HUGE DEGENERATE Gambling Action!!!


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54 코멘트
  1. 댓글
    락큰롤 라의 도박 채널 십월 15, 2016 ...에서 9:29 오후

    ffs the bottom part of screen isnt showing, no idea why its come out like this!! End result was £4,400!

  2. Get in there paul congrats ?

  3. is it play money?

  4. dont enter full screen, we can see the important bits

  5. roulette legend paul . wd m8


  7. well done man! I dont know how your nerves take those bets…롤

  8. Good hit mate , sucks couldn’t see the exact amount you were betting , but deffo degenerate lol

  9. Christ, I feel like I’ve been punched in the face even after losing a hundred, nevermind thousands. I’d probably drink bleach.

  10. are you going live tonight love? 🙂

  11. u are mental I wish I had as big a balls as u have..congrats mate nice one 🙂

    • 댓글
      락큰롤 라의 도박 채널 십월 16, 2016 ...에서 6:42 오전

      Top explanation! For me I treat it as 90% play money, that 10% that holds onto reality tells me to cash at least at some point! Only time when I reconnect is when I withdraw and it gets processed!

  12. Nicely done Paul.

  13. Wildline on DOA with those stakes would be mind blowing! Insane money.. maybe next time mate..

  14. Don’t buy it myselfmust be working for these sites! Billy bullshit I’m thinking! ???????????

  15. degenerate for sure 🙂

  16. fuckin hell. mate your mad

  17. propper degenerate that paul. glad you won. look forward to monday

  18. You’re a complete sicko. But I love it
    Well done

  19. Love ya buddy

  20. u r the jesus of the gambling world! legend..

  21. totally crazy, but great

  22. This site never pays me anything out , I’m starting to think these streamers all have some deal with the site ,same as nick slots never losses ,if he does lose then he hits like £4000 got to be bullshit

  23. So what did you start with and what did you win lol? You missed bank roll off :피

  24. fcuk the fobts.nice work

  25. Love your channel Paul balls of fucking steel man!

  26. Magic mate bloody magic, £20.00 a spin ,, then FUCKEN £50.00 your get a jackpot like no other OMG imagine , well I had a lovely lie in this morning , YOU made me open my eyes lol . Talk about live streaming, or YouTube . Sweet , watch your subscribers go UP . The uk use to talk about what happens in the soaps , Next the BBC will make you there next channel because your getting more FUCKEN veiwers LOL it’s true . Loved the vid . Give up the day job mate please ✅

  27. but how much did u lose?

  28. online casinos !!

  29. its all the same house always wins

  30. there it is 3 mins in

  31. Epic looking forward till tomorrow’s steam catch you then!

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