Going for a Youtube Record!!! #2 Dead or Alive HIGH STAKES!!!!


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94 Komentāri

  2. atbildēt
    RocknRolla s Azartspēļu kanāls aprīlis 15, 2017 pie 5:18 pm

    Comment below to vote for Dead or Alive, Joker Pro or Break Da Bank for #3 of this series!

  3. yh rolla get in nice to see a video from you as well. you and bandit keeping me entertained on my day off. be with you soon bud. much love rolla

  4. Do Wonky Wabbits next

  5. I hope one day you will get the wildline in first spin!!

    Im for BDBA!

  6. still think joker pro is the one Paul

  7. Dead or Alive all the way Paul! Its going to happen.

  8. Go big or go home paul! haha

  9. Dead or alive. Joker pro is to quick. Blink and you miss it

  10. Unlucky Rolla, keep it real g

  11. i thing dead had the potenciale for the record :p

  12. I’d love to see raging rhino!

  13. dead or alive or raging rhino £10 spins

  14. Jewel Strike 50 Pounders! <3

  15. £13 stakes on that game is suicide. I have only hit 5 scatters once for like 90p spin in probably 200 bonus games

  16. Dead or alive mate all the way I think even if it takes a few more vids once it hits it will give that all back and then somekeep it up mate great vids

  17. £2,000 Paul…. I am looking around the sofa to scrape up some money for a Takeaway for the Wife and Kids.. and I work full time too..

    Happy Easter All£2,000 Holiday caravan and Food and entertainment that could have been… 🙁

  18. Raging rhino

  19. Part one with ten bonuses was a great run. Break Da Bank, good old fashioned high stakes option. Great streams as usual. Thanks mate

  20. Dead this time but you’ll soon rise again and smash the fucking game ! Thanks for the video paul !

  21. #dead or alive#

  22. dead or alive for sure! it’s got to come in!!!

  23. One day. one day
    I played dead or alive today and I got the bonus after 455 spins.
    0 wilds so I busted as well!

    Next one Joker Pro?

  24. Dead or alive mate . Persistence pays bud

  25. not a shit video at all mate. appreciate the fact your taking us on the journey threw this little series. you wont win on every video and as we dont know what to expect it makes it fun to watch.. much love rolla. see you on the next

  26. DOA stick with it mate you will get a massive win soon

  27. joker pro ?

  28. Dead or alive stick with it

  29. Doa mate epic potential

  30. Happy Easter to you and your family 🙂

  31. 3rd times the charm

  32. atbildēt
    JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN aprīlis 15, 2017 pie 6:09 pm

    Paul. you like my new name ha ha ha

  33. Joker pro, dead or alive 🙂 i really wanna see you get a monster win! fingers crossed for ya m8

  34. Dead or Alive, got to show of the bandit 😛


  36. ļodzīgs Wabbits!

  37. Ruby Walsh slots on paddy power

  38. cheers for showing

  39. joker pro or wonky gets my vote mate

  40. atbildēt
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel aprīlis 15, 2017 pie 6:42 pm

    The day WILL come when you hit it big on thisLooking forward to it .. Best of luck next time bud ?

  41. My man RocknRollax! i have like 2ct. on my account! can u give me some free spins on fruit warp?!

  42. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Are 21 Casino going to be increasing their slot choices to include some of the popular ones from other sites like Book of Ra, Monopoly, Motezuma etc? I feel like the slot choice lets the site down which is a shame because it seems like a great site

    2. Are you streaming tonight?

  43. If you keep trying. eventually you’ll hit massive

  44. i once got 5 scatters on mr green, totally out of the blue, on 90p stake. was around 3am in the morning. really appreciate what your doing. you will smash the youtube record. guaranteed.

  45. love the editing mate good stuff! can’t believe you had 10 free games and still 1k profit awesome! I do this like 5 times a week much much lower stakes ofcourse. 400+ free games in 5 wildlines so far not bad hey! cheers!

  46. love it, the big win is getting closerit’s almost due ??

  47. GOLD ERA ??

  48. Dead or alive all the way. Break the bank has potential but features are more intense on dead or alive

  49. why you always quickspin?

  50. I had the wild line once , but i just let the slot do his thing .. never stopped the reels in free spins .. it might fuck the bonus up .. Cheers

  51. do you know that with this 2000 I can solve 70% of my problems and then I can live a normal life and I can sleep will I hope you always win but when you have extra money just try to make something good for some one life,,,I use to gamble 6 month ago with max only 10 usd per week maybe hopefully some day I can win big and pay this money to the people who wants to put me in the prison

  52. love dead or alive game. but big hit hardly pays on it. i love Huangdi slot. try it if u wish.

  53. brutal that pal I would try joker pro myself gives the bonus a lot more than others break the bank will break your bank lol would be lucky to get 1.bonus off 2k lol

  54. I just checked if you hit 5 scatters like the bandit on that stake. and it was over 33k lol

  55. Wow didnt give u much chances that time paul still great video shame about the bust mate

  56. atbildēt
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel aprīlis 16, 2017 pie 7:48 am

    Can you do a big bet on thunderstruck 2. Like £10 spins

  57. How about some book of dead paul?

  58. unlucky this time mate

  59. I love this new little series trying to go for a DoA record. Keep it up mate!

  60. Terminator 2 go for hot mode you effin ledge #wingading 😉

  61. nice video man,would love to see you do a video on topcat love the game me, pays well too.

    • Ah i’ve only recently started watching your videos, so haven’t made it through alot. Its a hard feature to get, but other ones can be a good pay. Went back to some of your ealier vidoes, was a right win back in the day on avengers, but nothing compared to what i’ve seen you win recently! loving the channel.

    • atbildēt
      RocknRolla s Azartspēļu kanāls aprīlis 16, 2017 pie 5:33 pm

      Never had any real luck on that one, I always try to gamble for the top feature but I’ve never had it!

  62. Love this slot, love what your doing! Do moreeeeee

  63. The odds of a wildline are one in 250 bonuses usually. There is a new software tool coming out soon called Slot Tracker which records how many spins and bonuses on each slot and gives the overall RTP and RTP per session. I am currently using it for slots as a beta tester and I love it. Would recommend it for a slotter like yourself Paul.

  64. Paul, what’s the best way to send you a screenshot of something?


  66. Please resolve bonus, many thanks and all the best

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