SICK SPIN that Didn’t Register!!!!!!


Thanks Netent, much love!!

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293 Komentarze
  1. Odpowiedz
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 27, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Net Ent Response Thu 15-Dec-16 8:09 AM
    From the system it results that the player watched at the GR but did not effectively take part at it. With this I mean that no bet has been taken from him and, in the system, he does not result as an active Player for that GR.
    The GR started at 2016-12-13 12:10:12 and finished at 2016-12-13 12:11:17. You can observe that between the GR played at 12:09 and the one played at 12:12 there is no discrepancy in the balance.

    12/13/2016 12:09 16,110.00 GBP 5,000.00 GBP 0.00 GBP 3,600.00 GBP
    12/13/2016 12:12 14,710.00 GBP 2,600.00 GBP 0.00 GBP 0.00 GBP

    This means that his bet, if placed, has been not accepted. Looking at the Database – the attached spreadsheet – we have the confirmation of a totalbet = 0:
    No bet or winnings needs to be refunded to the Player.

    • This is bull shit…. It did exactly the same thing to me about 2 months ago. I had 1700 all in all with 750 on number 22 which is my daughter’s bday and just before the ball settled it lost connection.. exactly like yours did and when the screen came on the ball was sat in number 22…… I don’t think the wheel is rigged I think the whole system is….. I haven’t played on it since and I will never play it again…. Good luck in the futre ?

    • Nothing is wrong I guess. The bet wasnt taken and he was disconnected before the dealer spinned the ball? These big gambling site wouldn’t care about 10k I guess.

    • I’ve seen supposedly live Roulette on a popular tv channel crash and show that they are actually on a 2min delay. What a coincidence you can’t bet just before it’s due to come in ?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel
      Iv had the same happen to me not the amount you had on, but it was happening to me quite allot one nite . It Got me
      Even taking bets thats says bets rejected.
      Then taking the bet when it was a loses even tho the bets was rejected giltch hmmm .
      When a number was loaded it would do the same having to log bk in or it would rejected a gud bet and then play a rejected losing bet then to take the credit
      Same type of respons i had from email

  2. Now that’s bullshit

  3. I started playing roulette last summer with 50€ then i had 680€ i was so stupid lost all after that i had 17.45€ bonus balance idk how but i got up at 6 hours to 825€ cashed 790€ out booked my flight to turkey and went to a vacation all in all i löst 2850€ and won 3.350€ i had one Crazy Night with starting 10€ ending up 16,000€ i wanted so bad 32.000€ so all on Black 9 Times in a row red came what Happens it camed green i wanted to buy a Mercedes Benz CLS350

  4. Horrible ! No live stream tonight ?:((

    • Nope just got my bet back and a shitty Indian woman on the phone telling me nothing happened. Cashed out excluded myself from it now play on PokerStarsUK or 21casino. Assholes. I was as up like 6 k Aswell from a 100£ deposit no bonus. Would have changed my life if their software worked properly. Such is life

    • Odpowiedz
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 27, 2017 at 11:57 pm

      So you didnt get paid?? I’ve been fairly lucky in things like this before as I normally aways record other on the rare times other sites paid out it was only because they saw the recordings

    • I used to play on bet365 till I had over 500 straight up on 11 and 200 splits and it said bets weren’t confirmed. Customer support told me I didn’t click confirm bets but on the mobile device there is no option to do so. It confirms automatically

    • Odpowiedz
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 27, 2017 at 11:45 pm

      Monday is the next one mate, this was from December

  5. Wow that’s not good at all mate!

  6. That is so fucking rigged! That would of been your biggest win ever. I hope they at least give you something back to make up for it.

  7. really good and honest person you are paul. if you wouldnt have posted this video i still wouldve known that you went back to roulette. im an addicted gambler you see. im also a masachist!! love your streams.

    • Odpowiedz
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 27, 2017 at 11:55 pm

      haha are you thinking this is the balance after that big last stream win? If so no I did genuinely bank that one, this was from 15th December

  8. That’s horrendous mate

  9. Thats fucking minging so you got nothing?!? Blackjack normally you get put into NRG mode should be the same with roulette robbing bastards!

  10. mental mate !!!!

