$30 Spin and Go session #1 $7200 POT!!!!!


One of my first fishy poker sessions!!

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2 weeks


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109 注釈
  1. nice win fella

  2. Folding too much pre, overshoving hands when 15-20BB deep, no limpingNot really a balanced play

    How can you say he plays very well? No offence

  3. Damn bro!! Makes me very happy to see someone hitting the mark..
    Lost 800 bucks last week in the cash game, i think i shall try the spin n go for some time. I stopped it because most of the pool i get is only double the amount i paid for.. You have to play it more often i suppose.
    Anyway good luck!

  4. Good and terrible plays mixed together.

    • that is how a gambler play. he has the ability to be a pro, but his impulsive obsessive mind won’t ever let him be one. playing poker as a gambler will lead you to massive loss in time.

  5. that jack high 3 bet bluff was perfect. how do you get such good reads, when you multi-screennice work

  6. good luck A9 vs 99 you was dominate

  7. Nice win, but terrible play.. specially HU, that was awfulBut you got lucky, nice hands..

  8. Tile your tables dude. It gives you more time to think. A lot of bad plays here. You will not make money in the long run playing like this.

  9. Such bad random button clicking…. But nice job on the bink!

  10. Nice one! おめでとう!

  11. horrible bet sizing, horrible plays. just fucking stupid

  12. lost track on how many of these I’ve played in the past and to hit such a big numberyou spawny b@stard! Ha I was surprised 2nd and 3rd received $600 each too. O.o

  13. so many stupid all-ins in that $7200, lucky you that the opponent had nothing better or was afraid. but the bingo factor also decides the fate of any table.

    • i think he played well, in this format u cant really wait 4 safe spots. gg paul. awesome catch dude

    • Yeah he did that because he knew his opponent had jack shit, and lets be honest, the opponent can’t call that all-in with Ace-King high for 6000$ 1st prize

    • +ouThhiTus u should play the same way for all the prize pools but u re right for his moves.He checks shove with completely air on dry T flop and then he c/s again with middle pair on Q high flop(not profitable at all)finally he put the money on 30% and hits the A..

    • +ouThhiTus it’s indeed standard for 3x prizepool. when the battle is for 200xbuy-in is more like spin and stay, even more knowing that 20x is guaranteed win. i must have played few hundreds of small stakes never getting a decent amount to battle for but i witnessed others and people played like were in a rush with bizarre all-ins.

  14. 応答
    Владислав Тищенко February 1, 2016 に 7:16 午後

    Give musik, pleaze

  15. coke, coke , cocaine 😀

  16. Give me 10 dólar someone luzineider

  17. Feels like alot of the ppl talking in comments arent familiar with SPnG.

  18. J8 off postflop ai was brutal really brutalhe told u with his postflop bet that he had the 10,if he calls and he have the 10 the chance to win the hand are small^^ very smalldo you want that or was that the adrenalin!? 😀
    Howevernice win, congratz

  19. Very well done to point out that this is not the common prize pool you get. With all the high pots you see on youtube thenwithout knowing ityou could think there’s a high chance to hit high prize pools.

  20. Great shove with the J8.

  21. really bad music it hurts

  22. A/2 all in lol

  23. Let me know if you want free coaching.

  24. wau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GG

  25. Wp sir! You play the spin and gos very similar to me. Think the highest I’ve had is 600 に 60 dollar spins which I won. I bet your heart was in your mouth when the prizepool came up lol

