HIGH Stakes STREAK on Danger High Voltage!!!


By far my favourite slot…..for now!!

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vastutustundliku mängimise – Hasartmängud on väga sõltuvust ja võib põhjustada tõsiseid rahalisi probleeme, Pange tähele, kui sa mängida, ainult mängida, mida saate endale lubada kaotada ja kehtestada piirangud! Hasartmängud ei tohiks vaadelda kui viis teha raha, kuid ainult meelelahutus ja mäletan kasiino võidab alati lõpuks tänu oma maja servad! Kui hasartmängude on saanud küsimus teile, siis saate rääkida Gamcare: või Ole Gamble Aware: www.begambleaware.org/

GAMSTOP – Samuti on nüüd elada ja saate panna kontrolle, et piirata interneti hasartmänge. Sa takistatakse kasutamast hasartmängude veebisaitide ja rakenduste juhivad ettevõtted litsentseeritud Suurbritannias, jooksul oma valitud. ? 18+ Ainult


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78 Kommentaarid
  1. Awesome win

  2. About time u had some good hits on this….looks like you had an epic epic streami missed the endgutted (dantomo82 twitch)

  3. Ive been playing this slot all morning on 0.40p a spin and could i bonus it…..no chance! Yet £10 & £25 spins come infml

  4. Mate why cant we watch last night stream I thought it stays on your channel after you stop streaming

  5. lets go bud hope it was a mental one

  6. Rollax can u please help mei feel so lowi want to start new.. im so desperatefeel like dying

  7. any special streams planned for the next couple of days?

  8. You had a wager so how can you bet so high? U would of broke term’s. Max bet on a wager is £5. Fake video

  9. Trust this to happen after i go to sleep. one time i don’t watch the stream until the end.

  10. About time u had a gates retrigger

  11. Hey Paul, great video mate!
    Have you got an e-mail address I can send something to you on?
    Cheers pal

  12. Lovely hit paul it’s the best game by a mile it annoys me when other streamers do their bollocks on a shite game

  13. Very Nice Paul!! Õnnitlused!

  14. vastus
    Тот самый Парень jaanuar 12, 2018 juures 8:11 pm

    Well done bro

  15. hold onto your balls. indeed.

  16. Shame we can’t see YouTube comments, but my comments are lame so don’t matter!!

  17. I think this was the third £300 or so deposit matched each time by Casino 21 in one night. How the other half live eh? If I get one deposit match bonus I am limited to a fiver a spin and 30 odd wagering. Hmm

  18. if you can find it playthe unholyhad a 550x roll in on £1.50 today £754

  19. Great win Paul. Another epic vid ?

  20. vastus
    soSAMuk's UK slot channel jaanuar 13, 2018 juures 1:02 olen


    • soSAMuk’s UK slot channel oioi sam I always watch your videos please can you do, £5 Spain’s of £100 on the game called gorrila it’s at the grosvenor casinos on the novamatic machines

  21. Did u cashed out brah?

  22. MSmit85 must surely be the stupidest person on the planet if he thinks HV doesnt have same or greater potential than Gates lmfao.

  23. vastus
    andrew phillips slot wins jaanuar 13, 2018 juures 7:01 olen

    What a run m8 get in!!!

  24. Not bad for an amateur I guess ???

  25. What’s the point lol? You’re just gonna go gamble it and lose it eventually ya mug


  27. Most people will be losing their shirts on this game if all the affiliates keep winning. Only one winner in this game and it’s not you !

  28. Watched your vids for ages mate, please just keep some money back and rip out that brown tiled fireplace ??♂️

  29. hi what site do you you play at i tried casumo but it fucked me over on so many bonuses so badly wont play there anymore

  30. High stakes slots….

    In a bedsit….


  31. Polish the Coconut son…….polish the coconut !!!!!

  32. Please stop substituting the word fuck ….. when you say fudge i cringe so badly i shit my pants and have to leave the house and walk into the sea ….

  33. Fire in the disco fire in the disco! Firey burns like a biatch! ??

  34. Wow as soon as people pick high voltage this game as to be turned of the potential as gone

  35. Great vid

  36. The way you talk, you can tell your an absolute bell. “Get the fudge in there” you muppet

  37. Tattoo ideaRETRIGGER

  38. was very confused while watching this

  39. 58 jealous people ? fk sake. Savage bettin mate just savage ?

  40. Get the fudge in there spent 20k an got 2k bk bussing twat ya still a loser ????

  41. Every time Paul says: Get the f*** in or fudge ineveryone takes a shot

  42. CJ88x is a reality tug jobhes all fucking over him

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