  11. hmm netent have been take take just lately but thats taking the piss

  12. fucking bastartds they all are riged mate at somepoint!
    like once was playing in casumo and all evening was going great quick bonuses etc then hit 6000£ from bonus and when i change slots everything frozen…. no wins nothing i was betting 10 20£ bets get bonus and was getting like 11£ in bonus on 20£ stake after big big wins they stop payouts. at least its feels like it lol

  13. that hit would have been like 20k

  14. sick tune send me link bro.up the rocknrolla

  15. I wanna thumbs down it it’s pissed me right off

  16. Thats pretty unfair considering how much you stake with them. Loyalty obviously means nothing to them I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

  17. Thats a load of crap, clearly that should have been a win!

  18. robbing c**ts

  19. Wow, what a fucking piss take and that response is a bag of shit!

  20. Ffs, I feel violated and it’s not even my money!!!

  21. fixed. blatently knew you were gonns hit so pulled the plug

  22. If the bet was locked in then they may have had to pay out. But it wasn’t, sucks man.

  23. you would of won like $12,000 on that spin….fuuuuuuuuuuuuk

  24. makes you think is it actually live or 1 spin behind so they can kick out any big winners

  25. That is complete horseshit . The footage is there for them to robbing bastards to see. Sick of shit like this happening , the amount of times I’ve been kicked out of a high stakes blackjack hand when I’ve got an Ace is ridiculous . Bullshit response aswell. !

  26. That shit is, the bet has been made, have seen the video?

  27. i got the same thing couple days ago

  28. theiving cunts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they can clearly see your bet was all laid out ready , how many mor epeople do you recon they’ve done it too ?”? not as if they dont have enough stolen money to replace that the fucking cunts. sorry to see it paul ! shouldn’t happen man

    • Odpowiedz
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 28, 2017 at 12:03 am

      Was a sick one mate, worst thing is this is the second time its happened (last one was a betway roulette table) and zero came in which was my jackpot number! Unfortunately netent wont pay up as the vid shows that the bet never actually got confirmed

  29. what song is that paul

  30. What’s the name of the song buddy? 🙂

  31. disgusting. i reckon theres a delay on the live stream. im may be talking crap but that would explain it and always remember wherever large amounts of money are at stake theres always tomfoolery.

  32. shocking man

  33. Give up dude

  34. that’s fucking evel man jesus

  35. sorry evil I’m English not american

  36. Netent bunch of wankers

  37. thats what they do to protect their profits because they are 10 seconds ahead in actual time with a 5 second buffer to boot u off always a monster win when this kind of thing happens just imagine how much they save and to how many people they have done that to that doesn’t record and cant fight there case easy money ….

  38. That’s just fucked up!

  39. Net ent have pulled your pants down there paul!! Fuck I would have lost the head. What was the return on 0??

  40. awesome channel m8 watched every vid so far.. good one

  41. That’s fucking hectic! Cunts

  42. Wtf, robbing bastards. Unlucky Paul. But what I don’t get is, you have full video proof of the spin. It’s NetEnt’s fault. Whether it was confirmed or not. I remember on stream it happened to you and I believe you got your win from them. Hope you take em for big money. Wish you all the best.

    • Odpowiedz
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 28, 2017 at 12:15 am

      Hey mate, yeh it needs to be confirmed. If you mean that spin at mr green that didnt pay then that one was recorded and it said the bet was confirmed so they had no choice but to pay

  43. Poul how you resolve this issue ? Now i understand why that happend to me before . have jackpot number and cant put bet on but after spin everything was ok that is they trick bastards

  44. as i know gambling sure is dirty…. not gambling=win

  45. you would have won 18000, that’s a sick fucking win and they rigged it so you don’t win fucking scammers

  46. Shake it of , Fuck them of , there loss long term , you told us , I won’t use them again . Pure Respect LAD ?

  47. So you have seen the movie BRONSON 😀 I laughed immediately as I heard the music.
    by the way, if not intentional it was surely strange and brutal. Similar happened to me lots of times, the worst is when you play a slot and it gives you an error/somehow fucks up the bonus. They cop out and sayit’s the vendor”…

  48. For me this is reason NOT to play ANY NetEnt games anymore. To, whatever they say is too fishy and I don’t buy it. I hope a lot of other players will follow my example

  49. Isn’t placing a bet just agentleman’sagreement anyway? I.e. If you place a bet for £10k at 2-1 the bookie/casino can choose wether to pay out or just to refund the wager.
    That sounds like what happened if I’m honest!

  50. That’s a royal fuck up, what was weird as well was at the end it didn’t even tell you to finish your bets with the count down timer ect. she just rolled the ball before it even said finish betting!!!!! really weird, I don’t trust that.

