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  1. 1st Great upload Paul

  2. 2ND. indray…!?

  3. Nice editing, can’t be easy finding all the fails

  4. Awesome vid man keep the great work up man between u and the bandit u have kept me clean from slots for months

  5. ??? still remember the sliding door and the red wine ??

  6. The sliding door still kills me with laughter ???

  7. hahahahaha ????

  8. 2.31 ?? such a great stream moment so glad I saw this live haha, shame it’s a paper door Paul only just got through ?

  9. I love the fact that you made this video so people hopefully can finally understand thatstreamersdon’t win everytime they make a deposite!

  10. navalin'i
    Илья Кожушный Janoary 6, 2018 amin'ny 12:22 PM

    Fudge it ))))

  11. You carrying some extra timber mate ?

  12. That fucking clock was hilarious

  13. That was easily the funniest shit of 2018 so far….

  14. Precisely why all online gambling should be banned. All bookmakers shut
    . The only place you should be allowed fro gamble is a real casinowhere it can be monitored responsibly. Online casino are just as bad drug dealers as bookmakers

  15. great vid paul as always. All the best this year sir. FUCK THE FOBTS!!!!!

  16. haha I love it! finally some funny content

  17. Nothing worse than a proper crap bonus ?

  18. The memories of these streams lol. The door. The clock. The spills. Quality

  19. Quality Paul, great YouTube streamer pal, been with you for about a year or so mate. Helps me keep my demons at bay, but don’t like seeing you lose money mate. I shouldn’t feel better with my addiction by watching someone else lose. So bring on the wins in 2018 and hope you have a prosperous year fella

  20. Best video on YouTube

  21. navalin'i
    Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos Janoary 6, 2018 amin'ny 12:33 PM

    I prefer this over fudge any day haha

  22. I want to see a poker stream Paul

  23. Good vid 😀

  24. Best video ever, so many brilliant memories i couldn’t stop laughing!

  25. That whole thing was funny as fuck. I must have missed the clock momentclassic

  26. love the vids m8!

  27. Brilliant Paul, laughing my head off at the ticking clock?

  28. Brings back some memories, great streams, soft 16 was always my favourite stream moment, I genuinely think if you had been in a casino you would have slapped them.

  29. jesus man im wetting myself from the end few clips phahahah

  30. That sliding door gets me every time ?????

  31. Zero section wine spill lol

  32. Fuckity fuck fudge. Damn rolla

  33. tsara Video ..; I’m feeling less lonely with my losses haha


  35. LMFAO the clock scene 😀

  36. Brilliant vady ??

  37. What a good video

  38. Whats ticking there isn’t a clock ?? oh wait here’s a clock

  39. Haha. That kick to the dick! Think i seen all these live. Some belters in there over the years!

  40. Tick Tock it’s thug o’clock. Hilarious.


  42. Fucking awesome video!

  43. Brill vid paul i fukin love u man keep it up x

  44. Great stuff! Is why watching your live stream is so good.

  45. You’re supposed to break the bank not everything else 😛

  46. Classic – now that made me laugh…. Cheers all the best

  47. If you lost me, I’m rolling on the floor !! It’s killing me !! What genius Paul is ! Epic sliding door kick in the balls !! <3'ya !! TIC TAC TIC TAC TIC TAC There's NO fuckin Clock !!

  48. Rip door ??

  49. Brilliant you’re a legend! X ?

  50. Haha yeah I still cant get over that clock and the sliding door. Most hilarious things which have happened. Lucky that it wasnt anything else making some noise in the background XD

  51. kicked in the nuts whilst dressed like a pigeon. Best wank I ever had.

  52. The clock! 😀

  53. My top RocknRolla stream incidents
    1. Sliding door, obviously.
    2. Pigeon Kicking Bandit
    3. Staggering home drunk from the casino
    4. Hiding under the desk mid-stream
    5. That time you got uncharacteristically hulk-smash furious at someone, tpt.

  54. amin'ny 2:33 i saw that live ??????

