Going for a Youtube Record!!! #1 Dead or Alive HIGH STAKES!!!!


1st time lucky?? Thanks for watching!!

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238 Σχόλια
  1. Doesn’t look like I will be streaming tonight!! I won’t be back home tonight until 10.00 but might still do a quick one then!

  2. I recon you could not go 1 month without betting.

    its taking over your life.

  3. Love a DoA montage, keep em coming!!

  4. Unlucky hun but a thousand pounds is still nice xx

  5. How do you sit on your chair for such long periods of time? Surely those massive balls get in the way?

  6. I hate it when the top comment you see tells you exactly how the video went, it’s pointless to then watch it ?

  7. amazing win. my heart would be in my mouth if bet that big and lose lol good luck xo

  8. Good effort Paul keep them coming and good luck on your next stream.

  9. do the 2k bullet pal that would be fun, if that last scatter came in you was looking at 34k i think, fuck me that would of been sweet

  10. Thanks for the vid Rocknrolla. Shame about the 5th scatter missing!

  11. Hopefully you’re on later for a bit Paul. Nice win Pal

  12. Ever play ruby walsh slots on paddy power? I won18 quid of a 20p spin

  13. Nice video! Another one would be cool!

  14. Nice vid! Hope you do more of this!

  15. keep going paul money back and in front excellent you will hit it one day hope I’m viewing it when it happens top bloke all the best

  16. you did pretty well on that to be fair….gotta hit it soon ….streamimg tonight?

  17. Ok, this is really highrolling. Saw some vids at Casinomeister; the guy got thousends times bet size on 18€ bet. Crazy!

    I like your vid, Rolla. Go on! 🙂

  18. That last satter £33750 better luck next time you pull it off soon mate .

  19. Nice video Paul, like DOA, love to see some more , wish you 5 scatters next time!

  20. superb idea pal. Let’s be honest if you have 2k then you go on roulette you normally win but you want a viral vid. unless you destroy the demon wheel then the only way towants the facking lotis to hit a massive one. wonky is the big one but the stakes need to be high. my respect for you has returned after the last vid. Good luck pal.

  21. Good effort mate. The Bandit had 5 scatters recently so it can be done! Fuck the FOBT’s bro!

  22. Good! Please keep going, one day you make it big

  23. Great idea but that game is terrible

  24. Not good for the bankroll but very entertaining, you should make a series with this kind of content but with different slots would be awesome

  25. Gotta say thats a decent stake on DOA Paul 😀

  26. Would be a great little series to watchHope you hit big!!

  27. your money mate I’ll watch it wat ever u decide

  28. mate do what you want in slots love us shorter vids not got time for the 2-3 hour stints and I know you can not break them down like bandit does but this was cracking vid great job and thx

  29. unlucky pal can u imagine 5 scatters ? i’d love to c mega high stakes on joker pro mate £20 spins hitting the jackpot would be mental gl with ya jackpot quest mate

  30. what ever you do will still watch 🙂

  31. Yes m8 do another one of these great video love your work

  32. The game audio was very high compared to your voice in this one. Really liked the video tho!

  33. Пиздливый пес.Фантомаз.

  34. paul if you get home at 10 still do 1 you have a big following waiting for Mondays and Wednesdays don’t let us down buddy we had a short 1 on Monday aswell

  35. I like this, always fun to watch and hoping you hit

  36. Do a mega fruit warp session again please and dont even reply to the trolls that’s what they want xx

  37. I like the little segment vids mate them streams are to long to watch em alldo a bandit style vid with bonuses please ??? lol would have been ledge if that wild line hit tho

  38. Nice One Paul, did enjoy not seeing the dead spins, amazing amount of bonuses, i barely hit one in 300 spins, seems a great bonus grinder as well. great choice taking the profit, good luck buddy.

  39. Unlucky mate especially when you had 4 for ages!!

  40. Yea do this it’s fun to watch. Waiting for the potential. Damn one more scatter would of paid 34k

  41. Loved that video edge of your seat action could you imagine 5 scatters or a wildline at that stack would be life changing. Keep on doing this slot at that stake and you will hit it I am sure.

