Roulette Game Rules

Roulette Game Rules

Roulette Game Rules

Explanation of the roulette game

In this section we will explain the roulette game rules. What are the possible bets? When do I get paid? What do I get paid? What does a roulette wheel look like? All these questions will be answered on this page. After you have read the rules you can take a look at the roulette strategies  and roulette tips or you can immediately play roulette for free .

Roulette Game Rules
Roulette Game Flow How does roulette work, from bet to payout
Roulette wheel What does the roulette wheel look like, and where to find which number
Betting options You can all bet on a roulette table
Small Series Which numbers belong to the small series
Great Series Which numbers make up the large series
Orphans What is Orphelins and what numbers belong to it
Zero (0) Game What is the zero game and how do you bet on it
Bureplay The number itself and the two, four or six adjacent numbers
Final Game All numbers ending in your final game

Roulette game rules explanation, game progress

The dealer is always called a croupier when playing roulette, due to the French origin of the game. The dealer will turn the wheel and spin the ball in the opposite direction, against the rim of the wheel. This is the moment you can bet. The betting options are described below. Betting is allowed until the dealer calls ‘rien ne va plus' (nothing more) to indicate that no more bets may be placed. Now it remains to be seen in which square the ball will roll or bounce, and whether you have won or not.

Roulette wheelEuropean_roulette_wheel_Game-rules

We start with the explanation of the roulette wheel. The wheel looks from above as shown on the right. The wheel consists of 37 slots in European roulette. In American roulette it consists of 38 boxes because there is also a box '00' included. As you can see, the boxes are alternately red and black, with 1 green box for the ‘0'. In European roulette, the order of the boxes is always the same.

Roulette betting options

Roulette Game Rules 1You can place a bet anywhere. When you place on a number, or a series of numbers, it is called an ‘inside bet'. All bets outside the numbers section, such as red / black or the columns, are called ‘outside bets'. Below is a table with the possible bets, with their payouts and odds. Most bets are fairly logical and easy to understand. At some online casinos you can also make special bets. These are the zero game, the big and small series, orphelins and the neighbors game. Below an explanation per game.

We have put together an overview for you below with the odds and payouts of the various betting options. You can find the corresponding letters on the other pictures.

Small Series

The small series is also often called ‘tiers'. This comes from French, where the small series is called ‘tiers du cylindre'. The translation of this is 1 / 3rd of the wheel, logical, because you play with 12 songs. You play with the numbers at the bottom of the wheel, from 27 to 33. In this game you have to place a bet of 6 chips. All chips payout is split, so you get 18x ​​the bet.


The Orphelins game is played on 2 parts of the wheel, shown in the picture. Orphelins means orphans in French, and the game is so named probably because it is split into 2's. But perhaps also because it is played so little in the casino. Or is it played so little because of the name. In any case, you play a total of 8 numbers and you have to bet 5 chips to play. You play with 1 chip ‘plain' at number 1, the rest of the chips are used as ‘split' in places 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34. The number 17 is therefore also paid out as a ‘plain' number.

Great Series

This game is called ‘voisins du zero' in French, or neighbors of 0. The large series consists of almost half of the wheel, and is located at the top. You have to pay 9 chips to play this game. Payouts vary by number, as a double bet is placed on the combination 0-2-3 and 25-29. If 0, 2 or 3 fall, you will get 24 chips back (2x a payout as a street, plus 2 chips that have been bet back).

Zero (0) – Game

The 0 game is played with 4 chips and on the 7 numbers on and around the number 0, as you probably already know. On the 26, the ‘plain' chip is used and the other chips are used as ‘split'.

Neighbors – Game

In the neighbor game there are several possible bets. Normally you bet 5 chips, and you play with 1 number, and the 2 numbers to the left and the 2 to the right. The chips are all used ‘plain'. It is also possible to play with 1 neighbor, or with 3 neighbors. The bets then become 3 and 7 fishes respectively.

Final – Game

In real casinos you can also bet on, for example, final-4. You then bet on 4, 14, 24 and 34; all numbers ending in 4. In online casinos this option is not possible, or you must of course place the bet manually. Final 0-6 will cost you 4 chips and final 7-9 will cost you 3 chips.


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