£6,000 vs Live Roulette!!!


A roulette session from a few months ago.

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193 Commenti
  1. First 🙂

  2. Just a real fucking rockanrolllaaaaaaaaa

  3. Notification squaddd

  4. Betfair?

  5. haha great minds think alike I wrote to you about roulette on tgc lol

  6. that turned out ugly.

  7. stream tonight bro??

  8. Get the fudge in there rolla , unlucky session matey , make sure you get in the sun today , no sun beds needed 😉

  9. Can you do a book of ra 6 session

  10. after watching, this was a bad vid lol

  11. Beautiful weather and a rolla vid. What a day off this is. Might have a beer soon hahs

  12. the top left says £0.50£200.00?

  13. When’s next stream pal and can you please play who wants to be a millionaire?

  14. Through thick and thin, wins and losses; you’re still the best online gambling streamer there is 😉

  15. Rolla I know it has to be balanced but let’s see a winning one soon please.

  16. What a degen

  17. Balls of steel, best online streamer no guts no glory.

  18. Oh man😱

  19. I was gonna like but then I frt better watch video 1st, sick mate and the way she was laughing at the end yuck.thin margins thou like you said beforenext time

    • Yea fck her the slutthey laughed at me many times after heavy losses. Those evolution gaming cunts are worsewouldn’t even use them anymore. Many times I’ve thought about researching travel costs to go bitch slap the fck outa one of them.

  20. Nice start , but unlucky 👍

  21. rispondere
    Gazmatronic 'Reborn' Cavanagh luglio 25, 2019 a 12:32 pm

    Unlucky ma man
    Your a top blockTop streamer.
    Next time you will smash it Paul.
    Catch your live stream soon lad.
    #Toptoplad #Hewantsitall #LetsRollwithRolla

  22. I can remember the first double up vids man on marvel and rode the journey with through the nose bleed stakes, love the videos man. It’s even getting to the point where Im looking at a number that would just literally be so sick and so tilting it’s as if they have control and throw it in now and then.

    • @Dan Watts i mightaswel go back to my old hobby sniffin cola if this shits all rigged. Gotta replace one entertainment with another. You might be right though as i’m £80k down gambling online.

    • It’s all a game the owners play with each holding horses back etc, driving the odds up. I’ve known owners go to races knowing there horse will not stand a chance.

    • @Dan Watts horses fixed aswel?

    • Thanks for the reply paul. With all the governing bodies and regs. PokerStars software is designed to create action same with online blackjack and roulette, there all designed by psychologists to literally create false hope.
      I still swear it’s all fixed the revenue the U.K. make of gambling is huge! It’s nothing to do with protecting jobs in bookies,

    • rispondere
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel luglio 25, 2019 a 12:38 pm

      Yeh the brutal nature of the roulette wheel

  23. Love degen Paul. Unlucky pal

  24. Brutal…. 29 e 4 just outside over any of your numbers…. Thats gonna tilt anyone.

  25. Paul please whats casino name used on this video with this limite table

  26. Good god Rolla. I bloody love you lol

  27. Unlucky Paul, gotta bet big to win big.. I have seen you win shit loads and loose alot but either way I love watching the videos and streams.

  28. İt will be a good session if you stopped 10k,sorry for lost

  29. i knew straight away with that quiet music it was gonna be a loss! 🙁

  30. seek help mate

  31. rispondere
    Абжамиль Оспанов luglio 25, 2019 a 12:41 pm


  32. What a bitch for laughing!

  33. Never go full Degen 👀

  34. Watching these high roller losses always makes me feel better about my losses, best of luck for your next roulette session mate

  35. I ❤️ your videos.

  36. rispondere
    MissQuantum Casino Live Roulette & Blackjack luglio 25, 2019 a 12:51 pm

    May I ask which Casino you’re playing at on this Video? 🤔

  37. Best gambler on YouTube by far.🏦 what casino is that Paul??

  38. What a waste

  39. 1-53 yes we did want to see them thanks love, but you look like Morticia😂😂😂

  40. You are the most greedy gambler on YouTube my friend

  41. Unlucky mate

  42. Ouch that was cold! The highs and lows of gambling wish mine was not all lows!

  43. No Ron Zacapa this time sadly .. but the Ronza will come again .. and after multiple Ronzas .. it will be a nice walk with disgustingly filled pockets

  44. F-Ing music is terrible i feel half asleep now!

  45. rispondere
    Archibald Maule Ramsay luglio 25, 2019 a 1:13 pm

    Connect with 2 o 3 numbers on the trot, betting that big and your laughing. Unlucky pal.