  51. All I can picture is bronsin beating the s*it out of some dude . anyway f*ck the fobts mate youl grab it next time

  52. Bullshit mate find another casino

  53. that absolutely disgusting what fucking evil wanking dog fucking cunts I recently closed my account with casumo for a very similar reason apart from it was there fault wankers fucking wankers !!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I would take this to a higher power. You have video proof of what happened. I might sound like am just spouting off but I know a lot about this world and so does a lot of people who follow your streams and gamble. So this to me needs investigating deep. I feel for you Paul, you are a pure gambler, your real, no bullshit like a lot of us and this boils my blood. I feels like the FOBTS all over again. U need help, support or whatever am right behind you.

  55. I’d be seriously considering new site paul that’s a major rip off

  56. omfg I would be on one!! I would go fucking aka!!! pure ripped off. NEE good!!!

  57. thats 100% bull shit

  58. That’s bullshit paul cheating twats

  59. that also happened when you would have lost…. 3 times in a row if i remember,
    still sucks big time.

  60. Fk netent like their computer blackjack. in the 100 hands you play you win like 30

  61. TBF that was absolute bollocks the bet was made it was fine with all the shitter numbers then your jp number comes and it switches, tbh if you was my punter i would have thought it would have been better paying you that in the long run

  62. Odpowiedz
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP January 28, 2017 at 1:19 am

    IN THE LAST 6 months I’ve played online with live croupiers averaging
    2 to 3 k a spin . I HARDLY GET UP 300 to 500 pound and end up constantly losing 10 k a week .
    SO I TRIED SOMTHING WITH BETWAY ON LINE LIVE TABLE AND AND COVERED THE WHOLE TABLE WITH 6000 on chips and on purpose left off the zero . Guess what zero came in .
    I WILL NEVER PLAY LIVE AGAIN AS THEY ONLY LET YOU WIN SMALL AMOUNTS . Ball has a magnet inside and they ignite an area of the wheel for the ball to land in with least amount on it . Computer generated play even though they spin live . Inside information by a technician. I WATCHED YOUR LOSS OF 34 k
    It’s amazing how they found every number you were not on with any higher paid bet . RIGGED MY FRIEND
    PLAY IN A CLUB FOR NON RIGGED . I’m Tyler cheers be careful they love a guy like you mate .

  63. sick one, how much did you have on 0?

  64. hi who is rapping in this track is can’t find this version anywhere please let me know anyone

  65. Definitely appeal that……that makes me sickworse than my bank.

  66. Odpowiedz
    Petefromtheblacklagoon January 28, 2017 at 1:38 am

    That’s one thing off the list ✔

  67. shafted. its times like that , that would make me change casino, if it was a 20quid spin theyd pay up!!!!

  68. omfg CAS IS DEADthe fucking best

  69. This has happened to me so many times, customer support always say the same thing to me that its to do with cookies being enabled which is ironic that it doesn’t happen when its a losing spin haha

  70. fuk sakes! so sick man

  71. Paul I had this with sky bet I was doing £300 a spin 100 on 0 when I said on live chat it kicked me out rejected my bet and 0 came in the online gambling company’s need to stop the shit I contacted sky casino they said my internet I said ok but 25 other spins were fine but when the big money number hits I get kicked out but it accepted my bet that’s the funny thing I no longer use them tbh I use no one anymore had a roulette problem abit ago but I’m straight now I only bet football and £5 here and there roulette but like I say be careful make sure you mention that you have 11 k followers and ? k vies every week! Any way good balance can’t wait for the giveaway:))

  72. Just bcauseI love your stream and hate the sight of this. I will avoid netent roulette 🙂 I support you bro!

  73. Just love the amount of tin foil hat wearing numpties there are who ‘knowonline casinos are rigged. Get proof or get lost.

  74. I’ve heard it’s not all live they know what numbers coming that’s why they don’t accept bets it’s bullshit I was addicted to roulette and am still tryin to get away from it these videos help I like to watch these if I watch Paul’s videos I very rarely gamble

  75. netent live roulette is the worst of kind and evolution gaming.
    netent live roulette has a delay in their system the pitboss already know what happen and can press the cancel button if they want or kick u out of happen to me so many times i stopped now playing them.
    let me give u example how u know they know ahead . when the croupier make a wrong spin that ball jumps out of the wheel. you dont see it happen but the system already have stopped the spin before it happen.

    your bet was within last 5 second and was canceld kicked out of system means they already know the outcome before u saw it. obvious so many players was playing the zero and to kickout everyone makes alot sense.means if they kicked out everyone before it was comfirmed then no payout need to be paid and no worries for them as no bet is registered.AND THEY KNOW THE OUTCOME ALREADY!!
    IN THIS CASE U HAVE NO FEET TO STAND ON AS MGA WILL LOOK ONLY AT THE BETTING HISTORY. your bet is not register becos of the buffer time~and delay that they are ahead! this is pure corruption from netent. u got proof on video. if i was u take this to the court in england. i think there are who are cheaper then in my country to take your case.

    they think we are stupid. how do i know they are corrupt!! im a highroller too and it happening to many time. at diffirent casinos. from same provider and guess what allways the top number! one time is coincidence. two times makes u feel wtf. if more then 2 times that is NO COINCIDENCE NO MORE!! STAY AWAY!

