4 BIG Bonuses Saved!!! Any Good???


Some bonuses I aimed to open on stream some months ago but they never made it!

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Svenreels Casino
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Svenreels Casino

Svenbet Casino Reviżjoni joffri - Online offerta każinò tal-Casino Reviżjoni Svenbet ma reviżjoni klassifikazzjoni ġenerali ta ' 9.5
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Evoreels Casino
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Evoreels Casino

Evobet Casino Reviżjoni joffri - Online offerta każinò tal-Casino Reviżjoni Evobet ma reviżjoni klassifikazzjoni ġenerali ta ' 9.8
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WildTornado Casino
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WildTornado Casino

offerti WildTornado Casino Reviżjoni - Online offerta każinò tal-Casino Reviżjoni WildTornado ma reviżjoni klassifikazzjoni ġenerali ta ' 7.9
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Villa Fortuna Casino
offerti villa Fortuna Casino Reviżjoni - Online offerta każinò tal-Casino Reviżjoni Villa Fortuna ma reviżjoni klassifikazzjoni ġenerali ta ' 6.5
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SpinSon Casino
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SpinSon Casino

offerti SpinSon Casino Reviżjoni - Online offerta każinò tal-Casino Reviżjoni SpinSon ma reviżjoni klassifikazzjoni ġenerali ta ' 8.5
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132 kummenti
  1. Fuck yeah

  2. Nice to see your back rolla

  3. nice win get in there my lad watch seaside mark

  4. tweġiba
    Humanities died long time ago freedom novembru 4, 2018 fil 7:41 pm

    roulette place

  5. What time is the stream and where is it?

  6. Hello RocknRolla. I’m sure you’ve got my Email please please respond.

  7. I miss your streams

  8. tweġiba
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel novembru 4, 2018 fil 7:48 pm

    Lucky fucker hitting the £50 bonus

  9. Shirox got 700x at £40 a few months back.

  10. Fuck £50 retrigger on temple quest ??

  11. Nice, get in there Rolla.

  12. When are you streaming next mate and nice win

  13. tweġiba
    richard nottinghamforest novembru 4, 2018 fil 7:51 pm

    Nice mate! That £50 bonus could’ve been crazy!!!

  14. Are you streaming tonight?

  15. whens the next stream rolla

  16. Brilliant mate really happy for you on the edge of my seat watching like it was my money very exciting. You deserve it hope to see more soon ?????????

  17. Weheeeey. Get the fuck in there!! Another vid to spice up this Sunday eve.

  18. tweġiba
    Thewildmanarchieduncan novembru 4, 2018 fil 7:56 pm

    Nice paul. Are you still in Malta?

  19. Nice win Paul

  20. Roulette please

  21. Shame that temple quest wasn’t even bigger for the stake but hey oh it’s MONEY

  22. Nice hit m8 well deserved

  23. And yes when are you streaming next please don’t make me sit and talk with the Mrs again hahahaha

  24. Great vid Paul , more of those please

  25. the real rocknrolla says sucka ma dick……. nice wins bud 🙂

  26. At 50£ not even 100x ??

  27. Was so hyped when you got that bonus and that retrigger damn gg Paul!

  28. Genuinely never seen anyone win on Dragon Born!

  29. Wow

  30. Have you got more of a chance of winning when playing higher stakes compared to £2 a spin

  31. Nice one. I won £1450 one pound bet on the new lucky lady deluxe 6 and on the feature it dropped in 4 of them retrigger balls and that’s what paid the £1450 ? but it did not pay much more after that. But I was very happy with that dropping inn.

  32. Nice win Paul. Love your video because you play the way half of us want too. Well done mate

  33. Good one . Been a while since I have seen anyone play temple quest.

  34. Nice win on temple mate get the fudge in !!

  35. myyyyy g

  36. BTG shits over any other provider! Great hit on Temple Quest, £50 spins! Holy shit! GTFIT?

  37. Well done brother. It’s money lol.

  38. Any more vids like this rocknrolla and I will start self harming my bonsai, no more depressed fudging bonuses, balls to that be the rocknrolla and get the fudging lot ?

  39. On witch casino is he playing??

  40. Nice win Paul, well done ?

  41. Great last bonus rock. Sign of things to come I hope.

  42. That was nice man, congrats

  43. thats a classic bonanza bonus. Not even close to 100x

  44. Pro Raise love it congrats mate

  45. Get back streaming you fukfaceroulette and chilli

  46. Lovely bonus win!!!!

  47. How much would you say you’re down this year then?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel Its horrible looking at that +/- but it puts it into perspective I suppose

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel novembru 6, 2018 fil 11:20 am

      I don’t mind, I have no idea really. I could find out but think any future sessions I’ll have that in my mind and will probably effect the way I play. Most casinos you can now see your lifetime +/- when you click on account, last stream I showed my LVBet account for the last 3 months and wasn’t a pretty sight

    • Gary Shannon Stfu he’s clearly open with his losses and wins, I’m asking a genuine question. It’s better to be open about gambling than not to speak about it you fool.

    • +Callum Anthony makes it even worse that it is a serious question. Why dont you ask the next lady you see her age. Paul is uploading context that obviously difficult atm, doesnt need somebody asking how much he is down this year.

    • Gary Shannon was a serious question

  48. Get the fudge into twitch again 😀 awesome win mate!!

  49. Get the fuck in their!! What a raise ??????

  50. Gtfit mate ?

  51. You forgot to upload the big bonuses.

  52. Who would have thought it, Temple Quest for the comeback, well done.

  53. Nice video paul GG

  54. Nice to see a £50 bonus game actually paying for once!

  55. Check out my gambling vidss

  56. Phuck me Paul. 2 retriggers on a 50 pound stake! I would be melted

  57. Take Care mate

  58. You still have 120k mate

  59. Sometimes bonanza can be a complete wanker slot

  60. Top draw very enjoyable stream

  61. Pissing myself on that £50 bonus,you get 5 Queens for a shit 1x win but in my world that’s my months budget on the slots ???

  62. How Is it a big stake at $5 a spin??? Nice video in any case

  63. Nice vid nice wins but the slots are boring to be completely honest

  64. Awsome come back u tube

  65. Last game wasnt even 100x

  66. Says free spins stake….is this not real cash kid

  67. Lol u broke now?? Gamblers don’t win everyday.

  68. Damn thats nothing compared to roshteins 117 bonuses on 10€

  69. So first part of video was at 16 minutes past you had 4500 plus 2 mins later you had 450 plus. At £5 A spin this isn’t even possible turbo spin. But then when you think about it and oooò your playing demo play but trying to pass it off as real lol

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel novembru 13, 2018 fil 1:15 am

      When you save BTG slot bonuses then it starts with the balance you had, so if I triggered the bonus and closed it down to play later when my balance was say at £4,500 then lost that whole balance and opened up the game it would say my balance was still £4,500 until the bonus was over

  70. All the idiot gamblers in this comment section is funny ha

  71. i’m the 50k viewer

  72. you are mad man that’s why i m a subscriber.best bonus on youtube

  73. 100 quid spins

  74. Whats the heartrate pr second on that last bonus? insane when you know how much freakin spins you can get on Spinfinity

    • tweġiba
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel jannar 17, 2019 fil 12:07 pm

      Never seen it pay so wasn’t particularly high plus had just lost 3k before reopening so was fairly flat heart rate ha

  75. you are a good person paul best of luck though i hope you gamble less if you are losing money

  76. your balance went from 6.3k to 5.56k without a cut at 15:35?

  77. tweġiba
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel novembru 6, 2018 fil 11:30 am

    Soon ish mate

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