When Tier is Due It’s DUE???? (From Live Stream)


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92 komentari
  1. Finally.. Hope all good Paul. Be lucky

  2. lets go rolla cleaning the van out ready for another hectic week. nice to have a break and watch this. much love bud

  3. you going to stream tonight ?

  4. was a sick hit mate glad you cashed it all out !!

  5. Gg paul nice ?

  6. One of your best celebrations mate 🙂 low to high in a heartbeat, great watch

  7. lol i called every section during that stream

  8. When you going for the record on dead or alive again

  9. Odgovor
    jroppa69 .SLOT VIDEOS travanj 17, 2017 na 1:00 pm

    Lijepo 1 paul well done

  10. This was quality I watched it live 🙂

  11. i remember watching this and said 11 would double out! get the fudge in there!

  12. Odgovor
    Michael Vennart Is a NONCE travanj 17, 2017 na 1:06 pm

    Paul I got 270x on genie jackpots, shame it was only 40p lol

  13. Brilliant hit Paul. lucky ?

  14. woke up on my birthday to a £50 birthday bonus from 21 kasino! get the fuck in there

  15. that night i went to check my facebook and when i came back it was this massive cash out lol. hope every time u hit big xo

  16. hahahahha who clicked that repeat button ?? brilliant lol nice win bud 100k dream soon to be i can feel it. much love bud see you on the next video/stream

  17. Lovely jubbly can’t beat tier to save the rip

  18. Watching that come I live was awesome, love your streams and vids dude, it’s inspires me to lose more money tho 🙂

  19. when was this? how did i miss this

  20. MUST WATCH!! play it at 1:41min. and watch how the ball gos to 30 bounce to 23 and makes a fast speed bounce out. WATCH IT IN SLOWMOTION AT 0.25 SPEED. U WILL SEE BIG FORCE WAS USED TO BOUNCE THAT BALL OUT OF IT TO MAKE SURE IT IS NOT IN TIERS!!!

    these are dirty cheaters in their slowmotion u wont see this happen.
    just saying becareful with evolution!!!!

    • u can see in this video several times they have used the fraudulent moves. in the immersive slowmotion they just let u see the part after the event was happening. when the ball is already bounced out. but since Paul has recorded everything u can watch the slowmotion self where they have used the cheat!

    • better play more live roulette than studio , just I win more often, i win pretty much, in imersive and similar just lose

    • it has nothing to do with smart or not. it has to do that they can change the outcome they want!

    • just watch and hear the sound diffirence of the ball that is in real casino like dragonara and the studio ball where it sound like hard heavy metal ball. search for a video on youtube (that is why u never win on roulette) u will see how they use the vibrating ball.theey can pretty have the ball land on red each time if they want. that is why u see so many long reds or blacks come in!

    • I was cover 36 numbers and 3 times in row fall out number which i not cover. haha How can this can be explain ?

      But you can win still and not lose, just must be smart 🙂

  21. and watch the dealer holding her hand infront of her mouth she was shocked too to see that!! i have played with her many times. she is the one gives most tells.

  22. Paul u got a big ticker on ya mate, how u do these massive bets is incredible. Keep winning mate and don’t run out of cash, that’s when they win

  23. The hell is going on with those weird camera angles on the girl tho? This Roulette or a porn shoot?

  24. Sick dude. Congrats. And congrats for being on twitch

  25. Lijepo!! Greetings from the Netherlands Eindhoven !!!

  26. OMG!!! Congrats!!!! nice man enjoy your winnings! NICE!!

  27. gamble what you can afford like me lost everything £300

  28. Was awesome watching this live. I can remember saying to my self I hope he doesn’t lose the balance when you got it up to 6k but the gamble payed off well done pal.

  29. Paul do u know what the next few numbers were after u left roulette after the double11???

  30. fudging hell, nice

  31. Trying to watch this without my dick in my hand is nigh impossible

  32. This bitch costs me about 2k€

  33. Odgovor
    Slots&SneaksHyperfuse travanj 17, 2017 na 4:26 pm

    You go girl

  34. Lmao what a hit

  35. I’m so glad you took the advice and rebet. Preveously that 35 hurt after that big 0 spiel win. If you win a lot, you could really afford one rebet for luck. Especially when you burn a fortune on slots haha 😉 Get in mate, sooooo glad that you’ve cashed out.

