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اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 3
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WildTornado کازینو
7 ماه ها پیش

WildTornado کازینو

WildTornado کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از WildTornado کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 7.9
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
ویلا فورتونا کازینو
ویلا فورتونا کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از ویلا فورتونا کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 6.5
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 1
افزودن برای مقایسه
SpinSon کازینو
7 ماه ها پیش

SpinSon کازینو

SpinSon کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از SpinSon کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 8.5
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 2
افزودن برای مقایسه
EUSLOT کازینو
7 ماه ها پیش

EUSLOT کازینو

EUSLOT کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از EUSLOT کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 7.3
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
BoaBoa کازینو
7 ماه ها پیش

BoaBoa کازینو

BoaBoa کازینو ارائه می دهد نظر - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از BoaBoa کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 8.4
اضافه شده به لیست علاقه مندی هایحذف از علاقه مندی 0
افزودن برای مقایسه
وگاس کازینو قهرمان
7 ماه ها پیش

وگاس کازینو قهرمان

وگاس قهرمان کازینو نقد و بررسی ارائه می دهد - آنلاین ارائه کازینو از وگاس قهرمان کازینو نقد و بررسی با بررسی رتبه بندی کلی 4.4



77 نظرات
  1. پاسخ
    کانال قمار راکنرولا است جولای 24, 2017 در 8:52 صبح

    So just found this old video saved under private, realised I didn’t put it public because of a skype message during the fruit warp bonus, so have cut it out which is why it jumps a bit during the bonus.

  2. Fuck off Paul with ur 50k win my ladddd !!…… peace and love m8 ?

  3. آه خدای من 0

  4. Love it mate, keep it up! Get so excited when I get the notification of any of your videos ?

  5. Pretty fukin sick at the end

  6. Fruit Warp isn’t rigged, it’s always SHITE!!!

  7. پاسخ
    Lu & stew’s online slots and gambling Uk players جولای 24, 2017 در 8:59 صبح

    You gave it a bloody good go sir

  8. when in played 19 you had that covered in previous bet

  9. You forgot the GOLDEN rule hit and leave. But I know what it’s like to be on a winning streak you can’t just leave.

  10. That zero section was insane.

  11. They can’t all be winners, at least you show the losing vids as well

    • plenty don’t. i’ve told them what i think of them. the bandit and rocknrolla show the good and the bad of gambling. although some will argue there is nothing good about gambling. someones loss is someone else’s win, someones win is someone else’s loss.

  12. soooo fucking dirty mate. keep rolling!!

  13. One question. Why don’t you pull out 2k after building a bankroll? seems like everytime you manage to build a bankroll to either 1k+ mostly around 2k. You would be going plus everytime lol

  14. It does look so rigged I stay on a section till it loses. Suppose that’s how you bet though. Could of been massive if you stuck on 0

  15. Ahhhh gutted. You need have a standard withdrawal rule or something. Even I was tilting at that

  16. wtf ,thats roulette for ya 2.5k gone in 3mnts thats the beginning of the chase and thats the danger of gambling good u show this video to make others aware of the danger and not just trying to copy ur big wins videos . gl m8

  17. Bro you should never change a winning bet ?

  18. You can’t always win and it was entertaining in the beginning!
    Hopefully you’ll be streaming tonight, همه بهترین.

  19. Spoiler: go to Zero ballance.

  20. Good vid mate. Showcase of how easy and quickly you can win and then lose money gambling

  21. Great vid mate , much respect for u showing the losing side of gambling !, roulette the quickest way to win and the quickest to losehope alls well mate! ?? There’s only one rocknrolla!!!

  22. what happens is you become afraid to back in the same section after youve hit a few times and the old rule should be adhered tonever dessert a winning section”. but its the human mind that makes the decision and its nearly always the wrong one. as you said you cant have it both ways. i stick to the simple rules and stick to my oisins section all the time and never switch as then i cant complain about my numbers coming in and not being on them. take care paul and as always a pleasure.

