Chasing Tier……JACKPOT???


This session was from a few months ago!

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  1. lets go rollA much love my main tanned man

  2. Vastaa
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel kesäkuu 16, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Interesting setup using a live table from a live casino with players on the table rather than an empty film studio

  3. Ah I’ve missed the snippet videos. Win or lose I like seeing them. Keep up the good work Paul.

  4. Wow imagine you went 0 section!

  5. Hail hail paul ???????

  6. Nooooooooo

  7. u play hard man !!i like that

  8. I tested many times this wheel it’s rigged as hell, more rigged than anything else in this world. Full control of the ball by fucking pitboss. Glad I got cured from betting on this shit. Do NOT recommend guys.

  9. This game gives pple cancer bro stop this shit bttr stick to slots bruf

  10. Was waiting for 8 to come in!! If you’d have backed zero section it would have hit tier mate just the way it goes sometimes

  11. ? 6k in 2 minutes I would be so demoralized loosing that much that I wouldn’t be able to masturbate for at least a week ….. ? well it would be a struggle anyway

  12. This table is rigged
    The players are actors paid to look like customers
    Same as a studio rigged magnet wheel. The casinos are studio bank funded who take a massive cut . They can get away with anything as long as they are paying some wins but never will you win big . The reason for this is because my friend works for evolution and lives in Malta . Only bet light . They track everything your betting and one last thing , always play in a live casino with sort of cash . They will screw you every time . Inside info.

    • Best comment of them all lol

    • One of the biggest arguements on line is casinos don’t need to cheat , but they do, how many rigged roulette videos are on here .

    • RichyRich156 evolution has been caught many times with magnets. Yet nobody cant do anything about it. Gamblers know but they still continue to bet.

    • Don’t trust the. Slot channels either you know as well as I know that it’s simply not possible to Win week after week as they do no matter how many spins you wager

    • dazzerstar of course they do, I wouldn’t trust these online casinos for toffee. All run by shady types, the types you see in the city of London with their red braces, ponytails and aluminium briefcases


  14. I cant wank no more my balls are far 2 big to hold on to my dick ?

  15. Would of been massive if hit m8 only gonna win big if you go big good luck next time m8

  16. Tragic :'(

  17. but what is the songname?

  18. They say go hard or go home! But Rolla goes hard at home. Hard luck would of been a massive hit

  19. Shit ?

  20. Gotta go for it mate. When i have the balance i do the same. Usually ends the same too lol but fuck it. Go hard Rolla

  21. Am gutted cus av lost £500 ha

  22. Unlucky bro. Fucking Zero section ?


  24. It’s only a thought rolla but there’s people out there on their uppers living in poverty and you post videos like this like it’s just an oh well moment. I know you mean well by trying to entertain but I know a few people who can only dream of what you just lost in just a few minutes. Don’t lose sight of what the value of money is cos when it’s not there you sure notice every last penny. I’ve lived both sides of it that’s why I’m more level headed for the experience. ?

    • Lord Fartyhars so fuck you could eat 6k on junk food or smoke

    • Most of his videos aren’t real gambling videos, they are incentivised, if it was all physical cash he would be living wth friends

    • I’m not saying ban all gambling vids I’m saying as gamblers we can lose sight of what the actual value of money is. Don’t hate me for just trying to keep a check on reality here. If you won great but in the end these gambling companies get us all in the end and they’re the most ruthless cut throat business I know. Just don’t get yourself in a mess rolla that’s all I’m saying I’d still watch your vids if u played a game at 5p a go mate ?

    • I was talking about in general, there’s no way you can gamble like this without the benefits you receive ,you would of bust out a long time ago , I not talking about one video , I’m referring to your entire bankroll ,

  25. Once again Paul is high lighting the REAL ups & downs of gambling, a credit to him for doing so.Love watching your videos mate and sincerely hope a fortune comes your way.

  26. 12-4-28 my numbers damn

  27. GET THEM NEXT TIME PAUL”……best wises Tommy……..

  28. Aahhh ultimate rip, miss the YouTube streams to, shame I’m not a fan of twitch ?


  30. whens next stream on twitch

  31. Seen the amount of thumbs dumb knew it wasnt going to be a good result for you mate, steady steady bro look forward to you next big win video

  32. Where u been rolla ?

  33. Not today ? I hate roulette tough I seem to never get lucky when I play it so i just stopped playing it just poker for me and slots every now and then?

  34. Vastaa
    I'm right You're wrong kesäkuu 16, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    Utterly degenerate

  35. One of my most favourite Rocknrolla quotes: “Do I feel like I’m milking my luck? Way too muchI think I’ll go in for one more.

