Rigged Roulette Spin???


For me this is just one of Netents many dodgy/crazy ball spins, but let me know what you think??

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  1. First!! Like my comment rolla;)

  2. how are you bro ?


  4. Good vid paul!

  5. Terrible

  6. Lol grim

  7. Happy Fathers Day 🙂

  8. Dodgy that

  9. What the fuck!!!


  11. Magnets

  12. “Magnets”

  13. If ever you needed proof of magnets, that’s a joke

  14. Send this to Matt allwright bbc rogue traders! You’ve been had there mate

  15. Reply
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel június 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Never seen a spin like this one so thought I would upload it. In my opinion its not rigged but Netent roulette and the way the balls spins, are way more erratic than any other I’ve seen!

  16. happened to me a few times, think there all rigged in some way

  17. Hail hail ?

  18. Rigged to fuck! That lightning roulette is the worst ?

  19. Makes you wonder ??

  20. N people say roulette int rigged???

  21. Reply
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel június 17, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Bitch sneezed the ball into 17 #riggedAF

  22. Dodgey as fuck mate this is why I don’t play it anymore last time I did I lost £5000 from a slot session and I had a dodgey bounce too but this one is just concrete proof for me unluckier bro

  23. Wow that’s just wrong how can they get away with that

  24. Looks rather dodgy that one ?

  25. I bet that produced some massive tilt

  26. Wow, surely if that was a natural spin it would of been bouncing off the edges of the numbers as it had slowed? It looks as if it almost floated into 17

  27. anti gravity ball?

  28. Always play immersive roulette ?

  29. wow thats fucked propper rigged plus she spat allover the wheel wen she snizzed

  30. they like your money more than you do?

  31. Rigged or notull still spend thousands on roulette

  32. thats is deffo rigged there was no bounce left init it was in 11 max next door to it somet made it move

  33. man,you need to give up for a while!!!

  34. all in your head?

  35. Omfg RIGGED!

  36. it is rigges and nothing can be done to syop it?

  37. Reply
    Thewildmanarchieduncan június 17, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    Its impossible for the ball to gain momentum after it had already lost it. Im sorry that was rigged. Thanks for showing me this paul.

  38. If you think roulette is rigged you need to quit gambling all together. They make money no matter where that ball lands

  39. How much would that have been?

  40. Oh my days that is ridiculous!!! Just rolling over the walls there!

  41. Said all along online is rigged. Nothing will ever be done about it though as it there is too much money involved.. too much deniability for the casinos and the same people who regulate them are probably the same cunts who get back handers to pass the casinos for fairness.

  42. Looks like it rode the metal rail on the inside of the wheel but the ball was slowing first of all …. would be nice to see what stake was on the whole table and what 17 paid in comparison

  43. They’re all rigged my friend.I’ve seen worse in your live streams

    • Bazillionaire _ not sure where you pulled that from since I never said or implied i think everything is perfect but ok……and evidence to what lmao? A gambler lost a bet sooooo not sure what else I’m missing.

    • Jackpot VideosWas just about to say the same, I’ve seen many more dodgy spins that this one..

    • Guessing you’re one of those people where everytime you loose it’s rigged ?? and no it isn’t rigged.

    • Exactly this proves that the ball puts it where they want them !!

  44. Very possible. . . .

  45. Wow thats the weirdest spin, though as u say Paul they cant be rigged. Someone would had talked by now. Still proper tilted.

  46. Reply
    Ryan's slots channel június 17, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    hate netent roulette has paid me a bit in the past I prefer evolution gaming immersive is my fav around 9k up on it this year.

  47. No matter what anyone says thats rigged to fuck a fella who worked for a casino or had somethink to do with the fella who owned it sais they use air compression to pick a section and magnetic balls ..already robbin ppl cunts

  48. Paul our lad it obviously hit her sneeze that lant on the wheel and skidded haha 😉
    Much Love while on your break!!

  49. It was her snot I reckon lol

  50. 100% manipulált ; never ever seen a ball

  51. That’s not right mate tier all over then the magic happens lol

  52. Ok, that was physically impossible!

  53. That was so sick Paul, feel your pain they were fucking with me like that too. Obviously was in 11 which was your jackpot number ??? magnet or remote control 100%

  54. 100% manipulált , I’ve seen a lot of roulette spins over the years, never ever seen a ball land the way that did, it would be nice to explore this issue with the casino management,,,,,,,,,

  55. Its natural. (hahahahahahahahahah sorry Paul)

  56. the sneeze was the signal or she had a second ball in her noise

  57. Jesus how much would 11 of paid

  58. Iv experienced thus 2 many times keep all these videos for when it get exported and then we can demand our money back because I’m sick to death of this shit fobt machines are bad enough now can’t even trust the wheel

  59. New laws of physics discovered on Roulette (VIDEO)

  60. seen that happen lots of times on netent first thought is yes it is rigged but i am now thinking what type of ball is it?? what is it made of and how does it differ from other tables that is the question you need to be askingi think.

