Dreamcatcher JACKPOT????


Dreamcatcher, another huge hit or another miss???

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90 komentari
  1. Odgovor
    RocknRolla je kockanje kanala March 26, 2018 na 12:33 pm

    Around a 0.0001% I’ll be streaming tonight but hopefully tomorrow instead x

  2. Wow lucky

  3. Get in there Rolla

  4. bastard dam it .. unlucky bud much love

  5. FUDGING FUDGE. Unlucky Pablo

  6. whooooops.

  7. F me

  8. No way so close ?

  9. press that subscribe button comradee

  10. Odgovor
    Ryan's slots channel March 26, 2018 na 12:57 pm

    Close he must like ur streams tho, watching him self at work ?

  11. Haha awww the spinner ? what a guy haha! Unlucky though Rolla ☹️sorry dude ✌?

  12. C u tonight then mate!!!

  13. He sounds like Yanosh off Ghostbusters 2

  14. I was there saying, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, (even more than the missus)…. AND THEN, Nooooooooo, (hard luck)….

  15. Fakkkkkkk this shit lol better luck next time dear. X

  16. Ouch mate that was like getting poked in the eye with a shitty stick

  17. Your bets look like you were chasing

  18. I don’t know what was worse that sickening last move onto 1 or that bloke ?

  19. Close chief unlucky ??

  20. Subscribe comradeslmfao! Unlucky there Paul 🙁

  21. Another 10,000 for Maximus13LOL Way to go Maximus13! OMG JK

  22. Oil on the silver spokes on that one, skips onto 1

  23. oh. my. god. so unluckyyy 🙁 I hope you hit it next time if you are in the same position. Cheers Paul cya tomrrow 🙂

  24. So close , unlucky Paul

  25. Poor mouse

  26. TILT ?

  27. Riggedthe back of the wheel won’t ever be shown as it’s controlled.. another game that should be banned

    • In fairness, and possibly on a rather different tone, Malta for example, fine place it is. I’ve been there 4 times, it’s a haven for online casinos, that said also a haven for corruption and serious criminal dealings, as the murder of the journalist whom tried to uncover government corruption proves
      That little island and all whom do business and domicile there are far from whiter than white

    • Yeah this. but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did have other shit going on behind the wheel as well. but these streamers are getting an easy ride anyway so I have zero sympathy for them losing on crap like this. from what ive seen that x7 thing always seems to land on a low number next. ive seen rocknrolla hit that x7 3 times and its always hit the smallest paying number next.

    • It doesn’t need to be rigged, odds payouts are terrible

    • Can’t see that happening. Just random but in their favour. If you get me. Roulettesque..

    • Type X would love to prove it.. but THEY WON’T SHOW THE BACK OF THE WHEEL. I’ve asked them loads.. I won’t play anything like that online anymore

  28. Please more dreamcatcher

  29. Nightmare Catcher

  30. Cant even imagine me missing 15ki will go nuts wow, great stuff, good video, regards.

  31. Just as rip as when I got the double 7x and than I bet on all except 1 and ofcourse hits 1 ?

  32. Dream Smasher more like unlucky pal

  33. Fuck me that was close , your world famous man

  34. Fuck me sideways! Almost couldn’t finish my wank watching that!!! Exciting stuff buddy! Unlucky

  35. Fucking bullshit

  36. Feel you man

  37. Great video. thanks.

  38. Unlucky man

  39. Close call, unlucky mate!

  40. I won £11200 on a 7x 40 with £40 on it before Christmas then pots of luck casino held it off me because I used Boku to deposit £30 an my contract is under my fathers name the robbing bastards I was gutted for a month after it!

  41. insulting 2

  42. Two 40s in a row at start what are the chances. Unlucky tho, the Dreamsnatcher strikes again. See you tonite Paul im not buying your 0.0001% chance bollocks ha! ?

  43. Odgovor
    Новый Канал March 26, 2018 na 5:32 pm

    go back to work bi… ?????????????????????

  44. You got a secret admirer {blush} Paul although he looks a little lighter on his loafers shall we say 😉

  45. You got balls man. lol I hope I never get to the point where betting 1k at a time is normal or comfortable, because then I know I am a huge degen. lol 100 dollar bets still make me nervous and that’s good enough for me.

  46. Odgovor
    Mark 'firefly 'Miller March 26, 2018 na 7:20 pm

    Lol, you’ve pulled

  47. Very close!

  48. Pmsl they know you too well

  49. I managed to get a video of £50 on x7, 40 … £14k .. lovely

  50. ooooooooooooh man! that tiny difference between 1 and 2 on the wheel, shows what gambling can be like. I mainly bet football but it reminds me of when it is nil nil and in the last minute your team hits the bar.

  51. Rockin rolex

  52. He gets all embarassed once he realizes hes on camera lol hahahahahaha

  53. This game can really mess with your mind more than the roulette wheel i think

  54. When you are greedy you loose everything like me

  55. So shitty this wheel,if would come out how much to cash out? 14 or 21k?

  56. the host plugging rocknrollastrange there .. ££ bit of a coincidence ..

  57. would of been sick if it came in would of definitely then maybe a streamstill waiting on the search of 1000x series maybe you should switch for a 1300x double ball roulette hit.. I wanna see that!!!

  58. This guy reminds me of Dan ackroyd doing the wild and crazy guys from Saturday night live lol

  59. hah the one guy who I wouldn’t mind doing the commentary on Dreamcatcher. The rest of em are just annoying 😀

  60. i dont like this game, sorry rolla for the miss

  61. 14K 0.0 almost :/

  62. Odgovor
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette March 27, 2018 na 8:11 pm

    Sick this happens all the time for me. Lower stakes obviously. Had £38 on 2 -x7, fkn 1 lands!!! Tilt

  63. This bloke would be broke and homeless if not for being propped up by the casino. way too easily tilted and throws more and more at it which is why we know he’s not playing just his own cash.

  64. there the proof we all need, the guy on the live internet shouting out to one of there employees rock and roller!!! paid to make the rest of the world gamble great wee job u got there between the adds on the telly on the internet now the big betting shops get folk like this to show us how much wee can win but never show the loses the distruction gambling causes to peoples lifes i used to subscribe no now after this like ur music!! giveing him a shout out as hes one of the boies AYE PAID EMPLOYEE

    • Odgovor
      RocknRolla je kockanje kanala March 30, 2018 na 9:27 am

      These croupiers know people like me because they like to watch themselves on youtube videos that is all. “Never show the lossesyou comment this on a loss video and actually 10 of my last 12 videos have been losses!

  65. Best watch on screenvariety

  66. to the people who say it’s riggedthey actually don’t need it, because the odds here are worse than rouletteI gamble now like 4 years or soI just wonder why there is a big hole at the bottom of the wheel (a space gab) … is it possible the hosts can interrupt the wheel with the foot there ? dunno.. who will saywe will never know for sure, because at that moment they always zoom in at the top 😉

  67. Odgovor
    Даниил Волоха January 13, 2019 na 6:52 pm


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