BIG WIN on Game of Thrones!!!!


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اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 3
افزودن برای مقایسه
WildTornado کازینو
8 ماه ها پیش

WildTornado کازینو

WildTornado کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از WildTornado کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 7.9
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
ویلا فورتونا کازینو
ویلا فورتونا کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از ویلا فورتونا کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 6.5
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 1
افزودن برای مقایسه
SpinSon کازینو
8 ماه ها پیش

SpinSon کازینو

SpinSon کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از SpinSon کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 8.5
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 2
افزودن برای مقایسه
EUSLOT کازینو
8 ماه ها پیش

EUSLOT کازینو

EUSLOT کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از EUSLOT کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 7.3
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
BoaBoa کازینو
8 ماه ها پیش

BoaBoa کازینو

BoaBoa کازینو ارائه می دهد نظر - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از BoaBoa کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 8.4
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
وگاس کازینو قهرمان
8 ماه ها پیش

وگاس کازینو قهرمان

وگاس قهرمان کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از وگاس قهرمان کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 4.4



85 نظرات
  1. پاسخ
    کانال قمار راکنرولا است جولای 7, 2017 در 8:10 ساعت

    So this was originally a 15min vid but didn’t quite realise just how strict the copyright police are and it all got muted, so have just included the best bit! Cashed out 4k in the end. I currently have an ear infection so have been off work and was doing well with not touching the big balance on guts, but after it wouldn’t let me lay down or sleep at 3am well, idle hands are the devil’s playthings!!! Long story short I hit roulette played mainly cazino zepplin and lucky rose and ended at 12k! Was pretty gutted at the time as I was looking forward to going a little crazy with that balance on stream, however I WILL save that 12k for the stream on Sunday (if my ear improves a fraction). Apologies but being off work and not even being able to lay out in the sun, then that 21k was no way going to make it till Sunday, I’m only human ha but 12k is still a ridiculously huge balance to play with and I’m looking forward to it!! Much love!!

  2. fucking hell nice

  3. Your reaction is priceless #woahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Get the fudge in there!!!!!

  5. get well soon matey and see you sunday.

  6. Insane mate get in there 😀

  7. تبریک! Always nice to see the bigger wins ?

  8. Get the fudge in there

  9. copyright lol good win m8

  10. i follow u now for a few months and to be honest u are a nice person and a good streamer to watch. Get well soon and hope the rest of 2017 gives u a lot of wins.

  11. What’s happened to the 21k

  12. Atleast it’s less wager to be done ? Feeling a 5k upswing coming up just before cash out ??✌?

  13. Get the fudge in there mate!!!!! پیروزی خوب

  14. nice hit RoLLa 🙂 looking forward to seeing you do that 15k plus return after wagering,

  15. Here’s to a speedy recovery, همه بهترین!

  16. That’s what I call aMEGA BIG WIN

  17. Just want to say 00:12 !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Fucking sicko

  19. چه یک ضربه. nice one Rolla.

  20. BOOOOOOM! that’s how it done mate

  21. No way mate gutted you lost part of that 21 but we are what we are dream chasers I like to say ? nice hit that aswell never ever got a decent win in that slot

  22. So glad 4 you …. you r the man!!!

  23. Nice one mate!! Got the hang of these slots ain’t ya lol

  24. Ok thanks want to see some action with the 21

  25. love this channel have to watch soon as a video is out

  26. enjoyed the stream last night brother! در آن وجود دارد!!!

  27. oh for a hit like that

  28. Paul..that’s a nice roll in there bud on a £6 spin ????

  29. Brilliant hit well done, and glad you cashed out. Looking forward to Sunday hopefully you will be beta.

  30. 3/10 seen better 😉
    Jk nice hit man!

  31. دیوانه, 21 grand wasting it to 12.

  32. خوب یک پل! در آن وجود دارد!

  33. Got you beat just on the same game with $7974.40 بر $4 بازدید

  34. شخص, I’m really sorry, I have to unsubscribe. I feel like this channel is a way to enable you to gamble really badly and it makes me sad. Good luck in the future.

  35. поздравляю красива стали вилды!

  36. پیروزی شگفت انگیز
    Ger the fudge in there RockanRolla ! Cheers mate

  37. Try not gamble with 12k and bank it start with small balance and build it up little things add too big things good luck mate?

  38. I don’t give a flying fuck about your winnings on slots ! I only wanna see you lose money on roulette tabel, Moron ! Plz opload some more roulette action, feaking gambler 🙂

  39. Get the fuck in there!!! Absolutely epic hit mate! Well done!

  40. Congratulations! Lets hope theese wins keeps happening.

  41. It’s amazing people, that Paul has actually blocked everyone that talks out against him, to promote his Gambling agenda, sad sad day. Not going to say much But seriously shame on you Mr.

    • 97% of people lose gamblign do you want to support that celebrate it ?? yeah ok

      heroin rape all good what weird world are you in

    • yeah yeah yeah bla bla your a gambling degenerate and so is paul well done !!!

      paul lost 1k tonight and most of his money is bonus we are strange for saying gambling is evil yeah ok keep gambling

    • i would block all you strange people too that come and watch my videos and just full up the comments with negative things.. you do know the more discussion on the videos the more paul makes for each one so you are giving him more money for the streams by his youtube ads.. Sandra you are deluded to be honest.. no one is saying that there is not loads of bad gambling stories.. of course there is and those people need help. everyone that plays a slot machine or plays a fobts doesn’t get addicted to them do they? its a minority that do. I feel sorry also for the people that I see in the casino that work normal jobs go to the casino each weekend and lose there money each time, but its there life I cant lecture someone about what they should or shouldn’t be doing. everyone makes choice and can control there own choices.

    • so so true a intelligent man

    • well said hat is why new sites come out weekly so they can lure those who have self excluded from all the others to have a relapse.

  42. man you shoulda just streamed your 3am gambles aswell this is what people want to see.. gutted lol. o well but i think you should take the youtube fam more seriously and give them the content they want to see.. ear infection or not ur excuses are getting regular.. BUT still love your vids and streams just wish u went back to regular habits!! nice win bro

  43. Do you ever stop and think what the fuck am I doing? Its all a fantasy that one day you might hit it big.. walk away and focus on your family people

  44. i hope your ear infection is clearing upan im looking forward to your next streamnice win here paulmuch healing an love to you an your family

  45. cash it out pauland deposit £500 with 500 bonus for the stream.

    Absolutely NO need to bring a 12 k balance to a stream mate.

  46. What time are you on tonight pal, and how much was your cashout yesterday?

  47. what times stream tonight

  48. How come I can’t find last nights stream mate was watching in bed fell asleep and woke up to carry on and its gone

    • OK nice one pal and cheers for the 21 casino link they gave me a fiver for my birthday I cashed out 200 then reversed then cashed out 500 on the 6th its took till today to be accepted haha talk about will power lol

  49. where is yesterday stream video?

  50. what happened yesterday ?

  51. what happened to last night’s stream??

  52. that’s like 2 months wages

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