Bingo Game rules

Bingo Game rules explanation

Bingo Game rules

Fortunately, the bingo game rules are not that difficult to learn. We will explain the rules at bingo. Read them through and you can play bingo in no time. 

Bingo Variants

There are two different variants of bingo to play at online bingo; 75 ball bingo with a 5×5 card and 90 ball bingo with a 9×3 bingo field. You will explain the bingo rules of both versions of bingo. 

Bingo card

75 Bingo Bingo Game Rules

The rules of bingo with 75 balls are actually the same as you may be used to from the large bingo halls and halls. Here you play with bingo cards with a 5×5 matrix. The middle box is already given away for free. So there are 24 boxes to fill in this bingo card.

  • Column B contains 5 numbers from the series of numbers 1-15
  • The I column has 5 numbers from the series 16-30
  • The N column 5 numbers from the series 31-45
  • The G column 5 numbers from the series 46-60
  • And the O-column 5 numbers from the series 61-75

The explanation of the course of the game is fairly simple. The balls fall one by one. It used to be the game leader who took the balls out of the bingo mill and recorded this number. The player looks up his bingo cards to see if this number is on it and if this is the case, it should be removed. As soon as the card is full, ie all numbers on 1 card have been erased, the player shouts ‘bingo‘ to indicate that he has won.

Playing online bingo is much easier in this sense, because the boxes are automatically crossed out and prizes are automatically awarded to you. This gives you more time to chat with your fellow players and friends in the bingo chat.

Win at 75 ball bingo

At 75 balls bingo you can win prizes for the first payline, second / third and fourth paylines (all of which will give you the same prize), plus of course for a full shopping card. Then you win the main prize this round. There are also bingo jackpots to be won! The Room jackpot wins the player who gets a full bingo card with 48 drawn balls or less. The progressive jackpot is for the bingo player who already has a full bingo card within 42 balls.

Bingo variant with a pattern

There is also the bingo variant when you play with 75 balls, where you do not have to make lines to win a prize, but a special pattern. Because the patterns are not always immediately recognizable when you play with multiple cards, this bingo variant is very entertaining. Sometimes you win without realizing it!

90 Bingo Bingo Game Rules

90 balls bingo is a bit different. However, it is the most popular variant of bingo. For Dutch people, this bingo variant is perhaps better known as kienen. The rules of this bingo variant largely correspond to playing. The aim of the game is, as always, get a full bingo card. There are 15 numbers in total on each bingo card, 5 per row. If you are the first to fill the bingo card with 15 numbers, you will win the first prize for a full card!

Win with 90 balls of bingo

At 90 balls bingo there are three standard prizes to be won. The player with the first payline first, wins a small prize. The person who makes 2 paylines first will win a slightly bigger prize. Most money can be won with a full card, the bingo player who succeeds first wins the main prize. This player can also win the game room jackpot if he or she achieves this full card within 40 fallen balls. If that succeeds even within 32 fallen balls, there is a big jackpot waiting for the player!

How many bingo cards should you buy?

When playing online bingo it is recommended to always buy the maximum number of bingo cards. This immediately increases your chance of winning. So don't play at too high a limit, so you can keep playing. You can already buy bingo cards from €0.05 per card. This keeps the game so much fun and fun. You can find more information about this in the Bingo strategy.
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