  61. Interesting comment from someone in your last vid Paul about evolution live roulette. I’ve always been of the same thinking that they do not need to cheat, to the casino it’s all about volume, time of play and the house edge they cannot lose. Surely they would have far to much to lose by rigging the table but on the other hand if they did rigged the table which let’s be honest it isn’t hard then the profits to the game provider and the casino platform are astronomical.

    • It’s not like they can come in live on stream and saywe want to inspect the table and close that roulette table downIt just wouldn’t happen and never will.
      I do believe that it is fixed, and that’s not based just on my experience but the videos that’s been posted where the ball does bouncer crazy. I’ve even seen it bounce from one side of the wheel to the other and land perfectly into #6. To have that kind of force for it to fly from one side to the other and land perfectly with no bounce, That’s when I believe the whole thing is rigged.

    • kevin chamberlain Agreed what’s the point of the gambling commission arranging a time to come and inspect. That is just rediculous. As gamblers we will always look to blame when losing but I am in serious doubt with some of these live net tables. Being a big roulette player for the last 20 + years and seeimg many thousand of live spins when you see big losing spins like this over a webcam where the ball appears to levitate over a whole section of the table defying the laws of physics it seriously brings up questions. The guy who commented on the last vid said he has inside knowledge that evolution is fixed , the people who appear to be customers in the casino are actors, it’s a studio set up (which they all are) but the wheel is fixed by magnets where by the provider and casino cream off the top. Bold claims but every bit possible.

    • I’ve covered most of the number’s before while making a big bet on others on that evolution live roulette and it lands on the number I had no money on. Bearing in mind that I had watched the table and my usual number’s kept coming out.
      So I shrugged it off and done another bet and guess what.. it done it again.

      I don’t care what people say, it is definitely rigged. Any regulator won’t do any random check, they’re booked into a time/ day for them to come in. It’s not like they can turn up unannounced and check the tables.

      So it’s really easy to fix it to their advantage.

  62. Netbent says it all same as there slots shite

  63. Don’t get done mate, get Dom!!!

  64. Reply
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette június 17, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    Magnet broSavage

  65. Think we can safely say you don’t ever play with them again period.

  66. Reply
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel június 17, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    Not rigged. Sometimes the ball does that. I’m a fully trained croupier and over the years I’ve seen the ball do some pretty weird stuff. They wouldn’t be allowed to take bets in the U.K. if it didnt meet regulations.

    • Reply
      E con decoro M.González július 15, 2018 at 7:15 pm

      you are lying

    • COALA CHAOS Malta is a tax heaven, regardless of their remote gaming licenses it’s still ran through the UK gambling commission for us in the UK. If people truly think this is rigged it’s good that a majority of viewers live vicariously through these casino streamers. It’s a paranoid belief and unfortunately that belief is what killed FOBTs and bookies, people can’t accept losing but want to gamble.

    • hahaha fucking do one mate!

    • What a bullshitEvery player agrees to the regulations of a different location e.g. Malta where this is not regulated

  67. This is rigged as FUCK

  68. it look likes that the marble floats on the inner metall ring

  69. not rigged, just a huge amount of side spin on the ball, the house wins any way no need to rig it and risk the gaming license

  70. Forget the spin which is dodgy enough, what is she doing with her hands under the table? It looks like she’s pressing, pulling or squeezing something?

  71. Reply
    HackerRiley10891 risk június 17, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Def rigged am sure there’s a wee vibrating motor inside that bounces it away from high payout numbers

  72. Wow that’s the craziest spin I’ve seen on live roulette that would have put me on mega tilt!!!!

  73. NASA needs to come check this out??

  74. Slow video down to 0.25 and watch from 26 seconds. The ball lands on the metal between the 11 és 30 and then instantly slides across the wheel into number 17. Very Very rigged you can watch the ball jump from the press of a button

  75. rigging roulette these days would be commercial suicide. At least from the company point of view.