  76. Whats the song called ?

  77. totaly scam. This casino fake a crash for stop your big win. paul play a other roulette table this real looking. not netent digital fake roulette. this is a normal casino trick. fake a crash


  79. After seeing this video and your comment I don’t think they are legit. How can this happen , AGAIN.. Whenever the jackpotnumber hits they don’t accept your bet. This is not coincedence just stick to immersive gl

  80. They unregistered your bet knowing you hit big on zero and took advantage of the suitiation. You can email trading standards and gambling commission get them to view it and make a decision I feel you have a strong case.

  81. I play roulette for thirty years, and the ball in a normal roulette does not jump like a grasshopper, said everything….

  82. Damn it look likes, they did it because you got a lot on zero.. lol, but it’s horrible if you bet much on a number and that happens they have to pay out lol

  83. f you want to know that in these roulette numbers come out I will tell them for free but in private so you can win until they change —– understood

  84. We are creatures that recognize patterns.I play roulette in the casino and mostly Net Ent on line. I always felt Net Ent was screwing me. Watching your spins confirms it.I relive all the bullshit moments I experienced while playing my own roulette sessions.
    Will never play Net Ent again. Thanks for the vid

  85. Odpowiedz
    Tuffabullz Rare colour bulldogs January 28, 2017 at 7:00 am

    nothing new here Paul I’ve had it done to me I’m sure there is a 30 second delay although it saysliveso they can void the table if any player has a big bet on the number that they already know has landed

  86. Its seems 21casino is rigged as f*ck !

  87. It happened to me on Ladbrokes casino as well mine was only returning hundreds not like your bets 5 times in a row my bet was excepted and when my numbers came in they cancelled the bet it was even happening when I was on live chat they took my money when my numbers never came

  88. that looks a little bit suspicious to me mate!

  89. Move Casinos and take all us with you!

  90. Rigged

  91. Whats the tune?

  92. Painful! What’s the name of that tune?

  93. it happnd 2 me 2x times in a row. fuck them

  94. I’m sure if it had of missed you would send them a cheque for 5k. 😀

  95. can say its happened to me a few times 5 winning spins but sucks on the winning ones butyou feel glad it never took it on the losing ones

  96. straight up fuckin fix mate. Absolute no doubt in it. I’ve heard this happens but never seen it……….it’s live but they’ve got about 15 seconds on you. They generally only Initiate it with big money

  97. some fix that is how much would you of won?

  98. take this scumbags to fucking court ,it’s a fooking robbery in day light fuck me ginger jesus

  99. Do they not realise how much you promote their games? And how much you put into them? I’ve had previous bad experiences via 21 casino and netent, they should be careful. Sickening one that mate!

  100. It would be interesting to know that if NetEnt live roulette crashes, it crashes all casinos or just the one you are playing in?

  101. Been enjoying your vids and streams for quite sometime now, tho I choose not to partake of live chat. However thought I should suggest the following…. on your next stream how about seeing what the general consensus is as to weather folk would be willing to boycott all netent games for a period of time. Whilst this, I’m sure won’t get your money from the ‘ghostbet it might just let the powers that be that we’re all extremely pissed off. In addition it might stop it happening again. ……. just a thought bud. Keep up the good work.

  102. Can you explain Paul…. Why would netent be unwilling to hold their hands up, I’m assuming 21casino would be the losing party in having to pay out? Or is netent the casino in here? I.e they take and pay out on all bets through the host, 21kasyno…..

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

      Nightmare m8, strange with the video evidence they don’t take it at face value, that and the fact, it’s 21casino who foot the bill!… Anyways your streams are great entertainment, good luck

    • Odpowiedz
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel January 28, 2017 at 12:10 pm

      I’m assuming they would had the bets been confirmed as your right 21casino would be the losing party in this!


  104. Odpowiedz
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE January 28, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Mate I swear there riggin this for you!!! Wtf!!!!

