BIG Balance for Tomorrows Stream????


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60 kummenti
  1. I was hoping this video was part 2 or the next poker video ??? I’m excited to see the outcome on both?

  2. tweġiba
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel jannar 17, 2017 fil 9:51 pm

    Couldnt resist and had a little play, updated balance hereunlisted

  3. Fruit Warps RTP was changed around January 2016 mate so it’s had no effect on you! I’ll carry on watching now lol

    • tweġiba
      Thewildmanarchieduncan jannar 17, 2017 fil 10:11 pm

      MrUKHackz maticulous in your knowlege again hackz. i dont really use this word as there isnt many worthy but here goes”””IMPRESSIVE””

  4. Ok. That’s enough. I’m not tickling your balls over these thumbnails any more mate

  5. since its popularity went up Paul it’s been different same as jack and the beanstalk bud ?

  6. Paul it’s 100% changed you can tell

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel jannar 17, 2017 fil 10:20 pm

      Last few times I’ve played it its been dead, but gives me loads of plus base wins and shit load of cherry features! Having said that did you my unlisted vid in the comments?? ha

  7. Great vid so far Paul!!

  8. tweġiba
    Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel jannar 17, 2017 fil 10:15 pm

    made me laugh mate. so i need bar bar……………black sheep. haha great vid champ. hope you hit huge on stream tomorrow.

  9. Looking forward to tomorrow’s stream ?

  10. HAHAHA Suck my one-eye Bandit made me laugh hun! Good luck on your stream tomorrow x

  11. Poul some Brett Neault use your videos on youtube but everyone now is only one rolllllllaaaaA

  12. Nice video, when we getting the poker videos?

  13. tweġiba
    TheGreatBishop YohanVerga jannar 17, 2017 fil 10:36 pm

    I got an idea for your next giveaway! UFC parlay!

  14. don’t get why people dislike? don’t watch it if you don’t want!

  15. I have exactly the same on Fruit Warp. I think it sucks but ye nothing to do about it


  16. corner the market you tube its bants

  17. Noticed couple of times you don’t double 11 against dealer 10 on BJ book says you should

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel jannar 17, 2017 fil 11:05 pm

      Hey mate its actually extremely minimal in favour of doubling on 11 vs 10 whereas just hitting you get a bigger winning percentage long term. Plus I’m playing where I double each time I lose so if I was playing the standard way then maybe I would play a double here

    • Would have made you another 150 on that hand! Get on it. Keep up good work!

  18. fk the fobts paul one love

  19. Rocknrolla on theif if you get the red adrenaline scatters all the letters are taken off the reels thats why you get higher wins

  20. Great vid as always.. I think the thief bonus for red means only premium symbols for the free spins. I might play poker tomoz for s small tourney . If not then hotel and stream as per usual. Thanks for the vids it really does help me not spend all my money . Take care and fuck the fobts

  21. That pirate game paid decent, the wild counts as a scatter do many games do that ? Or is it because the scatters need to be on a win line. Great as always mate. Looking forward to stream tomorrow night

  22. BarBar Blacksheep has the music like the hungarian folk song: “Hull a pelyheswhich is a Christmas carol. Nice video. 🙂

  23. 25:04 YOU GOT 3 SCATTERS!!!!! wtf and it didn’t trigger

  24. 24:55 3 scatters!!! no bonus game!!!!

  25. tweġiba
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE jannar 18, 2017 fil 12:06 am

    I know exactly what u mean by fruitwarp, it used to be alright now it’s awful!

  26. Really enjoyed that slot comp rather than just com blackjack you should do more of these ! Good luck with tomorrow’s stream I’ll be watching no doubt?

  27. tweġiba
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse jannar 18, 2017 fil 1:22 am

    thanks fir the video broglad i got my spanner back too….mmmmm will be raging x

  28. I keep hearing 21 casino is a joke people having a hard time withdrawing money,money disappearing from there accounts and the bonuses are a scam can someone explain? ??

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel jannar 18, 2017 fil 11:21 am

      None of my guys on here as well as myself have had any issues with them. Money disappearing from accounts is rubbish and if it did happen I would leave in an instant!

  29. Paul you won’t believe the hit I had on Raging Rhino 80p stake hit £1777 on bonus. took screenshot. don’t know how to send it to you thou lol.

  30. yeah i agree I was on lastnight 100 bullet not a single hit, fucking torture definatly spoils the fun when the tighten it up like

  31. So what exactly does it mean when your pay table turned to gold on immortal romance lol, probably nothing ?

  32. When is part 2 of the poker vid?

  33. Nice balance for tonights stream really looking forward to it loads of big wins hopefully

  34. still cant live chatso tonight if you play secrets of the stones can you pick 3 jew 4 picks in the bonus ….do bottom left and gandalf stone no 7 and no 10…….. and when you do south park and get kenny bonus on picks do ……2,2,1,3 for mewill join stream late its my wee girls 12th birthday today ….best of luck mate tonight and rip the fudge out those slots 🙂

  35. can you do some spins on starburst tonight Paul seems a popular games be nice to see a big win. cheers man

  36. Times stream tonite bro

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