Baccarat game rules

Baccarat game rules explanation

Baccarat is an exciting and at the same time also fairly simple casino game. Actually you don't have to do anything yourself, except to place your bet on 1 of the 3 betting options; Bank, Player, or Draw. We will explain the punto banco rules below. After you have read the rules, you can find tips at the  Punto Banco strategy to play the game.

In most casinos Punto Banco is played at the Baccarat tables.

For a start, the baccarat goal is to get more points than your opponent; the dealer or croupier. The highest number of points you can get is nine. A fun fact about the game is that it is named after the worst possible hand, namely 0. Unlike a game like blackjack, the game has the name of the worst hand and not the best.

In this casino game, players can only bet on player, banker or tie (tie). It is important to know that a player can also bet on a banker . Banker is therefore not by definition the dealer or the casino, but only the name for one of the two hands.


Baccarat / Punto Banco game play

  • The cards are dealt face down. First one to player and then one to banker. Then a second card to the player and a second card to banker.
  • Then both cards of both hands are turned over and added together.
  • The dealer will indicate the total number of points from both hands.

3rd card rules Baccarat

Preset rules now come into effect to determine if more cards will be dealt, based on the total number of points in both hands to date. Below we explain what happens with the different options;

  • If player or banker has a total of 8 or 9 in the first round, then no additional cards are dealt and the one with the highest number of points wins. If none of the players have an 8 or 9, the game continues as follows.
  • If the number of player in the first round is 0-5, then this player is dealt one more card. If player has a total of 6 or 7, he passes and is dealt no further card.
  • The banker's play depends on his hand, whether the player was dealt a card and the value of the card the player was dealt;
  • If the player was not dealt a card, the banker takes a card if he has a total of 0 to 5, and matches 6 and 7.
  • If player has received a 2 or 3, banker will be dealt a card from a total of 0 to 4, and will be a match from 5 to 7.
  • If player has got a 4 or 5, banker will be dealt another card with a total of 0 tpt 5, and will fit a total of 6 to 7.
  • If player has drawn a 6 or 7, banker will be dealt another card with a total of 0 to 6, and will fit a total of 7.
  • If player has drawn an 8, banker will be dealt another card with a total of 0 to 2, and will fit a total of 6 to 7.
  • If the player has been dealt an ace or other 9 or 10, banker will turn a card when he has a total of 0 to 3 and will match 4 to 7.

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