  105. id take that ruther, they know what they was doing x

  106. Odpowiedz
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE January 28, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    I’m never using netent again

  107. They fucked you royally.

  108. last time i played, i playes tiere section with last money, so 5 came and i has60 euro on it, but it didnt came true. bs

  109. you must be well pissed off sorry man. i can’t beleave that.

  110. Yep you got scammed buddy, they knew the outcome before you put the bet down.

    Anyone dumb enough to gamble thousands online deserves to lose the fucking lot.

  111. i lost at pokerstars 18.5 k $

  112. Guys, any cheating is possible, also any cheating with a a company such as Netent is highly improbableThere is no reason for it and the risk they would be taking by cheating in any kind of way is so huge that the man behind that decision would have to be high on some bad drugsPretty much the same thing happened to me and it saved my balance cause my number didn’t roll in, the next number was mine, I had a bet on it and I wonIt’s just bad luck

  113. If you want to collaborate msg me!

  114. Just a pity she hadn’t spun the ball. What a crock of shit.

  115. song name ; CasIsDead:Colours

  116. i would feel as if some cunt dipped my pocket when i wasnt looking

  117. I had the same problem with betvictor on the book of dead.i had a £120 feature that didn’t register.they offered me a £20 bonus absolute joke.ive closed my account down.

  118. A few people on here have hit the nail on the head! There is a small delay which allows them to sometimes ‘disconnectyou. Happened to me years ago on bet365. I was chasing number 2 and the stakes were getting bigger and bigger. It hit eventually and I would have won a couple of grand. It’s probably their way of messing with a savvy gamblers head as well. Lucky for me number 2 came in again a couple of spins later and I copped. They didn’t have the balls to try it twice. Unlucky Paul……but you will have your revenge and it will be all the sweeter!

  119. although i agree no money needs to be given to you as the bet was not taken and if the bet had a resulted in a loss you wouldn’t complain however, as you are clearly a very loyal customer i think it would be in the casinos interests to at least give you 50% of the return as a gesture of good will. Stay away from theliveroulette mate

    • bet is not taken becos they have a delay in system and they know the outcome already. there fore they disconnect u and no bet will taken. if no bet is taken u have no feet to stand on. this u wont see when u have a losing bet.

  120. go to police my friend and show them the video 100% fake roulette

  121. Makes you wonder why they don’t have cameras under the table, or could it be because they are hiding something???

  122. Mate I’d be going fucking nuts. That’s bs.

  123. What is that song called Paul?

  124. A magnet pulls the ball out of 2 and puts it in 25 you can see on your second spin. There’s a few videos where I’ve noticed this,very odd.

    • PetStuBa who the fuck studied econometry with physics. Thats just stupid.

    • Actually i believe its air pressure not a magnet

    • When i played once back in 2014, i got that too, but in my favor, like 4-5 times in a row, so dunno, one bet was pretty big too, i won 18.000$ with a 500$ bet on zero, it jumped into 26 but spunn out into zero. And it happend so i lost aswell, but more in my favor on the session.

    • They have that at the Casinos disposal thus GUARANTEEING the house never lose
      You will only mostly witness this strange ball action Via playing Online, bent as fuck

    • And what are the odds that 25 comes 3 out of 4 in a row ? Like 50000 to 1 ?

  125. Absolute bullshit mate a remember a stream you did last year way the same problem and again the 0 came in as a told the devil game

  126. So rigged!! I feel for you rocknrolla, I think high stakes slots from now on?

  127. Have you tried complaining to whatever Gaming Commission the site comes under?


  129. Crock of shit, obviously net ent don’t know where the ball would have landed, could have been 24! Then you would have counted yourself lucky. But all the same what a shit response from them

  130. That’s a fucking Joke! Happy to take your money when your on a bad run I’m gutted for you mate.

  131. Can not believe they did not pay you out its looks very Dodgy /Paul i would be so pissed your doing the right thing showing people it might be worth getting intouch with the Gambling Commission .Love your streams good luck to you and your family

  132. I HOPE YOU READ THIS BUD! This is scary buddy ! I have a bankroll of over 50k pounds , and only playing £100 every now and again as I’m not entirely sure whether to trust these websites about thisliveroulette ??? I’m almost convinced that I would play at least 15k of my savings in just 1 night to earn money and not work for a couple of months but seeing this happened to their MOST POPULAR PLAYER! And not done anything about it , I’ve now just realise to keep my money and keep working till I get to 100k instead of trying my luck on roulette . Currently , im still up £500 from netent I guess I’ll stay playing small ball I mean £1 bets or less !