  42. very nice video Paul , i really liked it and hope that you do another .good luck with the wild line , 13,5 will be an awesome hit. glglgl

  43. great vid i think steamtower has great potential at high stakes also

  44. are u streaming tonight mate getting bored watching ur old vids ….seen them all lol come on paul

  45. Boring slot but well edited mate SOOOOOOO CLOSE

  46. this is exactly what i was wanting you to do, i thought if anybody could smash this slot, and create a new youtube record win, it would be you. it will happen. thanks for doing this and uploading it.

  47. Unbelievable! I swear no word of a lie, i have deposited 6 times today on william hill £10 every time and played on 9p a spin (i know its a shitty stake) It has robbed me blind and have only had 3 bonuses and to top it off i get a notification that Rocknrolla got 10 free spin rounds and actually made profit! What the actual F**k Im done with william hill ?

  48. Won £9100 on £3.60 stake on this game a few weeks ago, although no proof only the money in my account as proof. Great vid well played!

  49. Good job it was not Jack n the beanstalk I can’t get a bonus on that game

  50. yes rolla lets go. gl bud much love

  51. Been watching you for a while now, love ur vids we gamble very similar! Keep up the good work! When’s the 100k roulette lol

  52. yh rolla nice video bud, great to get a video from you and bandit on the same night. enjoyed as usall thanks bud. think this is a great idea tbh got huge potential but also huge risk. your both smart with the way you play so im not even gonna tell you to be carful. you guys know what your doing. much love rolla.

  53. Play what you want, thats my opinion. Its your money and your videos are entertaining every time. Just do your thing.

  54. Must have been a long old dump at work to grind this many bonuses Paul.

  55. good video most bonus on this game are shit lol I’ve only ever got 5 wilds once on 45p stake got extra spins but never got a wild line got so close still paid £400 which was nice for stake but I will keep playing and pushing I will get the wild line it is my dream lol

  56. Awesome video mate, you should do this more often! if you hit a wildline on this stake it would be insane!!!!

  57. This is why your number 1 mate! class vid.

  58. nice win mr. Rocknrolla..

    btw. who is or what rock band is your favorite?

  59. I enjoyed that mate, but if that was in your stream I’m guessing you would have been a bit more excited for each bonus,yet very much pissed off with a couple of those payouts, I enjoyed it all the same bro ?? keep me coming ????

  60. Yh great video paul i think you could even make a little series out of this the hunt for a wild line

  61. Nice win on dead or alive well done mate

  62. Hope you gonna stream tonight!!! Ciao pal!!

  63. Enjoyed the vid Paul would have liked to have seen the wagering progress at the end.

  64. great videos. like these big spins on one slot ??

  65. Keep going for the record Paul and post, enjoy the short fast action play. A1 mate

  66. Fucking love this one paul ! Thanks or the vid !

  67. Ya that was a nice vid on an otherwise boring slot..A bonus compilation vid would be nice too.Gather up a bunch and play them all together. Thanks

  68. Gotta team up with the bandit paul? no brainer lol

  69. rocknrolla, genie jackpots or gonzo on high stakes can you bag you a few. love the high stakes short video though.

  70. try it on joker pro 3 hats in the middle. surely possible

  71. Like how you skip to the features (bandit style) also like the huge stakes. You seemed a little less enthusiastic though tonight so I hope all is well ??
    Do more !!!! ?

  72. Would love to see more like this, love your channel mate keep it up.

  73. What happens if you get all 5??

  74. Great vid mate , love to see you and the bandit do a joint vid on this ?

  75. At least netent is paying u through the slots…..u should make this a regular feature just on another slot

  76. Paul deleting some comments of people telling the truth, feeling a little exposed huh? How weak

  77. nicely done pal. one day the dream hit will land!!

  78. this was a sick video man keep up the good work!

  79. The excitement is there because I know it can pay 4000X so I enjoyed this, thanks.
    I am looking forward to you going for the top of the ladder on Imperial Dragon!!

  80. Try twin spin next on high bets….u don’t play that on stream much but can pay massive ?

  81. Good video bud ! Exciting as it can pay out huge , you’ll hit a big one soon on them stakes ! All the best buddy ?

  82. Hey man nice edit, really strung together well. I think throwing vids together like this is totally worth it!

  83. first time commenting long time watcher. love you and the bandits vids. keep up the good work pal.

