MEGA HIGH STAKE BONUS!!! Jack & the Beanstalk!!! (بخش 2)


Ultra rare for this to pay on a big stake!!

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WildTornado کازینو
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WildTornado کازینو

WildTornado کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از WildTornado کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 7.9
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ویلا فورتونا کازینو
ویلا فورتونا کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از ویلا فورتونا کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 6.5
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 1
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SpinSon کازینو
7 ماه ها پیش

SpinSon کازینو

SpinSon کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از SpinSon کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 8.5
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 2
افزودن برای مقایسه
EUSLOT کازینو
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EUSLOT کازینو

EUSLOT کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از EUSLOT کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 7.3
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
BoaBoa کازینو
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BoaBoa کازینو

BoaBoa کازینو ارائه می دهد نظر - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از BoaBoa کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 8.4
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
وگاس کازینو قهرمان
7 ماه ها پیش

وگاس کازینو قهرمان

وگاس قهرمان کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از وگاس قهرمان کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 4.4



152 نظرات
  1. Been waiting for part 2! همسر پیروزی خوب, save a good bit for tomorrow 😉

  2. Get in lad nice win. Try and stream after footy mate.

  3. for 4x scatters i think you get 3x pay.

  4. worth the wait the stream tommorrow should be epic

  5. He who dares Rodney…. I mean rolla #bigfuckingballsofsteel

  6. been watching you for a while now mate. so happy to see u winning, it Seems you’ve moved on from the 25>1000 challenges on marvel roulette though! you’re now a degenerate 😉

  7. You are a legend man!!! Trully the best playa out there on youtube with the biggest balls! 🙂

  8. Congrats mate nice run but its shit at same time i win few month ago 8400 out of 10£

  9. Getting the feature up with such high stakes is very rare, and what a good feature it was around 75x. Well done.

  10. get the fuck in there

  11. Party at your place!! Pleased for you mate, just don’t put in all on Tier lol

  12. nice one pal. only just said in your last stream that you were due a big hit on this slot!

  13. Nice but is it weird to be slightly disappointed?

  14. You da man you da man get the fudge in there

  15. Send us a tenner mate ahahaha

  16. خوب, a yrs wages for some

  17. پاسخ
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette اکتبر 16, 2016 در 8:50 ساعت

    epic mate you must have about 10k pending. ledge. here’s ne fucking around with the odd few hundred.out of my league

  18. gez u are a legend

  19. پاسخ
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette اکتبر 16, 2016 در 8:52 ساعت

    Go careful tho paul as you no the more we win the bigger the stakes the bigger the loses can be.. don’t go mental.

  20. nice one paul,you hit a decent bonus on montezuma at 10 نشخوار + stakes it would be a monster!love your streams pal,keep this hot streak going!!

  21. any stream soon mate?:) hope you windraw over 20k because those cocksuuckers limited your windraws per week

  22. Even I get excited and it’s not even my money, excellent win mate , hope the wins keep rolling for you ?

  23. congratz hope you withdraw the lot mate an get a new hat

  24. i love the bit when u said 50 quid money back on lucky spin and ur balance is 15k wtf paul u having laugh hhh ur legend m8

  25. پاسخ
    FOBTS ARE THE DEVIL fruits & slots vs roulette اکتبر 16, 2016 در 8:55 ساعت

    Id love to see you bank a 100k buy Xmas. . or within the next twelve months. حماسه

  26. Well done. Massive well done dude. واقعا…. really damn nice

  27. What’s the withdrawal limit! Didn’t think they existed! Don’t with my wins

  28. Should have puthope the wins keep Rocknrollllllllllaaaaaa-ing for you ?

  29. Get the fuck in there! be retiring by next year if this carries on. Congrats man

  30. Absolutely mint wins bud well done! Get tat withdrew lol keep up the good vids!

  31. some fucking boy my laaaaaaaad! تبریک M8

  32. Awesome mate .. break the fuckn CAsino.. ur cheek can be sore about smile :)))

  33. bet the casino wished they had let u withdraw your balance now lol in all means great great win bro like they say play big and win big good luck for coming future try enchanted forest