  133. Funny how this just keeps happening

    I brought this up with customer services and they told me to fuck off basically!

    I got smashed chasing numbers and all of a sudden I get kicked saying the table was closed, went back in and low and behold my number came in!!!

    NETENT have a lot to answer for. They are providing 21 casino with a roulette service. 21 casino need to take customers complaints seriously.

    Fuck am I playing any of there on-line roulette again!

    My local casino can have my money!

  134. streaming tonight? pls casino hold ’em games then?

  135. what they are saying is the chips were chosen as we can see yet no amount was taken off as the bet amount. it went off with 7 secs left and because no money was taken off the balance (the bet amount), then no bet was placed. but because he had placed those bets (until money has been taken off his balance) the bet does not stand.

    think of it another way you write a bet out in the bookies until you have paid for it and placed it on in time then you wont be paid and the bet is deemed invalid.

  136. You’ve been robbed for 7280 pounds
    The spin was 12.280 pounds – 5000 stake…..

    I think you are always bettingin the pastthat means when you think youre live betting you are actually betting – 30 seconds (so in the past) Its easy for them to set this up this way so they can easy see the spin first the number first before they are letting you know you have problems with youre internet or what ever they can say to let you know it was youre fault ….
    If they do this like 5-6 times a week with different persons with big bets its verry easy money for them

    It’s always the same with these stories of many different people and it’s always the same with the bet ..the conexionyoure laptopbut never ever there fault!

    Of course they never take the bet of youre balance so you already know you have no story any how …. Verry frustrating and sure with these amounts!!!

    Hope they give you at least a 50% offer on this one so 3650 pound wouls do!
    Keep us updated!

  137. Shower of shite rolla , hard lines big fella. Peace ✌️

  138. What a bullshit response! If anything they should at least give you a free bet to the stake you had on previous round. Did 21 Casino have anything to say?

  139. Hi Paul they`re out to get you by the looks of things, unnatural bounces, table suddenly unavailable when you had over £300 on zero and to top it all off a shitty disclaimer from them saying your bet was not accepted and basically go fuck yourself we are not paying you over £13 grand for a spin that was our fault, cuntish behaviour that should be shared all over social media,

  140. Sick Paul !!!!!!….. netend ?

  141. Paul you listen to casisdead ???

  142. Wow, id be so pissed….

  143. Odpowiedz
    SPEED POWER PERFORMANCE SAP January 29, 2017 at 1:52 am

    Never again do I play online
    Explains why you just getter fucked over when betting big . Even though it’s commissioned and license they can pay out up to 70 to 80 percent per spin legally but it doesn’t stop them rigging the payouts
    Just like a fruit machine
    Or a online slot .
    They know when your logged on and they can control your gameplay and winnings . REAL CASINOS ONLY FROM NOW ON .

  144. your an absolute legend mate! been watchin u for years, keep doin what ur doin and cleanin out the casinos.. ive made u famous in northern ireland amongst me and all degerate mates and believe me we r big degens. like the master rocknrolla!

  145. looks rigged does that paul really weird

  146. Been watching you for some months now mate & simply wowYou’ve got balls. Thoroughly entertaining to watch & follow on your journey…. smashing the slots/casinos. Fuck the fobts

  147. Now that is so so rigged Paul .Fucking hell mate fist would have gone through that screen ..hope you can fight this and get some kind of retribution..good luck pal !

  148. I’ve always wondered about that roulette. it cuts to a wheel spinning, is that wheel live? or a recording of a number that’s gonna land which will payout the least?

  149. HI Rolla, I had same problem: south park bet 100pln(25euro), slot stopped on kevin bonus, and game frozen. I had also, every screenshot with date etc., but they told me that I did not get a bonus!!!!! FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!

  150. Can I suggest that you do at least a bit of research into bet sizing and hedging considering you are betting SO large.
    Often I have heard you say when a losing number hitsoh lucky i covered that and got some money backwell that’s actually wrong and here is an example.

    If you bet $3 on red and $2 on black, if red hits you profit $1, if black hits you lose $1 if 0 hits you lose $5.
    if you bet $1 on red and $0 on black, if red hits you profit $1, if black hits you lose $1, if 0 hits you lose $1

    the above example you profit the exact same amount without hedging only you reduce the house edge by betting less. This can be applied to betting on numbers as well.

  151. has anyone ever played trada casino looks like a great set up and fast withdrawels feedback would be great thanks!! fuck the fobts

  152. hi Paul I won 5k yesterday then today I won 2k I then put the 2k on Watford my first football bet ever lol

  153. They know the number coming up so knock you off, looks bad something is not right. I will not join this online casino.