  76. Never seen a spin like that before

  77. If that isn’t rigged, I don’t have a hole in my arse!

  78. WTF seemed like Diego Maradonnas hand of god was 11 all day long

  79. Love the tune your playing in your vid ???????

  80. rolla its rigged as f. we all know it. you seen it with your own eyes and still wont beleive it

  81. Wow rigged as fuck magnet that deffo m8 shocking that

  82. 100 % RIIGGED ! Stop to play that netent roulette , you are stolen everytime

  83. I believe that there’s a switch underneath the table where she puts her hands and this switch vibrates the roulette board or the ball

  84. You know its rigged and you stil play smh ..

  85. Where’s her hands. Using levers?

  86. her hands seem to be moving as well and there not seenwhy arent her hands seen at all times? seems real sketch

  87. Now if Carlsberg made wigi boards.

  88. Only because you lost. If you’d been deep in 17 then you wouldn’t be crying.

  89. Magnets at work mate….. on a seperate note id marry tht dealers snot

  90. If someone can explain to me how a ball that is losing speed and stopping can suddenly gain a lot of speed, then I am all ears. I am watching it in 0.25 and yeah that is no way in hell natural behavior, it looks like it defies physics. You also sound like a sloth at 0.25 but that’s beside the point

  91. It’s completely rigged ball is made of magnet or metal I’m 100% sure.

  92. Proof finally

  93. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again even if it sounds like fantasy.
    These casino’s know very well how much you have wagered, won and lost with them. It is in their interests to keep you in the negative.
    I stupidly started gambling again recently and am down 5k in just under a month. Some spins on roulette I’ve had were beyond ridiculous. It really is a devilish game as you can lose massive amounts in the blink of an eye.
    Got that familiar feeling of shame again at how stupid I’ve been getting involved in all this again after still being many thousands of pounds in debt due to this addiction.

    • @Getlucky14 Don’t give up hope mate. If you stop participating, you’ll never have the opportunity to have a huge win. And surely your not going to cope working to earn the money to pay those debts. That will take you years of hours of hard work and pain, plus you still need to enjoy life. Stay steadfast. One spin can change your life. The way you got in the door is the same way you get out the door. Gamblers need to be strong and tolerant. I’ve been through some dark times. I finally won £14,300 on roulette and paid my debts off. Now I gamble less aggressively and lifes different. But it took months of losing streaks and pain along the way. Good luck ?

    • I’m with you there pal, I play at sky Vegas all the time, use to get bonus/ promotion after bonus/promotion , now I’m 2k up they have all stopped, I even opted into a promotion they where running for the World Cup and don’e great the 1st week then suddenly it disappeared! The casino knows, fact

    • Rikki15000 you must be in that situation if your commenting on my comment lol you must of taken some offence

    • Reply
      Hector García Suñé június 17, 2018 at 10:50 pm

      just kidding, i know what u mean mate

    • Reply
      Hector García Suñé június 17, 2018 at 10:47 pm

      its called reverse psychology +_+

  94. Wow very suspect spin that, never seen it roll over numbers like that 🙁

  95. if you pause the video at when the ball first landed, it was going to land in either 17 vagy 36 meaning that you would have won. It then stayed where it was, bobbing side to side until it eventually landed on a number that you didnt have. The sneeze at the start from the croupier was probaly to hide a movement with her hand, when she places her hand to her mouth. I think this spin is probaly rigged, and I would avoid that casino like the plague if i was you rolla

  96. Just the one no way

  97. The ball slid on a massive bit of snot when the roulette spinner sneezed.

  98. Camera plays tricks with us. When you are there and in person….it happens more smoothly. Who knows what kind of spin the ball has on it at the time….it just sucks when it rolls right over your area. Sorry man! You’ll bounce back next time.

  99. Shit thats it im going to get my penis circumzied an a tattoo ov Tier on my balls ?

  100. To all those saying it’s rigged how can it be? The casino he’s playing at is different to the provider who owns the roulette table. The provider (netent) probably can’t see people’s bets so is totally random

  101. It’s not rigged you just lost. How many cunts do you think had 17 you’re not the only one playing. I’ve been there & lost the lot chuck it man it’s a mugs game well & truly. Took me 10 years to accept it.

  102. Reply
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse június 17, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    you can defo see it bounce off the silver edges and throw itself forward,i wouldnt like to think its rigged hence when you see JARTTUSLOT Do a 3k spin on number 11 and lands on it for `60k and hes done it twice hahaha mental

    • It’s all fucking rigged in ways we are not the even aware of,there’s billions at stake


    • Reply
      Slots&SneaksHyperfuse június 19, 2018 at 4:41 pm

      Jay ‘ hahah most probably right when u see him hit 40k wins on slots
      I reckon lots of streamers who win massive don’t get to keep he full money they win only a % they’ll get to keep as long as they keep pulling in customers making the casinos money ! But who knows kid


  103. the Ball is settled to go into 11 and the balls traveling straight down so wouldn’t spin to 17 even if David beckham swing a right boot at it

  104. You know it’s rigged xD x devin

  105. Fucking no way should have that landed on 17 it was tier all day Paul rigged to death mate

  106. Miss your stream roller when u back pal???

  107. Where is the full vid ? When do you do livestrea.

  108. that looks like a vibrating ball my friend

  109. nah man, the wheel had more velocity than the ball. I’ve seen that in real life before. no games going on here.