  34. دیوانه!!! congrats Paul mate

  35. Well done pal! Love to see the casino get a real bashing! FTFOBT

  36. Jesus! nice win bro!!! spend wisely

  37. You can’t withdraw it that’s abit harsh ain’t it! Jokes on them really just cost them another 7k lol ? great win

  38. thats just insane lol well done buddy

  39. You fuckin ledge ?????. You’ve got some balls lad

  40. get the feck in therecan only dream of playing with a balance like that…. keep up the vids ✌

  41. You’re a fucking beast bro well done!!

  42. I think you just upped the game paul.! -))

  43. Sweet Paul, great effort mate….

  44. ویدئو زیبا

  45. وای. Great upload! WD

  46. I didn’t know casinos made sure you can only withdraw a certain amount every week. Just another way of them fucking you over but I’m made up it’s worked up for rocknrolla . Superb stuff mate

  47. Was shouting my little head off for you Paul!!! That Jackie boy needs a massive slap! LOL! Well done! xx

  48. O sweet Rita loved it . Cheeky fucker part 2 , TOLD you , you would get it all back and some mmm did I tell you man did I , ALL OF YOU WHO GAVE HIM SHIT ! EVIL COMMENTS ATER ROULETTE NIGHT ! WHITCH PART OF FUCK OFF DONT YOU UNDERSTAND . He showed ya , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEA . Magic mate . PAUL & YOUR WIFE ! . LOVE N PEACE ✌️ FROM RITA & FRED . HOLD THE BUZZ .

  49. گه مقدس. thats epic

  50. GET THE FUCK IN THERE Paul. خوب

  51. Nice win paul well done…..even if it was a bit out of order making us wait for part 2Make sure you buy the bandit a drink…….but only a half tho.

  52. congrats, brilliant win.

  53. oh..I’ve only just seen part 1..I’m not looking at the comments yetno waiting for me.

  54. Awesome Paul?

  55. BOOM made up for you mate GET THE FUCK IN!!!

  56. all started with a free 2000 high roller bonus a few days ago..well done !!

  57. Are more videos coming out?

  58. wow nice win well done you put the work in and get the rewards

  59. fuckin beautiful !!!

  60. دریافت دمار از روزگارمان درآورد در پل وجود دارد! You have come a long way since i started watching when a new vid was you playing marvel roulette on Coral! Will try and catch your stream tomorrow.

  61. What do you do with your winnings?

  62. Get in there brilliant win you deserve it because of the high risk bets you do.

  63. Wow wow wow, I don’t even do £50 free play mode lol, well done Paul!!!!!

  64. congratulation! 3* part? :پ

  65. scary stakes, good work

  66. 8 grand profit in 20 minutes and I’m scraping around for a bloody tenner!!! Insane win tho mate, look forward to the stream tomorrow. Fuck the FOBTs and fuck those bloody keys

  67. Get the fuck in there!

  68. wooooow????…nice bro

  69. Epic! The best player on YouTube. Btw who is this bandit what’s his channel called.

  70. Lmao at all these people licking arse it’s only printed paper love over money any day! But fair play to you mate enjoy it

  71. People in the world are struggling and heres Paul making money like he has his very own money tree in his back garden. Keeps sprouting money. Stop now because later it will end you.

  72. Theres a years wages for me as in your online gambling account, get the fuck in paul, آفرین

  73. Fucking sensational! A bonus well worth your cojones! Fucking get in there

  74. u crazy fcker £50 a spin lol nice win shame about the last key

  75. Where did you get so much funds to deposit? Do you also play on ? my sister won over 14k euros here.

  76. Get in there Paul. Well done mate.

  77. ohhhh my fuckin God. get the fuck in. if only those keys came could have been even more epic than it already was. good job man

  78. lmao you are an absolute machine mate

  79. awesome stuff mate, absolutely fucking mind blowing to say the very least!

