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Spin a Win live

The colorful wheel is the core of the game, like online roulette and offers the same principle, but this game offers quite a few differences from the best known casino game. So you need to start learning the different wheel sections to place an informed bet. The colors each play an important role in the game, so keep your eyes peeled as the wheel spins to see if you’ve won a payout!

Live Spin a Win – Basic Rules

The wheel is divided into 54 equal parts, marked 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, x2 or x7. Players place bets on the part they believe will stop the wheel. The winning portion is indicated by a pointer at the top of the wheel when it stops spinning.

Winning bets on a numbered section are paid according to number, e.g. winning number 5 pays 5 to 1 (6.00), winning number 10 pays 10 to 1 (11.00), etc. If an x2 or x7 multiplier is used hit, the wheel is re-spinned until a winning number is confirmed. That number is multiplied by x2 or x7, depending on the multiplier, to determine the payout amount.

The wheel of the casino game Spin a Win live

It is possible that several multipliers are hit before the wheel ends on a number. In this case, all multipliers are included and you can get very big wins.

Side bets

Players can place side bets in addition to the main bets, or they can choose to place side bets only.

  • Odd: the result is a 1 or 5 (pays 0.75x the stake)
  • For a bit: the result is 2, 10, 20 or 40 (pays 1.25x the stake)
  • Multiplier: the result is a multiplier x2 or a multiplier x7

Both odd and even side bets lose if the result is a multiplier.

Strategy for Spin a Win Live

The Return to Profit percentage per bet varies from 90.67 to 97.22%. The latter can be achieved by betting on the Odd side bet.

However, if you hope for a multiplier and therefore want to play on a number, then 2 is the best option. This one has an RTP of 95.51%.


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