @1.30
    AC Sparta Praha U21 @1.39
    RB Salzburg @1.08
    Sporting Braga @1.43
    Arsenal @1.50
    Slough Town FC @1.30
    Celtic FC @1.22
    Liverpool FC @1.34
    Paris Saint-Germain @1.16
    FC Porto @1.25
    Chelsea FC @1.27
    Manchester City @1.15
    Sporting CP @1.31
    FC Barcelona @1.26
    Olympique Marseille @1.27
    Manchester City @1.29
    Manchester United @1.16
    Paris Saint-Germain @1.18
    Arsenal @1.31
    Real Madrid @1.18
    FC Barcelona @1.33

    5. 10:1 odds on this
    Sporting Braga @1.43
    Crystal Palace @2.60
    Arsenal @1.50
    Liverpool FC @1.34
    FC Porto @1.25

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Подешавања колачића на овом сајту су постављени на "дозволите колачиће" да вам пружимо најбоље искуство прегледања могући. Ако наставите да користите овај сајт без промене подешавања колачића или кликнете "прихватити" у наставку, па ви пристајете на ово.