£1,500 to JACKPOT???


Roulette session from March! Going a little bit crazy!

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243 Commentaires
  1. First 😀 . Lets watch the video and hope you’ve won some money.

  2. Répondre
    Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 30, 2018 à 4:08 pm

    *Spoiler below*

    Remember December to May overall I was down every month! This was a very lucky little session at a casino I won’t name as don’t recommend it, but withdrew and closed account!
    Enjoying my time off and have no real urge to come back streaming on youtube or twitch yet. Much love!!

    • The casino is a very dangerous game. If you do not know how to play. Will you stop playing?

    • That is a shame you disappeared , i enjoyed your streams so muchhope you change your mind soon and start streaming again!

    • Either you stop or the losses will make you stop. It’s not a matter of if but when.

    • Lol you will feel the need for a danger ….?

    • When I saw *’Spoiler below’* I was expecting it to reveal ‘I win in the end’ :P;

      Wouldn’t call it a jackpot myself, but nice touch on a fairly high-stakes online session – 100x more dangerous than high street FOBTs, I recommend this for millionaires only, I never play online

  3. Music is The XX- Intro

  4. Gratz m8 , nice session

  5. Fucking hell

  6. Love that m8

  7. Nice session Paul, when will be next stream?

  8. easiest 18500 days wages ive seen in my life 🙂 enjoy spending the money

  9. Well done Paul mate

  10. Répondre
    The Ferret Metal Detecting June 30, 2018 à 4:16 pm

    Nice win buddy and congrats.. Takes the money and runs ???

  11. Finally won lol

  12. Good hit mate ! Love the second tune by xx as well! Hope to see you make a return soon buddy ?

  13. Dunder casino they are big fraud well done for leaving them, one of the most rigged ones after 21 obviously ?

    • peanut lola u probably have won a lot then if u defending these scammers, Im not gonna lie I hardly win on this things anyway, we all know what their purpose is

    • you know paul promotes 21 the most so your comment kinda backfired

    • Andriy Tataryn hahahahahahaha shut up. You would keep quiet if u were winning

    • Bazillionaire _ of course they can’t but the game provider can all it takes a small signal from Dunder staff to the provider, to make ur bonus come in 5000 spins and pay u fuck all, so then they can split money it’s not a secret lad

  14. Nice win bud

  15. Finaly!! Gtf in there !!! Helll yaaa!!?

  16. Nice win m8. Lend us a tenner, yea?

  17. 8k spins ! Would send me to a mental breakdown, nerves of steel or balls of steel or a combination of the two either way I enjoyed watching. Look forward to your streams after your rest period mate ?

  18. Répondre
    Hector García Suñé June 30, 2018 à 4:32 pm

    get the fuck in there paul

  19. You got large balls bro large large balls!!! Nice result

  20. The answer to the video title isfuck yes

  21. Nice run on the numbers there mate ,,, respect for leaving when you did …. glad to see you didn’t piss it all away this time ?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel yes mate could have gone very wrong my arse cheeks were clenched waiting for that ball to land just glad it came in for you this timeYour luck has been pants lately

    • Répondre
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 30, 2018 à 4:42 pm

      Cheers mate, yeh had that 8k spin not come in would have been a brutal vid

  22. It looks so easy….. I hate myself-I lost today all my money..AGAIN

    • +Vladislavs Sirins its more of us like That last 15 years same for me. Take care mate

    • @Constantinopel ‘ He only uploads his wins obviously, that’s why you get feeling like he’s always winning, but that’s not the case.

      Please gamble responsibly people, don’t gamble what you aren’t comfortable losing.

    • Vladislavs Sirins you can do it and you can re start. Trust in you

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

      Why are u saying that?? I watched every video off you and you did win some serieus rolls even a 120k pot. How much are u in debt sir can u please replay?

  23. Répondre
    Thewildmanarchieduncan June 30, 2018 à 4:42 pm

    Nice win paul. Come back when youre ready my lad. If you dont come back then i wish you all the very best for the future. Take care.