  46. Why was the last spin so fake

  47. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but watch the way the ball lands first spins, always rolling out of numbers into the next, but from the number 20 onwards watch the difference. Straight into the number and no further movement. Very odd.

    • @Mick H I didnt say that either. The dealer just throws the ball. The roulette wheel runs on a complex computer program that can make the ball land anywhere. It is quite sophisticated. It’s even more impressive in live play where theres physical chips in play while the ball is spinning the ball is manipulated even then!!!

    • @Julio K Of course I am not saying the dealer has any influence whatsoever, just the way the ball rolls and lands after RR’s last win is very different to the first spins.

    • All roulette worldwide use the same or similar wheels all run on programs. It’s all computerized and pays out percentages just like slots. The live dealer is just for show she has no bearing on the ball at all

    • Totally agree.

  48. I cant get a single streak since 6 months alreadyi loose at everythingover 200k down 🙁

  49. Lol moron

  50. Nice tutorial on how to lose 10k in minutes 😂😂sick

  51. Respect to putting on the losses aswell
    Such good content and you’ve got balls of steel deserve the big wins
    Best gambling channel in my opinion 👍

  52. Fucking shitty music ruining it

  53. Ouch baby! Unlucky mate. Your courage is beyond most and will get rewarded on that day

  54. That magnet youve edited in her hand 🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

  55. Before last spin 4 was going to 24 Neighbor but magnet shifted to 13 so obvious this roulette is scam

  56. What a SHIT video
    1 – Because you lost 😩
    2 – That fucking awful music 😠

  57. This is such a dangerous game! Thanks for the vid tho. Ughhh I am so unlucky on this game I only play Baccarat now. Ive been doing well. Keep the old vids coming 🙂

  58. That ball did not bounce about very much in the compartments or maybe its just me. Next time Rolla.

  59. Owch that was painful to watch.

  60. Unlucky Paul, the way you play table games can be so brutal but other times can yield a great profit. I’m thinking 20k was your target?
    I would literally crap myself at them stakes lol, shit dunno about repairing my bike I’d by a bloody new one.