  23. remember the days when fruit warp actually paid something, oh how we miss you

  24. Should never change bet on a winning streak although it does seem the right thing to do at the time.. you should in future keep the winning streak up untill a loss then leave lol i know its fucking hard to do but there u go.. why did u let ur brain convince you to change bet lol anyways #winsumlosesum thats life. Gl 2 future adventures

  25. лоханулся!))) лайк!

  26. Ah man thats sick all I do is zero section with scattering of tier, just holding on zero for a couple more spins could have been massive , ah well top vids ??

  27. لعنت به من! 🙂

  28. If ha stayed on zero section a few more spins woulda been around 10k 🙁

  29. پاسخ
    Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel جولای 24, 2017 در 12:36 ساعت

    Never mind bud, thanks for uploading anyway 😀

  30. @RocknRolla Comments Spoiler: I like to be wise after the event and tell you what you SHOULD have done 😉 x

  31. Honestly would like to see how much debt you’re in. Bettingand losing seemingly thousands a week, and thats only the stuff you put online! Very worrying.

  32. you win soo big all the time

  33. horeeeee sheeet haha talk about going in paul!

  34. Good video buddy

  35. He wants the facking lot, nothing worse than numbers coming in after u leave them

  36. @rocknrolla’s you shoudl continue with vouison ! it was very stupid lose for you 🙁

  37. Why wouldn’t you withdraw a grand and redeposit 200 and get a new binus5 so your 600 up even if you lost lol

  38. Everbody be like when they click a rocknrolla video: please be a long one!

  39. Unlucky couple bounces in there another day they were in

  40. I got so hyped thinking this was the 56k lol fml

  41. Does anyone know what happen to last night stream. I was watching it but 1 hour behind and it’s no longer on YouTube

  42. 8 mins of up and down
    thats life
    2500 از جانب 200 would have been a nice win for me
    cheers m8

  43. Should have just took the 2k and fucked off .. خوب 5 min video with £1800 profit. More money than sense

  44. Hello mate , are you gunna upload the stream from last night ?

  45. when u have the balls, make a 10,000 $ balance and go all roulette or all blackjack until 100 000.. no risk, no win

  46. He’s a real rock n rollahe lost the fuckin lot.

  47. Congrats on 25K Brother!

  48. Why did you switch to Tier? Should have stuck to Zero side!


  50. 0 به 2500. 10 دقیقه. Bust 3 mins well done

  51. Feel like crying and it ain’t my ££ damn man

  52. Can see why it paid as it was a version where Fw paid lol

  53. unlucky ~ thanks for the vid

  54. Streaming tonight?

  55. Does anyone actually know what the word degenerate means? Or is it now a stream/twitch colloquial term?

  56. You always switch sections when your on a winning streak proper annoys me lol! Switch when you don’t hit

  57. I personally love all your videos mate win or lose, you completely show both sides of gambling. Your a credit as a lot of people I’m sure will only upload there winning videos. It’s that buzz, thrill and anticipation of winning we all love and it’s the feeling when we win we want to win more and more. Keep em coming mate I will continue to watch all your streams, let’s the haters hate and let the compulsive gamblers enjoy.

  58. Your words were I’m going big or going home. Not stupid bud just unlucky ! Win some lose som much love bud

  59. Hi mate Wheres the live stream from the other day mate?

  60. wow what is goin on there what is the dealer doin every spin with his hands ?

  61. Greedy as hell.. this isn’t even close to a small amount of money you could withdraw but you.. lol no hate bro thats why i watch your videos because u gamle whit balls but sometimes you should take some money and confes that sometimes you are simply not lucky and take a brake day or two.. wish u more luck in some next videos.

  62. Pure greed! 2.5K, massive sum of money to blow like that! & people applaud you for it. ???? Heads gone! You’ve got a problem mate .

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