  36. love the comments when he loses the casino is rigged they control the ball, but then he hits 11 twice and wins 5700 each time casino just decide he deserved some money, gambling on slots roulette is a game based on luck nothing else, stop looking for excuses and theory when something doesn’t come in as you will lose more than you win

  37. Yo man loving your vids. Just recently subscribed and watched all your videos from last few week! Quality

  38. You streaming tonight Paul

  39. We are are Brighton hove Albion were in the the premier league!!!

  40. I bet you buzzed off that for awhile lad

  41. I don’t like to watch you play roulette because the damn wheel often wipes you out. But fair play having the balls so to speak 🙂 Well done on the win!

  42. This was a great win, I watched it Live. You live tonight Rocknrolla?

  43. Was brilliant when you hit that run on stream people always say you push it to far, but this just shows what can happen when you do, love the way you gamble and just waiting for the massive youtube record win

  44. Lol a semi neat rum.

    • Odgovor
      RocknRolla je kockanje kanala travanj 17, 2017 na 6:59 pm

      Hahaha my brain was thinking of the previous messy stream where it was neat rum so didnt want to go down that road again but wanted to treat myself so we met halfway with a semi neat rum!!

  45. Hi Paul. Good luck for tonight mate.

  46. Absolutely amazin Paul, get the fudge in there, made up for you x

  47. wauw they play with a click ball

  48. Well done for walking away at the right time

  49. One question how do you control your gambling?

  50. Watch it live mate blinding get the fudge in there

  51. get in there paul nice to see a big cash out top man as always

  52. What the fudge is a semi-de-neat rumi pissed meself

  53. I really like the dealer 🙂 She is perfect.

  54. Very nice to see you smiling, gtfi ftbt

  55. from 40 do 800 on roulette today hell yeah kept on repeating hahaha lucky I managed to stop myself its tempting u just wana sprees the repeat hahaha

  56. if 33 wouldnt of come in. you’d of watched 11 DBL up aswell fine lines

  57. ?nice double hit on 11 it doesn’t my tits in when you don’t repeat and it comes in mate well done love the videos your streams are that busy always say hello cheers

  58. Thanks for the awesome highlight of the night, I unfortunately missed this part.
    Well done mate.
    Yaaassss!! ???

  59. And reloaded again! Happy!

  60. Odgovor
    ONLINE ROULETTE GAMBLER travanj 19, 2017 na 6:26 pm

    OOOOO! 11+11

  61. Hi Paul, when playing immersive roulette, if you close your eyes before the ball lands and watch the slow motion reply, it makes it much more exciting. Watching the ball slowly bounce in and out of your numbers, I was jumping in and out of my chair. ?

  62. your not helping people by getting happy about your winnings IF you withdraw because your making problem gamblers who are tryna stop gambling want to keep going and going and going

  63. you need rehab

  64. serious long term psychological damage occuringget help before its too late

  65. What are u doing with all this money and how do u spend them??

  66. You are so lucky ! Great videos

  67. The fudge this as become mildly annoying, time to unsubscribe i think.

  68. Paul have u watch that part i told u to check out? what is your answer on that. u saw clearly it was pushed hard away from 23 start time 1.41min at your videeo. i have contact a physic professor and asked for his view. i await his answer. just becareful mate they took over the years 7 digits from me on immersive. i met u once at mrgreen in that morning that the ball jump out of the wheel and we waited to get the pitboss there and i spoke to u and said i was one of your first subscibers and spoke somthing to u about cross balls. u where betting that time two columns.
    wish u all the best. just becareful with these evolution guys.
    the best is the novomatic roulette where is most honest i have to say.

  69. Odgovor
    RocknRolla je kockanje kanala travanj 17, 2017 na 6:59 pm

    yes mate just a small one

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