Gambling Action from VEGAS!!!


If I hadn't been paid in cheques not sure if I would have left in profit lol! Sorry for the poor camera work but the screens were huge and couldnt zoom out anymore, plus often had people watching!


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ВилдТорнадо Казино
8 месеци пре

ВилдТорнадо Казино

ВилдТорнадо Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у ВилдТорнадо Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 7.9
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Вилла Фортуна Казино
Вилла Фортуна Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда на Вила Фортуна Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 6.5
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СпинСон Казино
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СпинСон Казино

СпинСон Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у СпинСон Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 8.5
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ЕУСЛОТ Казино преглед понуде - Онлине цасино понуда у ЕУСЛОТ Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 7.3
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БоаБоа Казино
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БоаБоа Казино

БоаБоа казино нуди Ревиев - Онлине цасино понуда у БоаБоа Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 8.4
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Вегас херој Казино
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Вегас херој Казино

Вегас Фулл Цасино Обзор нуди - Онлине цасино понуда на-Вегас Херо Цасино Ревиев са Просечна оцена преглед 4.4



193 Коментари
  1. Први……you on tonight m8

  2. Need some David Attenborough commentary on the last part of this video lol

  3. How much did you beat Vegas by mate ? I’d love to go

  4. роцкнролла. Please can you do a video series on blueprint type feature gambleto the top or nothing ….i think it would be great to watch and an interesting video to see just how many times it lets you hit the top. Please consider. Cheers buddy..also take this as a hint and do a stream tonight ….many thanks after all it’s only money

  5. 25:47 What a bastard ! get the fudge in !

  6. Nice compilation mr pro ?

  7. Hey paul what do u think of slots in vegas

    • Not great to be honest, Buffalo Gold, Walking Dead and some of the different Wonka games were fun but on the whole apart from some of the good providers like wms the rest don’t seem to have much potential! That full screen of Wonka in this video at $6 paid $200!!

  8. brilliant ending to the vid paul. Get in.

  9. dont know how you stuck the willy wonka game so long

  10. Леп ! What won you the most paul

  11. nice wins paul. looked like lots of fun.

  12. Quality vid chap get the fudge in there

  13. That willy wonka thing stuck in my head….ive got another feature for you!!

  14. who do you think pay better brick n mortor casino or online casino on the slots? i.e average bonus payouts

  15. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahah

  16. What do you mean if you hadn’t paid in cheques mate?

  17. Bloody awesome dude. Well done (“,)

  18. Fun video, glad you enjoyed yourself and left a winner

  19. Hey mate great vid u must have drunk a lot 2 get like that cos most off the time u can handle ur drink lol Did u have to pay tax on ur winnings

  20. birdby Lynyrd Skynyrd..Good.

  21. Imagine if you drunken spewed all over that! You’d have to do some real money laundering

  22. Finally been waiting for this video

  23. How much did you came back in profit total? Highest point?

  24. Hahahaha that end had me in tears????

  25. Luckiest son of a bitch i ever seen

  26. Much was that cushion worth lol

  27. At the beginning why didn’t you just Google the final answer?

  28. are u with the bandit sounds alot like him?

  29. Awesome video mate. 450 on the button that’s sick!!

  30. awesome video paul and thats why i love your channel happy gambling man 🙂

  31. Have you got 2 grand in 20ps though ?

  32. Love this mate! Keep on the good work! You’re living the dream 😀

  33. The end was class ? looks like u had good time ✌️

  34. Love the ending, класа

  35. Wonker can fuck right off. Nice wheel hits

  36. On the who wants to he a millionaire slots. Couldnt you just google out the answers ?

  37. couldnt you have used your phone to look up the answer for the fish question? 🙂

  38. Best vid yet Paul you look like you had a blast??????

  39. The ending was the best mate you just could cherry on topped it with a kebab hahahahaha

  40. Can someone plzs tell me how much money you need to b9ok Vegas up and how much spending money you will need???

  41. They put a lot off effort into design of them slots, nice to see. Can’t believe you thought it was Mackerel haha

  42. Нице вин другар , I made about 3k at 2 sittings at Wynn at the 1/3 poker table. Had the mrs so couldn’t play more. Also a couple hand payouts on the old willy wonka with the moving chair and buffalo. Great place

  43. Great now I have that fkn ompa loompa song in my head.

  44. surprised u didnt google the answers on who wants to be a millionaire

  45. Slots looked awesome over there, did yoù win or lose on the slots? Great vid as always mate 🙂

  46. Wow that was amazing Paul, how much profit did u make in total though?

  47. face down ass up in a pile of cash..classic mate !!