  110. This may be BS but shouldn’t that girls hands be above the table ?

  111. If it was rigged, someone else won still. So no, not rigged although, wtf!

    • FruitVideos course it was rigged yes someone else won but not as much as rocknrolla would have won if it would have landed properly without the netend scams going down ..this ball defies the law of psychics.. Get real dude

  112. Of course my friend is rigged one day u see the true….

  113. Haha wtfdevils games man

  114. Bluetooth ball, with a remote control

  115. I hope you’re contacting them, that isn’t erraticthat’s f##king cheating ? %

  116. Of course its rigged. Dont be so naive

  117. Of course it is

  118. Hahah wtf is that

  119. Oh man I play all the time I sure hope it’s not rigged but man oh mr I’ve watched it like 20 times and I can’t see how that could happen unless it was rigged .. that looks anything but random

  120. who’s gonna ask for all there money back when it comes out they’ve been cheating all those years, just a matter of time

  121. Why ant u live on YouTube now Paul my mate

  122. You know it’s not rigged. Long term they cannot lose. With the volume bet on netent games I’d go as far to say they have probably never had a losing day. There is just no valid argument for a them to rig it. All the people that think it’s rigged have no concept of house edge, hold or basic maths to put together a decent argument either. No doubt some moron will post about magnets, secret buttons and the like. Lolz.

    • Pj Faik what do u mean by they’re not random?

    • You are obviously blind mate

    • civilcalc there has never been secret buttons. There have been alot of info for coinop gambling machines in general plenty of emptys and strategies and Darren had his finger on the pulse for years. I was his partner. Darrens heart fell out the game he didn’t want the travelling no more then moved to a very rural location with only about 10 pubs and got barred pretty quick on top of this he got banned from driving and was 30 miles from the nearest town all these awkwards then a dad and he was out the game……

    • civilcalc not true. There have been various clues on fobt games you just are not in the link. Megapots was Random the pots couldn’t max out how could that be random?? They chipped them and become brutal and around 6 months ago removed them from the units. There was also a way of manipulating a poker game but I found out to late and had been chipped.

  123. This is what happened to this spin

  124. Not magnets, special balls they can let them bounce as long as they click. Some guy shows it on youtube

  125. Hi mate, watch her hands during that spin…. she twists something then lets it go

  126. Magnets underneath def

  127. I always thought this was worse at 2:20

    Never have liked N.E. wheels frame rate usually crap also.

  128. We’ve been telling you this for years Paul

  129. She was pressing something under the table

  130. Its fucking magnet

  131. Impossible with the centrifugal force! Usually im one to defend these things but thats dodgy as fcuk!

  132. Almost as riggggged as computer blackjack ??

  133. Notice her arms too when the ball starts moving weirdly…..seems very fishy like she clicked something under the table maybe???

  134. I work at a casino and the magnets are only used when the player is taking a 75% profit

  135. Sickening to watch. I’m starting to think all the money you won from that 100k win has definitely gone back in. How are you not in cripplin debt and how has the wife not left you yet? so much money to risk when you have a house wife and kids.. the sooner you stop the better.
    The thing is, YOU ALREADY KNOW THEYRE RIGGED! But you still play them! You have an addiction illness that is going to kill you one day mentally and physically. Please stop.

  136. The Dealer is a right sort ??

  137. It was a patch of the lady in red’s goo from the sneeze just before! Claim

  138. Someone should break into their studio and dismantle the roulette wheel to find the real truth.

  139. I don’t get it

  140. That was like watching denmark dodge peruvian bullets in WC just to set 1 in by Nice pass from Eriksen.

  141. When she sneezed, she was giving out a secret signal, to activate the magnets 100%

  142. Imagine if online roulette was proven to be a farce and all players were able to claim back losses or probable wins just like ppi. Kerching.