  154. whats the song called mate

  155. Odpowiedz
    Rabbi Snatchshekelstein January 29, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    does make ya wonder. read 2 lub 3 comments on jacknthebeanstalk where the game crashed during huge bonus rounds with screen full of harps. yet it doesnt seem to crash during the 99hrs you dont get that full harp bonus round. either way, with some of the newer slots they are producing this past year or 2 you know they are greedy as fuck little bitches

  156. That’s hilarious !!! lol

  157. hey bro, i see you have no online presence I can message you unless your onlineyou need to get a seat in bills streamboat freeroll. 2nd to me having a seat it would be fucking legendary to see you there with those ballers. gonna start a campaign

  158. Are you gonna stream tonight mate

  159. thats so bullshithope you get your money

  160. Rip off c…. You should take that video footage too trading standards pal. I would fight that or at least let trading standards do an investigation, nothing to loose.

  161. That’s dodgey as fuck, basically the best number you were waiting on for 4+ spins finally lands and they just cut the stream, robbing thieving bastards! Happily take your money but take every chance they can to keep theirs! ……..I’ll be on Friday lol

  162. streaming tonight mate? this video is sick feel angry for you!!

  163. RnR I also join trough your link what you add here, they give 10 pounds to play. I go straight to roulette, as Im just roulette player, I make from this 10 pound bonus around 300 and go big put half in first time, happen same table closed and of course land my nr, then try again was close table bla bla bla, then I put all in and come nr which was not mine, and funny, table was not closed 🙂 hahahah, this not happen in other sites where I play often.But thats is my experience, i not tell all get same, maybe internet :0

  164. As much as I would love to believe the conspiracy theorists on here, it does not make sense for them to try and defraud players like this.
    Looking at some of RocknRollas other wins, he’s won big on roulette with no problems before, so why would they decide to con him this time. It sounds like to me, it was a legit issue with the bet registering, and as such it does not count. As a result the simplest and easiest solution is to refund the bet.

    Add to this the fact Rocknrolla is actually promoting their site, if you are going to defraud someone, you do not pick the guy who is trying to sell your site and who records all his spins.
    Sorry it didn’t come in mate, but i think it is just one of those things.

  165. time to find a new site paul.


  167. To be fair, on a recent stream Paul had AT LEAST 2 significant LOSING spins show up as not registered so he did benefit from the snafu as well.

  168. keep backing the video for the tune lol who is it? and always willing you on mate 🙂

  169. what would it have paid? scammers

  170. pless song music name?

  171. The ball at 2:10 is beyond weird !

  172. Cheers

  173. bullshit mate didnt want to pay out over 10k to you so its disconnected you fucking bullshit

  174. Just randomly kicks you out .. yeah rightsome thing kind of happened to me i had 500 on neighbours on 0 it was going there and then ball span off board

  175. Odpowiedz
    Rare Old English Bulldog Roe April 4, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    I play small nothing like Paul. but today a certain casino online emailed me today saying i received 5000. I was really happy but then took it back and said it was a technical error. I was expecting a random cash drop just didn’t think it would be that big. SICK is not the word:(.

  176. hahahaha casinos …. jezusI NEVER believe in coincidenceimagine for one second that thanks to the ‘computer systemthe casino would LOOSE a lotttt and certain players would win giganticnot in one million year there would be a computer problem like this so that a casino would get into big troublebut on the players side it’s possibleyeah right 😉very very hard to believeyou already know me a bit and my suggestion is to eliminate every kind of emotional playingbut in this case I would be PISSED !!!!! I feel very sorry for you this happened to youon RNG system this happened to meon statistical very good moment I bet redunbelievable lolI saw with my own eyes it’s 3 and then it jumped to black numberhahahahahahahathere are absolutely systems present in casino world to PREVENT you from winning ;.. absolutelyit’s criminal, but what can you do about it ? just nothing !!!! I contacted the casino about this issue what happened to me AND the official gaming commissionthe casino didn’t give me an answer at all and the gaming commission saidthere are SOME parameters a casino needs to obey to get and keep the licensehere it was 1) a loss of 70 dollar on 2 000 000 games played … 2) a pay out percentage of at least 85% … and now it comestake a breathbecause this is the response from the OFFICIAL gaming commission … ” average the equipment of casino is PROGRAMMED for the loss of a player ” … f*cking what ? I didn’t believe my earsthe biggest criminals are not the casinosit’s the government and the gaming commission

  177. Stop!!! Stop!!! God sake every fucking spin was rigged ! Just look at the ball and compare it to when you go into a real casino

  178. 2:10 – thats a weird bounce….

