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Online roulette is still the most played casino game. And roulette also moves with the times. There are different roulette games that you can play. There has always been European, American roulette and for a number of years also Live roulette. However, Evolution lived up to its name and innovated by developing Lightning Roulette. The roulette games at a glance:

  • European roulette (1 zero space)
  • American roulette (2 zero spaces)
  • live roulette
  • lightning roulette
  • roulette touch (mobile)

Play roulette, practice as long as you want

You can play roulette here at Top Casino, before you start playing for real money. Roulette is the most played casino game in the online casinos. There are different types of roulette, of which European roulette is the most commonly played. Another variant is American roulette, but we advise you not to play this for real money, because the advantage for the casino is greater. With this form of roulette, the board has two green spaces, which lowers your chances of winning.

First: Learn to play casino roulette

Roulette is basically not a difficult casino game to learn. You bet chips on the spaces where you think the ball is going to fall. The croupier spins the roulette wheel and if you bet chips on the correct number, you win. There are many betting options when playing roulette, for example you can bet on only 1 number, but it is also possible to have a chance on half of all boxes. Take a look at the roulette game rules for all information about the betting options and how the game works exactly.

Because there are so many betting options, you would think that it is possible to beat the casino at roulette. This is of course possible in the short term, because roulette is and remains a pure game of chance. If you’re lucky, you can make some nice profits. However, in the long run, no system can negate the casino’s advantage. The online casino roulette strategy makes playing roulette more fun and it reduces the chance of losing. If you want to try one of the roulette strategies, we have listed the best-known strategies for you. But remember, each spin is a completely new opportunity, so previously played numbers will not affect the new spin.

We have already given you two tips for playing roulette, namely: do not play American roulette and remember that every spin is a new opportunity. But there are many more roulette tips! These tips will help you enjoy the game more, lose less and have a better chance of winning.

Play Casino Roulette for real money

Once you’ve mastered playing roulette online, know the rules of the game and read the tips, you can choose to try it for real money. All online casinos offer roulette. If you only intend to play roulette, don’t be blind to the bonuses that the casinos give away, because usually the bonus is not easy to clear with roulette. Therefore, just choose the casino that seems to you the most fun. All casinos offered on are reliable casinos, we have tested this extensively so that you do not have to do this.

European roulette

This is the most common version of roulette that you can find in Dutch casinos. Also playing roulette for free on this page is European roulette. Most of the variants below are also based on European roulette.

american roulette

In American casinos, including in Las Vegas, roulette is often played with 2 green spaces; for 0 and 00. This gives a bigger house edge, so the casinos make more profit on this version. In addition, the order of the boxes is slightly different. We advise you not to play this variant, so that you do not unnecessarily reduce your chances of winning.

Play live roulette

Many casinos also allow you to play roulette with live dealers. You can then chat with the dealers and sometimes with the other players at the table. After regulation of games of chance in the Netherlands, you can even play with Dutch-speaking croupiers (dealers)! This of course gives an extra dimension to playing casino roulette. Watch the video how this works here. You can’t play live roulette for play money to practice, to play live roulette you will have to bet real money.

live roulette
Thanks to John nlcasino

lightning roulette

Lightning roulette is a unique and exciting version of roulette that was named the most innovative casino product at the Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas in 2018. Not only does it look flashy, there are extra prizes to be won as every round, 1 to 5 numbers are struck by lightning and their winnings are multiplied by 50x to even 500x. You only know which numbers these are after the bets have been placed. Your bet is then multiplied when you have fully bet a chip on this number and the ball in the roulette wheel lands on that number. Watch the video how this works:

lightning roulette

Roulette Touch Mobile

The roulette touch mobile version is just as fair, reliable and safe to play as any other version, online or in a real casino. The software has been tested and approved by the Malta Casino Games Licensing Commission. Roulette Touch can be played on mobile devices with Android 4.1 / IOS6 and above.

Play Mobile Roulette for Free

Play roulette for free on your mobile or tablet with this Netent Touch version of online roulette. It is a simplified version that can also be found in the online mobile casinos.

For example, there are no outside bets except even/odd, red/black and first, middle and last 12 numbers. The minimum bet on Roulette Touch is €1 and you can bet a maximum of €500 per spin. If you click on options at the top right, you can still use quick spins, autoplay and the same bet.


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