  143. This is just my opinion make of it what you will. My belief from staking money on a lot of websites live roulette is I always see that they have been approved by the “gambling commission” I think the gambling commission has been bribed or something by these casinos and allows them to do what the fuck they want, corruption like no one would believe. Fuck “live” roulette it’s fixed along with the all the casinos

  144. Dont gamble if its rigged….

  145. Wish that bird would spin my balls like that one

  146. People who think online roulette from great nations such as Lithuania and Granada is legit, should be either forcefully rehabilitated or otherwise euthanized ..

  147. Reply
    edmund blackadder coc június 17, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    Her left hand had more action than mine when i knock one out!

  148. And this is the reason I’ve stopped gambling

  149. seems legit to me

  150. Thank you so much for uploading this! I too played NETENT roulette last night/this morning because my usual casino was down and this one didn’t have Evolution live games. I had a LOT on 14 separate numbers. The ball actually settled in one of my numbers then miraculously spun back out and into a loser. I was fucking raging and SO wish I had recorded it! The spin was even more obvious than this one Paul. I swear I saw the croupiers hand move at the exact time the ball spun back out. NETENT roulette are definitely up to something. I am still in shock by what I witnessed! This is pretty damn conclusive also. I commented last night regarding Evolution Roulette, who I believe are legit, for the simple reason that the spins are very natural in their movement. But this company are up to something, and I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for uploading what is obviously further proof.

  151. Magnets at work ?

  152. It’s my view when you start talking about rigged spins it’s time to take a break.

    • I think he will win maybe two three hundred grand one day but its about knowing when enough is enough that’s my problem and until you learn this your fucked

  153. That’s stupid! Look at her arms waggling about madly under the table until the ball has stopped, when they go still.

  154. Magnets at work

  155. All these people saying it’s rigged ???? I highly doubt you’re saying it’s rigged when you’re winning……

  156. The dealer sneezing all over the wheel during the session probably affected its performance! ?

  157. that does not happen in a real casino, online casinos are fucking using vibration balls.. so obvious

  158. When are you next streaming mate ? Surely your sorted this problem by now mate ?

  159. Don’t play then

  160. Looked normal to me , but if they were doing illegal fixing they could i suppose use that ball jump click thing to move the ball away from the Biggest stake , it would not always work in their favour but overall it would save them millions over years

  161. Vibrating ball mate….look up vibrating roulette ball on here loads use them

  162. And some people still fight the corner of the Casinos and say they don’t use Magnets
    Watch this video get removed in the future
    That was shocking Paul, really really shocking
    The Ball was manupulated with until it was out the Danger Zone, that being a big payout area.

  163. Paul and everyone look this vid from 1:15:

  164. Anyone know what the intro music is called?


  165. I have told you this like a year ago when you spinned that massive 5k -9k spins ..
    These wheels are 100% rigged its not normal roulette never was or never will be.

  166. The was going to lend on tier but they have the magic button to make additional movement to the ball..house trick

  167. It got caught up on the silver ring. Look closely she strategically placed her snot there man. It does suck when it misses your section but when it bounces back into it there are no complaints. BLNT

  168. Looks CGI ????

  169. Ive worked in casinos for 8 years never seen a ball drop like that, but as for people who believe roulette is rigged they are deluded, theirs no such thing as magnets used on roulette but maybe in theseonlinecasinos there may be different regulations regarding what the ball is made from, just a thought

  170. Depending on what the balls made out of (normally Teflon or ivourine) will depend how it reacts
    Millions upon millions of spins and you’ve found one a bit unusual
    Nothing to see here move on

    • dazzerstar
      Wibble Wibble

    • I’m conversing with someone who has complete trust in online casinos and believes streamers channels are legit despite them spending thousands of pounds a week and not having full time jobs, who’s the naive donkey here.

    • dazzerstar
      I’m talking to someone who subscribes to channels of the paranormal and other channels who think we are probably,”STUCK IN A TIME PARADOX” ?
      I’ll leave you to your fantasy la la land,and the huge irony of you thinking everything including roulette spins are rigged.
      You complete window licking moron .

    • Ok so according to your logic just because a casinos never been prosecuted for fraud it’s not possible and or it doesn’t happen, well they’ve certainly got you fooled

    • dazzerstar
      In the real world you unfortunately have to have evidence to prosecute someone for a crime of any sort,it’s unfortunate but it’s just how it is I’m afraid.
      Otherwise you’d have people making all sorts of stupid,groundless accusations that can’t be proven and where would we be then ?
      You forgot to mention the proven cases of prosecution Daz can we take it to be ZERO then ?
      You tin foil hat MELT ?