  36. Next time mate 🙂

  37. Your absolute greed and total disrespect for money will be your demise,,,,,,,, instead of renting your house save your money and work towards your own house ,,,,,, in turn that might help you stop spunking your money away ,,,, yes I know it’s a negative comment, but for fuck sake rolla wise up

  38. Vastaa
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette kesäkuu 16, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    That’s how it goes pal, I’m down £1100 from last Sunday. Fucking fobts

  39. I rate u mate but I don’t like this gambling community title. I mean the sort of community that is full of slimy leeches that draw people into a gambling addiction to fuel their bank balance is not a community at all really is it . It’s a diseased arsehole infested hole in the ground really isn’t it ? The bandits the mayor of course with nick the steaming pile o shit the village twat . Jimbo my congrats to Leroy about the nipper by the way

  40. Great video, showing the reality of a roulette wheelNo matter how much money you got the path to zero is scarily easy

  41. Ouch, unlucky but come on we wanna see those late night high stake roulette sessions you used to put up, the 20 minute long ones!

  42. i hate it when it lands on 17 section

  43. Nice try Paul. I wish you better luck when you play next time 🙂

  44. Look how the ball jumped into zero on that first spin .That tells you everything you need to know about online roulette. Why do you think the scammers like the bandit ect rare play them . I hope you didn’t do anymore of camera

    • i used to play roulette and baccarat but after a while, just like you said, i found that on many occations my bet wasnt being accepted on hitting bets. at first it feels like you have a bad connection but after a while it feels like the time delay between you and them is enough for them to stop a winning bet so it looks like no more than a refused bet due to bad connections. i now only play extremly low and for fun on net which is very rare. lat least in land based iv never had a bet that won refused

    • Vastaa
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel kesäkuu 16, 2018 at 7:06 pm

      I still don’t think they’re rigged but some of the bounces and spins are just way to erratic on Netent live roulette and also find it weird like yourself I’ve had around 30 times/spins it hasn’t accepted my money for a spin and around 5 of them benefited me and the rest were pretty much jackpot numbers that should have counted

    • Vastaa
      Rocknrolla's Gambling Channel kesäkuu 16, 2018 at 7:03 pm

      jason fairclough majority of them (legit ones anyway) seem to do it now, whereas not so long ago I had never been asked and almost took offence the first time I did

    • This may seem odd but I knew they were rigged after I had done £2900 playin tier at casumo but couldn’t get my last £100 as I was to late . Any way it landed on 26 . So I put that £100 on 11 and it came in via a dubious bounce I mean it fuckin leapt from around 31 ish . Even though I was £600 I was annoyed if you get my meaning

    • Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel isn’t that like any casino though? They have to check incase of money laundering

  45. That tune at the begining mate 🙂 used it on you’re old vid ages ago quality casisdead it is . And those numbers at the end Paul 0 28 29 u always cover those as you’re 0s don’t u 28 29 too

  46. well that was depressing

  47. Greed is a terrible thing. Watched you for years, out of control now …..

  48. Great advert why not to bet

  49. So sick! Backing the other side of the wheel would of been a slightly different vidWell done for posting

  50. Much love mate, all been there .

  51. Brutal

  52. Well done

  53. hurry up paul and put tomorows vid up , i could write a fuckin essay but who gives a crap nowadays, just wanna see how rigged your roulette table is, which also will be forgotten about and net will carry on as usual. make ur money and fuck it all off. take care paul

  54. He who dares wins Rodney! ??

  55. Most of us know just how cruel this game can be
    Enjoy that break Mr Rolla ; )

  56. Ouch that was painful and it wasn’t my 6k

  57. Savage. Big loss, gutted for you. Better luck next time. Maybe stick with Blackjack, at least there is some choice.

  58. what I lost in 6 kuukaudet, here lost in 2:44 Ouch!

  59. Roulette is the devil who only occasionally shows it’s angel face.

  60. Betting at some random casino. ??‍♂️

  61. What’s going on with the streams on YouTube. I haven’t seen one in weeks ? Are you still doing them Paul ? All the best for your next gambling adventure.

  62. Not judging man but that is truly a waste. Every true gambler has to “feed” his buzz but this is just throwing away 2 months of wages for a lucky working lad. It’s wrrong Paul mate. Think about it, you don’t need the money you are “winning” from time to time so there is no point in risking your family’s wellbeing. Gambling a lot less can “feed” your buzz if you train your brain to do it. No point in wasting those ammounts. Peace and love Paul. RandomNess.

  63. When was this Paul I thought you were on a break pal.

  64. Someone is live streaming one of you videos channel called casino online mate

  65. No concept of money

  66. Your nuts honestly

  67. sorry Rocknrolla’s next time must be biggg wiiiiin

  68. 1:10 28 landed that bounce out…..Seriously? Looks rigged as fuck.

