Go bananas


    Payout percentage:96.9% Variance:MediumNumber of paylines:20Minimum bet:€ 0.20Maximum bet:€ 200Maximum profit:140,000 coins


About Go Bananas

Go Bananas from Net Entertainment is a somewhat simple but very nice video slot where a bunch of monkeys turn the whole thing upside down.

The term “to go bananas” freely translated means “doing crazy, going crazy” and you will certainly do so with this crazy online slot machine.

With the Go Bananas slot, everything revolves around 5 different monkeys, all of which provide extra wilds on the screen in their own way. Do multiple monkeys appear on the screen? Then the wilds fly all the way around and you can make huge profits.

The maximum payout per spin is no less than 140,000 coins.

And that's no monkey cabbage.


How does the Go Bananas lock work?

First of all, it is striking how beautiful this video slot is. The symbols are colourful, the roles run smoothly and the animations are great. Netent naturally makes online slots of an extremely high level and even the “snacks”, which Go Bananas is a bit, look great.

There are 20 fixed pay lines and a betting range of a minimum of 0.20 euros and a maximum of 200 euros applies.

Although Go Bananas may not be the most complicated slot machine, it does contain some surprising elements that distinguish it from all those thousands of other online slots on the market.

First of all: there is no separate bonus round. If you are looking for free spins, a wheel bonus or all sorts of mini-features, then it's better to find another slot through our unique slots. Because you won't find them at Go Bananas.


Monkeys = wilds. Lots of wilds.

go bananas netentTo win the big money, it is important that you play monkeys. There are 5 different types of monkeys and each monkey creates extra wilds on the screen according to a fixed pattern.

One gives you horizontal wilds, the other a row of vertical wilds and another gives them crosswise.

Can you combine multiple monkeys? Then you also get multiple patterns with wilds thrown on the screen and then it can go very fast in one go with your balance.

The best monkey to get is the gorilla. This monkey king of the jungle gives no less than 5 wilds in the form of a diagonal cross. The Orangutan is also a welcome guest. This provides a block of 2 x 2 wilds.

The other symbols in the game consist of a mix of fruit and gems, but the wilds are really what it's all about in this game. 5 wilds on an active pay line pay out 700 coins.

Payout percentage and variance of Go Bananas

The payout percentage of Go Bananas is 96.9% more than excellent. The variance is on the low side of medium. These two elements combined make Go Bananas perhaps the ideal slot to unlock a welcome bonus.

Of course, you cannot get guarantees that it will work with Go Bananas, but we behind the odds are larger than with most other slots.


What do we think of the Go Bananas slot?

With Go Bananas, Netent has released a very nice slot that will particularly appeal to the recreational player, who does not want too many bells and whistles. The game is simple and fast and there are often nice payouts.

Graphically it all looks great and the wilds, which regularly fall, take care of the rest.

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