  80. Still not happy about the suspense.
    What a beauty. #bestpart2ever

  81. Fucking get in there man! Sick win! That bet is huge man, you got some balls bro

  82. پیروزی شگفت انگیز…i normally watch the bandit and he never does as well

  83. CG! what a hit on that stake and the wilds run. Actually amazed that it didnt give you the harps chance, but still nice Paul.

  84. what dickhead put thumbs down. Paul get the fook in

  85. years supply of Ron zacappa!!!

  86. Well played & good job! That was so cool to watch. thx 4 اشتراک. You deserve it.

  87. great stuff

  88. Meanwhile the bookies are offering punters the chance to spin away at £50 for£500, fuck the FOBTs indeed! (But don’t go too mad on these spins!)

  89. Superb, chuffed to bits for ya.

  90. Getin fuckin there . Big congrats

  91. Two bonuses in two spins on £50….wow. I’ve rinsed this slot and that shit, Does. Not. Happen.

    Congratulations!!! I’d badger the shit out of them to at least withdraw £12K. They’ll probably ban you now though hahaha.

  92. withdraw live thailand for a year 🙂

  93. Congratz, dont waste it all in the stream tonight. Grtz

  94. Great win you truely have balls of steel sir !

  95. Jesus Christ! Another one Rolla!

  96. Brilliant win Rocknrolla! 50 quid spins, Your Crazy haha.

  97. پیروزی خوب. 🙂

    The sad thing is, the casino balances you out.

    So if not new created account:
    -You already lost moore then that.
    +win and Casino will balance you down to +/-0 again with a ton of deadspinns.

    Quit playing on that site while you are ahead.

    Onlinecasino’s are rigged to make all accounts stay +/- 0

    It’s not like real machines where you go and play and hopefully allways have a chanse to win theese slots are designed to keep track of you and count in your account status.

  98. وای!! I’m looking forward to tonight’s stream now ? acyred

  99. s p e e c h l e s s

  100. What are you pending? We all want to know ! Nice hit there paul!

  101. What a session mate ?? دمار از روزگارمان درآورد fobts ?? when’s the next live stream paul

  102. who needs all the keys! you jammie fucker! well done Paul!

  103. Wot time u steaming today bubby

  104. Playing like an absolute bellend fairplay

  105. Get in there was seriously chuffed when I saw you hit it twice on £50 spins did not expect the second win though well deserved mate keeps you streaming for longer 🙂

  106. That definitely cost you more than £16k

  107. Paul whats you Name in twich!?

  108. U can go to LasVegas with this money 🙂 ..amazing win

  109. Holy crap Rocknrolla ! Makes my £15 win recently which I’ve yet to upload look like a joke ! Keep it up, nice win !!!!

  110. get da fuck in there!

  111. unbelievebal
    you are the luckiest guy i´ve ever seen in my life lol :-DDDWhen i play i fight for freespins on 1,2,3$and i get aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolutly nothing, بیشتر از زمان
    I dont know how you do this hahaha *FACEPALM* ;D
    congratz ;-))))))))))))

  112. that was fucking legendary Paul

  113. Highrolling at its best, nice to view!

  114. Where’s the key haha

  115. What does it say at the start of the video. Is it. I’m a real rock n rolla. Lost the f**king lot ?

  116. 50 pounds bet, wow!!!

  117. love this win mate ?

  118. پاسخ
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel فوریه 26, 2017 در 1:42 صبح

    Woh !! Nice bonus !! Shame about the last key ? bud !

  119. پاسخ
    Stake and Chips Gambling Channel مارس 23, 2017 در 1:07 صبح

    Wow this is great , watch all your streams , perhaps you’ll say hi one day ? all the best bud

  120. great viewing, thanks

  121. Never in the history of gambling has the word KEY been said so many times. دوستش دارم!

  122. Hi there gents can anyone tell if they will reduce the max bet on online slots a delali live dealt games to as low as 5 quid or so? با تشکر

  123. I always loose on online casinos, i see these videos on people winning all the time, same people, it just smells fake even i know it probably isnt, its just unfair as f

  124. when this video was released i started drinking game to take one shot every time he saykey ” یا “keys”. i am at 5:32 now.

  125. Hey why are you limited to withdrawing or not aloud to withdraw I don’t understand??

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