  24. Love this vids!

  25. U crazy bastard!! Alot of bollox thoe mate fair play! ???? please tell me you have withdrew some of that?

    • Répondre
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 30, 2018 à 4:47 pm

      It all got withdrawn and never played there again, but like I said in the pinned comment was still down for that month

  26. if that 8k spin would of lost everyone would be giving you shit for it, but sometimes those 8k spins come in and that rocknrolla approach got you a 20k cashout. nice vid mate.

  27. Continue losingBet tier without 27 and continue losing…..

  28. have you stopped because you lost too much or just stopped because its notfun?

  29. Good man Paul great win well done and keep it up.

  30. Good win Paul I kind of like these little clips you keep posting love the music too mate. Keep it real mate

  31. Hi Paul What’s that Intro track called mate?

  32. Love watching u hitting big!greatings from Germany mate

  33. Great!

  34. Thanks Man and once again great choice in Music
    Read the update on TGC
    Cheers mate and Take Care

  35. No.8 on that 2nd last spin would’ve been mad!

  36. Hey hello mate omg omg what a video!. probably one of the best and highest stake spins on you tube. I maybe wrong, but for me this is the biggest spin I have ever seen you do!!! excuse my french……. But what a fucking amazing spin 8k so pleased you won big on that. Was that the biggest? If not what was?

  37. What’s name of the both tunes Paul?

  38. Congratulations!!finally ur bad luck is gonedont waste the money save a bit of it
    Goodluck !

  39. I cheer these numbers on like I’ve got the money on the table, Fairplay rolla!!!

  40. I did £100 to £9000 yesterday and the casino has a 36 hour pending period where you can reverse, pulling my hair out all day to not reverse, hate it when a casino does everything it can to give the option to reverse your winnings, I joined mr green today, made a deposit and won £1000 withdrew and within 1 minute it was in my PayPal you ever thought about using mr green to stop them reserves

    • sam samualJesus wept, I was being sarcastic you fucking halfwit..

    • Harry Callahan the you woke up as Elvis. DIck

    • Would you believe I turned £1.25 into £500,000 last week and then blew the lot this week. But hey, it’s only money folks..

    • Attar I i did just made with 50 1850 at 888casino same problem i can reverse it and now i am waiting 5 days and still nothing on my bank i hate 888casino is de last time i play there i am over to mr green i deposit and withdrawal next day it was on my bank

  41. What the f paul. 8 grand spin!?!??? super nice that it came in. loved the video. this is true balls, true fucking balls

  42. Class mate, glad you’ve had a good win again

  43. BallsOfFuckingSTEEL

  44. Wow, very nice video my friend. Keep it up.

  45. Great video.

  46. Can I borrow your balls next week ??

  47. Great vid mate. That’s what I like to see!

  48. Was this edited? I’m a croupier and I never saw her spin and when the ball lands all the bets are placed literally 1 second after she has given out chips.

  49. nice win m8 gg stil love yr vids

  50. STOP streaming with song on the video

  51. 5 is your number, stick with it even if your doing 1/4 wheel betting. Make room for 5

  52. I know you got a gold nugget clip your sitting on Rock let it drop please, I miss you even if you dont miss us. Feed me.

  53. Booooom Baby!!!! Get Paaaaaaaaaaid !!!!! Ooops wrong channel. Richie’s fault.

  54. The music on your videos are fit. But that 8k spin was unreal, how you sit down with balls that size is beyond me ✌? loving the uploads dude. Enjoy the sun ?♥️

  55. thats fcking crazyyy

  56. 8k spin balls of steel! hail hail ??

  57. Can’t watch with that music playing,it’s annoying.

  58. Cunt!!

  59. Get the fudge in there. Leave the streaming alone pal it’s only good for the big businesses

  60. Dude thats my salary for 7 years im crying

  61. Take it and run new deposit tomoz ?

  62. My fucking nigggaaaa going balls deeep wow !

  63. Bout time bawbag

  64. Didn’t no u was on a break mate spending more than u can afford ?? Or just getting to heavy with losses ?? Great win there tho

  65. Répondre
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel June 30, 2018 à 6:47 pm

    I see the problem here. What you need to do is bet more than 8k a spin as that will pay more ?