  55. Very nice video,good job Paul 🙂

  56. Get the F in there!!! But there is red wine all over the place..

  57. the fun aspects of gambling. I’ve had a gambling addiction for around 25 years and been in residential rehab twice and numerous meetings but the only thing that helps me is watching these streams FFS just laughable honestly. if you have issues don’t watch streams . You think because the streamer is advertising gamble aware or for only 18 they are responsible ? They got bollocked by advertising agencies due to the amount of complaints as the gambling commission won’t do fuck all, Yet. You see charity streams which is great for the charity but even better for the streamers as they offset the amount from their taxes. Just makes me physically sick and there will just be an explosion in this kind of promotion for online casinos.

  58. My life in a nutshell. Nice one haha

  59. thugs are loser ;-))

  60. Paul you smashed it litterly .get the fuge in. Mate love your streams you sir are a fucking legend respect

  61. compil fails nice idea, i learn

  62. Really enjoyed this haha!

  63. 4 fucking 50 ??

  64. Oh the memories. Cracking vid mate haha

  65. The sliding door and the kick still makes me die ????

  66. This is your best vid so far!

  67. If Carlsberg did videos…”

  68. Sliding door moment is easily the funniest thing I have ever seen on a stream.

  69. absolutely hilarious..well done!!

  70. Unbelievable hahah, you’re an absolute legend!

  71. How come the charity rant at some YouTuber didn’t make it in Paul? I’ve noticed the video has been taken down, haven’t got Russia working for ya have you?!! Keep smiling

  72. give me my like 2:34

  73. RIP sliding door 🙁

  74. Lmao tick tock I remember that one so lucky !!!

  75. Without words….streamer No 1 !

  76. Needed to upload a video like that so people can see when they say you win all the time on slots. In future when people say it then you can send them to watch this video, then they will have no arguments. Loved the funny bits of the streams the clock was my favourite.

  77. THANK YOU paul, you have no idea how hard i tried to find the replay of that stream with the clock. GTMFIT

  78. Best vid ever! So funny

  79. classic much awaited

  80. The poor sliding doors fate was decided when that handle ‘felloffRIP. Oh and I am still haunted by that god damn fucking clock!

  81. navalin'i
    AdDocker global business directory Janoary 6, 2018 amin'ny 7:12 PM

    red wine, a sliding door and an injured chicken lol

  82. Hahaha the sliding door moment!!! !Ripdoor

  83. 1 and a half X …. Jaaaaa ??

  84. One of the best videos ever Paul! Ripping that sliding door off, the random clock, and the kick in the bollocks, awesome! Keep em coming, funny shit!

  85. What did the librarian say to the child?

    Read More

  86. laughed right through.Can’t believe how hard I laughed at your pain.

  87. Some legendary moments there sir

  88. You wanna do £18 a spin on dead or alive imagine the wild line wins IF you got it…… Better than most of the others you play lol

  89. Soft 16 fotoana? Maybe it deserves a stand alone videohaha. These were great.


  91. Hahaha,,, fudging brilliant stuff brother

  92. pmsl who got kicked in the nuts?

  93. navalin'i
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel Janoary 6, 2018 amin'ny 11:31 PM

    Great video. Well done for showing all the fails

  94. ??the sliding door will go down in the history books!! #thuglife

  95. navalin'i
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel Janoary 6, 2018 amin'ny 11:59 PM

    The clock omg was hilarious Paul !!! Tick tock ???

  96. Get in @rocknrollaaaaaa so many good moments and so many rigged slots. I enjoy your channel keel up the good work. Sure you’ve started trolling me recently about your avalon sessions off screen haha.

  97. He came busting through tht sliding door like a super hero hahaha

  98. fuk n class THUGLIFE lol

  99. I remember that clock moment and the first sliding door where you broke the handle absolute gold! Thanks for the last year Paul keep it up! Oh and I was watching when them crystals screwed You!

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel I literally can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store, I still don’t think anything can beat the clock having your life hahaha

    • navalin'i
      Rocknrolla ny Miloka Channel Janoary 8, 2018 amin'ny 3:56 PM

      Misaotra nijery, glad you enjoyed it! Yeh at the time people were kinda bemused by my reaction but like you’ve seen this hasn’t happened since so knew it was so rare at such a high stake!!

