BIG Bonus Attempt for Tonight!!



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Svenreels Casino
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Svenreels Casino

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Evoreels Casino
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Evoreels Casino

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WildTornado Casino
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WildTornado Casino

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Villa Fortuna Casino
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SpinSon Casino
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SpinSon Casino

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156 kummenti
  1. tweġiba
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 4, 2018 fil 12:23 pm

    Will be streaming on twitch around 8.30pm!!

  2. Can you post the results of the bonus on YouTube mate ? Thanks

  3. Go the Rolla

  4. No YouTube stream dude

  5. good luck, Paul, lad

  6. Got a good feeling about this .

  7. Fucking hell rolla, these last couple vids almost sent me to hospital. Also think my neighbour might think I have anger issues shouting get the fuck in there haha. Old Chinese lady is probably pushing a bible against her wall lol

  8. Yesss paul well done see you later good luck in sayin £4350

  9. Seeing as you aren’t allowed to stream on YouTube live anymore can you at least upload your twitch streams to your channel?

  10. tweġiba
    Lu & stew’s online slots and gambling Uk players June 4, 2018 fil 12:32 pm

    That’s some big nuts you got there must be hard to set down well done fella can’t wait for tonight see u at 8.30

  11. Missed out a cheeky blackjack double up at the end there

  12. Bloody hell that was tense. BJ for the win £4k bonus that will be I’m guessing

  13. dis gon be good

  14. Wow thank fudge you were hitting on Blackjack, that was pretty brutal trying to hit the bonus , tease central. Hopefully your perseverance will pay off. Looking forward to tonights stream Paul.

  15. I was watching the ladt couple of streams on twitch and it glitches and makes your voice sound like a chipmunk @rocknrolla

  16. Hope it’s a big one , what the crack with everyone having trouble streaming on you tube these days

  17. How did u do with red chilli on Friday

  18. Conker deep! Get in there Paul!!

  19. Can’t wait hopefully not shite

  20. I’ve never known anyone to own the blackjack table like you!

  21. Lookin Forward to that Bonus Pablo ya mad fudger. BOOM !!!!

  22. Very nice going , especially on blackjack , let’s hope the bonus does the job tonight ?

  23. tweġiba
    General Issam Zahreddine June 4, 2018 fil 12:53 pm

    Im so glad u finally got thatbonus on that masquerade

  24. unreal luck on computer blackjack. good job mate

  25. see you on 8.30 then 😀

  26. Balls of steel

  27. Fuck YouTube see u twitch mate feeling a big bonus win 6k plus ?

  28. Shit that could have gone bad very quickly

  29. Big balls detected :)) Get the fuddge in there!!!

  30. miss the old intro a bit 🙁 but get in ! guessing game on the forum ?

  31. Get in there mate, looking forward to the stream

  32. Just out of interest, what made you change your mind from only gambling on stream to gambling off stream again? I’m not having a dig, just wondered what changed your mind?

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 4, 2018 fil 1:40 pm

      I said it was always going to be just for a month but I do need to find a medium between the two as it was a session like this one that was the final straw for doing it!

  33. please upload the result on youtube

  34. Nice one Paul great card hands look forward to the 50 quid bonus. Get the fudge in.

  35. I love that 2k bet “ fuck it” ?? class !!!

  36. Wow so looking forward to tonight now

  37. Hope you hit a monster win ? good luck

  38. Blackjack was very kind to you there, which does not happen often. Good luck for tonight, love the new gambling community intro , very classy.

  39. awesome! good luck!

  40. Nice one , but you are crazy mfucker ???

  41. easy 500 xcongratulations for a new BMW

  42. PuhI think you could make a living off Blackjack…. Crazy

  43. What happened @ 4:10, he had higher number count than you, but still took a card and bust?

  44. Way to go rolla!!!

  45. Fair play rolla, you’d the man!!!!

  46. Nice Rolla. When you put the 2k blackjack bet on you already had 1k on your balance so after the 4k win that should of put you to 5k? Is it me just being dumb? Lol

  47. Hey mate what did that £15 bonus you had saved the other day come in for ?

  48. wow that’s a big bonus £50 hope it pays

  49. Fucking youtube

  50. Hahaha ye a nutter rnt ye boss to see tho wishing ye the best of look la il be on after to see it ??

  51. can’t wait !!!

  52. Looks like I’ll have to join the nerdywerlds on Twitch then ?

    • lenny harry I don’t know mate but must something in the YouTube guidelines against promoting gambling I’m guessing.

