£ 1.000 SPIN sulla sezione Zero!!!


£ 500 a 1k su blackjack poi tutti in subito sulla roulette!!

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128 Commenti
  1. damn!!

  2. fucking hell Paul thats sick

  3. 1st unlucky paul 19 jackpot from now on

  4. Wow you even called it unlucky bud

  5. rispondere
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel marzo 27, 2018 a 10:35 sono

    Hopefully should be streaming tonight around 7pm x

  6. I’d be throwing my keyboard thru the fucking wall

  7. Can I just pull you up on that blowy-out raspy cheeks noise you make? You do it all the time recently!!

  8. Yep. Been there!

  9. Wank scheduled for 6:15 then! ? cheers Paul

  10. I feel your pain

  11. That was pure evil that spin , the usual magnet comments will follow im sure 🙂 see you tonight

  12. 19 dogging the boys

  13. Wow sick mate . Get that 19 on big from now on ??that’s a good few times has fucked u .

  14. Horrible =( unlucky. The balls going so fast and the first number it hits is 34? Solo. Managed to move like 5 numbers acrossSo frustrating!

  15. Always the same ?

  16. rispondere
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel marzo 27, 2018 a 10:58 sono

    Brave bet, not many covered there! Never call the number you don’t want, it always lands!!

  17. Hate it when shit like that happens ?

  18. Evil game mate. Sometimes even a million bucks is not enough to win

  19. Fuck! Not worse than 36! Lool

  20. £1000 on 19 would of been 37 grand daaamm

  21. You had to say it!!!

  22. Harsh paul!!! Feel for you I really do, been there so many times!!! If”s, What”s, should”s, couldof”s we’re cash I’d be a fudging million air!!! Much love?

  23. That’s exactly the spins I do boss as u prob know once it hits it’s some buzz !!! Sore one when it hits next door

  24. nnnnnn19-19.

  25. Ou man this is hard.devil is in game

  26. Amazing you couldn’t write it !!!!!!!
    Your reaction was priceless

  27. Wow…………….Can’t believe that happenedcya tonight 🙂

  28. Wow !! :il

  29. I Know what ur sayin my kill number is 22 it always come in yet i never bet on it lol

  30. This one made my balls ache.

  31. Oh man i know how that feels man when you think of a number you dont want it to land on and then it lands there. So close tho too 15 woulda got you 4500

  32. I bet you felt that right in the bollox ??.

  33. We’ve all been there ?

  34. Hard luck mate.. hate 19 ??

  35. Wow amount of times that’s happened to me ??????

  36. You absolute degenerate man!!!!!!! This is why I love your videos!!!

  37. Prankd

  38. thats my salary f0r 2 m0nths L0L

  39. damn 19 again.. always.. always one away from jackpot

  40. Not magnets ball bouncer they can let the ball bounce or vibrate. I hope netent and evoulution is clean

  41. My numbers on fobts r 14,20,15,19: the numbers that kill me r 1,31,4 and32 it’s unbelievable how many times these numbers come up,,,,, that is why I will never ,ever ,ever believe when they say the numbers r random,,,,,,, these numbers tilt me , because the makers design the programs to keep u at the terminal In turn talking more of your money. FUCK THE FOBTS BAN THE EVIL MACHINES

    • jambobra all of the above…. On average. It’s part and parcel of roulette to have near misses, it happens on a real wheel just as often. All these people that think fobts are rigged are deluded. They don’t need to be rigged, they make money when they are random. Nobody claims they are rigged during a winning streak.

    • Philip Brown over how many spins will they occur once every 9 giri? 36, 100, 1000, one million?

    • stephen davies those 4 numbers will come in once every 9 skins on average just like any other 4 numeri. Fobts are random, they just don’t seem to be when you have a big losing streak.