  171. she sneezes so you look up ( o )( o ) and with her left hand, she clicks the switch to the magnets….. must say id click her switch 😉

  172. Ya get em back twice as hard next that’s the way Rolla !!!

  173. If you want to see real magnets just have a look at the lightning version.

  174. Interesting Clip

  175. Dudestill saving Netent and other casino’s !!?!?!??! You see clearly its rigged as fucked. The speed of the ball increasedThis was not possible in anyway except cheating. I also know how they do it. The remotecontroll they have has an effect of more bouncingu see it so clearly, dude be fair and finish those Fake casino’s

  176. My cousin is a VP at a software firm…. he said friends of his have have worked not with bookmakers but companies that offer these live ‘ services’. he knows I like a shot of the fruities and roulette…..he didn’t say roulette was rigged…..he did say ‘ I would advise you to NEVER play roulette on the type that has seven seats round a roulette table ….the kind that the ball is inside a glass dome and you place bets via your own screen…… he would not say it was fixed but kept reiterating DO NOT PLAY as you can never win…..I asked about online roulette with live croupier….all he would say is there is more to roulette than meets the eye……kinda cryptic but I can read between the lines…….after looking online I have seen clips that defy logic…..I appreciate the croupier who states ‘ he has seen the ball do amazing things’but I have never played roulette since…..I have a feeling that all roulette tables have magnets and no longer trust the game at all….I would have liked to see the repeat close up of this spin ..the one they show after the spin for closer analysisps people who say these companies have no reason to fix game , why would they do it……money is a pretty good reasonbest of luck in the future……

  177. Lekker voor je, ga janken.

  178. That’s y I only trust the ones in the casino. Best way

  179. Magnet 100%, that sucks

  180. Reply
    Project Slot Machine UK június 18, 2018 at 12:35 am

    And that’s why I don’t play roulette

  181. I’ve seen a spin like that before and it went right to my number I’m guessing you see enough roulette spins you’re going to see them all

  182. I am confused ,are suggesting that gambling is unfair?

  183. They have magnet clickers she definitely has to be using one or has one in her hand !

  184. I think you just got fucked over, because it is so easy for them to make the ball simply not land on ur sectionin infinite ways that you cannot comprehend just watching it in slow motion.

  185. I just realized how its rigged, play each fucking spin over again, and HEAR the sound of the ball vibrating, it starts to vibrate at the perfect time to miss ur section,

  186. fuck that spin its momentum was completely up no way it gained bounce and kept going thats fucked up.

  187. the ball has to be magnetic and the rim of the inside of the circle is also magnetic when they turn on a button giving it that ride along effect and they want till its outside ur section than turn off the magnetic.. infinite waysthat is not a normal roll..

  188. Combination of the right speed,rotation and the spot where the ball felt down I guess, It looks weird tho. 🙂

  189. I lost really bad today with the lighting roulette….full of magnets

  190. I am 25 yo, I remenber when I start to play (was 5 y ago) the online gambling was different. Now the roulettes play too fast, they dont give you time to change numbers so you can only rebet and your money goes fast as well. And its like they know where are you playingmaybe i am too paranoic but now gambling online is popular, roulettes are rigged, full magnets! If you win its because you lost more.

  191. All live roulette they seem to be doing something with their hands under the table? Deffo a cheat system going on. On the other hand unfortunately she wasn’t playing with my balls on this occasion ?

  192. Think she sneezed the ball off course

  193. That’s why you NEVER WIN in Roulette!:

    Another proof on 8.05 sec when Paul played:

  194. Did you report this???

  195. The ball was like; NOPE!

  196. 1000000% rigged.. dirty bastards

  197. I told you the other day but nobody wants to listen
    It’s rigged to fuck . They press a button on a remote and it’s moves the ball from a winning area . My pal works for evolution gaming
    Malta banks are happy for big cuts and the laws of gaming are different to uk . Plus if a auto wheel with no croupier can be magnet driven to a winning area and it’s legal with no croupier
    Then even though they spin it live with a dealer it still can be manipulated in the same way . Legal and they don’t care as seen on this video above . Only ever play these stakes in a real uk live casino . You will never beat them on a day with fuck all players playing on a live table in a studio not at those stakes . 20 years I been playing and online you only get away with small wins . Minute you go large how coincidental is it that you never win and they find the number and area your not on . Like the time you lost 30 k live in 6 pörgetés . Remember and it was the same site . Rigged my friend .

  198. Tactical sneeze, sneaky bitch

  199. When will you learn…..

  200. When she sneezed she pulled a wire which activated the magnets

  201. Rocknrolla did you question it?

  202. fck casino.

  203. its not magnets its puffs of compressed air.