  69. Thanks for posting this mate , been there many times.

  70. roulette big fat lie


  72. YASV you degenerate fuck

  73. MUPPET

  74. what movie is that opening music from ive deffo heard it

  75. Rolla I can’t help but get butterflies every time an email comes threw that you’ve put up a video. That wheel infuriates me, can’t it just hit our farking section and be done with!!! By God I pray for all that money to come back and more. Courage can’t be bought and that’s who the casinos are afraid of. Best of Luck pal, we all wish you the best all the time

  76. Horrible loss but fair play for uploading, I know you will get a lot of hate for this video so respect for showing the bad aswell as the good….. Rocknrolla ??

  77. Dislike for music

  78. ive been looking for stream vids lately. have you stopped uploading them or thye just not popping up on my channel? if the latter, how can i find them plz?? been gambling too long and your channel helped me. im falling back into compulsive habits. wife is getting upset, let me know

  79. Plz for the love of god get gambann mate dont ruin your life with this shit

    When i got it it felt like i could breathe again
    And funny thing it was threw your videos i found out about gamban

    Love your videos but i dont like whr your going atm
    Are you really in controll?

  80. I’m glad you showed this content you show your watchers how vile and dangers it can be hope they take note .. there’s only one winner every time we deposit we are paying their wages for them to have a nice comfortable life while we suffer but yet we still do it for the buzz

  81. gambling addiction at its finest.. stupid!

  82. Well, it’s hard to be a gambler
    Bettingon the number
    That changes every time

  83. Take up golf mate lol

  84. id of had every number that come out

  85. What is the first song called you play thanks Lv the vids

  86. Should of covered 0

  87. LOL, that didn’t go to plan. Never mind mate it’s only money.

  88. Makes a change for you to spunk thousands ?

  89. Hi everyone, I found a winning tactic in roulette compared to 90 interest rates! anyone who wants to know, write me a message!

  90. unlucky keep your chin up

  91. good video rolla, its good to show what can happen on the other side of the coin,its by far win win win and just shows you that you shouldn’t gamble and im a gambler with issues,i would rather spend my last bit of cash at the casino than buy a fridge full of food, its nice when i win yes but its mainly peanut butter on a playing card for dinner but my issue is i don’t want to stop, my bills get paid ever week and whats left is for food and social,i choose gamble. anyway keep it real fella.

  92. Thanks for putting this up! A lot of ppl only put the big wins up making us think money is easy and end up losing a loadthanks 4 being real

  93. I can confirm casino is rigged. Otherday 29 dropped i had 15£ on it as you do you back a double drop. I put another 15£ on it i kid you not the ball landed 29 we all cheered and the dealer said number 7. As i looked ar the wheel the ball rolled from 29 että 7. Lucking i had neighbours covered but still

  94. Comical, £6k in 2.40. More money than sense

  95. damn playing sections is so sketchy, all they have to do is have a magnetic ball and the ability to turn on and off a super strong magnet in the opposite section.. and they literally just have to flash it on and off to completely make the ball miss ur section while maintaining a realistic feel to itSO FUCKING EASY>

  96. You can’t take it with you, but you could give it to me !

  97. Rocknrolla can’t get the fucking lot without going crazy every now and then.

    You think he can afford to stream doing £100 deposit and 60p spins. Nope.

  98. Gratz.. great win.
    Im talking to the Casino.

  99. Dam dude this is a weird one.. You deposited 4k and did 2 spins with that money, covering just 8 numbers each time, going against some 1/5 odds there of hitting anything, tilted?

  100. What is the song?

  101. Paul, I wanna share something with you regarding Evolution’s live blackjack games;
    Evolution has confirmed that they remove an amount of 10 value cards from their blackjack decks. This creates a bigger advantage % for the house. Just keep this in mind for your blackjack sessions 🙂

  102. You’ve taken bigger knocks I know but they all hurt. You’re a streamer you know the risks so won’t hit you with the give up patter either. Keep life fun though matemany great things being missed any hours stuck staring at a wheel or slot. Stay safe

  103. Rotten luck mate

  104. Sick 🙁

  105. what was that song called you used in the intro, I need to find it and listen to it really loud lol

  106. ?????? the end

  107. lol you stupid idiot, i leave your comment section for 2 months and you already start again with the stupid titles

  108. There’s 6k down the drain. Might aswell of spent it on booze cocaine and hookers ?. Better look next time buddy.

  109. Post your playlist..

  110. Money to burnnn, crazy degen on un-regular sites lol shit man I hope these arnt you’re wages.

  111. I don’t know what is more embarrissing about this. the complete disregard for money of the clickbait.

  112. dude are you in the shit

  113. That landing in the 4, 100000% magnet. Clearly to see its rigged as hell.

  114. wen are you back pal?? enjoying your videos

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