Live Roulette £1250 to BIG WIN????


Roulette session from a few months ago.

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Villa Fortuna Casino

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128 Комментарии
  1. Always good to see your vids mate

  2. always great to see a vid paul hope you are doing well my friend

  3. Good video gutted no pay out

  4. Paul sort the music out’s shit

    • This was DJ Shadow meets his maker, great track! But it is getting hard to find good music for these type of videos as I dont care about copyright but it can mute the whole vid if its worldwide copyright

  5. Hey Paul whats the intro song on your vids??

  6. Your music choices are always on point. Dope shit

  7. So much respect to you for putting up losing vids

  8. that hurts 🙁 !! love yr vids paul

  9. 26 is your number damn

  10. much love my man .. i know your reading this …. so il take a heart for the comment and next time you stream i want monster wheels action .. when it bonuses i want you to go degen and take 3 spins at the x10 much love

  11. No luck today 🙁 next time

  12. Next time Paul can`t win em all even though you want the F-cking lot.

  13. Degenerate

  14. Thou shalt not gamble on thi sabbath

  15. Roulette can be a killer. Nightmare 26!! Your time will come paul. Good luck and best wishes I know you will smash a 6 figure win on roulette again.

  16. 160 was on 26 before the last spin? Damn Its always when you switch that comes in

  17. Love ya Paul …… Makes me a bit better after my 3k lose this week son …. Top lad peace and love

  18. More to the point what the fuck is that last spin about? The ball drops around 5 then rolls across all of those numbers to get to 26?? Yeah ok then. Seems legit.

  19. OUCH. Again this happens to me and i continue to punish myself watching my numbers come in when i stop play. People believe ( gamblers mentality) that it only happens to them, but the reality it happens to all gamblers, thats how the casino gets rich. Sometimes, if youre lucky you win but most of the time you only nearly win. These massive companies are all built from HARD LINES. Take care paul.

  20. Can’t win them all bud, even you 🙂 keep on keeping on . I no everything i no about roulette from you Paul lad you are the master hahaha I rape fobts with zero and tier all the time roulette gambler in Ladbrokes

  21. When will you stream next mate ?

  22. Dirty Netent look at 4:04.

  23. suerte para la proxima

  24. Lol to nothing bad times mate now hurry up and stream more often

  25. Ответить
    Константин Свистунов ноябрь 18, 2018 в 4:58 pm

    Видос ,,,ни о чем,,,

  26. Same thing happened to me yesterday lost about 800 I bet 0 section she goes to tier and opposite its rigged fuck

  27. Sickening mate. Would of been a different story if you had sat down with 5k.

  28. My n***a in a Denzel Washington voice. Unlucky keep them videos coming though

  29. Defo don’t know when to stop

  30. You still have the 120k mate lol

  31. What a kick in the minge ?

  32. have you given up on slots Paul? I understand if you have. you are right, they are a massive hoover. wishing you the best of luck on future games.

  33. Unlucky son can’t win them all bro. Am just putting it out there miss your streams and my DHV fix am rattling now any chance of a we sesh for old time sake

  34. Thats why u are on break from gambling my friend…. ?

  35. It’s almost always number next it’s like watching my fudging story ? if instead 7 came 28 you would make a nice profit. Fudgers rigged. I lost 2 k of winnings play 8 numbers and was always 1 или же 2 next to them, then I play 13 а также 31 with a two neighbors and securing orpelins section and in several spins came up 2,2,25,18,16 and rest not in the zone numbers but those next fudgers broke me mentally ? now I cash out any 300 profit I have cuz when it’s withdrawn it’s mine on their account it’s virtual money any time can wipe out ? I wish I get out from this shit addiction and start respect hard earned $

  36. Love your videos mate but are you ever gonna live stream again??????

  37. When. Are. You. Streaming. Again?

  38. Ответить
    Staffordshir ecoins gambling channel ноябрь 18, 2018 в 5:48 pm

    Jackpot number high 5 well should have been 🙁 when u back

  39. That’s so tilting mate, you are the king ofTilt

  40. Twenty Fudging Six! Unlucky man.

  41. Stop playing sections so easy to rig it, fricken randomize your bets

  42. Music sucked lol. But enjoyed the video

  43. Like and comment before watch, because is a real rocknrolla video.

  44. When are you going to do a proper stream again Paul?????

  45. Yeeeaaaaaahhh nice lose bitch!

  46. number 1 casino streamer for a reason. High Stakes vids, losing vids, excellent editing, great music, production values, honesty (I hope) charisma. and you never know which way its gonna swing!!

