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Speed ​​Auto Roulette

How do you play Speed ​​Auto Roulette?

Speed ​​Auto Roulette is best described as an amalgamation of the popular Speed ​​Roulette and the auto (not live) roulette games. Like Speed ​​Roulette, it is played according to the rules of classic European Roulette. So you can also bet on the Neighbor bets or the French bets.

You place your bet by selecting a coin value and then placing it on the board in front of you. Hovering over a qualifying bet will show the payouts that apply according to the bet.

If you have a certain bet ready, you can set it in advance and then activate Auto Play. The game will remember your last bet and keep repeating it until Auto Play ends, or you manually end it.

Difference from standard roulette

Speed ​​Auto Roulette is played like Speed ​​Roulette, making it different from classic roulette only in the speed of play. A round only lasts about 25 seconds, which is only half of a round in standard roulette. Speed ​​Auto Roulette differs from Speed ​​Roulette in that there is no dealer present who spins the wheel. It is played with a real wheel, but it is controlled automatically.

Game Features

This game is played with bets between 0.10 euros and up to 10,000 euros in a single round depending on the casino where you play this game. The casinos can set the minimum and maximum bets themselves. The RTP is 97.22 to 97.30% depending on the bet. Unlike Speed ​​Roulette, this is not a live game with a dealer, but the ball drops automatically about every 20 seconds. Hence Auto roulette.

Best Strategy for Speed ​​Roulette

Speed ​​Roulette is played in the same way as the classic roulette game. Although there is no winning tactic, experienced players often use certain roulette strategies such as Martingale, Fibonacci or D’Alembert.


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