  53. Is this like a Pimp type of slot? Where you have to play with one line only?

  54. Best of luck Paul for a big bonus !

  55. Cheers Mate????

  56. WOW Paul! U most def couldve withdrawn the table winnings….lol see you on Twitch….Also, can you upload the past streams on here….I like to watch them at work. 🙂 Twitch wont upload on my work computer. LOL thanks and see you tonight #twitchnameis #rockandrollafavfan

  57. 210x is my guess

  58. Paul can you put your heart monitor on tonight please hehe

  59. Cant fucking wait mate !! Hope that bonus chucks you a full line bro !!

  60. Try get some more bonuses

  61. get in

  62. Nice we need u back on YouTube Paul

  63. tweġiba
    Rich Review by Gary Rich June 4, 2018 fil 3:59 pm

    Well done mate have a look at YouTube at my review off a movie called Terminal 2018 my user name is Rich Review there others on the site as well be lucky all the best

  64. some say the blue whale has the biggest testicular set in all mammals, they’ve not met Paul obviously, great win! see you tonight mate

  65. do a bonus hunt with the 1200 and withdraw 3k.. because your saving that bonus it makes sense to just do a mini bonus hunt on average stake

  66. 50 quid bonus, get in there

  67. GTFI! Balls of steel there mate! Its gonna pay off! ?

  68. Good Luck for tonite Paul.☘

  69. Good luck man im gonna be tuning in for this one

  70. Hey Paul, random question! I signed up to m fortune earlier, i was fortunate to win, how long do withdraws take? Also is that a good slot site to use?? Cheers Mate if you good get back to me!

    Ill be watching today on twitch btw!!

  71. About time you upload short vid. Can you upload regularly for the short vid? Thnx

  72. Paul mate are you streaming on YouTube tonight. Uncle pap

  73. Will you be putting the stream on YouTube as a normal video?

  74. Nice one rolla, I’m out tonight so will miss this on twitch, can u just edit the bonus part and put it on the website please mate, I wanna see this so bad ??

  75. 4 of a kind purple ladies pays 3750
    5 of a kind top symbol pays 37.5k

  76. Can’t wait Rolla! 50quid on 1 line =O!! If this retriggers it could be insane!

  77. Nothing better than a big bonus that cost nothing fingers crossed its epic for later

  78. Where u been then

  79. Dust off the bird mask…50pound spins are coming!! Nice Paul.

  80. Just 4 x 10’s on £50 bet is 1k!! Imagine what a premium full line will pay!!

  81. Awesome! How much did you make on blackjack alone? The slot must have lost you quite a bit. Great run an good luck

  82. See you 8.30 Paul lad, some bollocks you’ve got fella ?

  83. Fudge me hopefully 20k plus bonus

  84. tweġiba
    Layla the Boxer Dog June 4, 2018 fil 6:47 pm

    BOOOOOOM! (Basher136)

  85. Good luck mate ill try catch it ??

  86. Good luck!

  87. Streaming on YouTube?

  88. Can you record the bonus and upload to YouTube as a normal video for us not on twitch pleasegood luck ❤?

  89. Paul what happened to the chili bonus stream

  90. Have I missed something thought coming on half 8pm?

  91. Paul when you hit the 4K on bj, you had a 1k balance. It should’ve given u 5k. Can’t wait to see the bonus. Good luck and cheers!

  92. I can’t believe how much money you made in black jack

  93. tweġiba
    bazed - Casino Youtuber June 4, 2018 fil 11:23 pm


  94. (WILD NORTH SLOT) Hey big boss, I saw you hit a feature today on $50 a spin and then like save it for later. Where can I see how that did?

  95. 1 line ???????????????????

  96. Cracking stream last night Paul just a shame them max stake bonuses never seem to pay. I never realised aswell on Twitch you need to follow to chat and a was sat talking away all night ?

  97. Great stream last night PaulYou on tonight pal )))??

  98. Top stream last night mate. One request can you PLEASE turn the South Park follow song off I must’ve heard it over a hundred times last night. The others are ok but that one is noisy and interrupts the stream.

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 6, 2018 fil 6:16 pm

      Yeh going to look at changing them all, I think that stream was a kind of one off as I had near 500 new followers so was around 2 a minute

  99. Fingers crossed for the massive 50 quid bonus Paul!! XD

  100. What was the result on the bonus?

  101. Any plans tonight mine host??

  102. @rock n rolla Hamilton 4.00 rock n rolla ( not a chance )

  103. Dude you should have $5000 after that 2000 bet .. not $4000 ????

  104. You on tonight Pauland if so will it be on YouTube or twitch pal )))?

  105. @at 10.27 you were at £2188 then at 10.28 you were at £4100. where did the £2000 come from more black jack or win spins?

  106. Upliad bonus results for all twitch shit coz i eint joinin switch cheers

  107. Thanks for hitting Zeppelin and G Fishy Rolla…, more appreciated than you can imagine. Those are due are bonus for sure ?

  108. You streaming today mate ?

  109. When’s your next video scheduled for big boy?

  110. tweġiba
    Milk And Ryan Moore June 8, 2018 fil 2:25 pm

    A welcome back YouTube stream tonight? ?

  111. What happened on this bonus?

  112. Dammit man, I’m never around for live stuffwhat was the result of this bonus? And the other one? Need to know how it went!

  113. Why make us watch a 4 hour stream if your not gunna show the 50 quid bonus?

  114. Anyone got a link to the vod with timestamp as to when he played this bonus ?

  115. On Blackjackloses handi guess thats the end of the run”.. next hand bets 1k…. hahahha

  116. whats your website @rocknrola

  117. It seems like you got ripped off for 1k on this. When you put the 2k blackjack bet on you had 1k left so you should of had 5k after that?

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