  47. Well, some statistic that could help. betting on 7-9 numbers gives you way less than 30% to win. At same time ball can land on a winning number that could pay you less than 3x the overall betIf you add to thatunlike a card game, where you can expect certain types of cards, by seeing past cards, , roulette does not have memory.. Even worse it has magnetsso only hope is ball to land on one of few big numbers at least few times to make big big win.. GL

  48. Switching that quick was costly

  49. Sh.t happens rock! You’ll get it back at some point ?

  50. Show us live stream mate like before

  51. Respect Paul you always show the other side of the coin in gambling. When you next streaming missed your streams scottj on twitch

  52. You usually cover 7 when you add tier to your zero section aswell! So unlucky

  53. Found your channel last week and love it.I,ve watched about 30 of your videos these last couple of days.New subscriber.

  54. When ya streaming again?

  55. Unlucky rock. Sometimes it just won’t stick.

  56. always loving the vids mate!

  57. Ответить
    DeJuan alfonso Martínez cuenca ноябрь 18, 2018 в 10:12 pm

    K jugon k eres cabronazo

  58. Ahw I felt the greed. And the 26 at the end was brutal. It clearly is the life of a gambler.

  59. Yo paul ,hope you are good ..I’m just wondering about a rumour that has been circulating on the net over the last week or so , there are several people saying that you’ve “” Either lost your home , had to sell it , or have had to remortgage it “”…… as a direct result of your gambling. I would’nt usually give a rumour like this ,the time of day , but I know one guy who rarely gets his facts wrong , and he wouldn’t have brought it up unless he thought it was genuine..

  60. Not a lucky day love watching your videos

  61. I miss the slots content, its all roulette at the moment bud. I wanna see a huge slot win, and a massive get the fudge in.

  62. Its so fixed. No way close to a natural land

  63. oh there’s my prediction of 26 26 you mentioned in my last comment :'(

  64. What gear U taking mate? Your off your silly chop doing these punt$. Lunatic. Don’t stop now keep going, deeper and deeper.

  65. Thanks for uploading this video. Already looking forward to your next one.

    Are you still gambling on slots & roulette during your no streaming break?

    Look forward to your response.
    Thanks Paul.

  66. Can’t help but think Netent roulette is rigged the behaviour of the ball and where it lands is ridiculous!

  67. Eurgh that 26, that had to be a broken mouse right there.

  68. Ответить
    classic drum n bass jungle sets ноябрь 19, 2018 в 1:35 pm

    Fuck the music off mate. It’s better when we can hear your reaction

  69. Hi Paul when you back on twitch?)))

  70. Ответить
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN ноябрь 19, 2018 в 7:00 pm

    Ouch 26. Prob 7k if it came in

  71. Any live streams starting again paul??

  72. Inevitable Paul. See you in rehab.

  73. Paul everytime I watch your videos I can literally call the numbers out, I got the first 5 numbers right this video.. it’s crazy!! I play online roulette and live roulette and made some good runs myself lately. Your channel got me started on roulette and slots expecially book of the dead and danger highvoltage and immortal romance. Won the most on online roulette tho. It’s crazy tho that I got the first 5 numbers right on this video wish I could’ve got u to put 100$+ down per number could’ve won big. Maybe gave me a commission;) Haha better luck next time??

  74. thanks for your content and videos man,good luck as always and wow what a poker game in malta that was amazing to watch you take the win haha

  75. Paul’s given up on his followers ??

  76. Got to take the rough with the smooth!! When u back streaming on YouTube Paul lad, Miss going to sleep after 2am then getting up for work ?

  77. Rocknrolla love your vids, where do you live stream??? Want to be in on the action!

  78. Sending you luck

  79. Congrats on poker win Paul get in there pal watched it live on YouTube ??????

  80. Congratulations lad your well suited playing live poker

  81. congrats for winning unibet open main event!

  82. You on twitch pal tonight hope so )))

  83. Ответить
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel ноябрь 26, 2018 в 3:27 pm

    Big congrats on your epic poker win Paul, just watched the highlights, a new poker star is born 🙂

  84. You streaming tonight paul????????

  85. Rocknrolla
    I see sometimes you play lightening roulette. Some videos you win & others you lose. The wheel is Evolution RNG & one video it was obvious the wheel was avoiding your bets & after a few spins you were bust. They make it attractive by having a minimum of a 20 cent chip. Live dealer is better.

  86. I love your video’s but why this site? Why dont you use another roulette site such as unibet? Im looking for a site to waste my money on

  87. Finally got a 300 times hit on 4 lighting,

  88. predetermined by rng and technologiesdesigned so that the speed manipulation of the wheel is not detectable by naked eyeLook up the roulette patent on googleit’s all a scam

  89. You knob, take the shitty music off!!!!

  90. Paul this last 26 is so sketchy ! if you notice the ball hit in 8. What momentum moved it to 26 in a way that is almost looking as its being dragged by a magnet ? I mean thats crossing half of the wheel with a lost momentum the moment it hit 8. I mean, how can NetEnt get away with such scams ?

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