  66. Awesome balls out gambling! Still the most entertaining gambler there is!!!

  67. this is cringe…. dont gamble young ppl’s

  68. High risk high rewards get the fudge in there!!!! Congratz man you are are a risk taker about time you ripped Some off the casino ??

  69. Rocknrollahow much you down this year then mate, after that cheeky winrough ballpark?, love your videos man! ? ?

  70. OMG your so so lucky welldone..

  71. Nice win there lad good for you. When your ready to come back we will be here waiting for you mate always

  72. ROC give me £50


  74. Errr…. It’s a full on like! Loved the double BOOOM !!!

  75. omg……………………………………….

  76. nice lil win Paul glad to see you win again and glad your enjoying your break can’t wait to see you back streaming again but when your time is ready

  77. £8k spinyou are a sick individual.

  78. Wow what a win but really was that a win I don’t think so u suck people in with these videos and u should be stop your like an infection that you cannot get rid of u blind side people into to doing these ridiculous bets and gambles and you should be stopped u have no idea how your actions affect others u should be ashamed u make me sick

    • Répondre
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel June 30, 2018 à 8:33 pm

      The fact that my last 6 out of 7 videos have been losing ones doesn’t really support that or that my most viewed videos are also big losing ones, even this one I put a pinned comment letting people know this was part of a 5 month big losing streak! This is a gambling channel there will also be wins but I do see where your coming from and I get it but you must also have that opinion with most other channels then or at least the ones that put up at least 1 big one vid a day and also struggle to find just ONE losing vid!


  80. Do you ever think to yourself that you are one ill fucker ?

  81. big balls,fairplay,paul whats the tune at the start of your vids

  82. 2:59 best training song going !!!!!!!

  83. Buzzing for you @rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel was dreading the ending if it was going to finish on a loss like the last couple of videos. But happy days mate! Hope you are well.

  84. Nice video and top tunes! Ever thought about doing a Rocknrolla mix tape??!

  85. Tunnnnnnnnneeee. Well done pal. Great win

  86. When that awesome beat dropped in at 3:05 I got an erection. The wretch 32 lyrics over that instrumental is heavenly

  87. Keep going mate ,mate play some times for 100 k up

  88. Nice win bigman hope your enjoying your break with the family ? loving the videos (got to take the good with the bad) looking forward to see you back? all the best

  89. Thats insane!

    I was playing 20p Roulette with a tenner today and walked with 70 notesYour in a differnt league to me but i was chuffed with my win! ?

  90. Love to see the power that you gor of withdrawing most important thing in gambling know youre limit and at this moment you fucked the casino and took the cash bro love to see more keep it up buddy!!

  91. Répondre
    Антон Трасташенков June 30, 2018 à 10:31 pm

    Good job man ?? blessings from Russia ✌️

  92. Degen statusgodlike ! Well done Paul, awesome result

  93. £20k could pay a deposit on a house Paul lad, enjoy ?

  94. Well in bud that was duenice to see a gd cashout enjoy the money m8 🙂

  95. Nice win dude. I’ve just back from casino from £40 got to £600 in 10mins then blew it all ? just don’t know when to walk

  96. awesome viddo you know many times ive walked into a casino with $1500 or more??? over 100 times and Ive never walked out with $20k…. $10k, or even $5k for the matter.
    well done mate

  97. Well done sir! Takes real guts to flip that to $20k

  98. Good for you taking your break Paul. Everyone deserves one and you do what makes you happy. Maybe less time gambling will lead to a new hobby or passion. Keep on mate, best of luck!!!!