  84. epic video as usual, as long as your enjoying your streams bet on whatever and how ever you like 🙂 love your videos 🙂

  85. its decent mate i would like to see you and the bandit do a 1k vs slots kinda battle both pick 5 slots £200 max on each winner is the one with the most profit /least loss. + you could have action on the side 😀

  86. Wow do people buy into this and think this is real and it would be the same for them lol what a load of rubbish

  87. Really enjoyed the video would like to see it again. Massive potential makes it exciting.

  88. How about T2 mate search for the hot mode just to piss bandit off. Sorry bandit lad ?

  89. p.s its rock-n-rolla-is-an-og from twitch ….ur vids have been slacking recently for big wins I mean u just can’t seem to catch a break

  90. Enjoyed that video mate, I think it’s a brilliant idea to turn this into some sort of series where you’re giving this a bash and switching up the games every time you’ve managed a big win! You need to get on top of the regular uploads as well as the streaming mate and you’ll just see the channel grow and grow. Keep it fresh with collabs and different series mate, you definitely have the platform to do it!??

  91. Amazing video as always! Really want to know what happens when you catch all 5 wilds?

  92. Sh*t Paul you don’t f**k about with the stakes bud ?? p.s at those spins I didn’t find it boring to watch with all the editing you did keep them coming me thinks

  93. Great video as always! I enjoyed it. Would love to see my two favourite YouTubers you and Bandit team up and do something together! X

  94. Brilliant session, nice profit, I enjoyed it.

  95. If you can afford it, why not. Problem with DoA for me is I have rinsed a couple of hundred thousand spins by now through and I have never had a wild line. I keep plugging away but its lucky for me I play either 18p or 27p spins.

  96. When will you realise this is the worst slot going, anyone with half a brain would realise the feature is dead, fool ???

  97. The amount of loyalty points must be massive!

  98. Damn,it would be so fun if you and Bandit would do these videos and uploaded them at same day. High stakes up to 10 bonuses seeing who won more. Or rather who lost all faster 😀

  99. great video more of this!!

  100. This one was really fun. Plz do more?

  101. so many scatersgood luck

  102. Cor u hit a wild line early at that stake it’s gonna be bonkers

  103. pretty sad how he begg’s the fucking machine or even sicker when he say’sOH THANK YOU THANK YOUwhen he get’s a hitfucking joke

  104. rly liked this one, to few streamers stream doa 🙂

  105. How long was you playing to get 10 δώρο’ ? I have played this for hours on end without a single bonus

  106. Loved the stream mate and your channel

  107. id pay to watch this in a cinema, keep it going,

  108. Eastenders, coronation street, emmerdale, rocknrolla, all good actors not real tho lol

  109. Imagine if a normal person played these day in day out they would be bankrupt bet sites are a business that make money of people, nothing against you but your just advertisement for them and the play you have on them is nothing like your average person would get simple as that

  110. awesome vid! very satisfying to watch this format. Thanks

  111. you let me down pal. the wife fell in the garden and chipped 2 bones in her shoulder so is in a sling. She said I’m going bed so look after yourself so loaded up bet365 got myself some beers and Chinese and waiting for your stream only to be disappointed. .. damn your family life. Think of the degenerates waiting for you to rock up and tear them a new one.

  112. The only way is rocknrolla, in other words about as real as my nan beating Usain bolt in a 100 meter Sprint after she’s done 20 shots and smoked the fattest joint i have seen

  113. Always good videos and enjoyed watching this type of betting would be ace if you and the bandit teamed up that would be epic!!

  114. rock and rolla bro i dont know what to say but u re the man with huge guts and respect what u do what u love cheers

  115. is he a millionaire cuz he makes me feel like work is worthless

  116. I hit a FOBTE today when putting a Good Friday football coupon on.
    £10 on 17 black and it came in 🙂

  117. What do you use to record screen rocknrolla?

  118. Why do people complain? Like Bandits video’s,these are great fun.I look forward to watching more! Rock on….

  119. I realy liked this vid, please make more mate! Would be appreciated if you did Book of dead or mega fortune

  120. WHAT İS THİS ?

  121. I win more on a 45 cent bet omg

  122. Megaways, diamond mine !

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