MEGA HIGH STAKES Fruit Warp!!!!!


I'll take it!! Cheers for watching!

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57 코멘트
  1. 2nd and get the fuck in there

  2. Get the fudge in there Paul xx

  3. Does your back hurt. Carrying around those big balls. Good work fella

  4. Crazy £50 spins Paul. Glad you won it back.

  5. Oooh well done glad you walked away when you did and didn’t do your whole balance in. ? 엑스

  6. 50 spins am lucky if a get to deposit 50 haha lucky that was mate

  7. Plum ME !!…. 롤

  8. 5.25 I’d be like fuck u fruit warp..paul£50 spins it islol..nice. I’ve watched u since u started..but let’s face it we all love £10-£50 spins. I missed this live, so good to put it separate.

  9. Ur insane. 50 스핀. Quality tho

  10. Uhh I almost pissed my pants there! At least old fruity didnt hurt you too much.

  11. Thought that was destined for full blown tilt, nice comeback pal.

  12. So exiting 50 spins insane !!

  13. £20 and £50 spins on fruit warp, thats some serious risky stakes haha! happy that the cherries could save you 😀

  14. We’re going to have to start calling you big ball paul ? £50 one spin that’s crazy, glad the cherries ? saved you

  15. is fruit warp the new roulette? could see you doing 1k spins if it allowed you lol. sure you won’t miss that £60 to much!

  16. respect paul !!! fucking nervous watching this

  17. £50 spins on fruit warp you absolute nut job/legend!!!!

  18. madness lol glad u got yr money bk bud 🙂

  19. you crazy fucker ???

  20. you crazy man?.. 50£ for spin!!! any way nice???

  21. got lucky with the cherrys paul man i was biting my nails lol

  22. Double binned on oranges Because Bandit requested it haha. well played!

  23. paul dude u got some balls m8 u killed those fake streamers well done

  24. 댓글
    The Bandit's Slot Video Channel 십월 16, 2016 ...에서 7:28 오후

    £1260 off cherries haha you know the rocknrolla is in town ??

  25. Do some age of God slots that sob owes me £600 🙁 need you to kick its arse make me feel better lol fully done me fuck the fruitys lol

  26. Good win but you still finished with less than what you started withSo luckyrecovery

  27. What fucking balls this guy has. Get the fuck in there!! 강철의 공.

  28. Mad Man 😀

  29. Great vids Rocknrolla , but seriously playing high stakes on this slot ?? this looks like some dude made this slot on his Sinclair spectrum. I could think of far better online slots to play. Novomatic slots all day long !!

    • 댓글
      락큰롤 라의 도박 채널 십월 26, 2016 ...에서 11:12 오전

      haha this one is actually perfect for high stakes! it looks terrible agreed but is so addictive when you play it. For me it has given me some huge wins more than any other slot plus at high stakes you dont even need a major win/fruit for this slot to give you something decent!

  30. But you lost £70? Why is everyone getting excited over the ‘winfor? Days work for some. Big profit gambling sites makes people think they’ve won even though they’ve lost?…

  31. It’s watching videos like this that keep me off playing online slots like this.

    • strange its video’s like this that make me wanna play more slots XD If he would have hit those cherry’s on the first couple of spins he would have a great payout @x12

  32. Lucky you didn’t blow the lot lol

  33. rock and rolla there was a horse that won today at 16:25 HuntingdonEach Way H’Cap – 6 “Rocknrollrambo” , only backed it cos i watch your channel but one to watch lol , fuge me mate £50 a spin you loose barstard

  34. Was it Mike Reid who does the voice over?

  35. Hello Man! If u have that much money to gamble 50 per spin can you please buy me a PS4 Pro ? 😀

  36. Balls de acer on 50 한 번 씹는 분량

  37. ahh these good old days

  38. How bad is fruit warp now not as good since the update should be called fruit rape

  39. Dull, waste of money game. Still got almost yourmoney back. £50 stake, and it returns £20 or £35! How much is a £1 stake going to return 5p? 롤

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