  99. Répondre
    Badazzbear1 Twitch Streamer July 1, 2018 à 12:22 am

    Gtfit mate. Sometimes we need a break to recuperate and recharge our energy. What I admire about you Paul is you upload both winning sessions and losing ones . whilst you definitely bet higher stakes than most of us, your constant reminder for followers, subs and anyone that passes by, you always promote responsible behaviour. Yes this is ballsy in what you bet, but the real rocknrolla wants the f#@$ing lot

  100. Keep it real Man ur the best really!!!

  101. That 24k euro win Jesus man that made me horny.

  102. When the magnet guy is on toilet brake miracles can happen. Nice music!

  103. Favourite slot? Mine is genie jackpots…. Won £1000 the other day on the magic carpet!

  104. I hear some of XX there. Love his music!!! Have seen them live! Cracking little upload x

  105. The XX soundtrack was pukka, nice to see a good payoff man.

  106. Your a fuckin mad man hahaha 24k on my number 23 then bam next spin my 29 comes in

  107. молодец отлично сыграл гууд!

  108. Beautiful. ‘Its money

  109. I take my hat off to you, you sure have a big set of b#lls. I love the new opening clip, what did you use to make it? Thanks mate

  110. after watching those other gamble videos from recent, i was really hoping this one is a hit and it was!!! Great job Paul, enjoy your chill-a-break

  111. Enjoy your break paul and nice win buddy ? the real rock n rolla!!!!

  112. Awesome vid Paul, Great 2 c u withdrawing a lump. Looking forward to the next vid.

  113. Well deserved win i guess ?

  114. Nice one Paul, Royals must love this video with the 5 back to back. Take care Paul, dont give it back.

  115. Happy dayz man

  116. Lovely Win! Enjoy the break, be great to see you back!!

  117. Fucking awesome mate, you have absolute balls of steel ?

  118. Honest question, where’s the ceiling on these games/providers? At what point would the casino stop u playing, what’s the upper limit for wins during 1 session?

    • Répondre
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 3, 2018 à 1:31 pm

      Guess it depends on the casino, with my 2 big wins last year I needed special permission from the owners etc to be allowed to withdraw in one go

  119. Do they pay you out in a lump or bit by bit

  120. Cant belive youre still think this is real spinning looooool that ball is with the higher stakes all over the place so fake

  121. Lads do not ever play on the 888casino!!!!!!!!!

  122. Nice little sesh mate, was thinking here we go your going to end up with a zero balance but u knew when to walk away and ran off with a good chunk of change. Hind sight is a wonderful thing but this time u was thinking cha Ching and did the right thing! Real happy for u man

  123. Nice bout time that jackpot 5 done you good and got you off to a flier. Hope it stayed cashed out

  124. I want to know what goes through your head when you do this wtf were you thinking betting that high lol You won but fuck me no real person has them guts.

    • Répondre
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 3, 2018 à 1:29 pm

      Becomes a bit of a standard session especially during this period which had these type wins but filled with many more losses

    • MasterRiffics i imagine, sweat, sting, and just numbers. Probably just 500 deposit which for him is 50 for us.

  125. I had 1.5k 2 months ago wish i done this instead of slots.

  126. Hi rock. Sorry not been able to watch you for a while. Setting up a new business and all. Hope all is well and luck is on your side. Great vid as always.

  127. Nice jackpot hit mate

  128. That £8k spin made my stomach turn for you. You’re crazy, well done matey.

  129. i lost 1k$ off roulette yesterday, i could not stop..never again. Its scary how fast you can go from hero to zero in it..worst fucking feeling today 🙁

  130. Like the first musicwhat’s its title?
    Been after the title of the 2nd music for a good while now as well

  131. Paul I did new upload for you tried to do high stakes like you

  132. The fudgin lot!!!

  133. Répondre
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel July 2, 2018 à 8:57 pm

    Enjoy your break

  134. Fucking love The way you play man,,, you have big big balls! Keep up with The good work and greatings from România. Cheers

  135. Music is always bang on the money

  136. Hi when are you back live

  137. get the fudge in break

  138. Do you reckon you can donate me 1k?

  139. So I went to a casino a couple of nights ago and I had £8 cash on me! Yes £8 I played roulette on the live table, 50p chips. Numbers just kept coming! I Cashed out at £135. Never been so chuffed! I know that’s pocket change to some but was alot to me. 🙂 thought I would share hahaha x