  61. rigged af,

  62. Do you work for the casinos cause no one can lose money like that all the time unless your a multi millionaire??

  63. I’m a simple guy I see rolla video I click and play thanks and have a great day!

  64. That 6k could have paid of all my debt. And a nice family holiday on top of it. Aww felt sick watching this

  65. Stupid tbh hit 10 k walk longer u play less likely going to win a think

  66. Hi Rolla! Your Bet at 3:47 makes no sense. I knowits the buzz. But try to think of it logically. You are risking 2280 on 20 numeri. Out of 20 numbers only 14 pay profit and only 9 numbers double the bet. 6 numbers you bet on will lose! 6 numbers on which you bet, which return e.g. 900 on number 13.
    Why do you waste so many chances on numbers which wont return your bet at all?
    I think you should focus on how to improve your bettingbecause this is what the casino wants. Imagine,… You would play 20 numbers each with 25 units, you would have a total bet of 500 units, and a win on every number equal to 400 units profit (900 units total). If you would leave two of the losers out such as 7 e 30 o 28 and 13you could play with 18 numbers straight and play it as asimple chancewhere the number of bets equals half of your estimated payout.
    Taking your average expected win of 4104 units as the winning line, you could gain a profit of 2052 units from a 2052 unit betby placing 114 units on every of your 18(!) winning numbers straight. This also means that you make the same profit on every number. In comparison the profit of your jackpot number, number 23, equals to a win of 7560 units and a profit of 5280 units. Leaving 7 e 13 out you will end up with a total bet of 5280 units and thus 293,3 units on every single of the 18 numeri. Again, you would have the same expected win on any hit of these 18 numeri.
    So what is your choice?
    2280 units for a win between 900 e 7560 units? Knowing 6 played numbers will fudge you over, 5 played numbers pay less than twice the bet, and having only 8 numbers with reasonable profit out of which only 2 are the so calledjackpot numbers”?
    Or would you rather want to take profit on every win?
    Dude, I posted such things under your videos for so many times, and even sent you an earlythesisto a statistical strategy as pdfAnd you are still the compulsive clicker. With 6000 units you could make so much more a night as if you would throw it at the casinos in 2 o 3 spins. Also would you have much more entertainment. Taking all your big roulette losses together, you would have such a high bank roll from just saving it, that you could play my latest mindset at 50k and would make a constant profit of 300 units a day and would not even have to think about getting close to the statistical observation frame when playing a progression of 6 numbers at 0.2 o 0.5 units
    Im sorry for these words, but damn itYou really need to think about your bets and if they make sense

    • He cant control yourself if he lose and all time do same mistakes. Also we see the 4 red numbers after 4 black numbers after 2 red after 4 black then 2 red and after 4 black again. Thats easy to see it but paul cant see. I saw all of his streams and roulette plays. He all time consantrate to one point and lost all of his money. He cant control yourself and all time do the same basic mistakes.

  67. Unlucky mate fucking 29 screwed you twice horrible number!! Onwards and upwards good seeing some roulette tho best streamer bar none out there win or lose!!Long live the rollaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  68. Love the second to last spin where it jumps from 8/10 per 13,
    Absolute joke, let you hit a few then decide to hit the button and rinse you, total scam.
    Looks like magnetic airball roulette bullshit !!!
    Played them in casino, bent as a nine bob note, Random Rotar Speed, let’s shaft the punter bollox.
    May as well be a FOBT

  69. Dude, please stop with the music. It must be an effort for you to put it on, but it is irritating as fudge for me as a viewer!

  70. That escalation time is at world record pace

  71. rispondere
    Roulette Logarithm Wins luglio 25, 2019 a 2:45 pm


  72. I like it just not the music.

  73. am putting this down as clickbait I wanna see u do well rolla man but this losing shit I don’t need to see 👊🏻

  74. Devils game

  75. Love your roulette vids up or down your still the best out there 👍🏽

  76. You might as well just be betting red or black when you’re covering half the play field.

  77. sorry rolla this music, i cant concetrate sounds like sht no offence, and can u put date 🙂 ty much respect ur pain in ur azz andy i like to keep up to date

  78. hate the music sorry,

  79. Rolla, I do not like when you play tier and zero at the same time. Stakes are too high.

  80. Can someone please tell me how that ball manages to sit at the top of the slot when it lands on a number? Notice how it lands on 29 and then rolls up hill towards the number and stays there!!

  81. After he dropped under 6K, I knew where this is heading. Although, I suspected it at the beginning, hearing the the sad music cover. Knew there will be no anyget in there

  82. had to mute music dam u lost 🙁

  83. cant leave a like if u lost:)

  84. lol what a loser, always losing because of that greedget it fixed idiot, as alwaysBecause a real rock n rolla LOSE the fucking lot …” lol

  85. Hi Paul, nice video, like all your library on youtube. You the best, play with your mind and not with your hearth hahaha. nice videos bro, love ya

  86. biggest mistake is:
    after a win you don’t begin with new low stake. you just rebet and increase your bet too. greedy
    10k was great already

    • Watch the £120,000 win video and say he was too greedy and should have stopped at 10k. You hindsight assholes are a total pain in the ass. Plus Paul wins big because he proportionally increases his stake after winninga Martingale strategy. Since you clearly have no idea about gambling, why not just fuck off to some other channel you might know something about, like knitting mittens.