  179. 2,23 min ball jump out, vibrations ball

  180. Is happening and to me 3 times with 900 pounds and after I was complaining to William hill never give me my money back ( roulette was never spin but my betting off 900 pounds disappeared ?????????

  181. did you get anything back of them:@

  182. At 2:13 when the balls drop into 25 and then 2 u see the ball is getting speed from no where back into 25 ???
    Watch closely and see how the balls gains speed out of no where and also is bouncing like its rigged orso (controlled ball) ??

  183. do u need vaseline wauw

  184. I once was watching alive reelon telly and the number on screen as result kept on being the next one you saw on the wheel come in. i logged onto the site, but they were paying out not on the wheel result but the number declared (the next one!)dodgy as anything!!!!

  185. Look at min 3:20 how the ball moves ???

  186. man look the ball 2.15 min.

  187. The exact thing happened to me. I played super casino for a while, not anymore though. Mainly because it used to accept my bets then I’d lose and then when I tried to place a bet, it wouldn’t accept then my number would come out. It happened on a regular basis too maybe 2-3 times every 30 minutes. In the end I got fed up and decided to stay well away from that site. I wouldn’t recommend or advise anyone to use their site!

  188. Check out the spin at 2:12 closely. The ball defies the laws of physics. No way does that ever happen without some intervention in the form of a rigged ball/magnets. This combined with the default spin leads me to believe this an extremely shady site. Do NOT waste your money there. Stay away everyone.

  189. Happened to me I was actually sick as I was balls deep ??

  190. You take too much, Casino become poor.

  191. I was doing huge sidebets on blackjack other month pokerstars and then all of a sudden within space of 5 hands i get straight flush and trip suited aces both times they say my side bet didnt register i was fckin fumining and discusted, and said check the video playback****(insert alot of swearing)*********** well they refused to do anythingeven an apology or a free tourny ticket might of cheered me up but nooo 15 yrs loyal customer and you get the dealer laughing in your fckin face at the situation and the so called support just banned my chat..I’ve also stopped playing there since i notice running very deep in poker tourny bots call you all in with nothing preflop and hit full houses.

  192. This happened to me yesterday. Playing fine for ages then jackpot spins in after bet not registering. Missed out on around 7.5k. I tilted and then lost the lot.

  193. Odpowiedz
    Madhatter Gooner4life March 28, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Ive had the same thing happen to me..thats why i dont gamble on line any more and just stick to footy bets in the bookiesplace my bets and get the fuck out of there..

  194. wtf happened on the 120k win?? rigged?? serious win, gambling is very tough too win long term guys

  195. I know this is past now but bit of discrepancy common sense would surely pervail. I bet you wouldnt get the same answer now with how much youve spent and media pull you could have on netent. This would only cost them a hell of a lot more if nothing was done this time around with your clout

  196. Similar happened to me on jackpot joy live roulette. I was playing and suddenly screen went blank and was no longer in the session. When I refreshed the ball was on my 29 lucky number and I had a large bet on it well a large bet for me before the screen went blank.

  197. Rigged Af !!

  198. Odpowiedz
    HackerRiley10891 risk lipiec 3, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    2m10seconds you can clearly see the ball landed in 2 which you had money on and it stopped on 2 then the ball vibrated out so so so fixed ball has a vibrating mechanism in it

  199. Someone’s O had to go… ?

  200. If you dance with the devil….

  201. Makes no difference not as if your playing with your own money

  202. I don t care who you are and what you do.. 2:10 is proof of rigged roullete.

  203. Anybody know what this song is on the video

  204. Any casino can chuck the ball in any number because they are professional they do that job every day just like us we do a job and get better day by day it’s not luck it’s all fix

  205. The movement of the ball when it falls looks very electromagnetic. I would steer clear of this site mate.

  206. You got shafted by a casino

  207. Now ofcoarse I not play as high as you but it happened a lot I got kicked out or sudden network loss and to find out my number falls. Netent is a big scam and even if the casino is checked by the so called Ecogra, Netent certainly is not. Therefor I cashback every transaction on the creditcard

  208. This happened to me I had 10k in my account I was waiting for number 8 then my bet would have register twice in a row 8 landed and then 0 would be neither 10K complain tell them to look into it they saw the game had an issue and there’s nothing we can do about it same as when you play Blackjack I had 20 and for some reason the dealer gave me another card

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