  140. Wtf my mom works there in Casino

  141. Wish u a happy summer with your family 4 that money. /Mille from ??

  142. 8k spin you fucking mental…. sure it landed luckily but holy ballsack

  143. Dont be fooled by this.. he can afford to lose 8 grand on a bet lol

  144. Been over 2 weeks since your last live stream Paul..you doing one anytime soon pal ..)))

  145. ‘Kin degen. Nice hits! Much love. C’mon ENGLAND!!!!

  146. Balls of steel with 8k spin

  147. How can you bet 8k on a 5k limit table……….

  148. So guys, I’m 21 now and been gambling since the age of 7 on horses and in play football, from the age of 16 on £1100 a month I have gambled away over £50,000 and I’m talking £800 spins at midnight when my pay goes in,other people don’t realise I’m a gambler as I come across a nice person. So right now I’m off work with anxiety issues as I can’t concentrate at work, cause all I think about it my next bet!!! Any advice?

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel yes I should try gamstop,I had 13k saved up for a house then I turned 18, then I started going to Cheltenham festival for the weak spenting between 3-4K, then I started hitting casinos with 2k every weekend, then changed to every night, I feel there is no cure Paul, no win is enough it’s just a isn’t rush, I play for the buzz and not the money as the money goes eventually, I’ve just been paid 6 days ago and had nothing left by the 2nd, it’s not normal I know. So living of fresh air for 27 journées. Had £500 on Brazil to win the World Cup at 9/2 for £2750 then swindled the other £900 on roulette, I always do 2 to 29 for a £250 spin, hit 18 three times in a row, so I lost £900 in 3 spins, next number was off course 26 with £45 on and then 28 with £18 on and then 2 with £20 on just cant handle the stress no more, the thing is Paul my mum is worried about me as I’m sleeping a lot, she doesn’t know my addiction is that bad

    • Répondre
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel July 6, 2018 à 10:36 pm

      Where are you from mate, as if in uk get yourself on gamstop or gamban, it will help get rid of that temptation. Have you ever phoned any of the helplines, is there anyone that can look after your finances for you mate?

  149. mate have you seen lighting roulette? oh my god it’s beyond addictive haha, get on it!

  150. i was wondering if you want to do any work at all?? could dm me on twitter for a discussion if you would give me a chance?? got quite a predisposition twitter @connor_liamm

  151. Répondre
    Queensbridge Militia July 11, 2018 à 8:21 am

    Sick channel brother, love the content AND the fact you are completely real about the risks, the downs etc. And the tunes are epic…..

  152. What’s the music starting from 3.03? Amazing tunes x

  153. Please help me win. I’ve lost all my savings and in need of advice.

  154. Does anybody know Where the bandit‘s Slot Channel is ? Did something Bad happened, or does he have a New One ? Very confused

  155. When you get these big win’s put them in a ISA you can’t touch for 3 year . Bit of interest and money in the bank saved . That way your not always down you’d always have 120k you won weeks ago. Some losses recouped and stored in the isa

  156. hey man, nice video. Watching your content makes my heart go up and down! When do you stop playing when you’re on a winning session? Is there a number you need to reach before you consider you’ve made enough?

  157. someone’s using your videos

  158. Répondre
    Get ripped or die mirin July 26, 2018 à 1:20 am

    I went from 20 euro to 600 in one day and lost It all the Next day. Im quitting dis shitt

  159. The gambler
    Lucky number 23

  160. Love this video music on point, instinctive to the point of perfection ?

  161. Your a mad man lol

  162. you sir, are a savage

  163. Glad to see my birthday (23)paid off for you hope you’ve more wins like this to come

  164. OMG))) you crazy man

  165. YES! that’ll do that’ll do GET the FUDGE in There

  166. Weeeyyy, get in there! Great sess

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