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Vegas Blackjack


Vegas Blackjack is an exciting multi-handed blackjack game from Playtech based on Premium Blackjack. The Vegas Blackjack version is very popular in Las Vegas.

How do you play Vegas Blackjack?

The rules of Vegas Blackjack are similar to those of Blackjack as it is played in Las Vegas. The difference lies in the fact that you can bet on up to five hands at a time. So you have a better chance of beating the dealer.

The dealer draws two cards to both the player and the dealer on the first deal. An unlimited number of players can play at this table at the same time. This is done by drawing the same cards for all players and then letting them decide how they want to play individually.

Players can accept insurance if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. The dealer will then check for blackjack and the round ends when they have it. You can only double on your first two cards. That means you can’t double on a split hand. Splitting can be done on any pair. If you split a pair of aces, you can only draw one more card. The dealer continues to draw until their hand total is seventeen or more.

Difference from standard Blackjack

Vegas Blackjack is similar to the standard version of Blackjack as played in Vegas. Although most casinos have two standard versions: Vegas and European. At Top-Casino you can play ‘standard’ version of Blackjack for free.

Vegas Blackjack differs from European in that the dealer only gets his second card after all of the players’ hands have been played.

Game Features

Vegas Blackjack is an exciting multi-handed blackjack game based on Premium Blackjack. The Vegas Blackjack version is very popular in Las Vegas and has a lower Blackjack payout of 6:5. The game offers a variant of side bets such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3 betting for a more exciting gameplay with extra winnings. The RTP of the game is 98.34%. The minimum bet is 1 euro while the maximum is 100 euro.

Best Strategy for Vegas Blackjack

Vegas Blackjack follows the basic strategy for which you can find plenty of cheat sheets. Also try our Blackjack calculator with which you always make the most sensible decision in the long term.

Hard Hand (no aces)

  • 3-11: Hit
  • 12-16: Hit. Unless dealer up card is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. At 7 or higher you can hit again.
  • 17-21: always stop

Soft Hand (with Ace)

If you have a great hand with Ace/8, Ace/9 or Ace/10 (Blackjack that pays out 3 to 2), stop regardless of the dealer’s upcard. With all other combinations of Ace and any other card, always hit, because the 1 or 11 option only improves your hand. Once you’ve decided how you want to use the ace (as a 1 or 11), it becomes a hard hand and you can apply the aforementioned hard hand rules about when to hit or stop.

When to split?

You should always split Aces, Nines and Eights. If your two cards are tens, don’t deal them because 20 is a very good hand.

Casino FAQ

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