  204. He’s making too much money as a affiliate to do the honourable thing and stop gambling and stop trying to get others to join up with his links so why the fuck is he whinging about this. Close down your site and then moan about it

  205. Course it’s rigged mate, been gambling online harder than you sometimes for 15 years. % odds sciotium we call it. Keep going it’s all entertainment

  206. Shut the fuck up this shit is rigged to fuck droops on biggest number then goes out lol bullshit

  207. Waste of 30 seconds.

  208. It’s scientifically impossible for a ball to dropping then suddenly go sideways. Rigged to fuk as most online shit. Good luck in future.

  209. Wow, that’s as bad as I’ve seen…..Like you, I still play them, but can they be policed 24/7…….. that was a shocker

  210. And this is why it’s so hard to move from brick and mortar

  211. took a jump out of socket of num 30, bounced on the 11 side of the 11/30 ridge, then just jumps across each number by being a tiny bit airborne / bouncing off the ridge, until it lands in 17 🙂 perfectly explainable, considering the ball is so light in these roulettes. In real casinos, I’ve noticed that the ball is slightly chunkier and heavier so is maybe going to do this less.

  212. Yes it is look a her arm !! someone must have tell her in the ear and she can move it with vibration !! 100% manipulált

  213. Bell ? end ?

  214. I am not even kidding aroung that particular spin was beyond rigged. The people on here saying they have no reason to rig the roulette are just morons. The ball had settled and instead of going over one or two numbers it somehow slides across 6 numbers. No way in hell that it was legit. Paul I would not spend another penny with them and its a shame you cannot prove it.

  215. Lately i have been thinking live blackjack tables could be rigged , could they? Not just bad shoe.. every shoe.. Ridiculus luck of dealers 21 21 20 , bj, …

  216. I have seen way worse on hypalinx channel.

  217. Dirty dirty *unt obvious tiers had the switch thrown that’s the trouble of repeat section betting makes it to easy to rob you loads !

  218. Wtf? Rigged 130% lol

  219. For that ball to do that the actual ball would have to have been spinning before it was released by hand, it’s like that in snooker were the backspin delays and kicks in, either way it’s not right and I would report the cunts, not that anything would happen.

  220. Let’s say you report them, by the time any investigation is underway they will have tidied up, so the arguement that they wouldn’t cheat is bollocks because they’ll never get caught.

  221. Reply
    TheCommentSection YT június 19, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    you have experienced so many ‘weirdnetent spins yet you continue to play roulette there. If you really want to play roulette in a fair way go to a real casino.

  222. Hey Paul,
    Tried to post this to you once on twitch but wasn’t sure if you ever saw it mate.
    Check this link out for why these spins CAN be rigged and what to watch out for

  223. I agree that a ball can do weird things and I agree there are regulationsbut now you seriously overestimate the gambling commission .. I mailed several times the gambling commission .. do you real think that these people are checking everything , every day ? do you really think these people are using statistical techniques like residuals and the normal distribution, like the poisson distribution .. to check if ALL the games are decent every time ??? really ??? .. it’s day dreaming .. there are ONLY GENERAL statistics for a casino to get a licenseit’s never into DETAIL
    the second thing I want to say is this (because you hear a lot of bullish*t , also from croupiers) … a roulette wheel works with a LASER .. this laser collects DATA up to 6 yearsbased on residuals, z-scores, ch or other scores they check on many many things; they check if a wheel is biased , they check if the wheel spins with a drop zone player advantage and so ona roulette wheel spins 24 hours a day.. I have never ever seen they change a roulette wheelso what do you think will happen when the laser and the data collector discover a biased state of the wheel ??? it will INTERRUPT , it will restore the unbalanced stateand this is ONLY possible by manipulated spinslast I want to say isyou can NOT change this realityit’s part of the casino .. the only thing you can do is adapt your playing style and play less aggressiveso I don’t think that croupiers know the whole technology behind a wheel .. and they see as weird spins as we do !!!! it’s simple as that .. if the laser checks on drop zone player advantage and then nobody or nothing would do something with this information , then why you were collecting this data in the first place ???? I’m 99,9999% convinced the casino world is FULL of manipulation ..

  224. YouTube it there 1 guy showing you it’s rigged mate

  225. Rigged buddy

  226. Lol this is nothing compared to lightning roulette spins you can watch the ball land go back the opposite way and land the other side of the wheel and then the ball shakes likes it’s held down!! It’s got bad!!