  87. Do you have a big win slot video?

  88. When people ask why Paul doesn’t play roulette streams only, this is why. Not a criticism he has always been upfront as to how he plays

  89. Yes Paul, love bonobo so much <3

  90. It just kills he climbs up then he crashes.

  91. 29 & then 4what a fudging joke.

  92. allah pleas help me to stay away from gambling. and help everyone else who fooled by greedy satan. money that earned thrugh that much stress and enxiety will never make u happy.. i learned hard that simple things in life is far more enjoyable..

  93. As soon as that first 29 hit I knew where the video was going.

  94. Am I only one seeing the ball getting pulled towards a number? Looks so dodgy

  95. brutalbetter luck next time

  96. Let’s see some of them 100k + wins in the future or a high stake 1000x !!! Sure it’ll come 🙂

  97. the magnets hit hard on that 29

  98. Whens the next stream rolla?

  99. Can’t beat some irresponsible gambling to make me feel better about myself!

  100. your system it’s bad

  101. Magnet from 3:38e when hitting 29

  102. Massive respect for you to be posting such a session. It makes my stomach flip! I have no idea or concept of how you deal with these type ov wins and losses. For such a transparent streamer/video producer you rarely talk about how you deal with the highs and lows, would be very very interesting to learn how you feel/thought process for such a massive loss and also I’d love to hear about how you deal with the massive wins too! Hope your streaming tonight and maybe talk a little about the way you deal with shit! Much love as always…….👍👍👍👍👍👍

  103. 10.5 million i hope my man, much love

  104. Was that evolution or netent rolla??

  105. 4,29 e 13 next to 27 wich you dinit have..its a game wich you not gonna winthey just know how to take your money

  106. Great that you post your losses aswell as the wins. 20p roulette for me though!

  107. Rolla. Just seen you have 55,555 subscribers. Maybe it’s a sign to go big on number 5? It’s tier section so you never know? Good luck.

  108. Tough to watch mate! But that’s the way you play
    Good vid showing the dangers of roulette

  109. Pauly said he always get all in thats the way he plays and then sometimes you lose

  110. Only just started watching your content and al be watching alot more great channel!

  111. When the fun stopsyeah right

  112. Background music?

  113. Gotta risk it to win big.

  114. This would have put me on serious tilt mode. Still love the vids rolla. When u planning streaming next and I’ll try my best to catch u bro 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  115. Such a nob loses that type of money

  116. Bro with that money i make 30.000 plus a month in gambling, just be smart, use your spiritual luck and it easy. I am a jehova witness, im 19 yr . I work in a real state comp. I also develop appstore apps. I discovered my extreme luck at gambling at 18. I use my winnings to give to the poor. I recommend going to the casino , online casinos are way more rigged. Also dont do half bank bets, if you have 6000 do 500 bets or less. I also recommend sports betting, pay a membership and youll be fine. What i most recommend is a real job, find jesus, dont love the money, love life, sharing, doint healthy things like reading, making love, surf, football, sports, dancing, music, etc.

  117. Well done rolla. Now can all the idiots asking for just roulette streams and videos shut the f up. I imagine rolla has done this video to prove the point as a lot of people don’t realise how he plays roulette it’s impossible to just play that all the time, often using big wins from slots to have a go on roulette is a good idea and often what he does

  118. Forget the music in these videos, I’d far rather hear your reactions

  119. Appreciate you showing us the reality of gambling Paul. Better luck next time mate.

  120. it was like watching a car crash in slow mo…. like wow

  121. Win or lose, this is the KING of real gambling, honest upfront human who we all relate too! Long live the king! 👑

  122. *Dealer bit=-ch was super happy*

  123. Was looking so gd…. 👍🏻

  124. Rolla is a decent fella and what you see is what you get .. win / lose he’s the same person. 👌👊💖✌️ best of luck Paul

  125. Respect for showing losses mate

  126. rispondere
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel luglio 25, 2019 a 12:37 pm

    Haha next week matey

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