  26. All these experts commenting never had $7.30 let alone $7200
    Well done fella,good for you?

  27. Che pessimo.. All inn any a, che t chiama solo chi ti batteHai trovato uno più scarso di te

  28. send me please some money( i lost all(( alicakisa

  29. Well done well played. Some on here disagree with the way you played a lot of this, but it mostly the right play. Just because it’s a lot of money on the line, doesn’t mean you have to only shove with the nuttz. You won’t hardly get called, so shove bluffs are very effective in the big one’s. And it comes down to your opponent’s, there not likely to call with draws when they are at risk with 6k on the line.
    How do I know? I won a 6k for the 5 dollar spin N go just a mouth ago. Took the early chip lead, then let my opponent’s hang themselves. First guy hit top pair and shoves into my 2 pair. Then the second guy shoves pre with Q high and I have A, standard call. Both hit the flop, but he rivered another Q. やはり 580 chips to 920 to me and 2 hands later got it in with 88 against his A 5 for the win.
    Anyways, well done and that was some impressive play, it’s hard playing 4 at once, as they go so fast, but you held it together really well. Would have been better to have heard some voice, to know what you was thinking at the time.

  30. hey gime some cents id: skulllsux

  31. 応答
    Алексей Криницкий 八月 6, 2016 に 4:42 午後

    J8o showWTF

  32. these things are the biggest scams. just turbo sng’s with shitty returns. this is the equivalent of mcdonald’s running a promotion saying they’re gonna give away a million dollars. only after they’ve made 5 million will some lucky sob win a million.

    • No shit maybe every company should just give out a million dollars for 30 dollars makes perfect sense you play these for the chance to hit a big number even tho that chance is very small

  33. music and screen mix gave me anxiety. hahaha

  34. he probably lost his mind at 9:11

  35. wow..nice one

  36. nice player

  37. 応答
    Northside’s Gambling Channel December 3, 2016 に 5:03 午前

    Because aRocknrollawants the Fucking lot??

  38. Q-3 suited folded heads up to a min raise >.<

  39. Then you call J-8 off >.<

  40. Got very lucky running so well. And I think deserved 2nd place on the big win , played pretty weak heads up. Folding min raises with decent hands

  41. Кто нить синьте мелочугу в ПОКЕРС СТАРС Ник Melman210

  42. You are shitty and stupid for bouncing around and not focusing on the 7200. lucky idiot.

  43. winning 7200 WITH BIG LUCK. A9 vs 99 lol,

  44. What the fuck i hear here? God damn composer of this shit!

  45. greate!so lets go play bingo and the money will come!!

  46. Anyone who plays 4 tables at the same time is an idiot

    • the top online players in the world play 20 tables, 4 tables is nothing. The only thing he needs to do is tile is tables.

  47. mother of fish !

  48. ワオ. Legendary session dealt your way. You could have won every one with those cards. The 10,10 auto fold made me cringe along with a bunch of other plays but well done bud

  49. 7200???……180+60…..no 7200

  50. lol.. the music…. like a Mario Boss theme hahah

  51. You rolla what’s the track you used for over music love it

  52. very nice my heads spinning lol

  53. he ahd 220 dolalrs and spent he 120 of them???wtf is that??

  54. How the F u hit all the flop like its nthing Straits 2 Paris flip u hit every thing dude..

  55. The Roulette and Spin&go legend!

  56. Wow nice one Paul u should to one night just poker night streaming

  57. Awesome wins m8 more vids of poker would be class 😉

  58. I don’t know why your all going on at him like fuckin jealous idiots that aim of the game is to win right? And he did so for that who cares how he played he won for gods sake. Good win rolla ?

  59. よくやった. I hate kind of luck like that

  60. This is why I only play 1 spin and go at a time.

  61. Jesus man
    At least when your playing for 7200 bucks.. Stop playing the other 30 dolla spin and gos and bring up the 1 screen for 5 minutes and have your full focus on that one big game . but nice anyhow

  62. Hook me up with some quid. Poker name is TheGod22. Thanks in advance

  63. And this is why al the proffesors of poer have to STFU. This guy absolutely SUCKS in Hold’m, makes several so called BIG mistakes, but STILL manages to get second place. The element of LUCK is much bigger then anyone would like to believe you. Poker is a skill game, for ony about 15-25% the rest is pure fkkn luck.


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