  227. most of us told you that roulette is run by magnets for a long time, there is loads of evidence, why wouldn’t they do it, do u know how hard it is to earn 2k like this video shows, it could take some people 2 months to earn that kind of lolly, so if the the dealer or someone else could click a button to make the ball bounce of course the casino’s would do it, the gambling sites and bookies are responsible for ruining lots of people, do u think they have morals? they don’t know where to draw the line, even the people running the live chat and the staff are so rude and arrogant because they know they are dealing with a bunch of degenerate losers, and if any other business dealt with their customers the same way, there would be an uproar in society and a call to boycott the business, but just because we are addicted we have to put up with it. you should have stopped gambling the time u won over 100k, i’m sure that money is gone now, u need to stop now before you become homeless, u have no control over gambling. i wouldn’t say there is no more than 100 people in the uk that would bet 2k on a roulette spin, theirs a high roller in the las vegas documentary who was a multimillionaire who lost it all and now drives a uber, http://www.ladbible.com/more/film-and-tv-gambler-from-louis-therouxs-las-vegas-documentary-now-an-uber-driver-20160913 get out of the gambling game before its too late.

  228. Rigged to fu#kkk

  229. Deffo rigged ?

  230. Gambling commission my arsehole pshhh robbery

  231. What’s the song at the beginning off the video

  232. Magnets ! why are you playing in this shit casino?

  233. Magnets TRUST ME….

  234. As rigged as the Clinton and trump election that. Wowwww. Dodgey as fuck ?

  235. LOOOOOOL OMG what the fuck was that?!?! I cant believe some people are trying to say the ball actually did that by itself hahah fucking do one!

  236. That my friend is called a ‘Rim job’.

  237. Hahaha if seen many crazy spins bit this explains evrything???

  238. Soooo Rigged and Casinos must be exposed, it’s the only way

  239. I dont play roulette but seen lots of roulette balls bounce randomlywhat am I missing?

  240. Before anyone says casinos aint rigged or tweeked in some way then u show me a poor bookie lol

  241. Reply
    Rabbi Snatchshekelstein június 22, 2018 at 1:04 am

    Id say that if there is a perfect time to rig a spin it would be when you bet your entire remaining balance rather than say half of or a qaurter of your balance where you might still be able to get it back on the next few spins, during which if they tried rigging every spin in a row to take it all it would look to obvious. And doing it when you bet all your balance they know a roullette player could easily tilt and deposit more to continue playing.
    But i dont play the game, i think it’s just retarded.

  242. The ball defies gravity

  243. One for the gaming commission

  244. damn men stop with playing mate


  246. Reply
    Project Slot Machine UK július 3, 2018 at 7:10 am

    That’s why I never get involved in online roulette

  247. It’s all rigged.. of course it is

  248. Fucking morons everywhere in the chat. Learn some basic fucking math. The roulette wheel is mathematically house favored just like any other game you can play at a casino. The casino doesn’t have to resort to cheating, risking getting into trouble with the law. They will make their money over time just by the sheer fact that the game is mathematically going to win for them over timeFucking retards trying to look for all kinds of excuses when you plain and simple wagered your money into a game where you’re the underdog. Go figure you lost your fucking money.

  249. Doesn’t matter if rigged or not. U can’t beat the house

  250. The ball first landed on 16 and miraclesly moved through 11 and it was not enough for make the players lost so decided to land on 17:) so u r saying still it is not rigged? %100.

  251. why does her hands move right when the ball starts to slow down 😡

  252. It looks like what someone told me once in a casino, that they push on a button to buzz the roulette ball. Its sounds and looks the same

  253. Yes rigged. The roulette table is not rwal its cpu genereted

  254. obvs its not rigged lol you guys cant be serious. Toss a ball around on a spinning table and itll bounce, hop, roll…. this happens.

  255. I’ve seen that stuff plenty of times. Happened to me in live casino. Went into my number then an empty number sucked the ball into it like a magnet. Unbelievable

  256. Rigged. Ball was in 30 and it is your biggest bet on 30

  257. It is fun how move ball 🙂 It is not natural. But that’s how they do to avoid loses in casino 🙂

  258. Wow! ive worked in a Casino and I’ve gambled in one; have never seen such aGhostlymanoeuvre by a ball! the way it glides over the Knuckles of each number is just unnatural! ?

  259. Controlled luck! Online casinos are all rigged! Why don’t people protest? Something has to be done to investigate the facts.

  260. That was DESTINED for 11 pr 36!! Why do you choose to play on netent???

  261. Reply
    Nick Cage On A Sweater January 27, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    her sneeze blew the ball

  262. legit spin. seen worse.
    If he thinks it’s rigged, why is he still playing ?

  263. sue them ,,, squeeze millions out of them ,,, this is absolutely rigged


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