  48. Had worse days top vid ?

  49. Superb! Living the dream! Did you do some Jaigermeister shots on the roof of Casars Palace..! Awesome vid.

  50. Is that the bandit in the video ???

  51. Quality as always, get in there Paul!!!

  52. Some great wins enjoy yourself mate

  53. Great hit at the end paul fair play

  54. This video was shit waste of time

  55. Forgive this sounding obvious, but with the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ игра, couldn’t you of just Googled the answers of used Siri on your phone, it gave you 60 секунде

  56. Why the hell didnt you buy spy glasses? You know the ones with integrated camera.

  57. I don’t recall ever fully watching a single youtube video for so long without skipping. Great video! Congrats on your winnings!

  58. Looks like you had a blast m8, glad you beat Vegas!

  59. Fantastic video! I take it this was when you and the bandit and the others went to Vegas and unfortunately their was the shooting when you were visiting 🙁 so sad 🙁

  60. хи Пол. Just watched the stream. Hope your ok x

  61. Греат видео Павле.

  62. I watch your videos a lot, this is one of the best, and its the beat because we saw you hammered, and laying on your fruits. Well done bud! Hope for the same luck and same hangover when i go xx

  63. 60 seconds for your mate to type into his phone the words ‘buckling smoked fishand let google do its magic

  64. What a shame that a very small minority of moronic, keyboard warlording knob headed trolls can ruin a great stream tonight for the many. Rise above the bell ends Paul.

  65. this was the best video to watch of you ever , hillarious seeing a different side to you …..

  66. Amazing video. Despite some poor display of recording this is my favourite vid on your channel.

  67. Degenerate fucker. Not many people can say they fell asleep on a pile of cash

  68. 25:48 Autentic rocknrolla !!

  69. Fun fact Paul, when you have the Jackpot picking bonus on Walking Dead at 14:39 in the video, the character in the middle row on the far right (#8 if you count left to right top to bottom) is a casino YouTuber called SDGuy1234. You should check him outhe doesn’t live stream or anything and is American based but I find him fun to watch.

  70. Fuckin get in rolla lovely stuff must f been some buzz that watching the glass ting put on them chips ???

  71. Bugger sitting in economy all that way. Business class for me

  72. lend me a fiver will ya lad :O)….great stuff man

  73. That type of roulette takes BALLSawesome

  74. Class Paul! Pleased you had a big win ??

  75. Brilliant video Paul really enjoyed that!

  76. They really makes the games looking like you hit the jackpot at every win.. Ha ha ha that end money pillow, actually lol ???

  77. Two words : Fuck Vegas!!!
    The slots were garbage, you’d have done better to just stay home and played Live Roulette like you usually do.

  78. Looks like madfun. Hangover 4 featuring rock n rolla

    Did the tables give and take a decent portion of ya winnings.

    Pokies could be a real money drain there. Love to play some of the new stuff. Whole bunch of aristocrat in US that never gets setup in Australia

  79. hahhaha. best ending ever!

  80. Haha epic ending to the video, cashing out in style

  81. At least you walked away from Vegas winning ! Yeah baby yeah ! Nice drunken touch at the end there mate ..enjoy the rewards ?

  82. How much was u up in total

  83. Nice one and great video and I would love to go to vegas I could see the potential in that willy wonka game , but you will have to teach your Mrs how to stack those chips ?

  84. I’m going Vegas in June and this video has definitely put me in the mood haha. Great vid mate

  85. ??the ending,quality amazing, made up for you Paul x

  86. wow thx for this Video now i know i will never go to Vegas because only Crap Slots 😀

  87. Great vid rocknrollaaa, loved the bathroom looked nice and clean! Honestly as a small time gambler I’d love to have ur life for a week lol

  88. Awesome money pillow ha ha class

  89. That ending was fucking brilliant ???????

  90. Where can i buy that pillow 😉

  91. Even I knew it was a herring! O well, nice video mate. Would love to go. Need to win enough first. Brilliant ending!

  92. sounded like a good party time with a few mates Paul im surprised you won anything at all….zipping my mouth about the bathroom scene but Paul your better than thatThanks for the Video MateMuch Love to you an your family 🙂

  93. Camera guy: There’s no beds in here!
    Павле: Hold my beer… 25:54

  94. It’s someone else’s moneysomeone who is crying now and losing his fam. I’m not hating I wish you the best but this is the harsh truth.

  95. All the slot wins looked small for the stake thanks not too keen on going now saved me some cash

  96. How much do you think you are up or down overall?? У просеку

  97. Noice man, real Noice
    Would love to go next year for my 50th

  98. nice end good sliping moany

  99. this is Wee-man from Jackass

  100. Rolla where are u now a days miss your streams man not same with out u??????

  101. If you don’t mind saying in your next vid how much roughly have you one this year (18-19) and how much you lost?

  102. How much did you win in reel them in??

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