  100. Even on ya fails u still win something lol, just came here for the sliding door R.I.P

  101. Haha. The clip with clock had me dying.. Happy new year to you and yours!

  102. This was hilarious ???

  103. Quality and classic! I saw most of these live on stream, but I never saw the clock bit, that was hysterical!!!

  104. the sliding door kills me pmsl xx

  105. i love watching him loose ….what a sap!!

  106. mamirapiratra, really enjoyed that. The clock pmsl

  107. Sliding door thug life!! What a ledge!!!

  108. Was that the Bandit kicking you in the balls as you are dressed up as a pigeon?! Excellent video.

  109. Streaming tonight mate

  110. U on tonight bud or not

  111. navalin'i
    Тот самый Парень Janoary 7, 2018 amin'ny 8:32 PM

    2:30 looool

  112. Any stream tonight?

  113. Credit to you. At least you are realistic and know you can’t win every time

  114. brilliant haha

  115. Serious question, are you up or down from gambling??

  116. span 100 into 2.5k today YEZZZZZZZZZ

  117. Hey Paul. Why don’t u do poker anymore .? Pokerstars please . Miss those vids

  118. Ha Ha Ha Ha BrilliantNot for the loses obviously!

  119. How the acting career going?…………………. You’re the guy who plays punished on Netflix right?

  120. If you stream tonight I’ll change my picture

  121. Nice compilation hahaha?

  122. Self-professed high roller of gambling talking about the dangers of gambling addiction in his previously ‘deletedvideo. Hilarious!

    • navalin'i
      Rocknrolla ny Miloka Channel Janoary 9, 2018 amin'ny 7:47 PM

      This is a one way conversation then, don’t want to answer to my replies then peace matey

    • Yes I’ll ask you a question‘What did your life teach you yesterday?’ – any reference to gambling and your a waste of skin lol!

    • navalin'i
      Rocknrolla ny Miloka Channel Janoary 9, 2018 amin'ny 7:29 PM

      Ah ok like who? You ever spoken to gamcare, addicted family members, GA, people on here struggling? I have and I don’t preach but if people ask me a question I’ll be truthful

    • If you want to talk about the dangers of gambling addictionmaybe leave it to people who know what they are talking about, instead of drunken gambling addicts like you- tpt!

  123. Fun vid, wouldn’t mind stuff like this getting posted more often because it keeps me from gambling and is entertaining. Not as many affiliate sign ups as a big win compilation I’m sure though.

  124. The sliding door ??????

  125. Clock be nice

  126. I love how his does the jack and the beanstalk yaaaaaas

  127. Hi there,

    Just reaching out to you to make you aware of a fancy piece of software that would help save serious difficulties for problem gamblers.

    Although your videos are entertaining; there is always a risk that people will gamble more than they can afford. As a result we’ve developed a product that blocks access to online casinos and betting outlets.

    If you’re interested in getting in touch, to find out more, perhaps even to promote it to your channel and your fans; we would hope this would save people who might be at risk.

    I look forward to hearing from you and helping reduce the risks for all.

    Chris –

  128. That was brilliant mate
    As the saying goes, We must take many roads of failure to reach the road to success

  129. Am glad u show the bad side of the slots ,table games etc and it’s not always just shits and giggles and £££££££££££ .


  131. BEST VID! LOL My brother and I died laughing and came back to life watching this. tpt

  132. Just seeing you play roulette someone I know can hit 9 avy any 10 also if you study the dealers they signing what’s coming outProven this several times for many please avoid roulette

  133. Fuck you rumple lmao

  134. Gambling is your job ?

  135. Hey Paul that arse bandit quick cash is piping up again. He said your small time even though he’s playing demo.

  136. Great clips! Thanks for sharing both sides

  137. Come back to watch thethere is no clock momentlooooool

  138. Fuck You Rumpel!!! Im dead ?

  139. Henry’s Handyman Services, how can I help you?”
    Hey Henry, it’s Paul. I had a right proper punt last night, mate
    The sliding door again?”
    I’ll be there in a hour

  140. The door the clock
    Off the charts mate glad I was watching at the time mint xxxx

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