MEGA £6,000 Roulette Loss??? (део 1)


▶ Ватцх ми живимо на трзање овде: ▶ Субсцрибе на мом иоутубе каналу овде:

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Одговорно коцкање – Коцкање је врло заразна и може да изазове озбиљне финансијске проблеме, имајте на уму ако не коцкам, само се коцкају шта можете приуштити да изгубите и поставити границе! Коцкање не треба посматрати као начин да се новац, али само као забаву и сећам казино ће увек победити на крају због њихове куће ивица! Ако коцкање је постало проблем за вас онда можете разговарати са ГамЦаре: или Бе Гембл Свјесни: ввв.бегамблеаваре.орг/

ГАМСТОП – је такође сада живи и омогућава вам да контроле како би се ограничили активности коцкање на мрежи. Ви ћете бити спречени да користе за коцкање сајтова и апликација управља компанија лиценцираних у Великој Британији, за период од вашем избору. ? 18+ само


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ВилдТорнадо Казино
7 месеци пре

ВилдТорнадо Казино

ВилдТорнадо Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у ВилдТорнадо Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 7.9
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Вилла Фортуна Казино
Вилла Фортуна Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда на Вила Фортуна Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 6.5
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СпинСон Казино
7 месеци пре

СпинСон Казино

СпинСон Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у СпинСон Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 8.5
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ЕУСЛОТ Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у ЕУСЛОТ Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 7.3
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БоаБоа Казино
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БоаБоа Казино

БоаБоа казино нуди Ревиев - Онлине цасино понуда у БоаБоа Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 8.4
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Вегас херој Казино
7 месеци пре

Вегас херој Казино

Вегас Фулл Цасино Обзор нуди - Онлине цасино понуда на-Вегас Херо Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 4.4



80 Коментари
  1. hope the title is a joke Paul!

  2. Paul I’ve been waiting 4 days for some content & you throw this down!! I hope your streaming tonight and make up for it !! ????

  3. Get a move on and upload part2! Got to see this ?

  4. Roll on Part 2!! for someWheres Demm keyyyyyssssssss!!

  5. That’s got to be a massive one.

  6. £40 harps. Let’s go..full screen this shit

  7. sick video can’t wait for part 2! looking forward to the live stream on Wednesday ? Икс

  8. Come on paul! Monday Stream Ron Zacappaaaa!

  9. comon jack and beanstalk dont let us down!

  10. Been looking forward to a live stream all day.. Great vids Paul.. Keep it real

  11. I was waiting for your upload from past 3 days at last you uploaded.

  12. Kudos for showing roulette beat down, brimg on the bonus of all bonuses HOPE IT WENT WELL.

  13. win big lose big no body likes a gamble more than me but you fuck talk about taking it to next level good luck

  14. good luck mate, like your video, but its crazy gambling,, when you where losing, i was thinking oh my God i could do a lot with that money,, i hope you do win a big money next time ?

  15. Dont keep us hanging….. We want part 2…..

  16. the suspence is killing me .i hope it lasts

  17. you know what I would have saidhope you’re good bro

  18. paul ur one crazy mothe***r lol ur smashing all those £2 spin youtubers ur the big daddy ur the man .gl on wed

  19. yesssss! bonus on 40 buck spins…. hope it don’t mug you off. got a feeling it isn’t!!!!

  20. део 2 tonight or I’m unsubscribing tomorrow morning…. ?

  21. mate that wheel aint called the devils wheel for nothing!! stay clear and stick the slots…. roulette is shit and whipes you balance so fast!

  22. wheres part 2 aarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. I’m happy you are bringing us upto date with your other video’s cant wait to see how you made that £20,00 payout look forward to the rest of the video’s. Look forward to seeing you on the live stream on Wednesday.

  24. нице вин , good video , short but good , Thing is you’ve said Monday streaming ,
    So people will be rather pissed right of , for the change
    , a few have lost patience over this , your life , your choice your time ,
    Reverse it Paul , you so love all YOUR subscribers , you’ve done excellent
    On taking that chance to Gamble , you mate got the viewers , Don’t loose em
    GOOD OR BAD , WIN or LOOSE . Don’t loose em . RITA SIMPKINS

    • yeh completely agree with you but genuinely didnt realise how far behind I am with my work and considering I’m so close to finishing it after so long it needs to come first! like ive said after the new year will be a new me/channel and will be able to come up with a proper schedule and keep to it

  25. ty rockenrolla for your vids and live streams you and the bandit are the best. kim and nick are fun but your on a different level. I hope part two is epic

  26. втф. Dog shit. It wanted to watch some stupid rap I’d do it else where. Grow up knob

  27. здраво другар, do you play at казино? It is amazing.

  28. when’s part 2 0n I got to see it pal hope it’s with harps

  29. What time r u uploading part 2 Павле? ur not going to make us all wait til 8 r u?

  30. hope u win pal u deserve a big one

  31. Rocky lad. loving the vids. any chance you could make my gambling threesome come true and have a footy bet in the corner playing live. Would love to see a screen like on bet365 go suspended with a whopper bet in play whilst you spin the rent money.

  32. need to seek help pal before you end up with nothing and homeless

  33. longest 22 hours everwhen is it dropping dude?

  34. Everyone knows all casinos online or offline are fixed they are a business and are going to make profit no matter what .. Your wins will be logged and in future it will take more from you to regain .

  35. cheers and yeh around 8pm mate

  36. est ? 8pm btw luv your channel

  37. Kevin yes mate

  38. live stream Wednesday bud around 8pm

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