  42. well that escalated lol dam it bud .. you need to start saying the lucky words on those spins mate.. gonna rinse this wheel for rs plumber !! win every time

  43. you need to stop doing crazy stuff like this dude, and cover a few more numbers as youll still get a decent return

    • This isn’t crazy its insanity. he was banging on about gambling responsibly last year. made a video about problem gambling. yet throws away this on one spin. its bonkers. reckless and stupid.

  44. Unlucky, thought this was gonna be a big hit. Would love to see you play £1000 straight up on one number and yes of course for it to come in.

  45. It’s like it could hear you

  46. Ahh said aswell, brutal 🙁

  47. It’s not only a problem of a rigged roulette. It’s also that is much better to spend this money with your family and friends instead of gambling. the casino industry sucks.

  48. Money allways goes back even if it hits ur account there happy days spend it on materialistic items while it’s there believe me if you’re a gambler you need to blow them winnings IT IS NOT HARD EARNED CASH ?

    • Boss Man or you could put it in an account that has no debit card, cash card or any transfer mechanism. Only way you can get to the money is to physically walk in to the bank. Has worked for me since I started doing that this year.

  49. 666 non affiliates beware

  50. It’s good it means your beginning to feel there tactics, kind of irrelevant though as I reckon if your were lumped heavily on 19 one would see the ball bounce again ? cynical I know

  51. rispondere
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette marzo 27, 2018 a 4:50 pm

    I lost 600 today on roulette paul

  52. thats always annoying, either 1 short or 1 more on your bet. or sometimes in between the numbers that u bet. it sucks.

  53. Those strange predictions always amaze me and every gambler has them, lost count how many times I’ve followed a horse race after race after race and it’s came in 2nd and 3rd or even fell, we all know what happens on that day you finally give up on it, Wins at a fantastic price.
    Roulette can be a very cruel game at times, even just evil.

  54. Often as bettors on Roulette, we are aware of what would TILT us. You called it, but certainly not the first time. I mean you knew what was just out of range of your section of the wheel. There, in truth, will always be a number next door and out of range. It is the nature of the wheel my mate.

  55. Man that is just horrible. The amount of times I’ve been playing roulette and said please don’t be ….. and WHAM it hits that very number so sick. Concerned Paul your style of playing is getting to heavy to quickly, play with the casinos money and try and build a balance first if it don’t happen don’t try to win big quickly by big deposits its a, slippery slope pal. Looking forward to tonight’s stream.

    • Hes on casino dime. but hes far too emotional and reckless with it. not to mention hes in deep and once that happens theres only one way its going and thats broke. if hes still here on youtube (making vids) in 2 o 3 years he’ll be very lucky or hes on the casino books.

  56. 1 word Paul!!! JINXED!!!!! WOUNDED pal, as if you said it!! lol

  57. Ouch. Sorry dude ☹️✌?

  58. All Them KFCs you could of brought

  59. I would have jumped out the window ?


  61. Why these spins always look dodgy as f##k ? Shieeet :F

  62. You on soon Paul.?!! ))))))

  63. have you seen how happy she was after spin

  64. Hi mate. Any idea which the best block on casino for iPhones are? Having trouble and want to be sensible with it. Grazie

  65. must of been the flat earth magnet in the north pole 😉

  66. Ahhaha as soon as you’ve said 19, I already knew what would happen.

  67. for some reason I always thought 19 was part of zero section 🙁

  68. are you you tube tonight or just twitch

  69. im speechlessnext time ma8..

  70. if you listen closely you hear him shit his pants at 0:34

  71. hahhahaha legit just died laughing sooooo hard hahhaha

  72. Paul, can i use this video for an instagram profile, i can put credit to you and your youtube profile?

  73. For me looks very strange ball bounce, but could be hit corners and ball is very light weight 🙂

  74. great video.

  75. I would cry! typical

  76. rispondere
    Егор Никольский aprile 12, 2018 a 1:30 sono

    Dude, that is for sure the best intro ever. Fucking gets me every time to repeat that shit

  77. You must give away sometimes some money . Cuz u just give it to casino . They already have more

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